Action Alert

Florida: Urge Your Legislators to Protect Dogs, Not the Puppy Mill Industry!


Right now in Florida, a bill is pending in the State Legislature that would stall the progress municipalities have made in protecting companion animals from the cruel conditions of the commercial pet breeding industry.

Almost 70 local governments in Florida have passed laws to ban the retail sale of puppies that come from cruel puppy mills. Dogs in puppy mills suffer immensely — they often live in barren, filthy conditions with no access to veterinary care, regular exercise, or socialization. Infection and life-long health problems are common among puppies raised in these conditions. There is no question that the  commercial pet breeding industry prioritizes profit over the well-being of dogs.

In response to local governments signaling they don’t want dogs raised in cruel conditions from puppy mills to be sold in pet stores, pet store lobbyists are pressuring Florida lawmakers to pass a preemption law, blocking cities’ and counties’ right to pass retail pet sale bans.

S.B. 1698 is a dangerous preemption bill that would nullify existing puppy mill sales bans and block Florida municipalities from enacting similar laws to protect dogs in the future. This is an attack on local governments and on animal protection. Please email your state representative urging them to oppose S.B. 1698.