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California: Protect Wildlife from Super-Toxic Poisons

This action is for California residents only.


With your advocacy, AB 1788, the California Ecosystems Protection Act, has continued to move through the California legislature – passing the Assembly in May and the first Senate committee in mid-June. This critical bill would ban the super-toxic rodenticides (rat poisons) that are killing California’s wildlife.

AB 1788 is next being heard by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water. It’s critical that the following five senators hear from their constituents in the support of this bill:

  • Senator Brian W. Jones (Vice Chair)
  • Senator Andreas Borgeas
  • Senator Anna M. Caballero
  • Senator Robert M. Hertzberg
  • Senator Ben Hueso

If your senator is on this list, please call before July 9th! If you’re not sure who your senator is, find out here.

If your senator is not on this list, please share this alert on Facebook or Twitter to get the word out to other Californians!

Rodenticides are poisoning California’s native wildlife. Rats who consume these poisons are in turn consumed by other wildlife, resulting in secondary poisoning and contamination of the food chain. The bill bans super-toxic second generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) except for agricultural use or by special permit. AB 1788 also prohibits less potent, but still dangerous, first generation anticoagulant rodenticides (FGARs) on state-owned lands.

Make a brief phone call and ask your senator to support AB 1788 and protect wild animals like bobcats, bald eagles, and Pacific fishers. Use this message: I am your constituent, and I care about protecting California’s wildlife. Please vote YES on AB 1788, the California Ecosystems Protection Act.

Contact Information for Senators 

Sen. Brian W. Jones (Vice Chair) Escondido 916-651-4038
Sen. Andreas Borgeas Central Valley/Fresno 916-651-4008
Sen. Anna M. Caballero Salinas Valley/Modesto 916-651-4012
Sen. Robert M. Hertzberg Van Nuys/San Gabriel Valley 916-651-4018
Sen. Ben Hueso San Diego County 916-651-4040

Despite the support of countless Californians, the pest control industry is working hard to stop this bill from passing. Without your voice, AB 1788 won’t become law. Please take a few minutes and call today.


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