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California: Ask Governor Newsom to Protect Wild Animals from Poison

This action is for California residents only.

California is poised to become to first state to enact a moratorium on super-toxic rodenticides — on August 31st, the California legislature passed the California Ecosystems Protection Act, AB 1788.

The California Ecosystems Protection Act creates a moratorium — except in cases of public health emergencies — on second generation anticoagulant rodenticides until state agencies determine they will have no significant adverse effect on non-target wildlife. Second generation anticoagulant rodenticides are the most lethal kind of rat poison, and they have no place in our state’s ecosystems.

Using the form below, send a brief message to Governor Newsom urging him to sign AB 1788 into law and protect wild animals like Pacific Fishers and bobcats from these dangerous poisons. Please take a few minutes to personalize your message and explain why protecting wildlife is important to you. Unique messages carry more weight.


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