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  • Oregon: Urge Legislators to Stop Mega-Dairies and Protect Cows

    The Oregon legislature is considering SB 103, an important bill that would prohibit issuing permits for the construction of new industrial dairies – defined as concentrated animal feeding operations.
    February 25, 2019 Action Alert
  • Ending Intensive Confinement in California

    In 2018, Californians voted to enact Prop 12, taking another major step towards ending the intensive confinement of farmed animals. Expanding on 2008’s Prop 2 victory, which prohibited certain farm animals from being confined in a…

  • Challenging Kansas’s Ag-Gag Law

    On December 5, 2018, The Animal Legal Defense Fund — with the Center for Food Safety, Public Justice, and Kansas-area farmed animal organizations, Shy 38, Inc., and Hope Sanctuary — filed a lawsuit in Kansas challenging…