Ending the Intensive Confinement of Hens Used in the Egg Industry (Maryland)

S.B. 193/H.B. 357

This bill would require that eggs produced or sold in Maryland meet cage-free standards


January 30, 2024

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund supports this bill.

Sponsors: Senator Karen Lewis Young (D-3), Delegate Jennifer Terrasa (D-13)

Introduction Date: January 10, 2024

Maryland lawmakers are considering a bill, S.B. 193/H.B. 357, to create a statewide ban on battery cages — tiny wire cages in which each hen is given a space smaller than the dimensions of a sheet of printer paper in which to spend nearly her entire life — as well as the sale of eggs from hens raised in these cages.

Hens used in the egg industry are among the most abused animals in the country, yet have few legal protections. In most states, hens can legally be intensively confined in battery cages that are so small they cannot extend their wings or lie down comfortably.

Battery cages have already been banned in multiple U.S. states and several countries around the world.

Why is this legislation important? This bill lays the groundwork to eventually establish Maryland as a “cage-free” state.

Coalition Support: The Humane Society of the United States

​For more information about animal protection legislation​ in Maryland ​and opportunities to take action for animals, visit aldf.org/maryland.

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