Larissa Liebmann

Senior Staff Attorney

As a Senior Staff Attorney, Larissa Liebmann challenges cruel and environmentally destructive industrial animal agricultural practices. She uses her nonprofit environmental experience to find innovative ways to advocate for animals while also protecting the environment that all beings depend on.

Larissa earned her Juris Doctor with honors from American University’s Washington College of Law in 2013 and graduated magna cum laude from Brandeis University in 2010. Prior to joining the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Larissa worked for Waterkeeper Alliance combating the powerful fossil fuel industry, focusing on the destructive impacts that fossil fuels have on water resources. Her article “Fraud and First Amendment Protections of False Speech: How United States v. Alvarez Impacts Constitutional Challenges to Ag-Gag Laws,” on laws intended to prevent undercover investigations of industrial agricultural practices, was published in the Pace Environmental Law Review and won second place in the New York Bar Association’s Committee on Animals and the Law 2013 Student Writing Competition.

Based in Manhattan, New York, Larissa shares her home with her husband and rescued companion animals including a dog named Cali, and two cats, Lucas and Delilah. Outside of work, she enjoys walks in Central Park with her husband and Cali, and gardening. While earning her law degree, Larissa fostered special needs and hard to place rescue cats.

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