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Hold Animal Abusers Accountable

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Emaciated and starving, Leo was seized by a Naugatuck, Connecticut animal control officer who responded to a report of suspected cruelty. The man responsible was charged with cruelty to animals, but he refused to relinquish “ownership” of Leo. Consequently, Leo was held in protective custody at a municipal shelter for more than two years as his case stretched on.

As the result of a Courtroom Animal Advocate Program (CAAP) legal advocate, Leo was released from custody, enabling him to be adopted into a loving home. Leo’s abuser was charged with cruelty to animals and held responsible under a sealed plea agreement. We’ll never know if this person’s punishment fit the crime — though in light of typical animal abuse trials, it likely did not.

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Violent abusers cannot be allowed to get off “easy” because their victim is a dog or cat. Animal abuse is a serious issue, and weak cruelty laws are simply unacceptable. I support stronger laws to protect victims of animal cruelty.