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Hold factory farms accountable for abusing animals

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In September 2021, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a False Claims Act lawsuit against Holden Farms, a Minnesota pig breeding facility, after undercover footage exposed extreme animal cruelty and alleged illicit conduct, including feeding dead piglet intestines and bodily fluids blended into a ‘slurry’ with pig feces to mother pigs — a practice the animal agriculture industry calls “feedback.” This case has been under seal until now while the Department of Justice reviewed it.Sign our petition below demanding Congress address the unacceptable industrywide animal cruelty and human health risk routinely occurring in U.S. facilities such as Holden Farms.

Dear Member of Congress:
I stand with the Animal Legal Defense Fund and find the cruelty exposed in the Animal Outlook undercover investigation at Holden Farms indefensible and a substantial health risk. The industrial animal agriculture industry must be held accountable for abusing animals, breaking the law, and putting the public at risk.

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