California: Urge Your Senator to Vote Yes on AB 485

Update: This action is closed.


A bill coming up for a vote in the California Senate could help shut down the puppy mills that supply retail pet stores. AB 485 would require that all cats, dogs, and rabbits sold in stores come from rescue organizations, not commercial breeding facilities. Bills like this are picking up speed nationwide, and in California alone, more than 30 cities have similar laws, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. This bill would make California the first to pass such a law on a state level.

If you’d like to read the full text of AB 485, the bill is posted here.

California residents can email their state senators through the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Action Center.

It’s important that you speak up and urge your state senator to vote YES on AB 485. Act now, and call your senator before the bill comes to a vote!

First, if you don’t know who your state senator is, look them up here. Then find their phone number and give them a call. Don’t worry, it’s easy! You can simply say:

Hello! I’m a constituent from [Your City] and I want to urge Senator [Your Senator’s Name] to vote YES on AB 485. Thank you for your time.

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