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Some of our most important recent victories include:

Lions & Tigers & Bears

In 2016, we won the first case using the Endangered Species Act to rescue tigers and lemurs from a roadside zoo. Since then, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has rescued two lions, a tiger, four bears, a wolf, a bobcat, a coatimundi, four lemurs, six arctic foxes, and four cavies from roadside zoos using the ESA.

Striking Down Ag-Gag Laws

“Ag-Gag” laws criminalize undercover investigations on factory farms and other agricultural facilities. These investigations expose the animal cruelty and “industry standard practices” of slamming piglets to death on floors and mother pigs in crates so small they can’t stand up or turn around. Animal Legal Defense Fund lawsuits have struck down Ag-Gag laws in Idaho, Utah, and Iowa – and we have pending litigation in North Carolina and Kansas.

Justice for Cats, Dogs, and Turtles

Police were shocked to find 55 cats, 12 dogs, and two turtles in a flea-filled New York City home, where the smell of ammonia was so strong that rescuers had to wear respirators and protective clothing. The Animal Legal Defense Fund advised and assisted prosecutors, and thanks to these diligent efforts, in March 2018, Elizabeth Grant was found guilty of 108 counts of animal cruelty, failure to provide proper sustenance, and failure to provide proper food and drink to an impounded animal.

More than 80% of the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s annual budget goes directly to our program work.

Taking on Wildlife-Killing Federal Agency

Wildlife Services is an agency within the U.S. Department of Agriculture that runs the notorious federal wildlife-killing program. Funded by taxpayer dollars, Wildlife Services kills millions of native wild animals annually in service to ranchers and farmers. In August 2018, a California court ruled in favor of a coalition of wildlife protection groups, led by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, challenging Monterey County, California’s contract with the USDA’s Wildlife Services. Three California counties have terminated contracts with Wildlife Services thanks to our litigation and advocacy.

Unhappy Hens

Trader Joe’s has tried to trick customers into thinking its eggs are produced by chickens in green pastures. Eggs were deceptively labeled as being “cage-free,” misleading consumers seeking out eggs from hens raised in more natural conditions. The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s lawsuit led to Trader Joe’s agreeing to discontinue the use of the misleading packaging nationwide.

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