ALDF LL.M. Scholar Award

Posted by Pamela D Hart, Director of Animal Law Program on March 20, 2015

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) are pleased to announce the ALDF LL.M. Scholar Award. The award provides tuition assistance toward the Animal Law LL.M. degree at Lewis & Clark Law School—the first and only postgraduate law degree program focused specifically on animal law.


In 2008, the Animal Legal Defense Fund entered into an exciting collaboration with Lewis & Clark Law School to launch the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark. As a result of this collaboration, CALS has educated and supported law students and legal professionals in the rapidly developing field of animal law through classes, conferences, scholarships, and clinical opportunities.

The milestones that have been achieved at CALS have been nothing short of incredible, from the appointment of the first animal law dean to hiring the first full-time faculty member dedicated to an animal law clinic. These “firsts” complement an already impressive list of pioneering accomplishments at Lewis & Clark, including the formation of the first Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) chapter, the first academic animal law conference, the first animal law journal, the first national animal law competitions, and launching of the first Animal Law LL.M. (Master of Laws) program in the world. The ALDF LL.M. Scholar Award is another of these “firsts” in support of the field of animal law.

ALDF has a longstanding commitment to animal legal education, and providing CALS with the funds to offer this new LL.M. award to an exceptional U.S. applicant is the next step in its continued support. This award is open to any recent law graduate or practicing attorney looking to immerse completely in specialized animal law courses. Whether your goal is to pursue teaching, build relationships within the animal law community, or work for an international animal welfare nonprofit, the LL.M. program is customizable to meet your educational and career goals.

Application submission guidelines.

4 thoughts on “ALDF LL.M. Scholar Award

  1. Tresa Rush says:

    Dear Sir’s;
    I going into the field of paralegal. I am interested in specializing in Animal Law. Does your institution offer any classes in paralegal studies for animals?
    This is a field i am very passionate about. I wish to give a voice to the voiceless. To help stop the cruel abuses happening to animals every day.
    If you would please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.
    I am currently studying at Kaplan College in Nashville, Tennessee.
    Thank you
    Tresa Rush

  2. Jill LaBier says:

    Animal welfare is my passion! Fighting to change laws is my fire! I can’t afford this degree but if I could I know I would make a difference for the voiceless!

    1. edlorens says:

      Having love for our world- rights of people and welfare of animals, fighting abuse and cruelty are the greatest assets. You got fire and I sometimes feel I am carrying the pains of world in tears of voiceless and underdog.People are driven by their feelings. Ours will move us to give help and assist the most abused, underprivileged CITIZENS OF THE WORLD – ANIMALS. I give support to nonprofit, spread word, and blog. I like your fire. Thank you for caring and commenting.

  3. Veronica Mendez says:

    Is there a possibility to study Animal Law Studies and Marine Biologist.

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