Animal Legal Defense Fund Collaborations

Since the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s founding in 1979, the status of animals in the legal system has made great strides. Our collaborations with other professional organizations, law firms, attorneys, supporters, nonprofits, and Animal Legal Defense Fund Student Chapters help ensure continued progress toward greater protections for animals. Below are examples of organizations with which we have formed alliances.

Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS)

Founded in 2008, CALS is a groundbreaking collaboration between the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Lewis & Clark Law School. This collaborative effort brings together leaders in the animal law community to develop and provide world class academic programs and services in the burgeoning field of animal law. The nation’s premier animal law program, CALS offers classes, conferences, scholarships, clinical opportunities and the first LLM program in animal law.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT); Environmental Law Institute (ELI); Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS)

In 2009, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, CAATELI, and CALS formed a coalition to support a paradigm shift from animal-based toxicology testing to alternative methods, as recommended by the National Research Council’s Toxicity Testing Report  of 2007. The coalition developed five innovative symposia that brought together experts in toxicology, risk analysis, policy implementation, and relevant laws, to discuss the problems and opportunities involved in moving from animal testing to alternative methods. Our objective is to bring about a “win-win” for everyone–the animals, the scientists, the industries, environmentalists and public health advocates–by working through the many questions of how to develop non-animal scientific techniques that are more cost-effective, faster, and better predictors of toxicity.

Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA)

APA is a national “think tank” that was created to represent all prosecutors and provide resources such as training and technical assistance in an effort to develop proactive innovative prosecutorial practices that prevent crime, ensure equal justice and make our communities safer. APA in partnership with the Animal Legal Defense Fund hosts the National Animal Cruelty Prosecution Conference. This conference brings together prosecutors and professionals in the criminal justice and animal welfare field. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is involved as a marquee sponsor, conference planner, and content provider/trainer. For more information on the conference and other animal law events, see our Events page.

David Reuben Clerkships

These clerkships are generously funded by Mr. David Reuben, a long-time Animal Legal Defense Fund supporter, who shares our mission of protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system. Since 2007, 29 outstanding law students have benefited from this unique opportunity to be trained by top Animal Legal Defense Fund experts in animal law. Included are just of few of the testimonials we’ve received over the years highlighting the impact that the David Reuben Legal Clerkships have had on the next generation of animal lawyers.