Animal Advocates Take On Sale of Endangered Rhino Trophy Hunting Permit

Posted on January 9, 2014

Legal Experts Protest Deceptive “Conservation” Propaganda to Promote Sport Hunting

For immediate release:


Lisa Franzetta, Animal Legal Defense Fund
Megan Backus, Animal Legal Defense Fund

rhinos-cc-colin-the-scot-article-image-500pxDALLAS — Today, the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) sent a letter to the Dallas Safari Club, denouncing their planned auction of a hunting license and export permit for a trophy hunted African black rhino—a highly endangered species. The auction will take place at the Safari Club’s annual Convention and Expo in Dallas between January 9 and 12, 2014. The export permit is the first of its kind to be sold outside of Namibia, and the Safari Club’s auction is the first in the U.S. to offer a chance to hunt an endangered species for sport. ALDF plans to closely monitor the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services issuance of the permit to import the slaughtered rhinoceros and to ensure that the permit is proper.

This week’s Convention is estimated to bring in proceeds of up to a million dollars for the Safari Club. Although the group claims its primary intent is conservation of the critically endangered black rhino, fundraising proceeds from the Convention consistently go towards hunting and political advocacy of hunting interests. International laws protect endangered animals in large part by decreasing the profit motive of killing and selling those animals and their parts. The Safari Club’s auction will likely result in increased exposure and big dividends for the group, and Convention sponsors and exhibitors, and could set a dangerous precedent for similar hunting clubs seeking to profit from selling rare permits to kill endangered animals.

Due to past over-hunting and poaching, only a few thousand black rhinos remain in the wild. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the black rhino population has decreased by more than 90% in the past three decades. Rhino poaching often involves the use tranquilizers to immobilize the animal and a chainsaw to remove the horn while the animal is still alive. During the “trophy” hunt made possible by the Dallas Safari Club’s auction, Namibian trackers will guide the winning hunter to their quarry, where they can easily kill an animal the size of a car at close range, in order to stuff him for display.

“We will not stand by while the body of a dead, endangered rhino is imported into the United States,” said Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “The Dallas Safari Club should respect the intent of international regulations that attempt to conserve and protect endangered animals who should be preserved in the wild, not stuffed by a taxidermist for a Texan’s trophy room.”

ALDF’s letter to the Dallas Safari Club is available upon request.

28 thoughts on “Animal Advocates Take On Sale of Endangered Rhino Trophy Hunting Permit

  1. Janice Kozakewich says:

    When something is gone or disappears it is gone forever. Stop the extinction of the world we live.

  2. Melanie Cameron says:

    Greed and Blood Lust! pathetic!

  3. Joel Cox says:

    Humans – hunting animals to extinction. Absolutely disgraceful and shameful. Can’t they see the beauty in them instead?

  4. Trophy hunting is just a plain murder! I will never understand people who do this! If they really wanna preserve the wild life, why they don’t just bring the camera and take a picture?

  5. Teena Simon says:

    Doesn’t it sound a bit (ok ALOT) ridiculous to kill something in order to save the same species? Wwhhaaaa but we want to kill something……it’s the only way to support anti poaching and raise awareness. I call BS!

    1. dave bowen says:

      Sure,it is like trying to stop our addiction to oil,by drilling for more oil. STUPID!

  6. Marie Fox says:

    No Trophy Hunting of Endangered Species!

    1. dave bowen says:

      No trophy hunting period. Endangered or not. It is nothing more than killing for killings sake. I hear it all the time. “well I eat everything I kill.” Question is do you have to? If you can afford to feed yourself,then hunting is not necessary. Besides,this is not Korea. We do not eat cats,or dogs,so killing lions and wolves,is nothing but the satisfaction of some primal blood lust,or to boost an already over inflated ego. Ranchers say killing predators,is necessary to protect livestock. Another myth. Ranchers lose more animals from bad feed,bad weather,and stupid business practices,than from predation. Problem is people using the biblical phrase,”dominion over the earth” as justification to kill Gods creations,and trash the planet.

      1. Shell says:

        Right-on, Dave Bowen, right-on!!!

  7. Tina Mkrtchyan says:

    Hunting is so disgusting. STOP IT

  8. Laura says:

    Hunting is sickening, and murderous. Good on them!!!!

  9. Lorie Obradovich says:

    Trophy hunting is barbaric. Period.

    1. dave bowen says:


  10. Debbie Richardson says:

    Barbaric savages…These beautiful creatures should be protected NOT hunted

    1. dave bowen says:

      Hunters say hunting is necessary to keep populations under control. BULL! Stop killing off all the predators,and Mother Nature will take care of that. She always has,without any help from us.

  11. Margaret says:

    How can a group who claims ” its primary intent is conservation of the critically endangered black rhino,” be auctioning hunting licenses to shoot the same animal?? Someone please explain?

    1. dave bowen says:

      Yes,it is kind of like giving the keys to a liquor store to an alcoholic,and expecting him to get sober.

  12. Paula Grieb says:

    This is wrong, you know it is.

  13. Hunting for the joy of killing is something I just cannot understand. These beautiful creatures need to be protected, not destroyed.

    1. dave bowen says:

      Make you wonder who the”dumb animal” really is huh?

  14. Marcia says:

    The Safari Club claims that only marginal older male rhinos will be hunted, saying they are useless to the herd. According to the spokesman, “They’re like cranky old men.” Hey, there’s an idea! Maybe we should start selling licenses on cranky old men instead of the rhinos. There are lots of them in Washington, DC.

  15. Marcia says:

    I didn’t mean to take the hunting lightly. I think hunting of any kind is wrong and the taking of lives for trophies by wealthy people who can pay a virtually unlimited amount to kill is especially disgusting. Unfortunately, nothing will change their minds. They want another notch in their guns for taking the lives of rare and endangered animals.

    1. dave bowen says:

      It is an ego trip don’t you know.some people get a thrill out of having the power to kill,without consequence. Where is the sport in shooting an animal from a hundred yards with a high powered rifle,and a scope? where is the challenge in standing in a field at daybreak shooting doves off telephone wires?I believe,that anyone who will kill an animal,wild or domestic,will abuse a child,beat their spouse,or pull the wings off butterflies. Imagine a world without these beings. What kind of a place would we have without birds,for example?

  16. Lori Yanna says:

    If the rhino is old it is because it is a superior specimen. How would they even know if it is still fertile or not? Just a poor excuse to kill a beautiful and endangered animal! It SHOULD NOT be allowed!

    1. dave bowen says:

      Thirty five year old bull elephants have been known to produce offspring. Who is to say Rhinos can’t?

      1. donehagawah says:

        I reserve the right to arm bears.

  17. Shell says:

    ….”Man is not the lord of all the world’s animals. He is the protector.”…-John Forsythe
    …If only the warped,ego-inflated humans…errr..sub-humans..who perpetuate this barbaric act ,could see the wisdom in these words!!!!

  18. dave bowen says:

    Maybe some of these killers are trying to compensate for some other “shortcoming” Face it Shell,it is a power trip. Nothing more.

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