ALDF Calls Out Worst Texas Animal Houses of Horror

Posted on June 9, 2014

Animal Legal Defense Fund Urges Shut-Down of Lone Star State’s Law-Breaking Facilities

For immediate release:

Lisa Franzetta, ALDF
Megan Backus, ALDF

texas-article-image-500pxHOUSTON — After thorough review of commercial breeders in Texas, the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) sent a formal letter this week to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), singling out the worst breeders, roadside zoos, and animal testing facilities, and demanding the agency enforce the law against violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA). ALDF’s review of the inspection records shows animal cruelty routinely goes unpunished and the group urges the USDA to move suffering animals to reputable shelters where they can receive veterinary attention. Furthermore, ALDF’s letter calls on the USDA to apply civil penalties and revoke the licenses of commercial dealers that have violated the AWA on multiple occasions, including but not limited to:

  • Susan Franz, Facility No. 74-A-1475 (Belton). Between 2012-2014, Ms. Franz failed to provide veterinary care to multiple dogs, who were either severely dehydrated, had worms, or dental problems. She also failed to provide structurally safe housing; wire flooring caused puppy feet to fall through the wire, resulting in injury.
  • Stillmeadow Inc., Facility Nos. 74-R-0049 and 74-B-0254 (Sugar Land). Between 2011-2014, Stillmeadow failed to provide adequate veterinary care, used unapproved wire flooring that caused so much injury animals were unable to move, and did not provide ventilation in one kennel room with ammonia so strong it burned the APHIS inspector’s eyes.
  • Capital of Texas Zoo, Facility No. 74-C-0644 (Cedar Creek). In 2013, the zoo failed to provide veterinary care to an underweight camel, or clean water for a hippopotamus. The zoo also failed to provide adequate care for a number of other animals.
  • Moody Gardens Inc., Facility No. 74-C-0914 (Galveston). This amusement park kept water quality for marine mammals well below permissible levels.
  • Abco, Inc., Facility No. 74-R-0207 (Seguin). Between 2012-2013, this animal testing facility failed to provide adequate veterinary care for several noticeably thin goats, one of whom had an untreated month-old wound from a dog attack.
  • Bayou Bends Exotics, LLC, Facility No. 74-B-0655 (Alvin). Between 2011-2013 this breeder failed to provide adequate shelter or sanitary environment for animals—rooms were so filthy the ammonia smell was notable by inspectors. Inadequate water, dead animals left for days, unnoticed by staff, and fly infestation were other problems.

“We call upon the USDA to act upon these horrific violations—which have been thoroughly documented in their own records,” said Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “These facilities must be held accountable, before more animals are harmed behind closed doors.”

ALDF’s letter and a complete list of abusive breeders are available by request.

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Are you from Texas? Do you know of another Animal House of Horror? Leave a comment below to tell ALDF about it.

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34 thoughts on “ALDF Calls Out Worst Texas Animal Houses of Horror

  1. ALDF says:

    Are you from Texas? Do you know of another Animal House of Horror? Leave a comment to tell ALDF about it.

  2. Lisa Warren says:

    stop this now.

  3. Pamela Geier says:

    “We call upon the USDA to act upon these horrific violations—which have been thoroughly documented in their own records,” said Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “These facilities must be held accountable, before more animals are harmed behind closed doors.” SHAME ON YOU TEXAS.

  4. Sandy dibble says:

    Please stop this animal abuse.. These animals deserve the care they need to be healthy happy living creatures.. Tougher animals laws is what needs to happen.

  5. Klara Larsen says:

    We need to start acting as human beings. Mistreating animals, is not a human thing to do.

  6. gwen halvorsen says:

    please stopp now we can treat them better it dosent take much effort to treat them better

  7. Klara Larsen says:

    We need to stop mistreating animals. It’s not a human thing to do. Compassion is.

  8. Tricia says:

    Please stop this from happening……..we failed our domestic pets…..and we fail daily….still…..we need to be the VOICE of these animals……

  9. Justine Smith says:

    Prison mandatory!!!

  10. Mary Beth Douglas says:

    It is our responsibility to care for animals and their environment. There is no reason why animals go without food, proper medical care, shelter and love. It is past the time that those responsible for animal cruelty paid the price.

  11. Layla says:

    Put a stop to this!! I respected Texas when I moved here bc I was told Texas persecutes animal abusers to the furthest extent of the law. To hear this abuse is going unpunished is so very disappointing. Please do a better job

  12. Damiana says:


  13. michelle cremona says:

    put the bastards in jail and throw the keys away

  14. Kim says:

    Until the USDA stands up for these defenseless animals and does the job they are paid to do, the cruelty and neglect will get worse. Stop making this about what you can’t do and do what you are SUPPOSED to be doing!

  15. Yves Rubin says:

    What a shame. Animal abuse doesn’t belong to the 21st century. It has to stop!

  16. We need legislation laws in place to protect all animals against all cruelty that’s the only way lets join forces & go to Washington DC & take up with our representatives get strong laws in place against such greed & abuse lets be there voice The only way to stop such Animal Cruelty is legislation laws make it a crime in America all is free including. Animals legislation laws now that’s the way to go to STOP this ABUSE! !!

  17. danice brault says:

    I know what state i will not be going to they wont be getting my money shame on you Texas!!!!!

  18. I will report any abuse or neglect that I find out about.

  19. tracy randolph says:

    this is nauseating❗ and it is 100% unacceptable❗ these are criminals who need to be treated as such–mandatory fines & mandatory jail❗

  20. mat kanno says:

    We have to make all forms of animal abuse a 10 YEAR to LIFE federal crime!!!!

  21. Gloria Geter says:

    TO THE STATE OF TEXAS ; stop the use & abuse of all animals !!! People that abuse animals in any way must be held accountable !!! DOES THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS WANT TO BE LABELED AS BACKWARDS & iggnorant ???? IF U DONT STOP ABUSING , U WILL HAVE A MARK ON YOUR STATE !!!

  22. Magalis Santiago says:

    Need to be shut down!

  23. Barb Bradish says:

    The USDA needs to step up and hold these individuals/facilities accountable. Please revoke their licenses and deny them animal “ownership” in the future since they’ve already proven they can’t/won’t follow minimal guidelines for animal care/welfare.

  24. julia lemus says:

    stop hurting the animals please

  25. Erika longoria says:

    All this needs to STOP … There is NO REASON to ABUSE animals…

  26. Laureen says:

    It is unbelievable the things that humans do, are you just lazy, or you could not be bothered to look after the animals? There are so many zoos and circuses and aquariums, and ranchers, and feedlots, and… the list goes on and on. There are millions of animals that suffer on a daily basis, all at teh hand of the human being. Again, why do humans exist??

  27. These people need to Stop all this abuse, people put yourself in the animals place.these folks have to be very sad.

  28. Patrizia Scally says:

    It is time for tougher laws in the United States for those who torture, maim, and kill animals. ENOUGH IT’S ENOUGH!!

  29. Gina Capitelli says:

    The torture and suffering of animals must stop NOW. What can of society do we live in…how many sadists should be in jail and are walking the streets inflicting pain. STOP THE SUFFERING NOW.

  30. Darlene says:

    Stop the horror. Animals can’t defend themselves

  31. Danielle Girdano says:

    This is a DISGRACE!!! This makes all texans look like barbarians!! Do the right thing for Texas, the animals and all texans!!

  32. Jim Bordelon says:

    I am a Texan currently practicing law in California. What is happening in my home state is shameful. But please, it is happening everywhere. Eat meat? You are guilty of violence against animals. Last time I checked there are meat eaters everywhere.

  33. Homira says:

    This is sickening! Animals are like babies, they need our love. They are helpless and cannot stand up for themselves. These people need to be locked up. This is unacceptable behavior and those facilities need to be shut down ASAP!!! I’m so disgusted by this. How can human beings do this stuff to sweet, innocent animals?!

  34. Just Me says:

    I have no faith in the USDA to care about animal welfare. There needs to be a separate animal welfare organization that participates in the inspections.

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