ALDF, Alley Cat Allies Offer $5,750 Reward for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction of Yonkers Cat Killer

Posted on April 29, 2014


April 30, 2014 — ALDF has offered $5,000 toward the reward offer, and with rewards from PETA, ASPCA, HSUS, and the Defense of Animals fund, the reward offer total now exceeds $20,000.

For immediate release:

Lisa Franzetta, ALDF
Megan Backus, ALDF

Yonkers, NEW YORK — Today, the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) along with Alley Cat Allies are offering a total $5,750 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) responsible for killing more than 25 cats in Yonkers, New York. Just last week, a public works crew doing an annual cleanup discovered the bodies of more than 25 cats tied in plastic bags hanging from trees. According to investigators, necropsies on three of the cats revealed blunt trauma to their skulls. The dead cats were found in various stages of decay in a wooded area off Overlook Terrace, which indicates that they were assaulted over the course of the past year or more—some bodies were fully decomposed while some cats were probably killed within the past week.

Under New York’s Agriculture and Markets Law § 353-a, the perpetrator(s) could face felony charges of up to two years imprisonment, as well as a $5,000 fine under New York Penal Code § 80.00(1)(a). Intentionally killing a cat is against the law in all 50 states.

Ernest Lungaro, director of enforcement at the SPCA of Westchester indicated that a baseball bat, two shovels, and a metal pipe were found near the scene, though investigators were not sure those items had been used in the killings. Investigators have not confirmed whether or not the cats belong to a large local feral population, but there may have been neighborhood tension over local feeding stations set up by neighbors to feed feral cats.

“We are appalled by the extent of this cruelty to cats and hope that local law enforcement takes this case seriously,” said Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “This community should be on the alert—as studies have conclusively shown a link between violence against animals and violence against humans. If anyone has information about the individual responsible we urge you to come forward.”

Anyone with information that might lead to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the killing of these cats should contact the SPCA of Westchester’s Confidential Hotline at 914-941-7797.


Higher resolution photos are available for download. Photos courtesey of the SPCA of Westchester.

39 thoughts on “ALDF, Alley Cat Allies Offer $5,750 Reward for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction of Yonkers Cat Killer

  1. Jackie says:

    There needs to be harsher consequences for any animal abuse. Most serial killers start with animals.

    1. sheila says:

      you got it …two yrs is not enough..if people can do this to these animals..they prob could and will to the innocent babies and kids…this place should be video taped…

      1. susan says:

        2 years is not enough 5years per cat if they do something about animal cruelty may be it would stop hope who ever did this rots in hell

        1. Chatty Vicky says:

          We have asked HLE to please put cameras up in this area and they have not cooperated. The local SPCA does not allot much $ for humane law enforcement, despite the fact that Westchester, NY is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation.

        2. James says:

          You go gurl!

      2. Chatty Vicky says:

        We have asked HLE to please put cameras up in this area and they have not cooperated. The local SPCA does not allot much $ for humane law enforcement, despite the fact that Westchester, NY is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation.

    2. Tasha says:

      I agree 100%

  2. lana scott says:

    too bad they couldnt stake out the crime scene and catch them red handed. whoever did this is extremely sick and needs to be caught.

  3. Jeannie VanNorman says:

    I pray whatever monster that committed this horrific & disgusting crime gets prosecuted to the fullest extent. I hope a witness comes clean ASAP.

    1. sheila says:

      i agree with you on this jeannie

      1. sheila says:

        and also …if you took donations on the reward amount ..i bet you would get a lot more from people that would give just to catch this sick person…..

  4. Jonathan says:

    I would throw in another thousand to the reward for the capture of this monster.

  5. lori says:

    I can’t believe with the house in the back ground no one heard or saw something going on for that kind of extented time frame, not to mention the smell. I hope they get caught, this is one sick and dangerous person/people.

    1. Tasha says:

      I was wondering the same thing.

    2. Carol Varenchich says:


    3. Susan says:

      I think someone better do some serious questoning of the people who live in that house. That is way to close to now know something is going on out there.

  6. Jacqueline Fernandez says:

    I pray that the heartless monster(s) that committed this horrific crime gets caught and prosecuted. And while serving time hopefully someone will make him pay for it, this monster does not deserve to breath the same air you and I do.

  7. This is disgusting and cruel, I hope they catch these low life’s! I hope they hang!!!!

  8. Gwen says:

    Whoeve did this is one sick SOB If they were killed by blunt trauma, why were they hung in the tree? That house is pretty close and has a good view of that tree. I would be talking to the people living there.

  9. Kristen Spooner says:

    Where can we donate to add to reward for Yonkers cat killer

    1. Chatty Vicky says:

      Kristin, that’s really kind of you. You can contact Alley cat allies, several people have donated funds to increase the amount of the reward.

  10. Sasha says:

    This is seriously the markings of a future serial killer. I mean they methodically brutally killed cats for over a year. and then didn’t just leave them dead they put them in bags in trees. If you just hate cats you’d just poison them or trap them. This person like went.. way beyond a basic hatred.

  11. sheena says:

    They should leave the bags there and put a camera to see who goes back to add another bag, From the look of it, it looks like someone may be living in that area. But If they really want to catch the person, set a trap, because I am sure that is what the person is doing to those poor cats.

  12. cindycardoza says:

    I jus don’t have the words to describe wat I feel besides, this is beyond sickness its horrific,evil I wouldn’t want to imagine wat those poor cats was feeling going through this. I feel so help less that I couldn’t save them r any other animals that have bn killed torchered n beaten n left out to defend for themselves. :'( I pray these ppl will b caught. N they will have their karma!!!

  13. Arthur T Buckley says:

    They should charge the person responsible seperatly for each cat! What a sick person!

  14. marlo says:

    Put it to the community to add to the reward amount,raise as much as possible to encourage someone to come forward.I hope they suffer 10 times more than those poor cats.

  15. p' says:

    Personally I’d like to see people who do this sort of thing shot

  16. Patricia Vital says:

    I live in San Bernardino California, three years ago I saw this young guy putting a cage in front of my house at night and drive away. I went out to see what was going on and the guy drove back and told me to that he is trapping cats because one had scratch his son. I told him to take his cage back because I had a cat and I was going to call the police. He told me that cats should not be running around wild. Two weeks later I read in a newspaper that they found 18 cats killed in a plastic bag. I think the two incidents are related. Someone should look it up because if I am not mistaken they got that guy and he went to jail for it. It could be the same person and he might have move there after serving time

    1. To Patricia Vital says:

      Patricia Vital: Please contact the police department that is investigating this case and give them that information – directly. The police are not reading message boards on websites. Anyone with tips needs to contact the police directly. And it is better NOT to post things like that in public. That will only alert the perpetrators and cause them to go underground.

  17. nicholas o'dell says:

    ive also found dead pigeons with their heads mutilated at the peir, ive been watching. this was b4 the bad hurricane that came but ivee been watching for more since then.

  18. Chatty Vicky says:

    When I think about this, I try to imagine, what it would take…HOW did this person do this? I mean a cat doesn’t sit there waiting for you to bludgeon it to death. This person(s) had to have had the cats restrained in some way. It’s really not like someone who is bothered by a feral feeding station. This is like a very violent person who enjoys inflicting pain over and over. I wish more of the people living there paid more attention. I understand that the area has been used by people to dump garbage but this had to smell very different. Even if they don’t care about animals (though it would be better if they did), they should know that this person poses a risk to all living beings around them. 18 cats were killed via poisoning about 10 minutes away from this location last summer. And that was upsetting and frightening but this time is even more scary. Please God they find who did this soon.

  19. Helsa Chamberlin says:

    There is a house right there. Pretty observant people

  20. Jacki Rose says:

    The perpetrator(s) of these horrible crimes may be charged under the NYS “Buster’s Law”. This gives a felony and sentence of 2 yrs in jail.

  21. Leah says:

    A story was recently published about the feral cats I had professionally TNR in my community. Many positive comments were made, but one very sick individual “went off” stating that he has killed hundreds of cats by luring them with fish oil. This individual is a much bigger problem than the feral cat population. Whoever is responsible for these horrific deaths must be put away… for life!

  22. Courtney says:

    Although its very possible that a group of people could have committed these crimes I’m willing to bet that there was one individual in particular who led this whole hell scene… I’ve sat here for about twenty minutes trying to picture in my head how this kind of crime would have been committed and what the importance of the trash bags were considering its much easier to just trap an animal and starve it if you just simply want it dead… Or to trap it humanely and bring it to a local shelter if you are annoyed by feral cats… This person clearly ENJOYED what he or she did here… And I’m guessing the trash bags were used to either suffocate these poor cats or to hang them while still alive and hit them with hard objects while hanging from the tree like a piñata. If these cats are feral cats they were obviously captured with food so the person made a big effort to catch these cats if they are ferals… I feed the local feral cats in my own town and have tried several times to catch them in hopes of finding them safe and warm homes but it is nearly impossible to catch a true feral cat… It’s like trying to catch a raccoon or a squirrel… They are fast and graceful. I’ve learned that feral cats develop families in the wild and are perfectly content with living in the wild as long as they have a good food source and shelter of some kind. The person who did this put A LOT of effort into this and that’s what makes this scary. The person or people who did this definitely live very close by… They kept coming back to this same spot so it must be easy access for him or her or them. I pray to God they catch this monster and charge whoever is responsible in the same way a human would be prosecuted… By treating each cat as an individual life and charge so that this monster gets at least 20 years in prison. This person WILL move onto human targets next if not found soon… And the person clearly knows its wrong or else he or she wouldn’t have picked an area like this to do it in… So mentally ill should not be accepted as an excuse… This person is simply EVIL. Any human who does something like this doesn’t stop with just animals… They move onto helpless human beings next. These poor animals :( they put their trust in this human for whatever reason and then they were brutally killed by a piece of sh*t monster.

    1. James says:

      That’s what bothers me the most about things like this, most of these cats were probably lured simply because they trusted this person/persons. I feed a colony of cats, if some sociopath killed them, the crazy would definitely come out in the crazy cat guy.

  23. Melissa says:

    Like everyone has stated.. there is a house right there. I wonder if these people were questioned? They didn’t see anything? Smell anything? Come on! Their window is right there and it’s been going on for a while. They have to know or seen something… they cant see the bags hanging there? Hard to believe.

  24. Melissa says:

    When I was a kid, a guy around the block from me used to trap cats and then beat them to death with a baseball bat. This person later had their face shot off in a bar fight. I hope the same karma gets the person who did this to these cats! They are sick and should be removed from the gene pool!

  25. kelly odowd says:

    I live in Brandon, FL. I was just recently a survivor of a violent attack by a roomate. I have an order of protection now, but he has a grey pit bull mastif with hazel eyes that is about 6 months old now. I am worried Rocky the male dog has been permanently injured by how he sits with his back left leg stretched. Can you direct me to a local agency or who would be helpful in finding out what to do for this animal. He may need a new home because I have a rat terrior and neither are fixed….any Assistance would be greatly appreciated. I love animals and am not even sure if he has been registered or vaccinated. Sincerely with respect,
    Kelly O’**Dowd

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