$5,000 Reward Offered for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction in Raccoon Cruelty Case

Posted on January 7, 2015

For immediate release:

Megan Backus, ALDF
Lisa Franzetta, ALDF

OAKLAND, Calif. – The national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) who shot an adult male raccoon with five aluminum bolt darts from a crossbow in West Oakland. The 15lb animal was found in a church parking lot at Center Street and 10th Street on Sunday morning, January 4, 2015. Good Samaritans documented his injuries on video and brought him to WildCare, a Marin-based urban wildlife hospital and animal rescue. WildCare’s medical staff tried to save the raccoon but his injuries were too severe and he was euthanized to relieve his suffering. The raccoon’s body was sent to Ca. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife for a necropsy.

It is against the law in California to intentionally inflict cruelty against any animal. Under California Penal Code § 597(a), anyone who “maliciously and intentionally maims, mutilates, tortures, or wounds a living animal” can face misdemeanor charges—one year in county lockup and/or a $20,000 fine—or felony charges amounting to up to three years imprisonment and/or a $20,000 fine.

The raccoon was found stumbling in the parking lot, with fresh wounds that indicate the attack happened relatively close to the church. 4 high-impact aluminum bolt darts were removed from the soft tissue of the raccoon’s body. The injury from the fifth dart, removed from his skull, was not a survivable injury.

“This is one of the more traumatic and malicious injuries I’ve seen,” said Kelle Kacmarcik, of WildCare. “One of WildCare’s primary goals is to provide nonlethal, humane options for coexisting with wild animals like raccoons, not shooting them with crossbows.”

“People who harm animals often go on to harm humans as well,” says Stephen Wells, ALDF executive director. “We call on anyone with knowledge of this cruel act to come forward for the safety of other animals and the people of this community.”

Photos of the injured raccoon at WildCare are available here (warning: graphic images).

If you have information relating to the identity of the person or persons who shot this raccoon, please contact Oakland Animal Services 510-535-5602.

45 thoughts on “$5,000 Reward Offered for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction in Raccoon Cruelty Case

  1. Donna R. D'Fini says:

    Cruelty must be stopped and punished where ever found, whatever the creature may be! Coons are almost like people!

  2. Gerri says:

    Just Heartbreaking! Who did this will be caught and deserves to be treated the same way he/she or they did to this beautiful defenseless animal! They need to be shot with the same crossbow 10 times and see how they feel with those sharp tips penetrating their flesh! They will be caught because KARMA’S a BIT**!!!!!

  3. lucio says:

    We must to create effective laws to ban this kind of violence against poor and innocent animals.

  4. Monica says:

    Shared on FB.

  5. tina says:

    We need to punish people like this

  6. peri says:

    This should not be tolerated by a civilized community.
    Please send a strong message to this cruel person, and anyone else that thinks they can get away with harming “just animals”

  7. Heather Zur says:

    This is horrible.

  8. lina Nicolia says:

    Decent humans need to stick together and eliminate animal cruelty. It cannot be tolerated.

  9. Tina Benton says:

    Hope you find the monster(s) that did this to this innocent creature. There is absolutely no reason to harm or kill an innocent animal. These idiots did this for amusement, and will probably move on to human targets, if they haven’t already. Please find them and make them pay.

  10. christy says:

    More abuse is carried out within the walls of “shelters and pounds” maybe this would be a starting point for investigation into animal abuse.
    Day after day I see posts of badly injured animals on facebook from pounds or shelters who do not treat these animals unless they get a certain amount of money to hold them and they dont get treated because they are going to be killed in a few days when their time is up.
    Where is the justice for these millions of animals. We need a standard code for treatment for all sick and injured animals in shelters.

    1. klara lipton says:

      Christy, you are so right. People that should be helping, are mistreating them, but lucky for us and the animals, it’s harder now, because of social media. It’s never OK to hurt small children and animals. People like that, should be put away for good.

  11. Cf says:

    We need to start doing the same thing that this inhuman people do to this animals maybe this way we learn that it’s inhuman to abuse animals. Not just give this so call people just a fine and get a way with things like this!!

  12. steve g richko says:

    Time to stop selling these weapons, they serve no useful purpose and in the wrong hands you see what happens. these things we call people will someday harm or kill a human next.

  13. gunslingingbird says:

    I hope they catch the turd who did this. In cases like this I fully advocate cruel and unusual punishment. Maybe they could hire some goons from a Mexican drug cartel to impart punishment.

    1. Diane Rooney says:

      Endorse your suggestion. Punishment to fit the crime!

  14. Denise Farrell says:

    Go straight to jail you creeps !!!!

  15. Green says:

    From our “food” to having “fun”: animal cruelty must be stopped. Whether it’s a raccoon, chicken, or pig—we, as a society, should not allow the torture and killing of other animals simply because they aren’t human.

  16. Damon says:

    Why not take finger prints of the darts. Chances are the idiot that did this is reckless and has done something else illegal in the past.

    1. Judie Rowell says:

      Can fingerprints be taken off the darts? This should be done if possible! Cruelty to me is the worst crime of all!

  17. Sherie haines says:


  18. Kara Mason says:

    I do not understand why people do such cruel things, :(

  19. sharon chang says:

    i have to go there!DEATH TO ALL ANIMAL ABUSERS!

  20. Fatma kamel says:

    I hope whoever hurt this raccoon gets arrested!!!

  21. Fatma kamel says:

    Ban this kind of violence against helpless animals!!!

  22. Deborah Rice says:

    We must punish those who abuse and kill animals. 0 Tolerance.

  23. Gloria says:

    There is something inherently wrong with anyone who can torture, harm, maim, or kill an animal for shits and giggles. They are broken and can’t be fixed.

  24. Luke Thomas says:

    People eat racoons. Isn’t that considered a “game” animal?

    1. Cheryle Affonso says:

      So Luke Thomas, you are saying it is okay to hurt, torture, maim and kill this animal because you think it is a “game animal”? Really???

  25. Luke Thomas says:

    I agree this is sad.

  26. Find and prosecute them please.

  27. HeatherServold says:

    I want them located and charged

  28. Fay says:

    PLEASE catch them………………………

  29. Margaret Davis says:

    So wrong so wrong

  30. Anna Virgini says:

    I used to feed them on my balcony,these beautiful intelligent creatures, and one of them, it even adopt me.I love them…
    I wish that they get caught and have the same treatment that he or she gave to this poor defendless animal!…burn in hell too!

  31. lynette mayo says:

    Pls. add fb & twitter, in order for us to post there !!

  32. jill andersson says:

    so wrong, how can you even do this to an animal:(

  33. Diane Rooney says:

    We must find and punish this cruelty. How awful. Thanks to the people who tried to save him.

  34. Casey says:

    The person who did this deserves NO forgiveness and should die a horrible death. Lets hope someone out there finds them and makes that happen

  35. Janet Stan says:

    It makes me sick we live in Manchester
    Kentucky an there would be many here
    That think this would be OK
    I’ve walked up on them talking about catching them an throwing them after they’ve broken their eggs to train their coon dogs with.makes me sick.

  36. Lilith says:

    I hope you catch who ever did this because it’s so unfair that the abuse and torment that animals have to put up with that humans di to them ..they have no way of protecting themselves against such ignorant people..

  37. Richard Prideaux says:

    The “people” able to do something like that must be arrested and jailed. It is monstruous. They could to the same any time to their wife or children or neighbors.
    Catch them! Punish them!

  38. grasmug franziska says:

    please catch them

  39. Christine Hunt says:

    this is why people end up suffering with terminal illness Karma, just plain, good ol’ karma!

  40. Laurie Hein says:

    This heinous crime is beyond shame!!!! Karma is hoped for in a big way asap. Prosecute to the fullest extent & please find them quickly!!~ This is Sickening & Evil!!!~

  41. Nancy says:

    So crule hope they are caught and punished

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