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Stopping Cruel High-Speed Pig Slaughter

April 5, 2018
While the largest meat companies stand to profit from this privatized, speeded-up pig slaughter, animals, consumers, and slaughterhouse workers will pay a steep price.

The Case for Tougher Animal Cruelty Laws

December 8, 2017
An act of animal cruelty ended in a dog’s death. Bella’s abuser was sentenced to only four months in jail for the crime. Bella, an 11-year-old Shepherd mix, deserved better.

Long Island Man Receives Four Month Jail Term for Beating Dog to Death

November 28, 2017
Animal Legal Defense Fund Urges Stronger Penalties for Animal Abusers 

Animal Coalition Pledges to Appeal Dismissal of USDA Animal Welfare Blackout Lawsuit

August 15, 2017
The lawsuit charges that the USDA’s removal of tens of thousands of animal welfare records violates both the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

Animal Legal Defense Fund Commends Court’s Upheld Suspension of Kristen Lindsey’s Veterinary License

August 3, 2017
In 2015 Lindsey shot a cat with an arrow, killing him, then bragged about it on Facebook.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Offers $5,000 Reward in Case of Bald Eagle Shot in Northwest Oregon

July 11, 2017
Bald eagles are protected under federal law and it is a violation of Oregon state law to hunt them.

HIMP: Inherently Cruel for Pigs

June 26, 2017
Millions of pigs will suffer under an expanded program that allows slaughterhouses to radically increase the speed with which pigs are slaughtered while at the same time decreasing oversight by largely putting the slaughterhouses in charge of policing themselves.

Unique Connecticut Law Allows Court-Appointed Advocates to Represent Animals

June 21, 2017
Connecticut has become the first state to allow legal advocates to testify on behalf of animal victims in cruelty and neglect cases.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund Mourns Candy the Chimp’s Death

April 21, 2017
Candy is well known as ‘the loneliest chimp in the world’

California Agencies Sued for Animal Cruelty at State Fair

February 16, 2017
The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit against the California Exposition and State Fairs (Cal Expo) and Regents of the University of California for illegally confining pregnant and nursing pigs in the Livestock Nursery Exhibit at the California State Fair.

Help Us Fight Back – Critical Animal Welfare Reports Removed From USDA Website

February 9, 2017
The Animal Legal Defense Fund intends to sue to compel the USDA to stop hiding this information.

Californians: Permanently End Cruel Pig Exhibition at the California State Fair

February 9, 2017
The Animal Legal Defense Fund needs California residents' help to end the cruel exhibition of pregnant and nursing pigs in farrowing crates at the California State Fair.

Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Response to the USDA Removing Online Animal Welfare Reports

February 6, 2017
Revoking longstanding means of public access to these documents makes it more difficult, time-consuming and expensive for the public and animal protection groups to track compliance with federal law or to become aware of serious and repeat offenders.

New Michigan Law Empowers Animal Shelters to Deny Adoptions to Convicted Animal Abusers

January 24, 2017
Logan's Law allows Michigan animal shelters to deny adoptions under certain circumstances and to consider prior criminal history before adoption.

Animals in Film: Capitalizing on Suffering

January 23, 2017
The film A Dog’s Purpose has come under scrutiny after a video surfaced this week showing a distressed German shepherd being forced into churning water meant to simulate rapids on the set of the film.

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