ALDF Petitions to Stop Puppy Gassing in North Carolina

Posted on April 15, 2014

Animal Advocates Ask Tar Heel State’s Ag Board to Prohibit Painful Euthanasia Method

For immediate release:

Lisa Franzetta, ALDF
Megan Backus, ALDF

shelter-dog-article-image-500pxSAN FRANCISCO — Today, the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) filed a petition for rulemaking with the North Carolina Board of Agriculture and the Office of Administrative Hearings to prohibit the routine use of carbon monoxide for euthanasia or “gassing” at animal shelters. ALDF believes that it is no longer legal to routinely use carbon monoxide on cats and dogs at shelters because all recognized animal welfare organizations now disapprove of euthanasia by gassing, and state regulations should reflect this change to the law. The method has drawn strong criticism from animal health experts because animals are often crammed in small enclosures in which they sense the coming gas, panic together, and take an unnecessarily long time to die. Therefore, carbon monoxide may only be used under extraordinary circumstances, according to the petition, with guidelines recommended by the recognized organizations.

Euthanasia by gassing is not recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Humane Association has stated that gassing is “inhumane to the animal and harmful to humans.” This controversial method of destroying animals is already outlawed in numerous states; many North Carolina shelters have voluntarily ceased this practice.

Data collected in 2011 through North Carolina’s Spay and Neuter Reimbursement Program indicates state euthanasia rates at 70% of animals admitted to shelters. According to the 2013 AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals, shelters should minimize distress experienced by animals. The guidelines state that “euthanasia of companion animals is best conducted in quiet, familiar environments when practical and although it may be considered for natural disasters and catastrophes, in general does not recommend euthanasia by carbon monoxide for companion animals because of the distress it causes to the animals as well as the emotional and medical risk to the humans conducting the gassing.” The AVMA also indicates that euthanizing large num­bers of animals on a regular basis may result in symptoms of “compassion fatigue”—a psychological response from repeated exposure to traumatic experience.

“Animals in shelters deserve the most humane treatment we can provide and death by gassing is not it,” says Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “The law reflects this fact and we are asking the Board to ensure all shelters follow this rule.”

Copies of the petition are available upon request.

211 thoughts on “ALDF Petitions to Stop Puppy Gassing in North Carolina

  1. Good for you, ALDF! Let’s ALL help put an end to this inhumane way to die… It’s archaic, barbaric and dispicable…

    1. ALDF says:

      Thank you!

      1. Lisa says:

        Where do I sign the petition please?

    2. JANICE JONES says:

      Please a plea from London England.Please stop the puppy gassing.

    3. Jennifer Cassill says:

      Death by gassing puppies??? Really??? Why would anyone choose this type of death for any animal?? If its absolutely necessary to put an animal down just put them to sleep the humane way, not gassing them for God’s sake!! WTF PEOPLE!!!! How would you liked to be gassed to death??? Those animals don’t do anything to deserve that kind of death!!!

  2. Rosario Rodriguez Leon says:

    Non-human animals are conscious, as we human animals are. What U’re going to make, if U make it, IT’S MURDER. PLS, RE-THINK IT & LET THEM LIVE!!!!

  3. Rosario Rodriguez Leon says:

    Tar Heel State’s Ag Board: STOP IT!!!

  4. Stop animal abuse !!!!!,

  5. Brenda Meyers says:

    stop this cruel act

  6. Bobby Jacqmin says:

    This is cruel and not the way unwanted animals should have to die. Please stop this inhumane practice.

  7. Ben Boult says:

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

  8. Julie Schampel says:

    No state in the US should be gassing any animals period!! Or in the world for that matter. North Carolina needs to step up and stop this animal cruelty immediately!

    Get with the program North Carolina and stop this horrible cruelty!!

  9. Mia Simpson says:

    It’s barbaric and if you can take part in something so hideous what kind of monster are you?

  10. Please stop this. Would u want ur beloved pet to endure such pain. Stand up for animals

  11. zoe sharratt says:

    Please end animal abuse. Animals feel emotions and pain just as we do. Animals are not ours to murder! Humans need to stop using their power against innocent animals. It needs to end.

  12. Jennifer Willis says:

    Stop gassing puppies. Educate the public. Make spaying & neutering programs free & more available. Gassing is torturous. At least euthanize.

  13. Racquel Beachel says:

    NC you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  14. Rhonda says:

    Please N.C. stop the inhumane gassing of animals in shelters. Its bad enough healthy animals are being killed. Atleast have the decency to do it in a humane, pain free way.

  15. Denise Zuwala says:

    Time for shelters to take community approach tofind alternative ways of helping pets stay in their homes with their loving families…and there are certainly much more humane ways to euthanize an animal, should no one adopt or claim a stray than the horrific torturing of the gas chamber.

  16. Bertha Flores says:

    Please stop

  17. Patricia Fontana says:

    Its 2014 this is 19th century crap please STOP

  18. Kelly says:

    This is inhumane. Stop doing this to animals. They deserve better!

  19. W says:

    The moral size and progress of a nation can be judged by how its animals are treated (Ghandi )!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS SAVE ALL ANIMALS !!!!!!!! GO VEGAN THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!! May God Bless You

  20. MANUELA says:


  21. Jamie Amaral says:


  22. MANUELA says:


  23. Jackie Bodiou says:

    This is just so sick! Gassing animals! That’s what the Nazis used to do to do the Jews!! STOP THIS INSANITY NOW!!! PLEASE!! ALL LIFE IS IMPORTANT!!!

  24. SHANNON LACK says:

    We want gassing in our state to stop as this is a very heinous way for any living creature to die!

  25. Frey says:

    No living being deserves that. Please stop this evil practice

  26. Katie says:

    When are we going to start taking responsibility for the cruelty we as a race inflict on thousands of innocent animals very single day? This act in

    1. Katie says:

      *in particular is completely unnecessary and preventable. Thank you ALDF for being a voice for those that can’t defend themselves.

  27. Molly Stevens says:

    The sheer mean nasty stubbornness of hanging on to this barbaric method of killing – a method which was determined to be too cruel to use on convicted murderers — is a sick lunacy. Homeless companion animals aren’t vicious criminals — they are as innocent as babies. They deserve so much MORE than what the US shelter system has been giving them over the past century. The very least we, the citizens of this supposedly civilized nation, can do for our homeless dogs and cats is to NOT allow them to be treated like refuse, tossed into a chamber and destroyed.

  28. Deanna Lederer says:

    Gassing should be outlawed!

  29. Tanya says:

    The gassing of any animal is legalized murder, it is barbaric, and needs to be outlawed. Pet owners need to spay and neuter their pets, if they don’t want them, contact a rescue for help in re-homing. Just my opinion but I really think all pet owners who turn in their pets to a kill shelter need to watch a video of what will happen to their beloved pet, they need to see first hand how horrible it is, how cruel and what a betrayal it is, many do not know what goes on behind the walls of a shelter…

  30. S. Kazel says:

    Stop the Gassing of Dogs~in fact all animals~it is the worst form of abuse and cruelty!

  31. Meg Davis says:

    If you kill animals you have no heart and I wouldn’t want to associate with you. This is nonsense and cruel. No animal deserves such treatment!!!! Barbaric people and NC my home state of all places. Embrassing you crazy ah people!!!

  32. Toby says:

    cruelty in anyway is NOT acceptable

  33. Sandy dibble says:

    This is Barbaric! It needs to stop

  34. Joanie Blankenship says:

    Gassing animals is sick and barbaric! It needs to stop now. If our leaders are so uncaring about our animals, how can we expect them to be concerned about the human population? Compassion is still compassion.

  35. Cindi Van Kirk says:

    I’m horrified to hear that this still happens!!! I thought it went out in the early 70’s!!! I’m appalled and nauseous at the thought of torturing these poor little creatures who have had hard time of it to begin with!!!! Where is your humanity????
    Cindi Van Kirk

  36. Robert says:

    It’s bad enough you’re destroying pure innocence that only wants to love a be loved. There is no reason what so ever to do it in such a cruel and painful way.

    If I had my way all euthanasia would be outlawed unless deemed medically necessary due to quality of life being compromised in a negative way or the animal is a danger to itself or others.

  37. Cindy Coffman says:

    I am disgusted by your actions! Please stop this horrific way of destroying these defenseless animals. None of them deserve to die especially by this barbaric method! Watching from Texas!

  38. Laura Lane says:

    Please stop the inhumane gassing of animals

  39. Jacqueline Daly says:

    This is like Nazi Germany. This barbarism must stop.

  40. Pat Riviezzo says:

    It’s time to start treating animals with compassion instead of the brutality that some poor animals face at the end of their life…

  41. Deana Smith says:

    NC please stop gassing animals to death. Euthanasia by gas is an outdated practice that has proven to be cruel, and the animals suffer terribly. Please end this now!

  42. Joanne Kelly says:

    Please stop this inhumane way of dying. Please do not let any more animals suffer in this manner. They are helpless and scared. This must stop asap!

  43. Katrina Wiser says:

    We need to end this horrifying and inhumane act of cruelty all over the US!

  44. des photogal says:

    we need stronger animal laws. we need all shelters to be NO KILL shelters and sanctuaries. ALL animals deserve to live just like you and me.


  45. Nadine Guillemot says:

    The moral size and progress of a nation can be judged by how its animals are treated (Ghandi )


  46. Gayle Boesky says:

    Not sure how people who do this kind of thing can live with themselves. Do you go home and tell your children, “I gassed hundreds of animals today?” Stop!

  47. S Obermaier says:

    This is an obscene answer to solving the over population of companion animals, it’s not their fault humans have appropriated them, mutated them, bred them with impunity and cast out into the world millions of homeless, neglected animals. No creature deserves to live and die that way. ENFORCE PET LICENSES.

  48. Cate Malone says:

    This is just basic humanity. Stop torturing dogs!!! I cannot believe ANYONE with an ounce of humanity would treat “man’s best friend” like this. Horrific. Please, please stop.

  49. silvie suri says:


  50. Lynda Donovan says:

    Please stop this inhumane way to Euthanize these poor animals. Most have been through enough trama just by virtue of where they ended up. I wish all shelters would become no kill shelters, but at least if you have to kill the animals have a heart and do it humainly. NO GASSING !

  51. Tricia Ashley says:

    The inhumane, cruel, and altogether disgusting practice of gassing dogs must stop. Open your mind, reach out for help, draw upon the community to find compassionate solutions for the animals that have found their way, through no fault of their own, into your care.

  52. Lyn Lusse says:

    Hitler must have relatives there. I would have thought, no one in their right mind, would revive the gas chambers

  53. Line says:


  54. Lynda Donovan says:

    Please stop this inhumane way to Euthanize these poor dogs. They’ve been through enough trama just by virtue of where they ended up. Until shelters all become no kill, have a heart and do it humainly. NO GASSING !

  55. maria villegas zamorano says:

    basta de crueldad

  56. Lisa Petrick says:

    Stop gassing animals now! This is barbaric and unnecessary.

  57. Renate says:

    Animals have also a soul feelings and emotions (Fear, kindness, love, and caring for humans)like humans and no one should have the right to kill healthy animals, only in exceptional circumstances.
    There is so much land available which should be given to the animals and voluntary workers would be happy to look after these lost animals, they even should be paid from the government as care takers and funds should be made available for protecting the animals from harm. Stop the cruelty to animals.

  58. Debbie Chronister says:

    Animals deserve so much more than they get. Since animals cannot speak in their own defense, we do it for them with pride. Gassing is so CRUEL and INHUMANE. STOP the GASSING ASAP.

  59. K. Fugua says:

    Dogs and cats smell the death in the kill room and have to be dragged into it. They are stuffed in metal boxes together. They overstuff them to save money. They gasp for air as their lungs burn. They claw and gasp and fight until they die. Some don’t die because too many of them are in the box. They put many boxes in that gas chamber together. They are taken out and thrown in a garbage heap and the ones that didn’t die lay there in agony until they die.

    This is a horrible, barbaric, and outdated practice that is still performed in many states. This needs to stop now.

    Millions of animals are put to death every year. What needs to be done is to stop breeding because this is what happens to most of those animals that are bred and sold.

  60. Mauria says:

    Not very enlightened humans and we’re in the 21st century! Time to stop this cruel treatment to our wonderful, sentient dog friends!

  61. Peggy Brady says:

    Stop killing these precious innocent animals!

  62. Dominique Halaby says:

    The murderers and rapists in jail should be gassed, not the innocent animals that aren’t given a chance just because they can’t speak out loud to us!

    1. Mario Thom says:

      nicely said ………..

  63. Jenn Buchanan says:

    This is awful treatment of animals. I do not want to hear that you are using gas for this. STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY ALL TOGETHER!!!!

  64. Wilda Connor says:

    Having just visited your beautiful state (Asheville) I am truly appalled that your citizens allow such a barbaric practice to continue. Asheville is very pet friendly, even the grounds at the Biltmore allow pets. Dogs were on all the hiking trails at Chimney Rock and I was feeling so good about NC, then I see this. How awful. Now I don’t think so highly of NC. Pet friendly must be just for the tourist dogs not the NC ones!!

  65. Jill McHenry says:

    I was wanting to relocate to NC, such a pretty state but between hearing about gassing dogs and horrific roadside zoos I think it would be a depressing back woods place to live.

  66. Aileen Miles says:

    Gassing is cruel and expensive. The money saved could be going towards saving more animals.

  67. Peggy Nudo says:

    Your reputation as a State and it’s citizens is being marred by this inhumane treatment of innocent animals. Many Tourists who visit NC love animals and will not tolerate this behavior. They simply will not visit your State. I’m certain many NC residents love their animals as well. Do the right thing. Become an example of the humane treatment of animals. End this now.

  68. Susan Bowman says:

    I will not set foot in NC until this stops! The age
    of cruelty should be coming to an end-take a first
    step and stop this horrific practice!

  69. Sallye Robbins says:

    I live in NC and was under the assumption this was banned years ago? This is horrifying and SICK ! I’m ashamed to admit I live in a state that treats animals in such a barbaric manner. Animal cruelty is NOT acceptable in any form, gassing is unacceptable in any state !!

    1. Gumboz1953 says:

      Sallye, I did too. WTF?

  70. Teresa Gennett says:

    It’s terrible way to put down dogs by using’s bad..not humane way to that!! Reminds me of what Germany Nazi always use on jewish people to kill them in 1940’s!!

  71. Robin Britten says:

    DO THE RIGHT THING HERE! It’s crazy that this still happens. It’s barbaric and a disgrace. We can do better than this people.

  72. Rebecca Scherrer says:

    I won’t be visiting NC. Do the right thing. End this now. STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!

  73. Denise Cascardi says:

    STOP Gassing Animals!!!!

  74. Mario Thom says:

    Thanks ALDF for putting the word out, about this horrible thing to do to our loved Animals and I hope we will get rid of this very soon with your help. I even sent a e mail to the Governor of NC about 5 month ago to stop this , but never got a answer…. ,,,,but maybe with the help of you guys we will get there .A lot of people in the US don’t even know this is still happening today here in America …

  75. Tracey says:

    Stop Gassing animals!

  76. Susan Casad says:


  77. Susan Casad says:

    It is past time for this barbaric action to STOP!!!

  78. marta says:

    I would like to beg for your compassion, please

  79. Vera Koonce says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention…was honored to sign the petition…Thanx for all u do..^*^

  80. Christine says:

    This is horrible and needs to stop immediately!

  81. Lisa halpin says:


  82. chris morrison says:

    Go get ’em ALDF ! As a resident of NC, I am embarrassed by the remaining backwoods stubborn “shelters” who refuse to convert to humane euthanasia. Thank God, there are only a handful of these left, but even one would be way too many.

  83. Lori Howard says:

    Please stop the cruelty.

  84. Barbara Barnes says:

    Stop gassing animals!!!

  85. Antea says:

    Stop this cruelty!!

    1. Tanja Hofer says:

      Stop this horrorfic practice!!!!!!!!

  86. Carolyn Jenkins says:

    Stop the barbaric practice of gassing animals. Join fellow states in recognizing the humane rights of animals.

  87. Jeannie VanNorman says:

    Gassing should be banned altogether! It’s cruel & inhumane. Whatever fool thinks differently should not be allowed around animals.

  88. Paula Martin says:

    PLEASE STOP this inhumane treatment of innocent dogs

  89. John Hanuscik says:

    Animals in shelters deserve the most humane treatment we can provide and death by gassing is not it

  90. Pam Sims says:

    Please stop the gassing of all animals. Treating life and living things so irresponsibly and cruelly is not a good legacy for humans to leave. Think about this…would YOU want your loved ones to die by gassing? ALDF is a wonderful organization. Warm, loving, sincere. The few months I spent as one of their employees was one of the most gratifying and profound moments in my life. Listen to them.

  91. silvia herrera says:

    basta de matar de esa forma animales inocentes!!

  92. Renee Le Flore says:

    Please stop gassing in NC we can move towards morfe humane solutions.

  93. WAVERLY FORD says:

    At times it is necessary to euthanize our animal friends, but there is no excuse for not doing so in a humane fashion!

  94. Jamie Bryant says:

    Please stop using gas as a method to euthanize dogs or any animal as it is cruel and unnecessary. It causes them to experience pain and fear. Please take action to stop using this method immediately.

  95. Danielle Nunn says:

    We don’t gas humans… Why gas animals? Please stop now

  96. KATHY PETREE says:

    It would be less expensive to put more efforts into control and programs such as spay/neuter clinics that people can afford!!! This is so cruel…Is it so easy to just “gas and kill ” a dog rather that to come up with an intelligent solution??? I’m challenging your “intelligence”…do the right thing!

  97. JOAN says:

    The gassing of animals in shelters in the State of North Carolina is indeed cruel, unusual and inhumane euthanasia! Almost all if not all States in the Continental US have banned and eliminated carbon monoxide euthanasia practices for the many reasons various lethal injection drugs are being criticized for humans on death row. Animals via no fault of their own who remain not adopted in crowded shelters do not deserve to spend their last moments on earth confused, frightened, crying out and dying long-extended and painful deaths. Where is our humanity? We complain we don’t want similar protocol being used when putting humans to death due their pain and suffering. We tout it is truly inhumane for mankind to let their fellow man die in such a cruel manner. Yet, our furry friends who have committed no crime and are not deserving of their fate are treated so mercilessly and so abusively! Yes, death via gassing is as abusive physically and emotionally to an animal as we can get! We must always be mindful that animals are beings with souls, intelligence and emotions. They are truly someone and not something! I believe Pope John Paul II in his following of St. Frances expressed that exact sentiment in advocating for all species of life and animals. We must co-exist and respect all life always! If we are to take the life of an innocent animal for the mere fact it is unwanted or his/her time on the clock has expired due to Shelter constraints, then we must be respectful in doing so. To be human is divine and to love and respect animals is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our planet!

  98. Beckie Griffin says:

    This is not humane in any way.its bad enough thousands of animals die everyday just because they don’t have a home.using gas to kill them is torture. Stop and think if this were humans it would be called mass murder!

  99. Megan says:

    We must stop this!! So horrific

  100. Megan says:

    We must stop this!!

  101. Kimberly Jordan says:

    Please Please STOP this cruel act!!! After reading this I am ashamed to say I live in NC!!!

  102. Kathy Wagner says:

    End it now!

  103. Shaylen Snarski says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are tread” Mahatma Gandhi

    Time to EVOLVE, North Carolina!!!!! SHAME on you for continuing this most CRUEL and BARBARIC archaic practice!!!!

  104. yolanda says:

    Please stop gassing dogs! It’s bad enough that they’re being killed. Please find a way to do it more humanely.

  105. cara shipley says:

    This is a horrible way to cram a bunch of animals together to die!! This needs to end now!!

  106. Dena-Marie Handel says:

    Please stop the cruel gassing of innocent animals.No animal should have to die this way.

  107. Frida Guerrero says:

    this type of thing should NOT be allowed. this is animal abuse. PLEASE STOP GASSING DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they don’t deserve anything like this. they are helpless and just want somebody to love and to love them back. no need to kill them-especially not by gassing them.

  108. Suzi Pettit says:

    SHELTER: a refuge, a haven. By definition gassing is the antithesis of shelter. If you see compassion as a weakness, and painful mass murder in SHELTERS, then you will certainly take the cowardly way out and not outlaw this travesty. CONSCIENCE: The awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to ones conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong. May yours serve you well!

  109. Edward Viscardi says:

    This is barbaric!!! If it’s necessary to put down an animal, do it with dignity and humanely. Better yet, join the social media and post those available for adoption. Join the 21st century!!!

  110. Daniel says:

    NO MORE!!!

  111. melissa says:

    Enough is enough, cruelty on animals needs to come to a end NOW! Companion or not, no animal deserves to be gassed &/or suffer. People do your job spay/neuter your pet, & don’t get a pet if you are not 100% committed… no animal should be dumped onto someone else, and have to suffer. Help these poor babies, give them some rights!

  112. P Prince says:

    This is going back to Edwardian forms of torture!! Or even the war! Havent we come far enough into the twentieth century to find better kinder ways of doing things, like not killing at all!!! Finding places like the national dogs trust in uk where no animals are put to sleep!!! They dont ask to be born athe same as children, the least we can do is give them a life! They are a living, feeling creature the same as heartless humans!! If i ever won the lottery i would do so much for animals! Like killing people! Stop doing this cruel in humain painful torture and give life!!! FGS!!!!

  113. mariam says:

    Stop murder!!!!

  114. Michele Wolfe says:

    We were against the inhumane cruelty during the Holocaust…what makes THIS humane??? This is torture! Are we allowed to do this to convicted murderers? If not, why do this to innocent animals??? Killing them is not necessary as it is, let alone putting them down barbarically! ENOUGH!!

  115. mariam says:

    Stop murder!!!!!

  116. sharon williams says:

    stop its so wrong so cruel and so unnessary

  117. Scarlet Carr says:


  118. Helen Vatran says:

    Barbaric!! What is WRONG with you people.Have you no heart.You will pay for this later.Karma will not forget.

  119. Debra Fincher says:

    As a resident of North Carolina and a strong advocate for animal rights and welfare, I am embarrassed and ashamed of the many policies the State of North Carolina and many of the counties of our state promote, to include the use of gassing and heart stick to euthanize animals. I call upon the elected and nominated officials of our state to ban gassing and heart stick and dictate the use of humane methods when necessary. Our state should set the standard in promoting humane alternatives AND promoting the prevention of unwanted companion animals through widely accessible and cost effective spay/neuter programs.

  120. Brandi says:

    good for you ALDF!

  121. .tara lesco says:

    Please stop this inhuman treatment of these innocent dogs.

  122. Pat Wagner says:

    What kind of person could do that job, I cannot imagine? Just by the grace of God, we were born humane and not an animal. Animals have feelings, they hurt and feel pain as well as love. We have to be their voice. Stop the cruelty and gassing. Write your congressman and lobby for animal rights and harsher penalties for abusers.

  123. Carol Kramb says:

    You need to get with the times stop this. They see you coming to get them and they hope you throw a ball to play and you kill them. They are Gods living creature that someone has thrown away. Stop this practice.

  124. laura says:

    cruel, simply cruel!

  125. Jeanne Barnes says:

    We. must stop this inhumane treatment of innocent animals. It is a barbaric way of death.

  126. Jeanne Barnes says:

    STOP THE INHUMANE TREATMENT! NC can be better than this!!!!!

  127. Gael Ross says:

    The folloiwng is the definition of euthanasia.
    Euthanasia refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering.
    With that in mind, the term is taken from the Greek to mean “good death.” How shelters (slaughterhouses) can repeatedly use the term euthansia when they are killing animals with gassing and heartsticks is unbelievable. Even the professionals who refer to killing as euthansia do not seem to understand the true meaning of the word. Gassing and heartstick are a barbaric form of murdering innocent animals because of ” lack of room” in the “shelters.” What takes place in many of the ” shelters” is beyond understanding to many of us who trully care about the welfare of animals. Both gassing and heartstick need to be stopped. But, I am afraid they could find another means that they could justify.

  128. Ma says:

    This is horrible !! These animals do NOT deserve this end of life murder. The problem is people, take no responsibility and just dump off these pets for someone else to take care of, but not the case. More laws for people who take in an animal and abuse, torture, chain, starve, or just dump off somewhere. We have yet to educate that animals have hearts and feeling.
    STOP THIS METHOD of PAINFUL and scary last minutes of life !

  129. Marta Esposito says:

    Please stop the gassing of innocents animals – no reason for them to die that way. Humanely do it if it has to be done. Wish I could save them all and we wouldn’t need to kill any of them in any way.

  130. Jenn says:

    Please end the use of gas chambers in North Carolina. Many of these animals have had a bad enough life…. can’t the end at least be painless?

  131. I did not realize your state was so backwards. It is a shame the person in charge hates animals so much that they would let this happen. You now operate lower then MEXICO.

  132. Susan Levine says:

    THIS PRACTICE IS BARBARIC!!!!!!!! It’s just a legalized form of massive animal abuse. reminds me of what the Natzis did to the Jews in the Holocaust.These poor things being crammed in the gas chamber to die.How scared they must feel with no way to voice that fear. EVERY STATE MUST STOP THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. rosheen says:

    where is this petition you want signed???

  134. George says:

    Wow are the folks doing this insane or what? Gassing are you kidding me. The year 2014 and this nonsense is still happening. Grow up folks and start acting like humans not lunatics.

  135. Dawn Graham says:

    We do not even do this to criminals because it is considered inhumane, it is not okay for innocent animals

  136. elie khoury says:

    We want a complete stop of animals gassing for this act is cruel and inhumane one.

  137. Aimee says:

    Gassing is the most horrible and inhumane way of euthanasia! Please stop this atrocious practice. There are other solutions! Animals deserve so much better!!!

  138. Ute Wertheimer says:

    Gassing a living being is completely indecent for a civilized country. Do you remeber, who first used gas for mass killings? I think you should know, because you crossed the Atlantic Ocean to fight him. Or did you only come to Germany in the 40s of the last century to learn from the Nazis how to efficently kill at home? In that case perhaps you had better stayed on your side of the sea and spared the lives of your brave young men. You should prove, that you are more civilzed than the Nazis were and STOP gassing at once!

    1. Noemie says:

      Well said!

  139. Kathleen Reddin says:

    STOP GASSING ANIMALS! Its inhumane and whoever even thought it up is a MONSTER!

  140. Riley Blair says:

    What the hell make you think gassing is an ok way to euthanasia! You need to stop this immediately!

  141. em says:

    stop this horrific practice!

  142. em says:

    stop now this horrific practice!!!!!!

  143. Lisa says:

    Justice for all life.

  144. Tammie Mansfield says:

    This needs to be stopped. Adopt them out so your facility can make money.

  145. Rachel Sexton says:

    This is cruel practice and should be stopped immediately. Let’s work harder to adopt these puppies out.

  146. molly monroe says:

    It’s just wrong in a civilized society!

  147. Meagan Gillion says:

    This really does need to stop there are other options!!

  148. Samantha says:

    When will this stop let me Gass u!!!!!!!

  149. Kelly O'Brien says:


  150. Vicki Richards says:

    There are a way too many humans torturing animals and no punishments given strong enough to stop it
    Please don’t allow shelters be just as barbaric
    Can’t we at least let them die peacefully since we as a human race cannot protect them!!!

  151. Dana Harris says:

    Please stop this behavior.

  152. Lori Reinhold says:

    Does anyone remember gassing humans in Germany by the Nazis?? Why would any animal institution practice such cruelty??
    This needs to STOP!

  153. Stef says:

    Stop animal abuse

  154. Felicia says:

    I can’t believe people are doing that to animals… Seriously come on they are living things as well and they know and understand a lot more then people think they do…. they are smart animals that can’t really defend themselves against humans and they can’t talk… To me that is the same as sticking a human being whether it be a baby or an adult into a gas chamber. The people that are doing this need to stop and ask themselves would I like to be stuck into a little hole and die of gas terrified out of my mind? Most would say no so why would you do that to another living thing. If you absolutely must put an animal down (hopefully its not just because they are strays and you have a good reason for putting them down like a sickness that cant be helped and will only cause them to suffer) then do it in a humane way and you should comfort them and make sure they are not scared.

  155. Liz Streed says:

    Please consider stopping this horrible act.

  156. Peg says:

    They are living, feeling beings. How can anyone be so barbaric to choose a method of euthanasia that causes terror and agony. This is rue and simple animal abuse sanctioned by the state.

  157. I didn’t even know that those ass chambers still exist. I would sign a petition. I also think its good idea to write to USDA and State senator and representative. Not sure who will see my comments but please e mail and fax, call to USDA PLEASE address at least 1 of your letters/e-mails to
    TOM VILSACK of the USDA.
    Contact info:
    E-mail is:
    Tom Vilsack
    U.S Dept of Agriculture
    1400 Independence Ave S.W.
    Washinton D.C 20250
    TOM VILSACK @ 202-720-3631.
    FAX # 202-720-2166

    Please Please click on: and
    Guys please click on that links above , put your zip and it will lead to your state senator and repres e mail. Send them e mail ask them to stop using gas chambers Please

    1. Noemie says:

      Awesome. Thanks!

  158. kris w says:

    Please stop doing this. it is not a quick healthy. This causes. fear, pain and suffering in these poor animals. Please stop gassing animals.

  159. Evelyn Ball says:

    A big deal was made when humans were gassed in WW2 but we still think it is okay to gas innocent animals. Just because they are not a “human” does not mean they should be treated like this. It is a disgrace that humans still gas animals. They feel pain and suffer just as much as damn human animals do.

  160. marina says:

    As parents, teachers, librerians, officers, soldiers, priests, students and even farmers our responsability towards animal welfare, animal rights and animal protecting law enforcement is a undeclinable task in the XXIst century. No other issue is so far behind our present ethical standards.

  161. L. H. says:

    Just can’t believe this inhuman happens in U.S.A.

  162. Monic Chiquette says:

    S’il vous plaît cessez ces barberies terribles, Aimeriez-vous qu’on vous traîte comme vous traitez tous ces pauvres animaux, qui ne font de mal à personne……alors ARRÊTEZ VOUS TOUS ,,,,,VOUS AUTRES…. ET RÉFLÉCHISSEZ UN MOMENT À CE QUE LE MONDE VOUS DISE. NOUS SOMMES DES MILLIERS ET MILLIERS DE PERSONNES À VOUS SOLICITER. mERCI DE M”AVOIR LUE.

  163. Kimberly says:

    I’m so disgusted to think a human being can watch poor innocent animals to die like this. I remembered when I worked at the Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo back in the 70’s they suffocated dogs and cats in a tank. I was so disturbed by this it made me sick, I hated animal control workers and now 2014 this shit is still happening shame on this shelter…Shame in these cruel workers! You unemotional people should not be working with animals. Hope you get punished for what you do.

  164. Noemie says:

    They need to stop that RIGHT AWAY. They are very weird “human” beings for allowing such atrocious deaths!!!

  165. Jill says:

    This is so dishearting. In 2014 we have such inhuman practices. Please end this now.

  166. Mrs Jackie Irmen says:

    This is just wrong please stop this at once.

  167. Tamyra Wallace says:

    STOP…this is cruel and inhumane. It would be wiser to put dollars towards low cost spay and neuter programs than it is to throw money at killing innocent animals. The cost of running city and county shelters must be very high and while they are necessary due to animal over population I believe that dollars could be better spent preventing unwanted litters in the first place.

  168. margarita Clayton says:

    Crimes against animals come in so many ways. Strong Laws are desperately needed for all animals.In this case, this was another crime which needs to be dealt in the appropriate manner, with consequences as people laws demand.

  169. Kyra Legaroff says:

    There is never an excuse for animal cruelty.

  170. Johnnieg says:

    The board of commisioners have yet to rule AFTER TWO MONTHS. REMEMBER ELECTION DAY IN NC

  171. vickie wells says:

    Try it and see if YOU like it.

  172. Stavroula Zacharatou says:

    Actions such as these, carried out by so-called “humans,” are causing the whole human race suffering. This must stop, no one has the right to stop our evolution. There is a higher Intelligence than humanity. It is named Universal Law. As humans, we have been given Conscience. We are abusing this right. We will be micro-chipped and monitored. We will lose all our rights. We must know this.

  173. Chris says:

    The most cruel animals on this planet are the humans!!!!!!!

  174. Simone says:

    Truly unbelievable! Sounds like they hired a bunch of Nazis to come up with and instate this torturous way of killing animals. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  175. Please put an and to this barbaric and inhumane treatment of animals, God’s creations! Rosemary D’Agostino

  176. Tamara Dreier says:

    The thought of all those innocent creatures suffering in the gas chamber breaks my heart. There’s NO reason the much more humane lethal injection cannot be used. Please, NC, have a heart.

  177. Amy says:

    My voice is crying out to you for the innocent animals that dont have words-Please stop this horrific practice of gassing animals

  178. Mrs. Jane Rita says:


  179. Wendye Kolles says:

    My prayers that EVERY companion animal has the chance to enjoy being a valued member of a wonderful family who gives them the love, care, attention, affection, protection and RESPECT they so richly deserve. God bless ALL animals, their environments and the people who are TRULY passionate about them! xo xo xo xo xo xo

  180. This is absurd behavior and must be stopped immediately. This is so cruel and so inhumane and if not for us, who will speak for those wonderful puppies who cannot speak for themselves.

  181. veronica collins says:

    this is so heart breaking if it has to happen use a more humain way its barbaric poor babys

  182. Rebeca Knaster says:

    How can the state of NC be so cruel and heartless. If u must kill these poor innocent animals find a humane way to do it. SHAME ON YOU!

  183. night magic says:


  184. Lillith Lascoue says:

    This sort of abuse should have never even taken place in shelters. Those poor unwanted shelter animals can’t even have a humane and peaceful death.

  185. John Lundquist says:

    Animal shelters should have compassion for these poor unwanted souls.

  186. Hi there,
    please add my name to those petitions or please let me know how to do so…
    I wish I could save them all though…

    together, we can beat discrimination down, regardless its shape,


  187. Rayline Dean says:

    Where is the petition, please? Thanks I need to sign the petition.

  188. LINDA BARNES says:



  190. Antonia Vassila says:

    The petition?

  191. bob james says:

    I fully understand you trying to make it illegal to use gassing (CO) to euthanase puppies/dogs as it’s a highly disgusting practice but the true crime is they’re being euthanased in the first place,surely !!!

    Add my name to the petition !!!

  192. Rachel Hussain says:

    It amazes me that a nation that was so shocked with atrocities of the holocaust, could employ exactly the same methods as used by the Nazis.
    If a poor animal finds itself in the position of being euthanised the it should be done with dignity and empathy. In an ideal world each state would make more funds available to house these animals and find them new loving homes, and educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering. Please add my name to every petition regarding this matter.

  193. silvana says:

    criminal minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. James Davis says:

    Are the perpetrators of this vile, despicable practice members of the human race???? If so, they give the species a bad name. They are an embarrassment and a disgrace.

  195. Mary says:

    There are other ways to euthanize animals these days !!! THERE IS NO REEEASON TO TORTURE THEM…Quit the murdering of innocent animals !!!!!

  196. Sue says:

    Is there still a petition I can sign?

  197. Susan says:

    Where’s the damn petition?????

  198. pam Stevens says:

    I believe the animal lovers of this country and some other country’s also are finally making a difference. These inhuman beings that torture and abuse then kill innocent helpless animals are sick in the head. THEY NEED TO BE LOCKED UP IN CAGES FOR YEARS. these demented things are the ones (a proven fact) that go on to become serial killers, women and child abusers and murders. The worst are the sickos that actually go to work every day to carry out this inhuman behavior. They are administrators of Animal Shelters, dog pounds, rescue org. etc. Makes me so sick I can`t even sleep if I see a video, or even look at those scared helpless little faces.

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