$5,500 Reward Offered for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction of Coyote Pup Torturer

Posted on August 6, 2014

For immediate release:

Lisa Franzetta, ALDF
Megan Backus, ALDF

SANTA MARIA, Calif. — The national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is offering a $2,500 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) who tied and tortured a six pound female coyote pup in Santa Maria, Calif. According to media reports, the pup was spotted last Thursday, July 31st by a plumber who saw her tied to a post in an alley. Starving and severely dehydrated, her jaw was also broken and she had puncture wounds on her neck. Electrical cord was wrapped tightly around her neck and arms—the puncture wounds match the ends of the cable pieces and preliminary investigations suggest the animal may have been tortured.


Coyote pup in surgery.

A good Samaritan brought the coyote pup to Animal Control in Santa Maria, and that’s where local rescuers stepped in to help. Julie Di Sieno, of Animal Rescue Team Inc. rushed the pup, who was barely breathing, to the Solvang Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. Macveigh initiated life-saving efforts and removing the maggots from the coyote’s rotting wounds.

Under California Penal Code § 597(a), anyone who “maliciously and intentionally maims, mutilates, tortures, or wounds a living animal” can face misdemeanor charges—one year in county lockup and/or a $20,000 fine—or felony charges amounting to up to three years in county jail and/or a $20,000 fine.

The Animal Rescue Team is offering a $3,000 reward, for a total of $5,500 with the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s reward offer. Funds are sought to pay for the coyote’s surgery.

“Although we are relieved such good care is being given to ease the tremendous suffering of this coyote pup, there is a dangerous animal abuser on the streets who needs to be brought to justice,” says Stephen Wells, ALDF executive director. “We call on anyone with knowledge of this horrific act to come forward for the safety of other animals and the people of this community.”

If you have information relating to the identity of the person or persons who mutilated this coyote, please contact the Animal Legal Defense Fund at 707-795-2533, x 1010.

58 thoughts on “$5,500 Reward Offered for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction of Coyote Pup Torturer

  1. Thank you for helping us with the reward funds. It does take a village to save one life, but worth every ounce of effort.

    Julia Di Sieno,
    Executive Director, Co- founder, ART, inc.

  2. Thank you from all of us at ART, Inc.

    Julia Di Sieno

  3. Jeudi Curtis says:

    Awful, hope you catch them soon.

  4. audrey says:

    this is sick what happens when tortureing maiming and killing innocent defenceless animals doesnt satisfy their needs do they start on people starting with children sick people the elderly way i see it is if a person can do this to dumb animals they will eventually do it to hman beings

    1. Janet says:

      I hate it when people call them ‘dumb’ animals. They’re only ‘dumb’ in the respect that they don’t speak our language. They’re not ‘dumb’ in the intellectual aspects. They’re just more trusting of evil devious people. They shouldn’t be punished for that.

    2. Tyler says:

      Lemme guess….you aren’t smart either. Dumb@*#

    3. alica says:

      I wish the person would have tortured you instead of a “dumb” animal. Seriously! Animals are not stupid at all.

    4. Maggie says:

      Hi, please check with your preacher re: the use of the word “dumb” because as much as I don’t want to assume, you took this reference on animals being “dumb” from the bible, huh? Audrey: “Dumb” is a word that means that animals can’t speak our language, but they DO have a language they use to communicate (among other ways) -HUMANS need to learn it. Thanks. One more tip: “Comment section” after an press/news release refers to what that particular article is reporting-hope this helps. Thank you.

  5. Jami LoVullo says:

    heartbreaking. Please send us updates on this poor baby girl. I can never answer this question “What kind of monster…”? Never.

  6. Billie King says:

    Justice must be served here, this us totally uncalled for. This most likely is not the first time this oerson did this,nor, the last. Blessings for this little, prayers of healing and recovery. We must learn to live and share with Gods creatures

  7. kerrie says:

    No animal should be tortured ever

  8. Nancy says:

    Poor thing!!! I say that if they catch whoever did this, turn about is fair play: hog-tie the SOB and see how he likes it!

  9. Callie says:

    This is horrible. I really hope you find who did this and make them pay to the highest extent of the law.

    And to Audrey, animals are smarter than you or I, so please don’t call them dumb. It’s rude, and it makes you sound like an idiot.

  10. Carolina Menke says:


  11. Cynthia Hansen says:

    Whoever did this is a very disturbed person. The depth of cruelty and lack of compassion is quite dangerous. I have shared and hope this person is found. May the little pup be okay and thanks to those who rescued her and those caring for the pup.

  12. Ramona W says:

    Did she survive…?? it saddens me to watch people with such cruelty and a heart. Would llike to make a donation.

    1. ALDF says:

      She survived, yes!

  13. matthew turley says:

    Please punish them

  14. Nancy Raymond says:

    This sickening display of animal cruelty only shows this subhuman deserves to be treated like the trash they are. Jail is too easy and let the punishment fit the crime – they understand nothing else.

  15. Marsha says:

    Human babies already have strong laws and tax dollars fighting against their abuse.

  16. Tiffany says:

    Bless the man who brought her in. So many others would’ve left her to die. The ones who caused her this pain and anguish will suffer here on Earth. I’m grateful to see the compassion shown by those who commented. It is up to us to teach our kids, or other adults, that this is unacceptable. Thank you for your help in protecting innocent animals, wild or domestic.

  17. Hedwig says:

    No animal should be tortured ever

  18. christine says:

    I feel very sad for this sweet little girl pup amd I am so grateful that she was saved..what I don’t understand is why it is so accepetable by law enforcement and the government to allow the mutilation and torture of animals in slaughterand other animal related abuse and torture..they are horrifically abused tortured and killed in slow agonizing way’s..why concern for some animals and not all..people are pretty selective when it comes to animal welfare as long as it doesn’t effect the enjoyment of their life such as a meal or leather shoes..or down pillow or angora sweater..etc etc etc..god gave humans free will..where is divine intervention for the protection of all the animals that suffer at the hands of that free will that is so horrifically abused.

    1. I am an animal right’s activist, and practice what I preach every day, by signing petitions, and doing everything I can to improve their lives.
      People who torture, maim, abuse and kill animals start there, and go on to bigger things.

  19. LinBro says:

    Diane, people who are against abortion are also against giving any monetary help to children in poverty. Pro-lifers are against food stamps and welfare for children. You want the baby not to be aborted, but then you do not want to help it at all through its formative years. Hypocrite.

    1. Val says:

      Agreed. Holier than thou always want to tell people how to live. God gave man a free will to decide for himself how he wants to live.

    2. Denise says:

      No, pro-lifers are NOT against helping those in need. You are stereotyping. Your assumptions are stupid. You should know that.

  20. Eric says:

    Get off this web site
    This is for animal lovers and not you !!!

  21. Donna says:

    You should take this comment somewhere else. This is for a defenseless animal who needs help. There are already laws and people to help humans. This is for animals. These aretwo different subjects. It. Seems like you’re trying to pick a fight instead of helping these animals. Humans have rights, and animals should have rights, too.

  22. alejandra garay says:

    !!!!>stop cruelty animals<!!!!

  23. Lynda Corkum says:

    It’s beyond disturbing that these torturing monsters walk among us! I hope the poor pup will make a full recovery.

  24. Meri says:

    this just makes me sick. how could anyone do something so sick .I hope they are caught and put away for life with no chance of parole. jail will only make them worse so they don’t need to get out ever. I hope that precious babe will be o.k. whoever did this will not get away God see’s everything even if they are not caught by the law they will one day face a much greater punishment for this.

  25. WoodyMcShepherd says:

    Those who abuse animals, especially where evidence of bodily harm exists, need to be apprehended because, typically, the animal is the test. Follow on victims tend to be children or women as the ante is raised by the perpetrator.

  26. Angie Gamble says:

    Humans has laws to some what protect them but animals don’t. . just caring people like on this page..

  27. deb says:

    I thought this was for the pup no real babies big difference. Its about cruel things on animals ok not kids

  28. Rich Dandolo says:

    It’s scary to think that the horrible monster that is capable of torturing this poor coyote is still on the loose, possibly searching for the next defenseless victim.

  29. Misty Solomon says:

    Punishment should be felony charges of 3 years in jail, $20, 000 fine plus the vet expenses and they should be poked and tortured so they can experience what that coyote pup survived through. Bastards.

  30. Susan says:

    Diane, you are a troll. Go away.

  31. Susan says:


  32. Tyler says:

    This isn’t your place to talk about abortion. Maybe you need to go talk to people who have been raped and can’t take a child. Maybe a child who is having a child? You don’t have room to speak.

  33. Lou says:

    That’s being done by lots of groups on lots of other pages. There’s no reason why compassion can’t be felt and demonstrated for all living things.

  34. Yanira Delgado says:

    I am speechless…heartbreaking!! I PRAY TO GOD THAT YOU CATCH THIS PERSON.. Should not be in the streets.

  35. Nichole says:

    I reiterate all the comments above very shortly by saying this: “go away. Your views are misplaced and not welcome here.”
    Gods day to you Diane.

  36. Thank You For helping the Least of GODS Little Ones. I SO Hope that WHO Ever Did This HORROR Is FOUND, and Put away for a VERY LONG Time, IF Not, THEY Will Do This Again and NEXT TIME Might Be TOO A Helpless Child.SO Very SAD That SCUM LIVE In This World , That Think It’s There Right to Rape, Murder, and Inflect PAIN On Helpless Breathing Others !!

  37. Ellen Ewers says:

    Give a hard punishment…please please!!!

  38. Gail Bertrand says:

    It’s a proven fact that the majority of mass murderers started off torturing animals. Catch them, try them and jail them….they don’t deserve to be free .

  39. Bonnie Dunlop says:

    The only way to stop this is to catch the perp and make sure they are severely punished and confined. Otherwise more helpless animals and eventually humans will become a victim to this monster.

  40. debbie says:

    We are here to protect the living animals

  41. Renate says:

    this abuser should be elimin
    ated from society for good, as he is a pñotencial murder of any society member especially for the voiceless and helpless people the animals and children.

  42. Nancy h says:

    I have been rehabilitating wild animals for 20 years. The depth of human depravity never ceases to amaze me. When people ask me why I rehabilitate animals, my answer is to try make up for what some humans do.

  43. Jim L. Brown says:

    When they find the person/people responsible, they should just “Drop Them in a Hole” and cover it up!!!!

  44. Peter Souza says:

    This perp is very likely already abusing and torturing children and women! mis anti abortion should do her research. Thank you helping this Coyote!!!

  45. Bill Madison says:

    I agree with Gail, The majority of mass murderers start off torturing defenseless animals.

  46. Kelly says:

    He should be shot or hung on the tellest tree and just left there

  47. DEBBIE MEEKS says:

    If people do this to defenseless animals they will do it to people. Humans are the monsters. I pray they get what is coming to them. Please update on the coyote. Poor baby.

  48. nancy says:

    Find the abuser and do the same to them as they did to this poor animal.

  49. Maggie says:

    Visited the fb page of this city of approx. 101,000+ & ALDF had posted the description of these horrific injuries done to this pup & info re: the reward. I hope that the mayor, city council, police chief take(s) this very seriously for their community’s sake-the person is still “out there”. Thank you to all those helping to ease this little girl’s suffering. Did animal control visit the scene, or cops, just to look around, for collection, etc.? This case is a priority!

  50. Nancy says:

    Enough! These cannot continue to be misdemeanors! Full felony convictions every time! The prisons do not have enough space to hold these kind of crimes. But yet when it comes to them killing a child/adult then the space is found. I would rather see drug users/dealers freed before these sicko’s!

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