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“Is California killer whale bill dead? Hardly, activists insist,” April 9, 2014, Christian Science Monitor

“History is on the side of greater understanding and compassion for all animals. Twenty years ago, only seven states considered cruelty to animals a felony. Today, all 50 have made animal cruelty a felony.”

-Chris Green, ALDF Director of Legislative Affairs

Group sues US Forest Service over wild horses,” March 24, 2014, Associated Press

“Wild horses have a historical right to territories designated and protected by acts of Congress.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

Even Putin Thinks the Drugs We Give to American Livestock are Bad News,” March 20, 2014, VICE

“Ractopamine is a shining example of the new creative ways the meat industry finds to make animals suffer.”

-Danny Lutz, ALDF Litigation Fellow

Idaho’s ag-gag law challenged in federal court,” March 17, 2014, Idaho Statesman

Animal rights groups sue to block bull run events,” March 13, 2014, The Press Enterprise

“These events show great disregard for animal welfare in pursuit of a cheap thrill and a profit.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

Reward offered in case of poisoned meatballs in San Francisco,” February 26, 2014, ABC7 News

Cobb D.A. Vic Reynolds Makes Top 10 List for Animal Protection,” February 24, 2014, Daily Report

“I am very honored for this recognition, but the true credit belongs to the prosecutors and law enforcement on the front lines who work daily to make sure animals are not abused and that the perpetrators who commit such offenses are held accountable.”

-Vic Reynolds, Cobb County, GA District Attorney

Sheriff Tom Dart is one of America’s ‘Top Ten Animal Defenders,’” February 14, 2014,

“Sheriff Dart has gone above and beyond to earn his place among America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders during National Justice for Animals Week 2014.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

Petaluma egg farm settles packaging suit,” February 13, 2014, Petaluma Argus-Courier

“The point of the lawsuit wasn’t just to set an example. It was to make sure there wasn’t any advertising that was misleading to the general consumer and we’ve accomplished that.”

-Chris Berry, ALDF Litigation Fellow

“Animal abuse registry survives Bloomberg veto,” February 5, 2014, The New York World

“We wanted to do what we could to disarm that argument, that the registries would be financially burdensome to jurisdictions, by offering to help defray any startup cost that there might be.”

-Lisa Franzetta, ALDF Director of Communications

“Caltrans to remove nets from construction sites to save swallows,” January 17, 2014, Los Angeles Times

“We expect this agreement will influence measures to protect migratory birds at other Caltrans construction projects.”

-Danny Lutz, ALDF Litigation Fellow

“Groups seek to stop Oregon coyote-killing contest,” January 16, 2014, Associated Press

“New Jersey’s worst animal houses of horror,” January 14, 2014, Warren Reporter

“We call upon the USDA to act upon these horrific violations — which have been thoroughly documented in their own records—before more animals are harmed behind closed doors.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

“Rhino Hunt Auction Stirs More Controversy,” January 13, 2014, National Geographic

The Dallas Safari Club should respect the intent of international regulations that attempt to conserve and protect endangered animals who should be preserved in the wild, not stuffed by a taxidermist for a Texan’s trophy room.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

Advocates: Illinois Ranks First In Animal Protection Laws,” December 17, 2013, CBS

“As animal protection laws become more prevalent, people are becoming more aware of animal abuse and cruelty as a very real thing.”
-Lora Dunn, ALDF Attorney

NM ranked among tops in animal abuse,” December 17, 2013, Associated Press

Utah law preventing journalists reporting from inside slaughterhouses an attack on First Amendment, opponents say,” December 10, 2013, Fox News

Group Says Bull Run Promoters Don’t Have Proper Permit,” December 9, 2013, Houston Press

Marine Parks Continue To Challenge Ban On Whale–Trainer Contact,”  November 13, 2013, BuzzFeed

“Seaquarium is acting as if the whole OSHA scandal is not going on. They have not taken their trainers out of the water with Lolita, even after the 2010 death of Dawn Brancheau.”

-Jenni James, ALDF Litigation Fellow

Should animal abusers be registered?” November 1, 2013, San Francisco Chronicle

“There is no existing mechanism to prevent someone convicted of animal abuse from walking into a shelter or going on Craigslist and getting a new animal.”

 -Chris Green, ALDF Director of Legislative Affairs

Bull run craze sweeping America,” October 21, 2013, CNN

“The only people who really benefit from this event are thirllseekers and the company sponsors who earn thousands of dollars off of profiteering from animal cruelty.”

-Jessica Blome, ALDF Attorney

“State grants permits for Saturday ‘Great Bull Run,’” October 17, 2013, Associated Press

“We think the government has an obligation to protect animals and its citizens, and we’re trying to compel the government to do that.”

-Jessica Blome, ALDF Attorney

“Utah wants judge to toss ‘ag gag’ lawsuit,” October 17, 2013, Deseret News

“Supreme Court won’t hear truck stop tiger case,” October 8, 2013, Associated Press

“I think this really is the end of the road for our lawsuit, which sought to have the Tiger Truck Stop declared ineligible for a permit. Under this state law, Tony can’t stay at the gas station.”

-Matthew Liebman, ALDF Senior Staff Attorney

“Animal legal fund submits brief in Frederick County dog shooting case,” September 25, 2013, Frederick News Post

“ALDF is asking the court to uphold the jury’s $600,000-plus verdict and reflect the value that Americans place on family pets.”

-Matthew Liebman, ALDF Senior Staff Attorney

“At least $7,000 reward offered in Puppy Doe case,” September 20, 2013, Patriot Ledger

“Animal rights groups want Sonoma County to drop feds’ predator-control contract.” September 7, 2013, The Press Democrat

“The program’s methods, however improved they may be, still kill too many animals.”

-Chris Green, ALDF Director of Legislative Affairs

“Environmental groups offer proposals to avoid Petaluma bird deaths,” August 22, 2013, The Press Democrat

“Last year, the cliff swallows returned to an accidental death trap. This year, it wouldn’t be accidental, but one the agencies knowingly set.”

-Danny Lutz, ALDF Litigation Fellow

“Director of Litigation for ALDF talks about superbugs and new petition,” August 16, 2013,

“There is an outcry regarding the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture. By requiring labels, the average consumers will know about the outcry.”

-Carter Dillard, ALDF Director of Litigation

“Update: Duck and Cover! False Advertising Suit Feeds Foie Gras Fracas,” August 8, 2013, The New York Observer

“It is the first time that a person that produces a humane product has challenged in federal court a person that produces a cruel product for false advertising.”

-Carter Dillard, ALDF Director of Litigation

“Regina Humane Society says Saskatchewan’s animal protection laws are outdated,” July 30, 2013, The Globe and Mail

“Activists target law aimed at livestock filming,” July, 22, 2013, Associated Press

“We have the right to bring animal cruelty to light and will not allow politicians or industry insiders to violate these rights.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

“Animals rights activists say Utah ag gag law unconstitutional,” July 22, 2013, The Salt Lake Tribune

“Animal rights group sues state fair over treatment of pregnant pigs,” July 19, 2013, ABC New

“Pork producers all over California are in standard violation of California law, which simply requires that people give all animals adequate area for exercise.”

-Carter Dillard, ALDF Director of Litigation

Group asks La high court not to hear tiger case,” July 17, 2013, Associated Press

“Tony has waited long enough. It’s been more than two years since the district court first ruled—correctly—that Sandlin and the Tiger Truck Stop are ineligible for a permit to confine Tony.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

Dog That Ate Poisonous Meatballs Dies,” July 16, 2013, NBC Bay Area

Authorities offer reward for arrest in cat burning,” June 28, 2013, Associated Press

“The Animal Legal Defense Fund is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.”

Time for Morro Bay Aquarium to close say conservation groups,” June 18, 2013, Digital Journal

New York should establish a registry to identify convicted animal abusers,” June 9, 2013, New York Daily News

“Registries have already been created in Suffolk, Rockland, Westchester and Albany counties, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund — which has been working with me since the introduction of my legislation — has already generously offered to pay $10,000 toward its creation in New York City.”

-Councilmember Peter Vallone, Jr.

Should we bring back the passenger pigeon and the woolly mammoth?” June 2, 2013, USA Today

“The de-extinction process isn’t benign. Animals must be hormonally altered to produce extra eggs, the pregnancies are dangerous for the surrogate mothers and the clones themselves often die very quickly.”

-Matthew Liebman, ALDF Senior Staff Attorney

Sonoma County’s contract for wild animal control under fire,” June 1, 2013, The Press Democrat

Drought accelerates use of drugs to beef up cattle,” May 20, 2013, Associated Press

Lawsuit aims to protect migrating swallows from deadly netting draped over bridges used as nesting sites,” May 20, 2013, Los Angeles Times

Bay Area restaurants still selling banned foie gras,” May 6, 2013, KGO-TV

“The way it worked was that we would not have received the foie gras had he not paid for this expensive meal. Nonetheless, it was framed and described as a gift from the chef.”

-John Melia, ALDF Litigation Fellow

Permit to keep ‘Tony’ the tiger at Baton Rouge-area truck stop invalid, appeal court says,” April 26, 2013, Associated Press

“What the court said is that taxpayers do have an interest in how their money is spent and when the government is spending money for permits that are inhumane and illegal, you have a right to challenge that decision in court.”

-Matthew Liebman, ALDF Senior Attorney

“In the battle to free an orca, activists secure a small victory,” April 24, 2013, The Seattle Times

“Lolita belongs with her family, and not in a tiny tank performing tricks.”

-Jenni James, ALDF Litigation Fellow

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