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Group Wants Peek at Foster Farms’ Water BillCourthouse News Service, May 4, 2016

Activists Have Figured Out a Way to Stop Government-Sanctioned Mass Wildlife Killings,” AlterNet, May 2, 2016

Because of the secrecy, a lot of people in local government dont know what kind of impact these contracts with Wildlife Services were having on their local wildlife,Blome said.”

— Jessica Blome, ALDF Attorney

Swaziland Has Another Horrible Plan to ‘Help’ RhinosCare2, May 10, 2016

From the beginning animal protection groups have said that the zoospurported concern about saving rhinos was just a cover for buying wild elephants. Unless these zoos vigorously oppose Swazilands proposal to sell rhino horns, their conservation claims will forever ring hollow.

Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

Will Bundy’s cattle be latest victims of BLM cruelty?Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 7, 2016

Zookeeper’s death raises the question: Does a 300-pound tiger belong in a zoo?The Star Tribune, April 17, 2016

Mendocino County dumps federal killings of livestock predators,” San Francisco Chronicle, April 27, 2016

Free Candy: Louisiana chimpanzee is center of landmark lawsuit,” The Guardian, April 4, 2016

How much is a pet dog worth? A court will soon decide.The Washington Post, April 12, 2016

North Carolina Ag-gag law draws lawsuits,” The Daily Tar Heel, February 11, 2016

Judge: Cricket Hollow Zoo must remove tigers, lemurs,” The Des Moines Register, February 11, 2016

The worst offenders: Hillsborough may become the first county in Florida to adopt an animal abuser registry,” Creative Loafing Tampa, February 11, 2016

Owners say moving Candy the chimpanzee from Dixie Landin’ could harm her health, but animal rights activists disagree,” The Advocate, February 13, 2016

The Bison Roundup the Government Wants to Hide,” The New York Times, February 15, 2016

Tips for keeping pets safe during the dark days of winter,” The Porland Phoenix, February 18, 2016

Ag-Gag Laws in America: The Ugly Truth,” Modern Farmer, February 18, 2016

San Antonio Zoo Fighting To Keep ‘Lucky’ The Elephant,” The Inquisitr News, February 22, 2016

Endangered in the Wild, In Danger in Captivity,” The Huffington Post, February 24, 2016

Agricultural gags open doors to corruption,” The Daily Mississippian, February 29, 2016

Undercover Investigation Exposes Suffering at Unlicensed Puppy Mill,” The Dodo, February 29, 2016

Animal Legal Defense Fund wants New Mexico kennel shut down,”, February 29, 2016

Agency misinterpreting law on exotic animals?,”, March 6, 2016

Federal Protection Sought For Black Bears,”, March 19, 2016

Good Samaritans Bust Dogs Out Of Hot Cars: House Bill 131 Unanimously Passed Both Florida’s House and Senate,” The Pet Tree House, March 21, 2016 3/21/2016

Lolita’s Miami Seaquarium Tank Doesn’t Meet Federal Standards, Activists Argue UPDATED,” Miami New Times, March 21, 2016

Rotten Eggs? Carton Labels Can be Deceiving,” Public News Service, March 25, 2016

Report: UMMC poisoned animals,” The Clarion-Ledger, March 29, 2016

“U.S. District Court to Hear Arguments for Preliminary Injunction to Halt Yellowstone Bison Slaughter,” Bloomberg Business, February 2, 2016

“Fight Over Lucky the Elephant Continues,” Courthouse News Service, February 1, 2016

“Why a woman got two years in prison for leaving puppy in car,” Christian Science Monitor, December 2, 2015

“Animal Rights Group Sues San Antonio Zoo,” San Antonio Current, December 1, 2015

“SeaWorld plans to challenge California commission over orca breeding ban,”, October 15, 2015

“SeaWorld can expand tank but not breed whales, board rules” CNN, October 11, 2015

“Coastal Commission staff recommends approval of SeaWorld orca tank project” Los Angeles Times, September 25, 2015

“Undercover Investigation Alleges Abuse of Chickens,” Workers at Tyson Slaughter Plant in Texas,” September 16, 2015, Food Safety News

“A Peek Inside an Industrial Chicken Slaughterhouse,” September 15, 2015, Mother Jones

“Tyson Foods Under Fire As Second Video Shows Chicken Abuse,” September 14 2015, Fox Business

“Killing of Pembroke Pines Pomeranian prompts outcry,” August 13, 2015, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Manchester zoo suit set for trial,” August 7, 2015, Telegraph Herald

“We brought before the court three extraordinarily qualified experts, each of whom have spent decades of experience working on behalf of captive animals. In addition to that, there are the indisputable records the Department of Agriculture has provided (that show) a legacy of violations of the Animal Welfare Act.”

-Jeff Pierce, ALDF Litigation Fellow

“Judge: Idaho’s Anti-Dairy Spying Law Is Unconstitutional,” August 3, 2015, Associated Press

“This decision vindicates the public’s rights to know how animals are treated before they become meat.”

-Matthew Liebman, ALDF Senior Attorney

“Idaho’s ban on undercover animal abuse videos struck down by federal judge,” August 4, 2015, Los Angeles Times

“Animal rights groups targeting Mendocino County, again,” July 28, 2015, Ukiah Daily Journal

“We at least thought the Board of Supervisors would complete an initial study. Instead, they just threw up their hands and claimed they were exempt.”

-Jessica Blome, ALDF Attorney

“Animal rights groups file suit against Miami Seaquarium,” July 20, 2015, Miami Herald

“Animal Legal Defense Fund files new complaint against Hendry County monkey farm,” July 16, 2015, Naples Daily News

“It boils down to the common sense notion that a veterinarian, who by all reports hasn’t been able to keep animals in good condition, should face consequences.”

-Chris Berry, ALDF Attorney

“Manitoba is top dog for animal protection laws,” July 7, 2015, Winnipeg Free Press

“Mendocino County continues controversial wildlife management program,” June 19, 2015, Ukiah Daily Journal

“We agreed to the CEQA terminology because we thought they (county) would look at the scientific evidence. We wanted them (supervisors) to truly look at what the Wildlife Services trapper is doing in Mendocino County.”

-Jessica Blome, ALDF Attorney

“Animal Rights Groups: Lab Monkeys Deserve Same Treatment Laws As Chimpanzees,” June 18, 2015, CBS, D.C.

“The conditions do not reflect what the science shows these animals need. Without the standards we’ve asked for, these animals are suffering.”

-Carter Dillard, ALDF Director of Litigation

“Animal Legal Defense Fund in Talks with St. Louis Taxi Commission,” June 17, 2015, CBS, St. Louis

“Anonymous videos, from concerned carriage customers and citizens revealed blatant violations.”

-Jessica Blome, ALDF Attorney

“Animal-rights group settles lawsuit with city,” June 10, 2015, Stockton Record

“ALDF is pleased to see the city of Stockton, California, and Stockton Animal Services make so many improvements. Their rapid turnaround is still a work in progress, though, and more remains to be done to meet the full standards animals deserve.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

“Dog found with muzzle taped shut: How well do US laws protect animals?” June 2, 2015, Christian Science Monitor

“There was concern in South Carolina that if the reward [leading to an arrest] was too big, the perpetrator might turn himself in to collect the award because the downside of being convicted [of animal cruelty] is so ridiculously low compared to other states.”

-Scott Heiser, Director of ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program

“Another Hendry monkey farm added to Sunshine Law suit,” May 28, 2015, The News-Press

“It’s only human to want better life for Lucky,” May 14, 2015, San Antonio Express News

“If we are seeing more of this kind of lawsuit brought under the Endangered Species Act on behalf of captive animals, it’s also because our understanding of what it means to be an animal, and what it means to a captive animal is developing in a new way as well.”

-Jeff Pierce, ALDF Litigation Fellow

“Monkey Farms in Florida Under Scrutiny From Officials,” May 12, 2015, Associated Press

“Opponents of Idaho ‘Ag Gag’ Law Plead Case to Federal Judge,” April 29, 2015, Associated Press

“Mendocino County suspends contract with a federal wildlife agency,” April 15, 2015, Los Angeles Times

“Beating Animals Breaks Law. Now Trying to Expose It Does, Too,” March 25, 2015, Bloomberg

“Company staging Spanish-style bull runs to end California events,” March 10, 2015, Reuters

“The Great Bull Run is a disgrace wherever it occurs. But that will never again be in the state of California.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

“Case against secret monkey facility moves forward,” March 6, 2015, The News-Press

“There should have been no doubt that a public meeting was required here. The Sunshine law tells us, ‘Don’t make policy decisions behind closed doors, and don’t delegate important decision-making to staff in private conferences.’”

-Kelsey Eberly, ALDF Litigation Fellow

“Animal rights groups can sue Napa restaurant over foie gras,” March 5, 2015, SFGate

“Douglas County deputy named as one of nation’s ‘top 10 animal defenders’,” February 27, 2015, The Oregonian

“Lead woman named top animal defender for 2015,” February 26, 2015, Black Hills FOX News

“Little Ricki has been freed from her roadside cage, is on the road to Colorado sanctuary,” February 9, 2015, LancasterOnline

“Our legal team is thrilled that Mr. McDaniel has made the ethical choice.” 

-Matthew Liebman, ALDF Senior Attorney

“Bear Sent To Wild Animal Sanctuary After Years As Ice Cream Shop Draw,” February 9, 2015, Associated Press

“Kentucky Ranked Last in Animal Welfare Laws for 7th Year,” February 9, 2015, WBKO-TV

“Orca ‘Lolita’ at Miami facility to get endangered protection,” February 4, 2015, Associated Press

“We hope that this listing decision will help her transition from a life of captivity to a life with her family in the wild.”

-Jessica Blome, ALDF Staff Attorney

California says will appeal ruling making foie gras legal,” February 4, 2015, Reuters

“Cat Haven agrees to add safety measures following lion mauling death,” January 13, 2015, The Fresno Bee

“We commend Cal OSHA for doing a great job to resolve this unfortunate situation.”

-Christopher Berry, ALDF Staff Attorney

“ Reward grows to catch killer of burned dog,” January 27, 2015, Sacramento Bee

“Lawsuit seeks new home for York County’s best-known bear,” December 30, 2014, The York Dispatch

“Generally speaking, a lot of standards are weak as written, and also under-enforced. It takes an awful lot for APHIS to come in and seize an animal.”

-Matthew Liebman, ALDF Senior Staff Attorney

“Oregon Animal Protections Gain New Ground,” December 19, 2014, Oregon Public Broadcasting

“Oregon the third-worst state to be an animal abuser,” December 18, 2014, The Oregonian

“Animal rights groups sue Salinas Rodeo,” December 17, 2014, The Californian

“Without transparency, groups such as ALDF and SHARK cannot hold rodeos accountable for the suffering they cause. This lawsuit is intended to change that.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

“Dog, cat gas chambers to be banned in North Carolina,” December 9, 2014, WNCT-TV, CBS

With this change, the state Board of Agriculture has come in line with the medical science and with humane laws.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

“Dogfighting Thrives in Years Since Vick Case,” November 22, 2014, Associated Press

“Coalition Asks U.S. Court for Judgment in Challenge to Idaho Ag-Gag,” November 18, 2014, Boise Weekly

“Florida residents alarmed over monkey business,” November 16, 2014, Reuters

“Animal group files monkey lawsuit against county,” November 10, 2014, Associated Press

“UW-Madison faces lawsuit over records regarding animal research,” October 15, 2014, ABC News, Madison (VIDEO)

“Animal Abuse Gains Traction as a Serious Crime, With Jail More Often the Result,” September 29, 2014, The New York Times

“Pets dying on flights: Airlines offer only partial picture of animal safety,” September 27, 2014, The Seattle Times

“Lawsuit claims Southern California pet store chain sold sick ‘puppy mill’ dogs,” September 25, 2014, Orange County Register

“We want Barkworks stores to take responsibility for the animals and either rehabilitate them before they sell them or ideally not get puppies from puppy mills at all.”

-Jessica Blome, ALDF Staff Attorney

“USDA investigating Cocke County animal attraction after complaint by advocacy group,” September 10, 2014, WATE-TV ABC News

“The facility needs to be fined for violations they committed in the past in order to deter them. The law will not work if it’s not enforced.”

-Jessica Blome, ALDF Staff Attorney

“Sonoma County: Outrage ensues after pony is killed,” September 10, 2014, KTVU Fox News (VIDEO)

“U.S. requiring airlines to keep more data on incidents involving animals,” September 10, 2014, The Dallas Morning News

“Judge Declines to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Idaho Ag-Gag Law, Agrees Restricts Protected Speech,” September 4, 2014, The Dissenter

“Spotting a Pet in a Hot Car Creates Tough Choices,” September 3, 2014, Associated Press

“Animals can be ‘victims’ just like people, Oregon Supreme Court says,” August 22, 2014, The Oregonian

“To acknowledge that animals are victims of crime, that’s really common sense to us.”

-Lora Dunn, ALDF Staff Attorney

“Settlement reached in Turlock animal abuse case,” August 21, 2014, San Jose Mercury News

“The egg industry is rife with routine animal suffering, but today’s settlement ensures that those responsible for the tragedy in Turlock are permanently out of the business of raising animals.”

-Matthew Liebman, ALDF Senior Staff Attorney

“Under threat of legal action, the Morro Bay Aquarium removed misleading signs,” August 20, 2014, New Times SLO

“Activists sue Pa. over dog-breeding regulation,” August 12, 2014, The Inquirer

“The Department of Agriculture gutted the dog law when it essentially rewrote the standards to allow wire mesh flooring. Writing regulations that didn’t improve conditions was a blatant giveaway to breeders.”

-Carter Dillard, ALDF Director of Litigation

 “Judge refuses to block Utah ‘ag-gag’ challenge,” August 7, 2014, Deseret News

“Coyote hunt organizer won’t stage any more events in Oregon,” July 30, 2014, The Bulletin

“Our ultimate goal always is to stop these contests. The coyotes don’t deserve that treatment.”

-Jessica Blome, ALDF staff attorney

“Travel law: US DOT final rule on transportation of animals,” August 7, 2014, Global Travel Industry News

“Ag-gag laws in Idaho, Utah facing federal court challenges,” July 19, 2014, Associated Press

There’s this pro-whistleblowing sentiment that exists in the U.S. populace. Anything that indicates anti-whistleblowing indicates someone is trying to hide something from the American people and that doesn’t bode well.”

-Chris Green, ALDF Director of Legislative Affairs

Animal groups petition to restrict hybrid half-exotic cats as housepets,” June 30, 2014, KPCC Radio

They’re thrilling at the beginning, and cute when young, but they can grow into animals that people are unprepared to take care of.”

-Danny Lutz, ALDF Litigation Fellow

“Lawsuit filed against truck stop tiger owner,” June 25, 2014, Associated Press

“Manchester zoo owners face lawsuit,” June 12, 2014, The Gazette

Crook County jury convicts Calif. horse owner of neglect,” June 4, 2014, KTVZ-TV

“After two operations, mutilated pelican set to be released back into the wild,” June 2, 2014, Orange County Register

“Reward offered after dead goat incident,” May 9, 2014, Petaluma Argus-Courier

“The gruesome slaughter of innocent animals has shocked our community. We urge anyone with information about the killing of this baby goat to come forward immediately for the safety of the animals and humans in our community.”

 -Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

Reward in case of mutilated brown pelican climbs to $10,000,” April 28, 2014, Los Angeles Times

NYPD must hand over horse carriage enforcement records,” April 28, 2014, New York Post

Animal welfare group seeks ban on shelter gassing in NC,” April 17, 2014, The News & Observer

“Animals in shelters deserve the most humane treatment we can provide and death by gassing is not it.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

“Is California killer whale bill dead? Hardly, activists insist,” April 9, 2014, Christian Science Monitor

“History is on the side of greater understanding and compassion for all animals. Twenty years ago, only seven states considered cruelty to animals a felony. Today, all 50 have made animal cruelty a felony.”

-Chris Green, ALDF Director of Legislative Affairs

Group sues US Forest Service over wild horses,” March 24, 2014, Associated Press

“Wild horses have a historical right to territories designated and protected by acts of Congress.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

Even Putin Thinks the Drugs We Give to American Livestock are Bad News,” March 20, 2014, VICE

“Ractopamine is a shining example of the new creative ways the meat industry finds to make animals suffer.”

-Danny Lutz, ALDF Litigation Fellow

Idaho’s ag-gag law challenged in federal court,” March 17, 2014, Idaho Statesman

Animal rights groups sue to block bull run events,” March 13, 2014, The Press Enterprise

“These events show great disregard for animal welfare in pursuit of a cheap thrill and a profit.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

Reward offered in case of poisoned meatballs in San Francisco,” February 26, 2014, ABC7 News

Cobb D.A. Vic Reynolds Makes Top 10 List for Animal Protection,” February 24, 2014, Daily Report

“I am very honored for this recognition, but the true credit belongs to the prosecutors and law enforcement on the front lines who work daily to make sure animals are not abused and that the perpetrators who commit such offenses are held accountable.”

-Vic Reynolds, Cobb County, GA District Attorney

Sheriff Tom Dart is one of America’s ‘Top Ten Animal Defenders,'” February 14, 2014,

“Sheriff Dart has gone above and beyond to earn his place among America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders during National Justice for Animals Week 2014.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

Petaluma egg farm settles packaging suit,” February 13, 2014, Petaluma Argus-Courier

“The point of the lawsuit wasn’t just to set an example. It was to make sure there wasn’t any advertising that was misleading to the general consumer and we’ve accomplished that.”

-Chris Berry, ALDF Litigation Fellow

“Animal abuse registry survives Bloomberg veto,” February 5, 2014, The New York World

“We wanted to do what we could to disarm that argument, that the registries would be financially burdensome to jurisdictions, by offering to help defray any startup cost that there might be.”

-Lisa Franzetta, ALDF Director of Communications

“Caltrans to remove nets from construction sites to save swallows,” January 17, 2014, Los Angeles Times

“We expect this agreement will influence measures to protect migratory birds at other Caltrans construction projects.”

-Danny Lutz, ALDF Litigation Fellow

“Groups seek to stop Oregon coyote-killing contest,” January 16, 2014, Associated Press

“New Jersey’s worst animal houses of horror,” January 14, 2014, Warren Reporter

“We call upon the USDA to act upon these horrific violations — which have been thoroughly documented in their own records—before more animals are harmed behind closed doors.”

-Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director

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