Victory: Utah Ag-Gag Law Declared Unconstitutional

This is the second time a state Ag-Gag statute has been struck down as unconstitutional, both rulings the result of lawsuits led by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

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Florida Orca Protection Act

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and a coalition of animal protection, environmental, and marine conservation groups are fighting for legislation that would end orca captivity in the Florida.

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UPDATE: Fight the Border Wall’s Threat to Animals

November 22, 2017
This week the Animal Legal Defense Fund called on a federal court to rule that current plans for a U.S. border wall are illegal. Read More »

Animal Legal Defense Fund Moves to Dismiss Remaining Claims in Lucky the Elephant Lawsuit

November 22, 2017
Thanks to the pressure our lawsuit brought to bear and relentless advocacy for Lucky, the zoo introduced two additional elephants, Nicole and Karen, as companions for Lucky. Read More »

25 Animals Rescued from Pennsylvania Ice Cream Shop

November 21, 2017
All animals from Jim Mack’s Ice Cream shop, including alpacas, a llama, emus, peacocks, rabbits, chickens, goats, and a goose, were transferred to rescues. Read More »

Urgent: Protect Wildlife from Trophy Hunters

November 20, 2017
We need your help to protect them – Submit a comment through November 24. Read More »

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