Do You Believe Animals Deserve Basic Legal Rights?

Posted on November 21, 2011

Deprived of legal protection, animals are defenseless against exploitation and abuse by humans. Through the Animal Bill of Rights, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is working to show Congress a groundswell of support for legislation that protects animals and recognizes that, like all sentient beings, animals are entitled to basic legal rights in our society.

More than a quarter-million Americans have already signed the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Animal Bill of Rights.

Sign on your support and speak out to your lawmakers today!

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A Petition to the United States Congress

I, the undersigned American citizen, believe that animals, like all sentient beings, are entitled to basic legal rights in our society. Deprived of legal protection, animals are defenseless against exploitation and abuse by humans. As no such rights now exist, I urge you to pass legislation in support of the following basic rights for animals:

The Right of animals to be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse.

The Right of laboratory animals not to be used in cruel or unnecessary experiments.

The Right of farm animals to an environment that satisfies their basic physical and psychological needs.

The Right of companion animals to a healthy diet, protective shelter, and adequate medical care.

The Right of wildlife to a natural habitat, ecologically sufficient to a normal existence and self-sustaining species population.

The Right of animals to have their interests represented in court and safeguarded by the law of the land.

75 thoughts on “Do You Believe Animals Deserve Basic Legal Rights?

  1. Crystal says:

    The courage and determination portrayed by the ALDF is not able of being summed up by words. Too many people are oblivious to the cruelty that animals have to endure unless we help them. As mentioned before, animals have been, are now, and will always be defenseless against cruelty. It is our job as humans to help protect the animals with which we share our environments with, and for years so many have been doing the exact opposite by doing horrific things to them. The ALDF has done a miraculous job of helping these creatures and also at raising awareness for them. Its organizations like these that let people know that they truly can do something to improve the world.

  2. I signed this petition not only for all animals, but also for the loss of my Maltese, Teakie. I wish that this wasn’t a personal experience.

    Teakie: You Are My Heart; You Are My Soul

    My Best Friend; My Guardian Angel
    My Unconditional Love

    So Intelligent; So Amazing
    So Strong-Willed

    You Made My Heart Whole

    Do You Want To Go For A Walk?

    I am unable to stop my tears.

    We are their guardians and should be named and considered as such within every State and throughout every City and County of the United States of America.


    These little ones are our children and they are able to feel love, pain, and heartbreak from the deepest areas of their minds, their hearts, and their souls. They are so completely intelligent and are able to understand everything of our words, our emotions, our moods, our pains, and our actions.

    Why, after so many years do we still have to beg OUR LAWS to coincide with the facts that these little ones are our children and we are their guardians and they should be protected not only by us who love them from the deepest parts of our hearts and our souls, but also by the laws that should be created to AGREE with ITS PEOPLE.

    Teakie died because he loved and felt that his little 12lb body had to protect his brother and myself. Now, as I did when he was alive, I will fight to protect him.

  3. kaypop umpolumpa says:

    i am happy you made this. Animal abuse is a no no!.

  4. donna wells says:

    i love animals to much for this to happen to them.

  5. Katie says:

    I’m doing a report about animal testing and I’m going to print this paper out and have each student get signatures to support this. What address could I send them back too? email me at Thanks.

  6. Diana S. says:

    I think that animal abuse should be stopped immediately. These poor creatures are getting tortured by their own masters and many people probably don’t know this but animals have feelings and thoughts too. Animals are just like people except they don’t look the same or sound the same.

  7. mason malikowski says:

    please give me an example of cruel experiments on animals. and are you also saying that we should do experiments on humans instead. you think that it is ok to waste a life of a human when theres billions of us but not a rat where there is trillions of them!!! that is an outradge since you care a lot then why dont you just go hop on the lab table then missy ya didnt think so.

  8. Kayla Cowden says:

    Really how can you be so cruel? And there is a difference in experimenting to save lives or just being a mad scientist. Yes its sad to say that we need to use animals to find cures but they don’t need to be treated poorly or used like they’re worthless. They are saving lives. They’re unsung heroes not trash. We are going to make a difference and I am going to sign this petition for them, and then more people will sign. Then one day in the future people like you who are cruel will be gone and at last Animals and Mankind will live in peace. I won’t see that day and many will die, animal and man, but Lord willing, maybe my daughters will and their children. The only way for that to happen is if we work together to let people know there’s no difference in child abuse, spousal abuse, or animal abuse. They are all equally wrong, and depraved acts. And if the people know this to be Law we will see less of it like the laws for our children and spouses. So please, let’s work together make the creatures of the world that we conquered happy.

  9. Garrett McElveen says:

    First off, I’m a fisherman, and working on bow hunting, shotgun hunting in my state, and rifle hunting in a neighboring state. I believe that we are more intelligent for a reason, and we are capable of changing the environment around us to continue the survival of our species. But I also believe in the preservation of these great things. I can’t imagine a world without wildlife, or a great American outdoors. As such, I believe in protection of animals. Mason, you are rather insensitive towards the survival of this world, and all living beings and things in it. Sure, I believe it is necessary to use animals for curing disease, but there is no reason to torture these animals in unethical ways. I also believe that butchering animals for meat as a food source is agreeable, but why should they be degraded and abused? I would bet that a free range animal would taste far better, and be healthier for you than say, an animal that suffered. Look at brain chemistry. When we stress we produce things like cortisol in excess, producing large fat stores. This would mean we put less energy towards building healthy protein and store more fat. Making us less healthy. Is it not possible to see how an animal would experience similar effects of undue stress? Look at the differences between free range beef, and slaughterhouse beef. Is there not a distinct difference in taste? The free range animal has better flavor because it simply lives a better life, allowing for it to develop normally. Where as a steer or cow kept in a building all day, and ritualistically tortured taste rather bland. I would prefer a world where we can coexist, knowing we are the dominant species, yet having appreciation for the living creatures and plants other than us. Chew on that for a while. Maybe next time you go to the store, you’ll be a little less likely to look at hamburger in the same manner.

  10. there have been animal abuse here in wisconsin by kids. its been on facebook. the kids who hung their dog & the kids who put a firecracker in the dogs mouth & held it shut & blew his face off. why aren’t these kids in jail. why haven’t they gotten punished. this is cruelty plain & simple. & i’m very pissed off that nothing was done to those kids. if adults can be locked up then why not these kids. this is sick & cruel. those poor animals. someone needs to help. someone needs to take a stand. someone needs to say enough is enough & our courts need to lock those kids up. don’t let them do it again to another animal. i’m just sick. help the animals.

  11. Lilly sea says:

    a worker at petsmart thought it would be funny to put a few hamsters in a sack and swing the bag around and bash the bag against the tables and the walls. the hamsters were later found dead. it’s sickening and hard to believe but this employee was not fired and is still employed. is there any justice in the world?

  12. Mike Vigil says:

    “A good man takes care of his animals, but wicked men are cruel to theirs.” Proverbs 12:10

    Is there anything more I need to say……CPl Mike Vigil United States Marine Corps

    “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.”
    Proverbs 31:8

  13. kiara wilson says:

    i wish everyone stood for what we stand for i am a 15 year old african american teen that lives in flit michigan and even with all the choas going around me i still find time every weeekend to volunteer at the animal humane society i just wish there was a way i could get through to the people in my community that animals are importanat and their right should be presevered

  14. John Cofiell says:

    I believe every livin thing has the right to be respected and protected. Sometimes it seems we go to far. As a christian i believe in equal protection under the law.Animals should not be abused, just as people should not be abused. Where does it stop? They think equal protection is same sex marriage. I dont believe this is right,i would like to see some organization enter a bill to marry animals. I would hope it would shock this country into seeing where they are headed.

  15. william says:

    animals shouldn’t have to deal with people killing them for experiments. Dogs and cats have feelings to and people should respect that no matter what kind of evil they have in them for harming an innocent creature.

  16. william says:

    animals shouldn’t have to deal with people killing them for experiments. Dogs and cats have feelings to and people should respect that no matter what kind of evil they have in them for harming an innocent creature.

  17. WATSIT2YUH says:

    this is very sad what scientists are doing to the animals i just want to stand up to them and tell them this is not world piece and god doesnt like it

  18. If animals become protected against abuse and neglect according to the law of the land, then perhaps veterinarians will also be held accountable, as now our beloved companions are only considered property, not a life we have lost due to medical /surgical negligence. A life that can never be replaced. if it was a human, there is medical malpractice, nothing exists for the animals that bring more love and trust into our lives than people, for most animal lovers. We would not have to pay to have them kill our animals,in the undercover of a needed surgery,al now they just get probations, I as a Barber, could lose my State license if I cut someone with my scissors, why do they keep their license to practice medicine on animals after a intentional act to make money, but no concern for the animal????

  19. Ethin says:

    I love animals glad you made this and hope many sign the animal bill of rights

  20. your momma says:

    you guys are so stupid. yes animals are hurt at some places. so stop that. not poison the mind of young city kids by saying every farm tips a cow or whatever your trying to make up. and you think humans and animals are the same right? so when a human gets put in jail or gets the death penalty.. shouldnt an animal get the same for doing something wrong? never thought about that now did you?..

  21. B.M.R. says:

    Whatever happened to animals are humans too? I can’t begin to believe or understand how animal abuse ever begin to become such as you may say “a popular thing”. It is not right. !

  22. Gerald says:

    Humans are animals. how can someone argue that? Humans get death pentalties, a dog bites someone, it gets put down. if their punishments are simular… then why isnt their protection?

  23. Maria J says:

    Let’s put an end to the cruel Pet Stores and Puppy Mills across the country. Do not enter a puppy store. Write your city, county, and state officials to become stricter in not allowing puppy brokers to operate puppy stores in our cities and states! Puppy stores sell misery. This plea is for the memory of my Fabio and Romeo, which I purchased from a puppy store. I know that I was ignorant and I am so sorry. I did not know that this people actually are the same puppy brokers that buy the poor puppies from a dirty breeder to transport them across the country. Only 50% make the trip. The rest are discarded like trash. Many of the ones that make are sick and sold disguised as healthy puppies by unscrupulous vets who sign health certificates for the puppy store in return for referral business. Veterinarians: Please put an end to the misery and DO NOT ASSOCIATE YOURSELVES WITH PUPPY STORES AND PUPPY BROKERS!

  24. I will sign this petition because it is the right thing to do and that people should start thinking about animals. When i see an animals i think of them as normal human beings because they think and act the same as we do. i hope everyone that sees this petition will sign it and leave a comment too.

  25. Jose L. DeLaCruZ says:

    I agree and understand where everybody is coming from in these comments.I agree that there should be some protection for our animals in this cruel world we live on.But, some of these comments are kinda stupid and not very well said.Like how animals think and act like humans… you think a dog would sit in a chair and start eating a hamburger? No because obvously they don’t have dumbs.I am old enough and sensible enough to know that even if these laws get passed (which would be cool), animals somewhere, someplace are still going to get misstreated.All im trying to say is “animal lovers, calm down”, whene these laws get passed…It’s not gonna bring peace to this world nore change it very much.Im an animal lover too! I love cats and dogs,Birds and fish. Whenever I see someone messing with an animal, I go to thier rescue and help them out (from kids mostly, which says a lot about these new generations of kids). I care!!…But be sensible and logical, on how this will play out.

  26. I have called the nebraska humane society 5 times on a family of mexicans who have a dog and do not take care of her. today, may 27, i walked down the alley to check and see if the dog had food and water. no bowls whatsoever which means no food or water, so i called the humane society today and as of now they have not came out. they have a lot of kids and you would think that at least one of the kids would think about the dog and give it food and water. there are wild rabbits in the yard across the alley and the mexican kids took a board and beat it to death and took it home, they probably ate it. but i caught them the second time they tried it and told them to leave the rabbits alone or i would call the h.s. and the cops. the last time they were out the cops came with them but i guess it did not help the dog still has no food or water, but i have not seen them chasing after the rabbits. thank you for letting me tell you this. i also have a cousin that lives in houston and she tells me the same thing, they come to her house for food and water. i do not believe they should be allowed to have animals.


  27. Yvonne says:

    Sure Amimals deserve basic legal rights. But the righs change when amimals attack people. Unlished amimals. You are just everyday going walking to pick your child up from school and a dog attacks you and your child. Just going to a mailbox and dog attacks you. I have no car I have to catch the City Bus daily for transportation. I have a few blocks to walk befor I get home get attack by a dog. A preganat woman with a small child pushing a stroller to pick her child up from school gets attack by a dog. You have unsupervied dogs running around that can get hit by a car. So here is were you draw the line. For years people have had the dogs in the backyard were they can’t get loose. Now you have pass a “Law calling it Amimal Cruelty” Are you kidding me. Can’t you think of something better. Other then harming your love ones.

  28. Lil Weezy says:

    Who cares? There just animals.

  29. Tani Denn says:


    I am writing to report a puppy mill located in East Dublin, GA. The name of the business is Tonya’s Tiny Companions, and this is her website:

    Please look through all the photos that she has posted. She is breeding all kinds of dogs at an alarming rate. She claims that the puppies are born indoors and kept inside for the first few weeks of life, but this is not true. I’ve seen first-hand how that place really is, and she must be shut down immediately. She has hundreds and hundreds of breeds, and the poor animals look miserable.

    I cannot find a single photo of a happy dog. She exploits them for a living, breeds them without regard, and deceives people with her false information. No animal deserves to go through life like that: in a box breeding non-stop until they are no longer useful and need to be gotten rid of. I bet you no one notices when a puppy is missing, because it’s not possible to keep track of all. She has a shed across from her house (she lives in a rather secluded area), where she keeps all the growing puppies, newborns, and females that are about to give birth. It is disgusting and inhuman in there.

    I was interested in getting another dachshund puppy, so I came across her information on google and contacted her. The way she described her business is nothing compared to how it really is. When she asked me to follow her to the shed to find my puppy and I walked in, my heart dropped. It is absolutely cruel to say the least. She has several puppies stuck in small cages with little food and water, it smells like dead skunks and you can see thousands if not millions of bugs flying, and all the puppies can barely stand up on their four legs for a couple of seconds before they desperately scratch their ears and looking at you like asking for mercy. This puppy mill must be stopped!

    Please save them from her….no living creature deserve to live like that. Her entire business has potential for the perfect animal abuse comercial on tv, because the photos speak for themselves. I drove almost two hours to where she is when I went to get Sophie, my dachshund.

    Sophie was in terrible condition: slim, with knots all over her body, ear mites like I’ve never seen before, starving, tired, with the saddest-looking eyes I’ve ever seen. I wanted to take them all and get away from her. My heart was screaming when I saw the real scenario. Also, she claims to be CKC certified, but I am not so sure, plus that is not the issue here. Those hundreds of puppies need help. Please help them.

    Thank you,

    Ms. D.

  30. Sairah Thomas says:

    i am only 12 and i think animal abuse and neglection is wrong. animals should have rights just like people do! what have they done to get abused and neglected???? not only that, some are being abused as we speak…. we have to do something to help them! if we dont, this could turn out bad…… just because u THINK animals dont have feelings doesnt mean the dont… animals feel pain…. happieness….joy…sadness… and so much more! they have rights!!!!! would u like to be abused for no reason? not given enough food and water just because your owner doesnt care???? no, i didnt think so…. :'(

  31. what about outside cats that have to defend themselves. the dog pound is setting traps and trapping these defenseless animals(cats), and taking them to the dog pound and then they will kill these cats. over where i live they have just took a mother cat away from her babies. the babies were still nurseing these little ones. they left this mother cat in this trap all afternoon and night without any food and water. so isn’t this cruelty to animals and then they will kill these animals behind closed doors so the public cannot see what they are doing. these poor cats don’t have a chance and i don’t have the money to get them neutered and spayed. please help me to save these cats so that they will have a chance. please!!


  32. Alicia says:

    dont buy them because if you stop they will stop making money and there will be no point in doing that if they dont make money.

  33. jennifer says:

    i love animals soo much i wanna try to help and stop animal abuse…

  34. Yael says:

    I just turned 11 and I’m trying with all my heart and strength to make the abuse just stop! No person has the right to do this to animals! These animals did nothing at all and all of them that are being abused every single day think that they did something wrong when they didn’t. They’re innocent! I recently heard about a puppy who’s heartless owner chainsawed him through his nose just because he accidentally spilled the owners beer :( . He is still alive and fighting to be alive! What kind of person would do that! I am really fighting for these animals and i really want to volunteer at an animal shelter but i cant because i am too young. That is why i am raising money for animals to be treated properly and cared with lots and lots of love and many other kids, even younger than me can do that too! I just want animals to be loved and owned by someone who can care for them. Please help out the animals that are fighting for their lives!

  35. Ian says:

    Yael, you sound like you are doing great work already. There are so many ways to help animals, the best advise I can give you is to pick a specific animal cause you are passionate about, and tackle it strategically. You can volunteer at a shelter, rescue or nonprofit — or start your own project to help animals in your community. Don’t forget to take care of yourself in the process (you are an animal too!). If you are able to keep at it without getting too frustrated or upset, you will be able to make a big change over time. Thanks for all that you do for animals!

  36. Victoria says:

    I volunteer at National Mill Dog Rescue. I’ve seen dogs with the worst of conditions. We’ve had to put dogs down cause their conditions were fatal. I hate the people who own the farms.

    I have a voice but those dogs don’t. I will stop them….with everything I have….

    I fall in love with every dog that comes. They are so scared that when we get in the kennel they will scurry to the back of the cage….that will change. The biggest dog we have is a Bull Mastiff/hound mix. We call him Clifford cause he is so big,but when you get in his kennel he is so scared.

    If you want to rescue a dog in need, Go to It will be the best decision you ever make when it comes to a dog.


  37. JacieJoel&June says:

    To Jose L. DeLaCruze….f.y.i.
    My dog CAN sit in a chair and eat a hamburger/boca burger if he pleases, he is very much like a little fuzzy person and to me is my child. I have 2 dogs and they super spoiled as pets should be.

  38. kelly papay says:

    I myself have fallen for a puppy mill. I have 2 wonderful goldendoodles. On their 1st birthday they were both diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. I pitty the dogs so much they can’t even go outside and run around. If they do run to much they end up with severe limbing for several days. Eventually they will both need sugery. Now tell me that’s fair, all because greed took priority over the well being of the dog. We can end this ourselves. We just need to get the awarness out there. We have the most power needed the internet!

  39. Kallie says:

    I agree with Yael. the animals have a right to freedom and life just as much as humans. it makes my stomach turn just thinking about all the animals out there who have to suffer while i’m sitting here typing this.The morons who do this to the animals and think their all that are just stupid.

  40. Ricky A. Schiller says:

    My nightmare began in August 2011, my little buddy Blackjack(cat) was misdiagnosed last year in late August by a vet in my home town as he was being treated for thyroid problems and 2 vet clinics refuse to answer for their mistakes and $5,000.00 later my beloved Blackjack died in my arms on April 7, 2012 Saturday 9:00 AM. My Blackjack was my only family I had the last 13 years. I need help in stopping these kind of mistakes or just plain neglagence by these veternarian clinics that are just looking at dollar signs. Animals should have right to proper and right medical care just like humans since the cost for animal care is just as expensive. Can anyone out there HELP me fight for my LITTLE BOY BLACKJACK so we can have justice and peace at the end of the day. I miss my Blackjack terribly , he did not deserve what happened to him. PLEASE< PLEASE help us to stop this kind of treatment to our forever loving companions.

  41. Deb says:

    “The awful wrongs and sufferings forced upon the innocent, faithful animal race form the blackest chapter in the whole world’s history.”
    ~Edward Augustus Freeman

  42. all i have to say is that what people are doing to animals is wrong and hurtful. if they want something tested, do it on them selves. have you seen the pictures on the internet of the rabbits they burnt a whole through or the dogs they’ve locked up in tiny cages, or the monkeys they hook up to machinery? the mice are getting needles shoved in their eyes for heavens sake.
    We need to stop this because it is cruelty. isn’t cruelty illegal? obviously people are getting away with it and nobodies doing anything.
    what is that all about?? :(

  43. David Poe says:

    i believe that animal cruelty is wrong but there is nowhere in the laws that states that i cannot kill deer or any other kind of livestock for food. plus i dont think an animal needs a visa to go to other countries so they do and they dont need the basic rights. to anextent

  44. Dwanna Perry says:

    Our dog was killed last year, & we love/ miss him very much! NO animal deserves the torture he endured! They are ALL blessings from God, & should be treated with LOVE! I’d like to invite everyone here reading this to PLEASE join us on my page Chop’s n pop’s @ “” We are trying to raise awareness to Animal cruelty, so we can help put a stop to it FOREVER! ALL of your support is needed, & will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  45. Roger J. says:

    Congress need to make stronger laws to protect animals. Six months ago some good for nothing jerk dropped a kitten off in our parking lot the poor think was only about three weeks old. While my wife took her inside I went to the store and got her some mothers milk and some vitamins. Needless to say Meeka is now a part of the family she gets along fine with Jaz who is a Russian Blue about 5 yrs old. Meeka also likes playing with Peaches our Cockatiel. If I had my way the person who did this would be dropped off in the desert about ten miles from any type of civilization with a half a canteen of water (A military canteen which hold about a quart of water) ans see how he likes being dumped.

  46. dian says:

    i also believe animals should have freedom and liberty i believe that just like a long time ago animals lived in peace we can now

  47. nicole says:

    dogs fights should be stoped cause when our dogs get into a fight then thier life is in danger.

  48. Repay says:

    that is just horrible keep going keep going :(.

  49. think says:

    would you rather use, humans, be tested or even killed because we didnt test the animlas first? I believe that we should test them for the impornt thing like open heat surgery that we wouldnt have today with out animal testing. i also believe that we should not have it for cosmetic testing. think about it.

  50. jessica says:

    why would u want to kill an animal to test lip stick or even use them to make it is wrong animals have rights to you know but some up yall think headed people cant see that

  51. LEXUS says:

    PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Kathliene says:

    Ever think that its racism?!?! When you do this to poor helpless little animals, YOU’RE BEING RACIST!!!!!!! I have two dogs of my own and they get in trouble sometimes, but that doesn’t make it right for me to beet them to death! I just put them in their cage for a little time out. Why torture animals if they are the same as us, they make look different but they are same on the inside. If you torture helpless animals then you have a right to be punished! Don’t act like you don’t know what you did because you really do! I am here to protest against animal cruetly/abuse! I may be 14 years old, but I have a passion for animals! I may not know every thing about animals or how many their are in the U.S., but I fight for animal rights and I think that it is really wrong to hurt/abuse animals!!!

  53. Curious says:

    I have concerns:
    1st – Why is it ok that Vet Techs in the state of Florida do not have to be certified to hold my pet, inject my pet, clean my pets teeth under anesthesia? Take its blood and More. If my pet was Child would you want someone (a Stranger)who is not certified or properly educated attending to your child? vaccinating your child? Would you allow them to take them to the “back” of the hospital without you present??
    2nd – Why is it ok for ANYONE in the USA allowed to sell animals? and ANYONE in the USA is allowed to purchase a animal? You can go online and buy a puppy from a different state with means of abusing it if you wanted and No one seems to care.
    3rd – How come Veterinarian Hospitals are allowed to work with Puppy mills?

    I work for a vet as a receptionist and NOT ONE vet tech is certified. The Owner/Vet works with a pet store in which that puppy store had a break out of Parvo and Kennel Cough TWICE in 2 months and the vet diagnosed a New puppy owner of having a Upper Respiratory Infection I said Kennel Cough she said… Upper Respiratory Infection and charged her for medication and a exam KNOWING THAT THIS PUPPY WAS IN THE MIX OF THE KENNEL COUGH BREAK-OUT BEFORE IT WAS SOLD.

    How is any of this Possible?
    I want to know how to put a stop to this?

    If this was your child, your niece, nephew, grand child would you stand for this?
    Would you take your child to a hospital that could be contaminated? Let a person who is “In Training” attend to your child?
    Would YOU under go anesthesia knowing the person who is administering it does not have a degree??????

    Just curious….

  54. Johnny says:

    Animals should have the same rights as us humans do. Due to the ignorance of State Laws I recently lost a family member, my Beagle who’s name is Paula. A semi driver took it upon himself to slow down and hit Paula. I had to witness this horrible scene that happened within 60-70 feet of my door step. Him slowing down is similar to one who slows down at a railroad crossing prior to/in the process of crossing the tracks. He was almost at a complete stop when I hear the god-awful cracking of Paula’s ribs and afterwards the overwhelming PUDDLE of blood. There was so much blood that my neighbor thought a deer had gotten hit. Upon contacting the trucking company headquarters, response given were being hung up on, “Sorry, nothing we can do.”, “If you’re going to label us, label us honestly”, “Being that you don’t have the truck number we can’t talk to the driver”, “Are you willing to pay for any damages done to the truck/trailer?” and more that’s similar to the ones stated. How is someone suppose to get a truck number (most are about the size of an index card if that) at 6:30 pm Eastern Time when standing 60-70 feet away and is in SHOCK due to what just happened?

  55. kewanna potts says:

    I think that all animals should be treated as equal they should be fed three times a day like a normal person. they should get daily exercise just like a human. they should get monthly check ups like a human. animals should never in the world should get abused

  56. Tina Thompson says:

    I am supporting each and every one of you, I to have lost my Boxer, my best friend, my girls best friend, He listened he was tought to pertect. He listen to our stories, Our tears, our companionship. Long story short part of the family. One of our fine Indianapolis, indiana D. E. A. Officers shot my dog on a wrongfull horible mistake . Becouse they THOUGHT!!! They had the wright house looking for two fugitivies. That did not even live here. So they decided to shot through my door, not knowing what was in sight on the other side. When they got in my home they fired at my baby. As he was running away becouse of the first shot. He was proceeding to run into the other room when they fired the second shot hiting him in the side of the neck they proceeded to shot again hitting him in the side. He ran to my room were he thought he was safe. At this point he was parilized. When they took him out on the strecher he staired them down sitting stright up. As if he was telling them you can’t keep a good dog down. He died at the Animal Control so they said. I know in my heart he did not. They uthinized him. God bless you HICKUP mommy , sisssy, and our English Bull dog Harleysue loves you.

  57. alana says:

    I am fully commited to STOP anymal cruelty… My now ex husband Johnathan Lang,during the divorce performed a sursery for my pug Cleo so she coudn’t have a puppies…without my concent…Iam going to make a big deal out of this as my MY HEART IS BROCKEN.
    call me , i need all help I can have

  58. Shahla Noor says:


  59. Pamela says:

    Yes, animals should have rights to live in peace and not made to fight nor should their be a bad dog list. Remove bans, example of a few places who ban bad dogs rather then bad people who train dogs to be mean are, Miami, Denver, and Ohio.Try to get home owners Ins if you own a dog that is on their list….Pit bulls, Chows, Dobermans,are just a few. Too many of us our dog is our baby, part of the family, they love us, and protect us, as we love and protect them.

  60. kim says:

    animals deserve rights its not there fault that they get beaten 24/7 every day in fact its amazing that animal rescue find them if it were up to me there would be no pounds no kennels no dogs,cats any animal no abuse no curtly and if you weren’t going to take care of the animal don’t bother buying or adopting it. dont take them away to a place when your just going to hurt them for no reason. i speak for the animals this is what the world come to shooting,beating no love to the animals how would you like it?

  61. isabella robles says:

    i belive that we humans are wild animals our selfs and animals are inositnt cretures trying and hopeing that that they will make it another day without being abused!

  62. God gave us creatures as companions and to take care of them. NOT to abuse them. Animal abusers don’t understand that God didn’t create animals for us to abuse them. Please find the heart inside of you and get help to stop this senselessness.

  63. Jenn Falk says:

    Animals have emotions and feelings ; and have such good in our lives. God created animals; especially cats and dogs for human companionship. They give us unconditional love; and are there for us in the good and bad times. They respond when you are ill; with that loving cuddle and look; “it will be OK… I am here.” They deserve special protection and rts! That is why I sign this petition!

  64. Pamela Wolfe says:

    Admire the work done by ALDF but very disappointed that the petitions will not accept signatures from overseas (won’t recognize my postal code/Zip and don’t supply a choice of country to get around that problem). Thank you for all you do but we, in Europe, could help you do more if you’d solve this problem !!!

  65. Linda Peterson says:

    To me this is a no brainer. ALL animals should live their lives the way they were meant to. The abuse,torture and murder of these creatures is getting worse everyday. These innocent victims can’t speak up and there are so many of us that will never stop until things change. The Government needs to address this problem and start making tougher laws everywhere that will protect these animals and send a message that this will not be tolerated any longer. I cry so much when I read what people have done to animals, it is unreal and heartbreaking. What they have endured is unbelievable. If they can do it to an animal, they will do it to children or spouses.I don’t know what has happened to this world that cruelty is getting worse, but it needs to stop. Animals are not disposable and we all need to help protect them. This is a BIG PROBLEM and can’t be swept under the rug any longer. The people that torture animals and the spectators that watch and put money in the pockets of these abusers ALL need to be punished and held responsible for their actions. Do the right thing for these animals NOW, these cannot continue a minute longer. Thank you for your time.

  66. melanie marie says:

    i think abusers should go STRAIGHT to jail with NO trial

  67. Animal cruelty will stop if we all act together in a cohesive manner.
    Please look at my website and join me when I get the links finished. In the meantime please follow me on Twitter @forkoffcruelty

  68. Mishai Mizelle says:

    I am only 13, and I completely love animals. I think it is our job, as a country, to take care of animals like they are our children, I guess. I call my dogs my babies because, you know, I just don’t know what i would do without them.

  69. Annalea Zhao says:

    Animal abusers have NO heart. I heard about some evil kids that put high-powered firecrackers in a dog’s mouth and tied it shut. It basically blew up and melted the poor dog’s mouth. I hope one day that there are NO animal abusers and that anyone that is an abuser goes to jail for the rest of their life, or has to pay like a 1,000,000 dollar fine.

  70. Shucklberry Finnsburg says:

    First of all how would they know that we gave them rights anyways?
    Why should we give rights to an animal that cannot talk, cannot perform mathematical equations, start a war, or read what I just wrote? I don’t hear the animals petitioning for rights, do you? According to nature it is “survival of the fittest”. Animals should not be abused but giving them equal rights is just plain ridiculous.

  71. leeah says:

    i think animals should have a right to live and not be abused cause what did they ever do to u and its sad for them to cause u and others who love animals are worried for them that have been killed starved or beaten to death if i could save every animal in the world i would

  72. Samantha says:

    I think that animals deserve rights because just because we are humans and we can talk to each other and we have emotions and feeling that others can understand, does not mean we can just treat all the other animals like they are just pieces of dirt. I mean, what do we know. Maybe they have advanced speech and can communicate with each other more than we think. Maybe they have elaborate feelings and emotions. Why do they say with their owners? Because they have some mental attachment with them. Who knows, maybe they love us. Animals should be treated the same way that other humans are treated and they do not deserve to be beaten or abused or unloved. GO ANIMAL RIGHTS!

  73. EJ says:

    down with animal cruelty! i care and i am only 10 but that does not stop me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Zane Travis, MD says:

    My wife and I and small bichon were attacked on the streets of a small town in Texas. The attacker was a young pit bull with no tags or obvious owner. After a huge melee with serious injuries to our little dog and bites to us a brave off-duty marshall (from a surrounding town) finally pulled the pit bull away and we got away. I left instructions for the vicious animal to be confined for rabies exclusion and we limped off to have medical treatment. Our little dog almost died and we were quite ill. My wife called the next morning to the nearby vet where the attacker was to be confined and asked if they indeed had the dog. The vet replied that they were not able to give out that info because of HIPPAA! Remember that if the dog were lost to authorities we would have to ASSUME the dog was rabid and take $1800 worth of painful shots each!We later learned that the dog was NOT confined untill the following day. With great difficulty and fear on the part of the repoorting person, we were told that the dog was now in custody! What a ridiculous and daangerous law this is!!

  75. Betty Edwards says:

    I just can’t get it through my head on why some one would actually go an injure a poor innocent animal. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

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