District Attorney’s Handling of Cat Shooting Case Probed by Animal Legal Defense Fund

Posted on June 26, 2015

For immediate release:

Megan Backus, ALDF

cat-killing-vet-article-image-240pxAUSTIN — Today, the Animal Legal Defense Fund invited Austin County District Attorney Travis J. Koehn under the Texas Public Information Act (Tex. Gov. Code § 552.001 et seq.) to produce all records relating to the criminal case against Kristen Lindsey, a veterinarian who killed a cat with a bow and arrow. Ms. Lindsey outraged animal lovers in April after posting a photo of herself on Facebook holding an orange cat with an arrow through its head, stating “My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s [sic] head! Vet of the year award… gladly accepted.”

Earlier this week, a Texas grand jury found there was “insufficient proof” to charge Ms. Lindsey with animal cruelty and thus the District Attorney closed the case. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is requesting the District Attorney’s files on the case because (1) it takes issue with the prosecution’s substantive legal analysis of the application of Tex. Pen. Code § 42.092(b)(2) (killing an animal without consent of its owner) and (2) it intends to examine what steps were taken during the investigation to overcome the issues of establishing jurisdiction and proving venue for Ms. Lindsey’s admitted actions.

“The Animal Legal Defense Fund is pleased to see the Austin County District Attorney taking animal cruelty seriously and we are grateful to the members of the Grand Jury for their work as well,” said Scott Heiser, a former prosecutor and current director of ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program. “Unfortunately, it is possible that the investigation was incomplete and that the prosecution misconstrued Tex. Pen. Code § 42.092(b)(2). We simply want to have a detailed look at the file in an effort to ensure that justice is served.”  Heiser went on to note that, “Under the Texas Public Information Act, a prosecutor can invoke an express statutory exemption and refuse to produce a closed criminal file where a suspect was not convicted.  However, it is our sincere hope that Mr. Koehn will waive this provision and allow a review of this very public case.”

392 thoughts on “District Attorney’s Handling of Cat Shooting Case Probed by Animal Legal Defense Fund


    1. Terri Laird says:

      Can this message get to District Attorney? Isn’t it illegal to shoot arrow inside city limits like illegal to fire gun in city limits? Shooter could hace missed and shot a person!!!

      1. It is illegal within city limits but unfortunately this happened in a rural area,KL was Tiger’s owners neighbor!

    2. Harriett Fazio says:

      I lived in TX for 22 years and never thought I’d see a DA run from an atrocity like this one. I am ashamed of all of them. There is obviously enough evidence against her by just looking at the picture. It doesn’t matter when it was taken, SHE KILLED A CAT IN A MOST HEINOUS MANNER ACCORDING TO HER OWN WORDS. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY ANIMAL CRUELTY AND AGAINST THE LAW!!! Why can’t the DA see this, or was he paid off not to see this. Did anyone speak with the cat’s owners? I doubt this would have happened in Houston, at least not back when I lived there 9 years ago. We had a great judge and a team of people who worked these crimes and would have had her in jail a long time ago. This DA is a disgrace.

      1. JjJ Lanz says:

        Travis Koehn was definitely paid off. Becky and Jack Lindsey, (the monster’s parents ) are just as vile as she is and have connections in the Republican Party and used those connections to make sure their little sociopath walked. Travis Koehn obstructed justice by deliberately sabotaging the case and should be criminally investigated.

    3. Tracy F. says:

      This woman deserves to have her license revoked and for her to never be allowed around an animal ever again!


    4. SherylS. says:

      Thank you for all that you’re doing, please don’t let this drop, we’re praying that you can make her be held accountable for this. Poor Tiger :( and yet Kristen still walks free, enjoying life.

    5. Jeanine Eaton says:

      In looking over Kristen Lindseys contact list on her new facebook account, I came across something very interesting. There is a Greg Koehn from Brennan Tx. Might explain a lot here.

      1. JjJ Lanz says:

        Sure would. Travis Koehn is corrupt. He needs to be investigated and removed from office.

    6. James Allen says:

      I am appalled at the injustice entailed in “Dr” Lindsay’s conduct vis a vis poor Tiger. I support the efforts by the ALDF to bring Justice for Tiger and urge the Texas Authorities to review this file thoroughly to properly address Lindsay’s misconduct.


    1. Jean Salyer says:

      You are absolutely right, Michelle. The State of Texas maintains detailed rabies data, and there have been no cases of rabies in cats in Austin County or Washington County. None for 2015, 2014,2013. I did not check further back in time, but it’s safe to say, the risk of encountering a rabid cat in the area where Lindsey lived is virtually non-existent.

    2. Elsa Latheef says:

      So the picture is a photo op? What about her comment? Are you mentally challenged or what?

  3. Terry Ann Theriac says:

    Insufficient proof??? Look at the picture stupid!

    1. Rhonda Blaschke says:

      Time for her to pay & I hope those involved in letting her walk will have to pay as well. What a worthless bunch of officials!

    2. vicki says:


    3. Jill says:

      Agree, not enough proof??? The picture tells the story as does this evil monsters own words in her original post. If justice is not done through legal routes, it may be done via another route, lots of people willing to ‘reward’ this sub human for her evil cruelty.

  4. karen says:

    Please review this horrendous public display of animal cruelty … thank you

  5. Lori Seay says:

    What more do you need than a picture of her grinning ear to ear with the dead cat and her words captioned below?

    1. Joe Wheeler says:

      you said it – it is about the DA being LAZY as SHIT…get rid of the texas losers – God I hate that state.

      1. Corinne says:

        Or the question is -Who’s her daddy?

        1. JjJ Lanz says:

          Reputedly a good friend of the Cheneys. Not surprising.

    2. Carole says:

      Those familiar with neuromuscular responses to an acutely critical injury like this will recognize that this kitty was not deceased at the time the photo was taken. It’s forelegs are NOT limply hanging. This cruel person lifted this cat by the arrow through its head.

  6. Sherida Ribordy says:

    We simply want to have a detailed look at the file in an effort to ensure that justice is served.”

  7. Ruby Burney says:

    Thank you! I have so many things I want to say but can’t! I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude that you are trying to look into this case as there are a lot of questions as to why she is not being prosecuted. Thank you again, so much!!!!

  8. Carol McCauley says:

    Evil bitch and that too nice to call her how can she be proud off herself doing the likes of that Someone like her should try an arrow in her head and see how she feel our Animals need our voices to protect them

  9. Artemis Grey says:

    THANK YOU!!! They need to be held accountable for their gross lack of initiative in this matter. Below I’ve pasted a copy of my open letter to the the Criminal District Attorney’s Office. Their intentional incompetence is insufferable. If they had no desire to actually try to get an indictment, they should have had the fortitude to simply announce that they were not going to seek to indict in the first place.

    An Open Letter to the Criminal District Attorney’s Office, Austin County,

    Congratulations. You have gloriously failed Tiger, along with the tens of thousands of humans, and hundreds of thousands of abused animals who were watching you with the earnest hope that a rational, and public champion for the prevention of cruelty to animals had finally stepped forward. Instead, you have proven, yet again, that those in authority are most often in that position because they’ve chosen to take the easy route whenever faced with an obstacle. In a state that leads the Nation in criminal executions, you decided that you couldn’t be bothered to mount a thorough prosecution against a woman for inhumanely butchering the beloved pet of a local family.
    I’m not talking about the Grand Jury’s failure to indict Kristen Lindsey . I’m talking about the fact that you, the Criminal District Attorney of Austin County, did not provide the Grand Jury with enough evidence to indict Kristen Lindsey- likely knowing that the wrath of the public would fall on the Grand Jury, rather than your office. I am not a lawyer, I am not an expert on legal matters, but I understand this game of public appearances, and I haven’t been fooled by your attempt at diversion. There was no lack of evidence in this deplorable – and very blatant – situation of animal cruelty. Rather, there was, decidedly, a lack of effort put forth to gather, and present that evidence. If the Criminal District Attorney’s Office chose to collect the evidence required to gain an indictment of Lindsey by the Grand Jury, they would have obtained an indictment. Instead, the Criminal District Attorney of Austin County shuffled a few papers, requested more time for gathering evidence in order to convince the public that they were applying sufficient attention to the matter, and then, in actuality, did nothing.
    In your press release, you stated that while you subpoenaed Lindsey’s Facebook account, it was unsuccessful because the account had been deleted. Just to make you aware, this is the twenty-first century, and nothing on the internet is ever truly deleted. Erased from one location, maybe, but eradicated from existence? Never. If that had been a photograph of child trafficking, or pornography, I guarantee you, that a ‘deleted account’ would serve as nothing but a speed bump for you on your way to justice. I did not realize that simply deleting posts on Facebook is sufficient to stop the authorities from ever successfully finding evidence of a crime. Someone should let the Federal Bureau of Investigation know that they’re wasting tens of millions of tax dollars on their Cybercrime Division.
    You also stated in regard to Lindsey’s Facebook photograph, and caption that “Evidence is insufficient, based on the online photograph alone, to determine whether the animal was killed in a cruel manner,” and then you cited the American Veterinary Medical Association’s guidelines on humane euthanasia, again, I suspect, just to prove that you’ve ‘researched’ the matter. Or that some intern in your office has ‘researched’ it, at least enough to sound like you cared. But as your own citation reveals your complete ignorance – or your determination to just make the subject ‘go away’, I can’t decide which – let us examine these AVMA guidelines that you proudly hailed as proof that you couldn’t conclude from a single photograph that Tiger was inhumanely killed.

    Here is what you said in your press release, and I quote:

    ‘First, the American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines state that physical methods of killing animals such as a gunshot or bolt to the head can be humane when done correctly. (A.V.M.A. Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals, 2013 Ed., at 11-12). When performed properly, the animal may exhibit involuntary movements but is unaware and unable to experience pain. (A.V.M.A. Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals, 2013 Ed., at 16). Evidence is insufficient, based on the online photograph alone, to determine whether the animal was killed in a cruel manner.’

    I’m not going to properly cite the reference, I’m simply going to copy and paste the entire thing. Here is the full passage in regard to humanely dispatching animals by physical methods:

    ‘Physical methods of euthanasia include captive bolt, gunshot, cervical dislocation, decapitation, electrocution, focused beam microwave irradiation, thoracic compression, exsanguination, maceration, stunning, and pithing. When properly used by skilled personnel with well-maintained equipment, physical methods of euthanasia may result in less fear and anxiety and be more rapid, painless, humane, and practical than other forms of euthanasia. Exsanguination, stunning, and pithing are not recommended as a sole means of euthanasia, but may be considered as adjuncts to other agents or methods.
    Some consider physical methods of euthanasia aesthetically displeasing. There are occasions, however, when what is perceived as aesthetic and what is most humane are in conflict. Despite their aesthetic challenges, in certain situations physical methods may be the most appropriate choice for euthanasia and rapid relief of pain and suffering. Personnel using physical methods of euthanasia must be well trained and monitored for each type of physical method performed to ensure euthanasia is conducted appropriately. They must also be sensitive to the aesthetic implications of the method and convey to onlookers what they should expect to observe when at all possible.
    Since most physical methods involve trauma, there is inherent risk for animals and people. If the method is not performed correctly, personnel may be injured or the animal may not be effectively euthanized; personnel skill and experience are essential. Inexperienced persons should be trained by experienced persons and should practice on euthanized animals or anesthetized animals to be euthanized until they are proficient in performing the method properly and humanely. After the method has been applied, death must be confirmed before disposal of the remains.
    Penetrating captive bolts have been used for euthanasia of ruminants, horses, swine, laboratory rabbits, and dogs.331 Their mode of action is concussion and trauma to the cerebral hemisphere and brainstem.48,332,333 Adequate restraint is important to ensure proper placement of captive bolts. A cerebral hemisphere and the brainstem must be sufficiently disrupted by the projectile to induce sudden loss of consciousness and subsequent death. Appropriate placement of captive bolts for various species has been described.130,332–335 Signs of effective captive bolt penetration and death are immediate collapse and a several-second period of tetanic spasm, followed by slow hind limb movements of increasing frequency.46,47 The corneal reflex must be absent and the eyes must open into a wide blank stare and not be rotated.45
    There are two types of penetrating captive bolts: a regular penetrating captive bolt and an air injection penetrating captive bolt. In both cases, the bolts penetrate the brain. In the air injection penetrating captive bolt, air under high pressure is injected through the bolt into the brain to increase the extent of tissue destruction. Powder-activated guns that use the traditional captive bolt are available in 9 mm, .22 caliber, and .25 caliber.130 Captive bolt guns powered by com- pressed air (pneumatic) are also available in regular and air injection types. All captive bolt guns require careful maintenance and cleaning after each day of use. Lack of maintenance is a major cause of captive bolt gun failure for both powder-activated and pneumatic captive bolt guns.101 Cartridges for powder-activated captive bolt guns must be stored in a dry location because damp cartridges will reduce effectiveness.336
    Advantages—(1) Both regular and air injection penetrating captive bolts may be used effectively for euthanasia of animals in research facilities and on the farm, when the use of drugs for this purpose is inappropriate or impractical. (2) They do not chemically contaminate tissues.
    Disadvantages—(1) Euthanasia by captive bolt can be aesthetically displeasing. (2) Death may not occur if equipment is not maintained and used properly. (3) The air injection captive bolt must never be used on ruminants that will be used for food because of concerns about contamination of meat with specified risk materials (neurologic tissue). (4) Because the penetrating captive bolt is destructive, brain tissue may not be able to be examined for evidence of rabies infection or chronic wasting disease.
    General recommendations—Use of the penetrating captive bolt is acceptable with conditions and is a practical method of euthanasia for horses, ruminants, and swine. To ensure death, it is recommended that animals be immediately exsanguinated or pithed (see adjunctive methods) unless a powerful captive bolt gun de- signed for euthanasia is used. These guns have recently become available and reduce the need to apply an adjunctive method. Ruminants used for food should not be pithed to avoid contamination of the carcass with specified risk materials. Captive bolt guns used for larger species must have an extended bolt.

    Well then. That’s quite a bit of information you didn’t offer the public, either because you didn’t think it was relevant, or because you didn’t want to draw attention to it. Since you saw fit in your press release to pick out a single fragment of information from within a plethora of it, I’m going to do the same thing here, by highlighting just a few other points.

    Penetrating captive bolts have been used for euthanasia of ruminants, horses, swine, laboratory rabbits, and dogs.
    Adequate restraint is important to ensure proper placement of captive bolts.
    Inexperienced persons should be trained by experienced persons and should practice on euthanized animals or anesthetized animals to be euthanized until they are proficient in performing the method properly and humanely.
    Because the penetrating captive bolt is destructive, brain tissue may not be able to be examined for evidence of rabies infection or chronic wasting disease.

    Nowhere in the section regarding physical methods of euthanasia does the AVMA state that either penetrating captive bolts, or non-penetrating captive bolts are considered a humane method of euthanasia for cats. On top of that, a penetrating captive bolt is a self-contained unit, from which a bolt is expelled into the skull and brain of an animal, and then retracted into the unit. The photo Lindsey posted of herself clearly shows a full length arrow protruding from both the front and the back of the cat’s head, and she herself proclaimed it a ‘bow kill’. Not a bolt kill. The perpetrator herself announced that she was using a bow, not a AVMA recognized method of euthanasia.
    If the cat was feral, as Lindsey has stated multiple times she believed it to be, it’s not possible for the animal to have been restrained at the time of ‘euthanasia’ in order to assure that it was quickly and humanely killed.
    Unless Lindsey has been secretly euthanizing animals repeatedly with a penetrating captive bolt, she is not experienced, and thus is outside the AVMA guidelines on the face of it, never mind the fact that Tiger was not killed with an approved bolt gun, but a bow and arrow.
    And lastly, there have been references to the fact that Lindsey thought Tiger was feral and was afraid the cat was rabid, and The Austin Country Sherrif’s Office said that they ‘received an unsworn hearsay report that Lindsey was protecting her pets from a ‘potentially rabid stray cat’. Interesting, considering that the AVMA guidelines clearly state that penetrating captive bolt euthanasia can damage the brain, making it impossible to determine whether or not the euthanized animal had rabies. One would think that a vet, of all people, would know this, and would take care not to damage the animal’s brain. So was Tiger ‘feral’ and unwanted, or ‘rabid’ and endangering Lindsey’s other animals? Or was he, in fact, just a pet she thought she’d kill for fun?
    Finally, we have the matter of proving that the cat in the photograph is, in fact, Tiger, the missing pet. Horses can be positively identified by nothing more than trichoglyphs (whorls) in their hair growth. I find it impossible to believe that the Criminal District Attorney’s Office was unable to make even a rational argument for identification of the cat in the photograph. If the photo depicted a dead human, the lack of a body would not result in a ‘sorry, we tried’ shrug. That Tiger didn’t happen to be wearing a neon sign proclaiming his name and the fact that he was owned does not mean he was a stray. The striations of a tabby cat are not unlike the fingerprints of a human. Individual Snow Leopards, Jaguars, Leopards, and Tigers can be identified on game cameras by their unique coat patterns. Similarly, whales can be identified by callosity patterns, scars, and fluke shapes. This is not bunk science, it’s actual science. Lindsey’s own photograph provides you with a full side view of Tiger, and Tiger’s owners can provide, and have provided, multiple full side views of Tiger while he was alive. Tiger can be identified as Tiger from the photo provided. It’s simply a matter of applying effort.
    If they wanted to, the Criminal District Attorney’s Office of Austin County could indict a couch cushion under the charge of aiding and abetting the delinquency of a minor who gained weight and developed diabetes. But it would take some effort. And obviously, despite the continued scientific links between animal abuse and criminal activity, despite the tens of thousands of people calling for justice for Tiger, and straining for forward steps in the prosecution of animal cruelty in general, the Texas District Attorney felt that it had better things to do, and more important things to worry themselves over. Perhaps, for example, the next planned execution of a criminal who was caught by tracking his movements online, and convicted of murdering someone without the victim’s body ever being recovered.
    And the worst part about this – besides that Tiger is still dead, and Lindsey is still free and living her own life – is that the Criminal District Attorney’s Office thinks so very little of the intelligence of the public at large, and has so little in the way of courage that instead of simply stating that they would not seek charges against Lindsey, they dragged the matter to the Grand Jury without bothering to provide them with any evidence, and then merely claimed it wasn’t possible to gather that evidence. I’ve no doubt that you hoped the public would take their anger out on the Grand Jury, rather than the Criminal District Attorney’s Office who ‘attempted’ to have charges brought. A grievously spineless, and simultaneously pretentious action. It is my sincere hope that in the struggle against animal cruelty, the Texas District Attorney’s Office be remembered in perpetuum as an icon of what it is that we rail against in our fight.

    The press release from the Texas District Attorney’s Office can be found here:

    The AVMA guidelines for humane euthanasia can be read in full here:

    To learn more about identifying animals by their coat patterns, whisker patterns and other patters see:


    1. Margaret says:

      Wow! That has to be the most eloquent and thoroughly researched comment I’ve read since I first heard of this horror! Brilliant!!!

      1. Juli Bowman says:

        Wow is right!! That is by far the best letter I have ever read! I am a Paralegal and I am passionate about my work. That letter is beautiful. I pray that that lady gets what due to her. That poor precious cat, as well as countless other helpless animals, suffer each day by people like that Lyndsy lady. If justice isn’t found for our abused and totured pets/animals by our criminal law officials than they should not get upset when justice is served by the people. How shameful!!

    2. Deborah Ayers says:

      Artemis, that is such a well written letter. Thank you for taking time to draft it on behalf of Tiger and all who are fighting for justice. I, too, plan to draft a letter and send to the DA, his staff and the sheriff of Austin County. You are correct in that they all hope that the negativity will be directed toward the grand jury, yet we should all be bombarding the sheriff and DA’s office. They did not do their jobs and failed Tiger and everyone miserably.

    3. Sandra Yantos says:

      Nice job Artemis. I’m with you on this. Your letter alone could get the Grand Jury to indict. Keep the pressure on.

    4. Domino Glenrio says:

      Artemis Grey, that letter may be one of the best things written since the beginning of the horrible travesty that this office is attempting to pass for “justice.” It captured perfectly and succinctly every detail of what the rest of us wish to express, and the frustration that we have to express it at all. You absolutely nailed it. I thank you for taking the time and doing the research to write this brilliant letter. Please post and share it far and wide…it is too good not to.

    5. Kelly Coldewey says:

      She needs to be prosecuted. Period.

    6. Donna says:

      An amazing letter. I read every word. Beautifully written with the perfect balance of fact, intelligence, and conviction. I hope this letter is compelling enough as it certainly should be for actual responsible action to be taken. The entire scenario is downright unacceptable and you have point blank made that perfectly clear in this one thoroughly researched and articulate composition.

    7. Michelle Walker says:

      Absolutely amazing response!! Outstanding. Thank you

    8. Dario Yabra says:

      Absolute Perfection in every way! What a fantastically-eloquent, logically-structured & incredibly well-argued, Rational Analysis & Most Persusive Proposition you have so cleverly & convincingly put together with admirable skill & tremendous passion here, while maintaining a measured & professional poise throughout! Whenever I write invective letters on subjects of such a highly-emotive nature, the momentum gathered by the progression of the argument set out makes it very difficult for my underlying anger not to spill over onto the page, which can often lose you the support of the reader somewhere along the way. Eg, you find yourself nodding along in increasing & cumulative agreement with the notions being put forward by the writer, until you come across a line that makes you go: “WHOA! Hold it right there, Brother/Sister! I’m not quite sure exactly HOW you went from where you were to THIS Position, but ‘I’m OUTTA Here, Mister/Missus!”
      But in your perfect invective above, not once did I find myself “Hitting The Panic Button” in that way. Which is quite remarkable, when you consider that only last night I was saying that “The Sheriff’s Office & The DA must be commended for at least putting the case before a Grand Jury & actually Seeking a Formal Criminal Indictment against this woman with “Delusions of ‘Vet of the Year’ Award Grandeur, & just as you predicted, my wrath had fallen fairly & squarely onto the shoulders of The Grand Jury who seemed to have been presented with The Mother of ALL ‘Open & Shut’ Cases, only to have returned a “Not Guilty of Anything” Verdict of ‘No Bill/No Sale Here” Virtual Innocence. “Watcha Gone Do, Peeps?”, I whinged & whined elsewhere… “That’s what happens when you give Ordinary Joe Public A Vote – Democracy At Work for you, Folks: Texas-style!”
      I even wondered out loud in Jest whether this particular Grand Jury was available For Hire, cos I sure would be happy to pay to fly them over to Britain to render yet another ‘Wise’ Verdict in a matter of mine that’s due to feature at a Court (NOT) near you shortly… ;-)
      For you see, Artemia Grey, being so used to, & having been so conditioned to accept as inevitable, the ubiquitous customary “No Charges will be brought in this matter” Reflex Response from the generally-impervious, & conspicuously-indifferent, to Animal Cruelty & Suffering Investigatory & Prosecutorial Authorities, I couldn’t for the life of me conceive of a scenario where the DA’s Office had not been acting in Good Faith in the matter of “Lindsey v Tiger”… For as we all know, if there’s nothing that Prosecutors love more than “Winning a Courtcase”, is there? So why on earth would they ever even bother to submit a Half-Baked, Half-Assed Poison Chalice of a Formal Application To Indict to The Austn, Texas, Grand Jury, for them to surely bat away like a slowly-pitched baseball, was my initial, almost-automatic,, knee-jerk reaction to the very disappointing “No Bill” decision reached by this Grand Jury. Let us Lynch THEM instead of our Admirable DA! But you’ve made a very convincing case for a truly worrying scenario here: “Hey, why don’t we just toss The Grand Jury the thinnest possible Case File to consider, & send that new useless Guy straight out of Law School to Pitch ‘The Case of The Missing Evidence/Facebook Account” in his usual, vastly-inexperienced, deficient way. That way, if them Ordinary, Regular Folks are Dumb enough to buy such a flimsy film-flam of a Badly Put-Together Case with little or no evidence of any wrongdoing by anybody, though it means we would have to actually bother to take this to Trial, we could be pretty confident that if we actually sent The Sheriff back to do some Real Investigating, & we ourselves put a Decent Team of Prosecutors to properly prepare the case so a Judge won’t just throw it out the nun we open our mouths in Court, it’d be as close to a Slam-Dunk as you could ever get in any Court Proceedings, would it not? And if perchance The Grand Jury should come back with a “No Case To Answer” Decision, then we can just shrug our shoulders & say: “Hey: we gave it our Best Shot. Folks, dontcha know? How could we have known that every member of it worked at the sharp end of an Animal Welfare Regulations-Breaching Slaughterhouse, huh? It’s them Grand Jurors you wanna go’n’crucify, not little old DA me!” So WE WIN either way!
      But now you’ve certainly made me THINK, Amelia Grey… (Which does hurt a little bit, for sure, but it’s good to crank up the old Brain Engine every once in a while, innit? ;-) )
      We shall soon be able to see for ourselves, if they agree to the ALDF’s Request for a Quick Peek at the huge files The Grand Jury were forced to trudge thru, or, just as telling, if as I expect they refuse to permit the ALDF to “Examine Their Homework”…
      Just one question, though: you’re sure you didn’t deliberately omit the AMVA Guidelunes’ Chapter on “Why Medieval Crossbows are just ‘The Best’ when Hunting Down Tame House Cats in a Densely-Populated Residential Area (erm… Sorry, we meant “When Seeking To Euthanise A Dangerously-Contagious Rabid Cat in a Humane Manner”) Cos I’d hate for the DA to be able to pull you up on that.. :-) x
      But quite apart from any other considerations, I wish to thank you for giving me the opportunity to go & bore my friends in the Pub Rigid with my newly-acquired expertise on the intricacies of Captive Bolt Weapons in Animal Euthanasia (With or Without High-Pressure Injected Air Ammunition at the Tip of the Bolt) Let me assure you, Amelia, that I have every intention of making Professional Bar-Fly Cliff “Cliffy” Clayborne from TV’s Favourite Boston Bar: “Cheers”, look like the world’s most exciting raconteur by comparison to my own discourse on Nuts’n’Bolts (K. Lindsey being The Nut part of that equation) over the next week or two, possibly three.
      Thank you so much for your outstanding contribution. I give it 10/10 Points, or 100% of All the Available Marks. Or, if you should happen to be a Fan of the Satirical Rock Mockumentary Movie “This Is Spinal Tap”, then I would like to Award you Maximum Possiblr Score of “11” (Eleven).
      Kindest regards,
      Dario Y/Y Not?
      Someone else who won’t moan that: “It’s TOO LONG!”
      PS Please make sure that you send The Austin, Texas, Criminal District Attorney a Hard Copy of your Most Excellent Open Letter, Dude/Dudette. He-He… ;-) xxx

    9. Megan says:

      Great open letter to the jurisdiction!

    10. I must acknowledge and thank you for your powerful, informative and well written letter Artemis! You have addressed the issue in a way that shows exactly what happened and what should have been done – and now what needs to happen for Tiger and all the abused creatures without a voice!

    11. Marianne Burton says:

      Very well put. Blowing many large holes in the prosecutions arguement to the grand jury that what she did was not animal cruelty and so needed to be dismissed.

    12. LauraLea Anderson says:

      Thank you for making it clear that the office of the DA is basically useless for the rights of animals! It’s so sad that these little lives mean nothing to the peoe that are supposed to protect them, not kill them for entertainment, and to the people that are supposed to fight for their right to life and prosecute those that hurt/abuse/neglect/ kill them.

    13. Alice Dawson says:

      Artemis Grey your comment is the most articulate piece I have seen in a long time BRAVO!!!! The abuse of animals all over the world need your expertise!!! PLZ consider helping them!!!

    14. Allison Esposito says:

      Thank you SO MUCH for looking into this. It is such a sham. Based on a rumor of the cat having rabies, the woman kills it and parades it in front of a camera and then does not test the body? Nothing makes any sense as presented by the DA, as I’m sure you have noted. Thank you!

    15. Judy Peterson says:

      Here is the web address for filing an official complaint with the TX BVE:

    16. Diana says:

      Your letter is very well written..thank you for writing it..you have justifiably argued every point. Thank you again for all of the abused animals especially Tiger.

    17. Elaine Hutzelman says:

      Artemis Grey: Thanks for your effort in presenting the truth and the facts, even though the Austin Co. DA doesn’t seem to comprehend the case, for which there is no evidence.Does he think we believe this? A callous, cold-blooded and misinformed individual, hoping to be re-elected by others of his kind. His actions are reprehensible.

    18. Corinne says:

      Artemis Grey, thank you very much for your informed and very thorough considerations regarding the cruel murder of the neighbors cat, Tiger. I have called for the owner, who is probably paralyzed with grief, to come forward as well as the lady at the rally who said she baby sat for Tiger for three years. I know three are many of us would be eager to contribute toward a civil case as it has been discussed. This twisted excuse for a human and a veterinarian, no less, Kristen Lindsey, Is a danger to all animals and, as we all know now, a danger to society at large. Arrogantly proud of her of her psychopathic activity she should never be allowed near an animal again. She should not be loose in society and she should be under surveillance always. We need an animal abuse registry. Texas has animal abuse Felony laws. I guess they don’t know it. They must need vision care as well as they cannot see the evidence staring them in the face. So I ask, Who’s her daddy?

    19. KATRINA says:

      Extremely well written. One other point, in her post she states “first bow kill.” Therefore she clearly admitted to being inexperienced at bow hunting, not to mention the other methods you described. As a veterinarian she did not do due diligence if she believed the cat to be rabid. She should have had it tested.
      Thank you so much for writing this very well researced,letter.

    20. Jill Jones says:

      Any veterinarian who really believed they had killed an animal who might have rabies would have immediately notified the Department of Health and would have sent the deceased animal’s remains to the appropriate lab to be tested for the virus. The fact that she didn’t do those things makes it clear that she didn’t really think that. (Not to mention bragging about killing him, and posing for a picture while beaming with delight.)

    21. Kim Dyer says:

      The AVMA has issued a statement saying they were never contacted regarding this incident. They STRONGLY objected to the implication that this was an acceptable method of killing a cat, and condemned the action.

      Several hunters have pointed out that she used a target arrow at short range, not a hunting arrow. (Several cats have recovered from being shot in the head with a target arrow.) They also point out that the cat was looking directly at her, and was either sitting still or approaching her. These are NOT actions one would expect from a feral.

      Since Tiger belonged to a neighbor (his markings are quite distinctive) she likely knew where he lived and that he was an owned cat.

    22. Shelley G says:

      I think u did an amazing job at writing that letter and including some very well done research backing up your statements. I agree with you 100% and if any attention can be brought to bear on that office this letter will do it. Well done.

  10. Lori Seay says:


  11. Linda Mallery says:

    We can only hope that she meets the same fate someday

    1. Nancy says:

      First of all, don’t vets have to take the oath to do no harm to animals? Second, she blatantly photographed herself holding this cat with the arrow through his head, making that disgusting comment about how the only good feral cat, is one with an arrow through it’s head. What person, in their right mind, would do this? She is PURE EVIL!!!

      1. Nina Williams says:

        This MONSTER is way beyond EVIL !!!! She should be in jail for several years, she should permanently lose her Veteranarian License and not be allowed to practice ANYWHERE at ANY TIME in any compacity ! It’s crystal clear that nobody would take their pet where she practices and why any place would have her is beyond me. That picture and caption posted on Facebook is still out there somewhere. Many terrorists and criminals have been tracked down through closed social media accounts and this should be NO EXCEPTION ! This woman is both a CRIMINAL and a TERRORIST by way of posting the picture and statement she shared.

        1. Corinne says:

          Here you are, NIna, pictures and very thorough article. I hope everyone will take the time to sign all the petitions enclosed there. As everyone knows psychopaths/sociopaths have no conscious, no remorse and escalate to human torture. This woman’s arrogant, braggadocio behavior is appalling and if they let her get away with this they are putting not only our pets but society in peril. http://www.examiner.com/article/news-media-releases-and-info-on-texas-vet-who-killed-cat-and-important-websites

    2. Mary Seaver says:

      I,m with you on this.

    3. Vicky Sloane says:

      Where the thumbs up button!


  12. This woman should be stripped of her veterinary liscense; young, cruel, and a very sick mind
    I hope no one ever uses her for a vet; this is deviant, sickening and cruel
    something is very wrong with anyone who could behave like this; should be punished and open the case so she can’t get away with it

    1. Raven says:

      I wouldn’t let this woman within 100 yards of any of my animals.

  13. Gail Abdai says:

    Disgusting! Her career is over! Pathetic actions and mind set for anyone ….. Let alone a VET!
    Stiffest fines required!

  14. Corrina Faulkner says:

    I sincerely hope she never works as a vet again.



      1. Corinne says:

        She doesn’t need to get near your pets. She uses a bow and arrow.

    3. Wanda Cassidy says:

      I hope she never works again.. Also that the people in that area never use that Animal Hospital again.. I sure wouldn’t

  15. Gail Frank says:

    I hope they come to the only logical conclusion and put this lunatic away.

  16. Vanessa Urbina says:

    That judge was paid off!!! Obviously, how sad!

  17. Susan Dudas says:

    Her veterinary license should be taken away; she acted in an unethical way. I have first hand knowledge that some ferals can be domesticated– otherwise they can live in a colony and have happy lives. She is a disgrace.

    1. Elaine Hutzelman says:

      To clarify one comment that several people are making in error. Tiger was NOT a feral cat.
      Perhaps either ALDF or AVMA or TBVME have more clout than an individual, and can file a grievance re the Austin Co. DA over the handling of the Kristen Lindsey case through the State Bar of TX.

    2. Corinne says:

      You are so right. Alley Cat Allies do a superb job with feral cats which is humane trapping, neutering, releasing and feeding, The cats keep their lives, their territory and do not reproduce, thus thinning the population. Fortunately when animals are adopted they are neutered. What we need now is to stop the ugly puppy mills and the people that abandon their animals and get ferals for pets without neutering. But this Kristen Lindsey, so blatantly proud of her torturous activity, is the worst of any pet owners worst nightmare. An animal cruelty person in an animal care career. It reminds me of pedophiles seeking jobs with children.

  18. Lorraine Callalli says:

    They didn’t “handle” the case, any fool with an IQ higher than zero can see this for what it is, palm greasing, corruption, political connections, excuses given too transparent and pathetic they could have been manufactured by a six year old!!

  19. Shelly Burgess says:

    You are one disgusting human being..Give me a bow and arrow and you better run

  20. Laura Hawkins ,Esq says:

    Can you challenge her veterinary license? There must be some prohibitions in there against cruelty to animals

  21. bridget wolf says:

    thanks for stepping in and being a legal defense for animals that have no voice. I love you guys and I don’t even know you! I hope you can help justice prevail in this case. this woman needs to never work in this field again and needs to be held accountable for the crime she committed.

  22. Sue says:

    What a horrible, evil, disgusting person. I hope she can never get a job as a veterinarian EVER! If the cat was truly feral and somehow bothering her where was her training as a vet to humanely euthanize it. Scum.

  23. Ann Allen says:

    I sure as hell would never trust my animals in her care. She made it very clear how she feels about cats….feral cats…the most vulnerable. She should have her license pulled.

  24. Janet Madison says:

    This is one sick person…I am haartsick. Shd is seriusly sick

  25. Genie Belcher says:

    Yay! Go get’em ALDF. The district attorney’s office was hoping to sweet this under the rug. Please hold their feet to the fire and keep the pressure on.

    1. Genie Belcher says:

      oops…meant to say “sweep this under the rug”

  26. Anita Ball says:

    One can only hope that Kristen Lindsey will be stripped of her Vet’s license & face the consequences of her inhumane/cruel actions. Also for her to have flaunted the cruelty in this manner leads one to believe she has serious mental issues

    1. Karen Jenkins says:

      I could not have said it better Anita

    2. Gail Palmer says:

      I agree completely. She should be banned from working in any capacity with animals if she is so cruel as to do this. If she is not going to be punished which she should at least her actions should keep anyone from hiring her

    3. Fred Bailey says:

      I totally agree! This is the least that should be done to her. Make it to where she can’t hurt animals anymore. And perhaps give her a psych evaluation.

      1. Jen says:

        An MMPI administered by a licensed clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist would be most appropriate. If this would have been administered as part of the entrance requirements to Colorado State Univ School of Vet Medicine, this may never have happened. Keep sick individuals from gaining entrance to become veterinarians!!


    5. Elaine Griffith says:

      My feelings exactly and I would like to add – She should be put in isolation with speakers blasting of cats meowing & screaming until she goes completely insane.

  27. Lynn Gilligan says:

    I just don’t Understand, she’s Holding the Evidence in her Hands. Was the Mama (owner) Able to Testify? I just Don’t get It!? We can’t Convict if the Juries don’t Hear all the Evidence.

  28. Mary Baker says:

    She need to go to Prison, and have to pay a huge sum of money to Animal Rescue places, and have her license taken away

    1. Kelly Coldewey says:

      You are so right Mary!

  29. Kathleen Theiss says:

    She needs to have her license revoked. She is a sick human . May karma strike you as you struck this poor cat. I pray that God shows you NO mercy.

  30. Joanne says:

    This “person” says she was merely protecting her pets from what she believed to be a feral tomcat… Maybe her neighbors should go to the local WalMart and buy a couple of bows… Then she’ll know how it feels to see her pets impaled & proudly displayed on social media over & over & over agaqin.

    1. Reba says:

      Joanne, I feel sorry for any animals that she may have. Anyone that can do what she did will not be good to any animal even her own. :-(

    2. JjJ Lanz says:

      The b@tch lied… She knew the cat did not have rabies… That fat slug Travis Koehn knew that which is why he used unsworn hearsay … He did that to protect those who lied about the rabies from perjuring themselves . Travis Koehn is obviously corrupt and was paid off to sabotage this case so the sociopath could go free to torture and kill more animals. She likes to kill for fun.. She is a sadistic sociopath and a danger to society. She will eventually escalate to humans . Most likely small children because she is a coward and will not choose a victim that can fight back

  31. Dawn McTeet says:

    There’s a special place in hell waiting for her and others like her who abuse and kill animals.

  32. Linda Dent says:

    This is absolutely outrageous!! There is a special place in hell for people like her!!! She needs to be prosecuted and stripped of her licensed and then maybe hunted by a crew of animal lovers loaded with bows and arrows!!!

  33. Kristine McAllister says:

    http://greyplaces.blogspot.com/2015/06/my-response-to-criminal-district.html?spref=fb&m=1 This is a MUST read for EVERYONE who is seeking justice for Tiger.Especially for the Animal League Defense Fund folks. This will give them plenty of ammo when they talk to that D.A.

  34. Christine Adams says:

    This disgusting person will hopefully lose all her clientele as a result. I would most certainly not want such a sick, evil person to care for my animals.

    I sincerely hope she seeks help for the personality disorder she clearly has.

  35. Joanna Self says:

    This woman cannot be allowed to get away with this. The evidence is clear!!

  36. Cathy Rowe says:

    SHE bragged about it! How is this not evidence? Her own words declared her guilt! Close examination of the full length picture also shows a missing right back leg, several bloody wounds which look as though arrows may have been pulled out! The missing leg would suggest a steel leg hold trap!

    1. Neela says:

      Do you (or anyone) have the link to the original posting of this.
      I thought I’d read she had her license pull…or maybe that it was just suspended.
      I’m sick over this…I also see what looks like other wound on the cats body.

    2. JjJ Lanz says:

      The DA is obviously corrupt and was paid off to sabotage the case. He has been sitting in that office for 30 years and has NEVER prosecuted an animal cruelty case. There will be no change till he is impeached for his obvious corruption and for his blatant obstruction of justice . We should report Travis Koehn to the Texas Bar . There is no way this corrupt man will cooperate with ALDF or offer any transparency as he is deliberately trying to sweep this under the rug. He is an entrenched part of the corrupt old boy system.. He is a dinosaur and really needs to e removed from office.

      1. Jen says:

        Agree! We should be pursuing DA Koehn with the same intensity and hatred as we are Kristen Lindsey! Corrupt district attorney sitting on his fat behind for almost 30 years having never prosecuted a case of animal cruelty in his county. He feels that he determines what constitutes the law in Austin County and not the state of Texas! What arrogance! I would like to see the number of “no-bills” in Austin County for any type of crime. Probably a ridiculous high percentage! DA Koehn needs to be investigated!

  37. Cathie Ernst says:

    She should be arrested and prosecuted.

  38. Bonny Blaisdell says:

    Kristen Lindsey literally got away with murder!!! Insufficient evidence? Are they looking at the pic her Mother admitted taking? Their is no gray area! It’s black and white! She needs to be charged!

  39. Jo DiFulvio says:

    Prosecute and revoke her license to practice anything for as long as she lives. This is disgusting/disturbing and unacceptable. Thank you.

  40. Laura Bland says:

    Thank you ALDF !!!! Justice for Tiger!!

  41. Debra M says:

    Take a look at the smile on her face. In my humble opinion, only the lowest common denominator of human being feels that kind of pleasure at draining the life out of a living thing. A sickening – and troubling – lack of empathy. I hope the ALDF makes an example of her.

  42. Anastasia McLean says:

    This behavior is atrocious, especially from someone who is certified to work with (not against) animals. She needs to be stripped of her vet licensing and punished for his inhumane behavior.

  43. Barbara Richardson says:

    Lindsey claims she killed the cat because she was afraid it was rabid. However, look at how close she is holding the “rabid” cat to her body. She is risking infecting herself. This proves A. as a vet she does not know how to handle rabid animals which is very frightening B. she is lying, and knew full well, the cat did not have rabies. In either case, she have proven she is not qualified to be a vet and should lose her license.
    Why was her handling of a supposed rabid cat and the photographing of the said rabid cat so close to her person never brought up and questioned to the Grand Jury?

    1. Jen says:

      And did she follow proper protocol for the disposal of an assumed rabid cat? Was it sent to the State Lab for testing?

      1. Jen says:

        Checked with the State Lab in Austin, TX. No cat matching this cat’s description was sent from KL nor the Washington Animal Clinic for rabies testing from 4/1 thru 5/15/15. If that was her excuse for so cruelly killing a housecat why didn’t she send the body for rabies testing? If the lazy DA would have contacted the State Lab and gotten this easily obtained information on animals sent for testing, it would have destroyed the “rabies defense”. But of course that’s why he didn’t do it.

  44. barbara chapman says:

    surely no animal lover will ever take their pet to her.

  45. carla ott says:

    You would think someone who goes to school to be a veterinarian has some kind of like/love for animals. Why in God’s name would they commit such an act? I agree with you Anita in saying there are some sort of “issues” this person is carrying around because decent people don’t conduct themselves in this manner. God Bless you Tiger!! You are at peace now love.

  46. Salinda Magdalene says:

    Very relieved to have a larger body of jurisprudence oversee this travesty. The Texas law is clear. The law was broken, whether she is a vet or not, whether the cat was a pet or feral. Travis Koehn’s tenure as DA does not include one case of animal cruelty prosecution since 1988. Photos taken with cell phones are geo-tagged and can prove time and location. FaceBook keeps everything, whether user deletes or not. Bow-hunting and veterinary euthanasia cannot be compared. Using hearsay about rabies is not admissible. Was she ever questioned? Were her parents, as witnesses ever questioned before leaving Texas for Wyoming?
    And it has been circulated that the Lindseys of Wyoming are friends with the Cheneys of Wyoming and no one in Texas will touch K.Lindsey. That is unsubstantiated by me, but could be investigated. THank you. I wish I could participate in your efforts there!

    1. JjJ Lanz says:

      That is exactly what happened . There is corruption and grease palming all over this case. But they didn’t count on the huge backlash this travesty of justice generated . Travis Koehn has been exposed and likely will not be reflected. And the world knows what a dangerous sick person KL is. Her parents Jack and Becky Lindsey are just as sick. They live in Big Hon Wyoming which is a hunting stronghold so animal welfare is ignored there and they have a lot of supporters who are just as sick as they are. But they can never live in a normal neighborhood amongst normal people now.

      1. JjJ Lanz says:

        Travis Koehn will not be reelected and Big Horn Wyoming (where the sicko’s equally sick parents live) . Becky Lindsey is Treasurer of Big Horn. Can you believe those people actually trust that vile hag with their money!?

    2. Janice Drabek says:

      Salinda, you are absolutely correct, and to the point! I hope the ALDF can obtain those files from the DA and present it in the manner you laid out!

      1. Jen says:

        As of today, the arrogant DA is still ignoring their request. If he denies the records, is there anything else ALDF can do?

  47. Sue Hogan says:

    I hope you can prosecute her and shed light that animal abuse will not be tolerated and you will be punished

  48. Francisco says:

    As we are not like her, we must exercise True-Forgiveness with her as God sure will do too, because HE is nothing but pure LOVE. She should do atonement and society must make sure that she never ever works as a Veterinarian, get healthy in a mental-illness institution and then do some five years to social work in a rescue pet foundation. The sweet cat is in heaven. All of us will be some day!

    1. JjJ Lanz says:

      I will not waste forgiveness on an undeserving pile of trash like Kristen Lindsey. She deserves the hatred she is getting from all corners of the world. People who do such atrocities should be ostracized by society. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

  49. carla kennedy says:

    I totally agree with Anita ball’s statement, this girl has serious mental health issues and should certainly never be allowed to work with animals in any way. It’s a travesty that she wasn’t convicted of animal cruelty considering she was so blatant about it, Texas should have convicted this girl and in the process showed the world the state are not the monsters they appear to be when it comes to fighting animal avuse and caring for the welfare of animals in general in their jurisdiction.

  50. Kelly Cook says:

    This girl has no human heart! I pray she never works on animals again and has the same fate at some point in her life.

  51. Rhonda dern says:

    Makes me question the moral compass of the vet school in Ft Collins Colorado for graduating a person with no regard for the life of animals

    1. Salinda Magdalene says:

      Right after this incident went viral in April, the university issued a statement condemning her actions. link to statement here 18 April

    2. Kim Dyer says:

      The vet school in Colorado condemned her actions in the strongest terms as soon as they became aware of the incident.

    3. Maya says:

      Wow. So how do you suggest that CSU ascertain that a specific student will display future behavior like this? Do you anticipate a special department of moralness that interrogates students periodically? Who gets to decide what constitues behavior indicitive of strong morals? Will it ask only if the student plans on shooting cats in future or will it include typical morality policing issues like premarital sex and head coverings too?

      1. Jen says:

        Administering a battery of psychological tests including the MMPI to veterinary school applicants to eliminate the emotionally disturbed would be a start.

        1. Jen says:

          Administered and interpreted by a licensed clinical psychologist of course. Perhaps these universities could spend a little less on college athletics to do this.

    4. Sue Elmy says:

      maybe she is a psychopath, they are good at wearing masks, and a lot of them abuse animals!

  52. Paula Martin says:

    Why would someone filled with hate go into veterinary medicine? Such judgement has no place treating helpless animals. I hope she is forced to find a new career

    1. DMoore says:

      Well look how many child predators end up teaching or running daycares! They know exactly the easiest root to their victims, sadly!

    2. Kay James says:

      I have a degree in psychology, and I believe she probably became a vet for the same reason some serial killers become nurses: because it’s a great cover. She gets a thrill out of abusing and killing animals, and she actually got paid a lot of money for doing it while convincing everyone she’s caring and compassionate. Psychopaths are initially able to present themselves as charming, kind people. Eventually they deteriorate and the mask falls away, revealing their true nature. At first, the release they experience when they kill allows them to maintain the pretense, but like any addiction, the “high” becomes less intense over time and their need for greater violence increases. I think she quickly reached the point where causing suffering in the office wasn’t enough, and she turned to the bow for a bigger thrill. This killings made her feel powerful and invulnerable,so she felt safe bragging. And that was her downfall.

      1. Kathy Williams says:

        Thank you for your expertise on this matter; very enlightening.

    3. Jen says:

      Many veterinarians do not all types of animals. Ms Lindsey loves dogs and horses but obviously not cats.

      1. JjJ Lanz says:

        She loves nothing except to bring pain and death. She became a vet due to the fact she could watch, and enjoy the suffering and pain of the animal patients. Decent vets become vete to alleviate suffering. Lindsey became a vet to wallow in it. She said in her blog one of her favorite things to do was to kill animals. It is not just cats who have suffered at her hands.

  53. Pat Kellim says:

    God bless you, ALDF for your support of Tiger’s case! i have just joined ALDF to show my appreciation. also, i want to be a part of any organization that steps up to the plate like you have!

  54. louise sans says:

    She should go to jail!!!!!!!

  55. Terry taylor says:

    She admits and has a pic of cat that she shot and they say insufficient evidence. I’m ashamed of Texas

  56. Chad Byrd says:

    She is standing there holding the cat up with the arrow and admitted to shooting the cat and they don’t have enough evidence to prosecute. What a crock of crap. She should be in prison and be barred from ever working with or owning any animals for the rest of her life.

  57. Tara Nolan says:

    Ummm, a vet?? She needs her licence revoked. She also needs to be criminally charged by flaunting something so sick! She will do it again if she gets away with this. Its saying that this is acceptable behaviour.

  58. Angela Mitchell says:

    Three cheers for the ALDF!

    I’m so glad this is being explored further — this week’s decision not to prosecute Kristen Lindsey was incredibly upsetting for those who care about cats and animal cruelty issues. As noted by local outlet KBTX, the facts produced by Lindsey were not at all what she posted on FB. Suddenly the cat was assumed to be “rabid” and “endangering other pets” — and it was implied that she was taking a potentially “humane action” with the bolt to the brain.

    This is all totally at odds with the brag she originally posted, in which the cat’s only basis for her killing it was that it was a “feral tom,” and per Lindsey, the only good feral tom was a dead one. It angered me that this complete reformation of the facts formed the basis for Koehn’s POV and the Lindsey-favorable findings this week. The one thing ironically not disputed was that she killed the cat, then knowingly got rid of the body when Facebook erupted.

    Worst of all, the defense continues to posit that it wasn’t Tiger and that the victim may have been one of three toms seen in the area. (Really? With Tiger’s distinctive markings clearly visible on the cat and in Tiger’s video?) Three cheers for the ALDF for exploring this further and not letting Tiger be forgotten.

  59. dolly gordon says:

    i am thinking it may not have been the fault of the DA…..exactly what kind of investigation was done if not all the supporting evidence was there…certainly if this were a human dangling from an arrow they would have made it a point to get all the supporting facts…maybe the fault is with the sheriff….

    1. Jen says:

      The DA’s office had the authority to investigate further and they did not. The DA’s report is laughable and filled with lies and assumptions. He assumes that all people are stupid and I hope that ALDF proves to him that they are not.

      1. Jen says:

        The grand jury can also do more investigative work as well. They probably did not and the DA chose a grand jury method to keep everything secret from the public. It appears that he simply did not want to fully investigate and bother with this case. Then by choosing a grand jury (instead of charging her directly with animal abuse) his lack of effort is hidden from the public. The “justice system” at its very worst.

        1. Chris says:

          Grand juries don’t investigate. They look at the evidence submitted and determine if it is enough for a trial or not.

          In this case–the picture that to most is enough to convict on–is inadmissible as evidence as it is a screenshot–not an original image. KL’s FB was subpoenaed–but the image had been deleted and had not been up long enough to be backed up on FB’s servers (backup occurs twice per week). Many of KL’s FB friends were interviewed–they cast doubt on aspects of the screenshot (one woman clams that a remark she made on a photo from a mutual friend’s baby shower seems to have been manipulated so that it appears the comment was made on the cat photo). I’m told KL provided her phone to investigators. I doubt anyone asked for her mom’s phone–as her mother could prove she was at work, in another state when the photo was taken. This either means the photo was not recent–or is more evidence comments were manipulated and that the screenshot is not trustworthy.

          1. JjJ Lanz says:

            Bull. You musi be a disinformation agent for the Lindsey camp.

  60. Dee Simon says:

    We must be the voice for the innocent animals of this cruel world. We can no longer afford to be apathetic when these heinous crimes are committed. Animal Rights has to be a made an important issue across our nation and the world as it pertains to so many other issues affecting our well being now and in the future. From the whales to the common house cat, we must show them respect for they are sentient beings just like us. Lindsey has mental issues to have done what she did. Although, that is no excuse to give her a pass. The TX Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners must revoke her license to practice…FOREVER. A message MUST be sent that a person who take an oath to protect and give good medical care to these precious creatures must be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for vile acts against nature. Her jury hearing was a joke on many levels and should be investigated for impropriety. Justice for Tiger must include her license being revoked forever. Thank you.

  61. eileen says:

    Barbaric shouldn’t be allowed to work with animals disgrace to the profession calls herself a veterinary

  62. emilia says:

    esta estúpida merecia cadeia e o veterinário tirar-lhe a licença e irem os dois para a cadeia muitos muitos anos

  63. Patty & Family Hicks says:

    Punish her for animal cruelty. She should NEVER be allowed to be around animals EVER. Never own an animal. She is a threat to animals, society, and anyone who does not have a voice which would include children. This, in my opinion, should be considered anti-social behavior. Put her away before she can rationalize why she should kill, or harm another living creature.

  64. Ro McDermott says:

    How could not have taken her Vet License from her?
    Her hate towards animals is the proof of her picture.
    She is a sick, demented b@tch!


  65. Adele Zierler says:

    I hope she will have her license revoked for good.This is a sick lady, who enjoys killing.Vets are suppose to save and help insured and sick animals. And showing off her killing with a smile. That tops it! I hope the whole world will know what she did.She went into this field for the wrong reason. Please make sure she’ll never gets a chance to be a vet again, nor being an assistant/technician to any veterinarian ever. You should over and over again put this on Twitter,Facebook & others, so the whole world to see, and know & not forget this cruel act.

  66. Ana Locke says:

    This person is not fit to be a practicing veterinarian. Her license should be revoked. She is sick and heartless person…

  67. roberta frederick says:


    1. Jan Boyles says:

      Honey we ALL WANT to say that to her! I want to tattoo it on her face. Try to stay cool so they don’t write you off as a bully! Fight the fight though she is going down. We will stay on her!

  68. Danelle Garland says:

    I hope when she meets her maker someday that he sends her to burn in hell for all eternity

  69. She posted a picture and admitted this action. How can that be insufficient evidence?

  70. Thomas says:

    We may not be able to change people’s minds on how animals should be treated so this is to parents with small children or soon to be parents . Teach your children to LOVE ALL LIFE . Animals are defenseless against animal cruelty at the hands of humans so parents need to teach their children to be loving of animals .

    1. Debra M says:

      Beautifully said :)


    3. Kathy Williams says:

      Nice idea, but…look where this happened. In the heart of the Canned Hunters Club country. They’ve been trying to justify their predatory thirst for blood for so long now, I think that hunters have actually brainwashed themselves. So, you know the mindset of THAT home environment.

      The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny. (Aesop’s Fable, The Wolf and the Lamb)

  71. I thought that when you go to school for 8 years to become a vet you did it to save them not to kill them. May the Lord have mercy on her soul. June 26 at 2:43 pm.

  72. Tessa Rose says:

    This is why we have great people out there trapping Ferrell cats, fixing them and releasing. Makes me sick that a Veterinarian would do such a thing and possibly get away with it. She is a sick woman. Maybe she will get an arrow through her head someday

    1. Jen says:

      The cat who she so cruelly killed with an arrow thru his eye was already neutered and looks to be very well-fed. TNR is wonderful but it will not stop mentally disturbed people from shooting and poisoning them. It may be open season on loose cats in Wyoming (where she is from) but, guess what Krissy, you weren’t in Wyoming. The time stamp at the bottom of the photo states April 15 and you were at work that day. Your arguments are circular at best.

  73. Sharon Grgich says:

    Please be a voice for animals that have none. This person should not hold her license. She should be in jail!!

  74. Kim says:

    This whole case has been tainted. How could the Texas Court System let a known Animal Abuser (killer) go free? And a Veterinarisn at that, someone who took an oath to protect & help animals. The whole case is disturbing, her boasting about her “kill” & winning awards. There does need to be another investigation for BIG TEXAS money must have been involved. Sure makes the State of Texas look BAD!

  75. Liana Pineau says:

    She is a disgrace to veterinary medicine!!!

  76. Diane Campbell says:

    The picture alone is sufficient evidence, she deserves a harsh sentence for what she’s done! I’m so sick of seeing all these animal abuse/neglect cases and nothing’s done to the offenders! These are innocent animals, living beings and they deserve justice just as much as a human being! Laws need to change!

  77. Barb Runcie says:

    Thank you ALDF for taking another look. Animal lovers everywhere appreciate this

  78. Linda Neering says:

    The FACT that she BRAGGED about her killing of animals makes her mental disease to be of grave concerns for all of society. This is narcisstic/anti-social personality disorder and she needs mental health help more than anything. She is a danger to all of society.
    Her Vet License needs to be revoked. The public deserves this to happen.

  79. Murarasu Alfred Florin says:

    Stay strong.

  80. Rachel DeLasota says:

    This psychopath should NEVER be allowed to practice veterinary medicine in ANY capacity ever again, or allowed to care for animals in any position.

  81. Pamela Rios-Mullis says:

    Pathetic excuse for a veterinarian. She admitted to the crime. What more do you need?

  82. DebraHoffmann Knowles says:

    I so agree with the challenging this. This particular DA’s record with animal cruelty cases is poor. Doesn’t Tiger matter? As a Social Worker I can tell you that people who like to kill helpless animals, usually pets or ‘feral’ cats or dogs are often those who go on in later life to do things to children or helpless humans. This woman stated she liked ‘killing thimgs’. That cat did nothing to her.

  83. Sharon Mallory says:

    I’d like to wipe that smile of her face with something equally touching. She should be in jail.

  84. Jacqueline Deasy says:

    I cannot fathom how anyone whose profession implies they strive to improve the quality of life for animals are are concerned for the welfare of animals would believe this action was in any way acceptable! And then to brag about it as though she were proud of herself?! Completely unacceptable.

  85. Audrey says:

    I’m just sickened by this. One if this was someone’s child?? It clearly was not a feral cat. It was healthy and someone’s pet, even if it was a feral cat she does not have the right to kill for sport. Is she eating the meat???? Is she needing the pelt for keeping her family warm????

  86. Sue Chard says:

    This is one very mick-minded person. How in the hell did she ever get a license to be a Vet? This atrocity should be brought before the state licensing bureau, and they should censure her and remove her license. She has NO RIGHT to call herself a vet!

  87. Kim Dyer says:

    Animals are REGULARLY identified by their markings and scars. It is quite CLEAR that this is “Tiger”, not some other random orange and white cat. The markings on his hind leg are EXACT. You do not have to be an expert to see that. (In fact, it is likely she knew exactly who owned Tiger, and where he lived.)

    The whole “I was afraid it was rabid” bit is a total crock. Tiger was clearly sitting still and looking directly at her for her to get that shot. If she was supposedly afraid this was a “rabid” cat where is the necropsy report? In most states testing MUST be done if an animal is suspected of being rabid. If she is going to make that claim and did NOT do testing and file a report it is a clear violation.

  88. Kim Stefanie Krüger says:

    No comment! Want to do same to hear!

  89. Tracy waldrep says:

    Are you freakin kidding me, she should be thrown to the wolves, let them teat her limb from limb, good fate for such a horrible person. There is a special place in hell for people just like her….


  90. Lacy Warfel says:

    Much like pedophiles maneuver themselves into jobs where they can abuse kids, and bullies find themselves working in jobs that reward bullying behavior- I think we are looking at someone who has had a cruel and callous view of animals for a very long time and used her position to continue this. Look at her wording, Tiger wasn’t the first victim.

  91. Brad Cordova says:

    What kind of veterinarian treats animals like this? She is trash that should be stripped of her license, charged with animal cruelty, and never allowed to own pets.

  92. Jen says:

    Can ALDF assist the Texas Board of Veterinary Medicine Examiner’s attorney with their investigation against Dr Lindsey too? Looking at their past record of disciplinary actions against Texas veterinarians (available on Texas Vet Board Watch), I have serious doubts that they will impose license revocation or any other sizeable punishment. I believe they will be ask her to be present at a hearing in August but they were heavily relying on the outcome of the District Attorney’s case against her.

  93. Kathleen says:

    i wish we could put this picture on a billboard in her home town, as well as her evil parents home town! Hell they took the pic and GAVE it to the public! LETS MAKE IT PUBLIC WITH HER NAME PROUDLY WRITTEN ACROSS IT!

  94. A vet should care about animals not brag about being a cold blooded killer. The fact that the DA is a uncaring … She must pay. A civil suit against her is a good way to try to get Justice. The state vet. Board should be petitioned to withdraw her license.

    1. Jen says:

      He appears to be corrupt as well as uncaring.

  95. Elisa Martin says:

    I am so grateful that the ALDF is looking into this case. That poor cat deserves justice, and I shudder to think that this woman – who has been fired from her job but can still practice veterinary medicine at this time – might take her exoneration by the TX grand jury as permission to continue her cruel “hobby”. I hope that with the help of the ALDF she will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I also hope she is stripped of her veterinary medical license.

  96. Barbara Kelly says:

    I agree whole heartedly with the opinions to strip her of her vet license, throw her to the wolves and anything similar. The woman has no business being a vet or having pet companions if this is the measure of her regard for animals. At the very least, I think she should be stripped of her license…I sure as heck would not want to bring any animal to her for medical consultation.

  97. keziban says:


  98. Tommy says:

    I do not understand why she did not suffer any consequences. She basically admitted to killing that poor cat.

  99. Cheri says:

    HOW could she possibly be a vet????? I hope no one is stupid enough to take animals to her! I hope no human doctor would treat her, either. May an arrow come from the heavens and pierce her skull!

  100. Joseph says:

    No excuses. I bet ms. lindsey bitch is no bow and arrow expert, and that she had to get her crossbow at least a foot to the cat’s head to get that shot. Maybe the poor cat was shot while mindlessly feeding on the floor, which could explain the arrow’s trajectory and point of penetration. Worthless POS should be shamed in public and not allowed to propagate.

  101. michelle says:

    Please …look onto it we wont stop ..TEAM TIGER

  102. Christine Carevich says:

    You can phone the Licensing Board at number 512 305 7555 and speak your mind. This is the place that can revoke her license and need to do so. They have the power to take her license without
    a criminal conviction. I urge everyone to call and make a statement as to what they think.

  103. Christina Stockton says:

    I am glad that the ALDF is looking into this case. Lindsey’s own mother texted that she took the photo and that she (and her husband) “saw the whole thing down!” Were her parents interviewed to provide evidence where and when this horrific act take place? Shortly after this incident her mother said they were visiting Lindsey at her home in Texas. So that infers the jurisdiction and the crime occurred in Texas. Facebook pages can be deleted by their owners but FB can provide files under subpoena and they have done so in other cases. Was the cat’s body ever found? I’ve studied at the photos and markings of the cat and those posted by its alleged owners and it is definitely the same cat. This so-called investigation was not thorough.

  104. Carol Baranowski says:

    We are not finished with YOU cat killer! KARMA.

  105. B. Jorgensen says:

    This woman is in a position of authority and a person that people seek medical and care-giving advice from for their companion animals. She has no business promoting her “kills” of the very animal species that she would “nurture” back to health in her place of work. She needs a psychiatric evaluation and should be barred form treating any animal.The idea that the DA found no cause to proceed is absurd and lacks due diligence and common sense.

  106. sooz says:

    What really angers me the most about this is how the SAME veterinary board recently suspended the license of Dr. Hines, who has helped so many pet owners by providing FREE up to date info on his website about various diseases and conditions and diagnosis and treatment. It makes it so very obvious that they are protecting profits rather than pets.

    1. Jen says:

      It’s all about the money. Revoking her license will not make them money, it will cost them money since she would probably appeal their decision. Since the Board is outside the legal court system, I’m unsure if ALDF can assist them.

  107. Mary wilkinson says:

    Incomprehensible….apparently DA Koehn and Ms. Lindsey are cut from the same soiled cloth. I wonder if he would allow any of his pets ( if any) to be treated by her.

  108. Elaine Maltby says:

    This is like a human doctor killing a man with an arrow and taking a photo with him dead by that arrow and saying the only good feral man is a dead one! She was trained to save animal life or to HUMANELY put sick and fatally injured animals down. She is a slap in the face to all decent Veterinarians out there! And a pretty sad human being too.

  109. Pam Folkerth says:

    Kristen Lindsey, should lose her vet license, be barred from ever being around animals – for LIFE, and pay $1.00 every month made out either to Tiger’s owners or a charity of their choosing. Plus her mother – that took the picture, should have to send a check too.

  110. Lorna Reinhardt says:

    I have seen courageous people, volunteers, etc., who work to save the lives of animals that have been injured, lost, orphaned, etc. They take great care and effort to help these animals. To see someone who is a veterinarian, and someone you expect to care a great deal about the welfare of an animal – care so little – it is disgusting !!! Not only not caring, but bragging about killing it. Not only bragging and posting photos but killing it with a bow and arrow ! Sic.

  111. Nancy Cnner says:

    they should hang her up for a while snd se hw she likss it poor cat

  112. Maria Venuto says:

    Please ask this DA why in the world he felt it was relevant to this case to quote Wyoming laws? Apparently, he doesn’t even know the Law in his own state – the one he has sworn to uphold.

    His “press release” insults my intelligence and that makes me extremely angry.

    1. Jen says:

      Yes, please ask him this.

  113. jen says:

    thank you for taking this on. what this very sick individual did, and very clearly documented (with a joyful expression!), demonstrates a complete lack of compassion for animals. at the very least, her license should be permanently revoked. i hope justice may be served.

  114. Kat Majors says:

    I am wondering how the heck this person ever graduated Veterinary School if she can’t even tell a feral cat from someone’s pet… because it is very obvious from the photo that the cat is well fed, well groomed and healthy, and does not have the characteristic jowls of an intact male feral cat.

    That she would even celebrate killing a feral cat illustrates that either her teachers weren’t paying attention, or they are failures.

  115. Betty Fiora says:

    Thank you very much, hopefully through your actions Kristen Erin Lindsey will be held accountable for her words and actions. I hope anyone involved will also be held accountable.

  116. Kim Dyer says:

    I would also note that it appears she used a TARGET arrow, which has a blunted tip. That’s not a hunting arrow that is sharper. You would not get a quick kill with a target arrow. In fact, there are rare cases of animals recovering after being shot in the head with a target arrow.

    1. Jen says:

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Further proof of the horrid pain and suffering this cat felt at the hands of this woman. Did the sheriff take the bow/arrow into possession as evidence? Of course not because he was ineffective. Did the DA try to obtain it? Of course not because he seemed to be more bothered by the case than motivated to investigate and do what a prosecutor’s office should do! If she was practicing in her backyard,I’m sure she was using the arrows you state. Yet the DA states the death was humane and quick. Did he take possession of the arrows then to prove that? Is he relying on a statement she gave when she wasn’t even under oath? What a sham this DA, investigation, and press report is! It makes DA offices look not only ineffective but comical!

      1. Cindy says:

        YES! The best way to combat this is to look at labels and anything that is made or sold by a Texas-based company should be boycotted! Even better… write to the company and tell them that you would like to buy their product but because of this horrendous miscarriage of justice you will be purchasing something else that is not from a Texas-based company.

  117. Jennifer Odwyer says:

    I only wish I could be holding the bow that dues the same to her! I’m shocked that she’s a vet! What a piece of garbage!

  118. Sue Garvey says:

    i hope at the very least her license is revoked and that everyone remembers her face.
    Texas once again, what a state, more to be proud of.

  119. Bettina Zech says:

    Someone do the same to her. It would be the only right thing to do. Whatever you do, you deserve yourself. This injustice deserves an answer. I truely hope she will suffer the same.

    1. JjJ Lanz says:

      Thank you, ALDF, for holding Koehn accountable for his deliberate sabotage of this case. really insulted the public’s intelligence wih his excuses for the lack of indictment . He deliberately mishandled the case. He needs to be reported to the Texas Bar.

    2. Tweetykiss says:

      Did I already state I never knew of feelings of hate until I heard about this..try again…she should be shot with a bow and arrow as a convicted offender?

  120. Christina Mammarella says:

    This is an absolute disgrace!!

  121. Ashley B says:

    Thank you ALDF !!!!! Thank you!!!! There has been thousands and thousands of people demanding justice and it seems we are finally getting it!!!! This woman should NEVER EVER EVER be allowed to work with animals again and she needs to pay the ultimate price!!!!!!!!! Tiger supporters are overwhelmed with gratitude for what you are doing!!!!! Thank you!!!!

    1. Tweetykiss says:

      I hope you mean the Death penalty by being show in the head with a bow and arrow..she needs a taste of her own medicine and I will watch it live when they do it.

  122. Stacey says:

    Looks like if you are a person that wants to torture animals Texas is the place to live. Insufficient evidence? How much more did they need than the picture this sick woman herself posted. Our society is doomed!

  123. Janell says:

    This is unbelievable that no charges were filed against this inhumane person! She should not be allowed to practice animal care in any way and should receive some punishment for her horrible deed.

  124. It has always been my understanding that both animal and human doctors pledged, as part of their oath to “DO NO HARM”!!! She doesn’t deserve to be a veterinarian. Thank goodness someone posted this on FB, so hopefully any and all remove their pets from her “care”. I just don’t understand why this person became a vet by the way she treats animals. REVOKE HER LICENSE!!!!

  125. Michelle Williams says:

    The evidence was there. What went wrong? I do not understand.
    What Kristen Lindsey chose to do was wrong! Tiger was not a feral cat nor was he rabid! His life did matter!

  126. Pamela says:

    This is horrible… and a lot of people are outraged at the fact that she doesn’t care about animals at all yet claims to be a vet… Sick in the head is what she is. Please do something about this… make her an example to the world that is type of behaviour won’t be tolerated. Thank you .

  127. Nancy Albino says:

    This sickens me. The fact that she is supposedly a vet is even worse. She is making a mockery of the doctors who have devoted their lives caring for animals. Most intelligent people know that the approach for reducing feral animals is TNR. Not only is she barbaric, but ignorant as well. Please make sure she is prosecuted to fullest extent of the law.

  128. Arlene says:

    This was a cruel act by someone who claims to love animals. This case must be be looked into again. We must set a better example that this kind of behaviour will NOT be tolerated.

  129. BRENDA LAI says:


  130. ARDEE says:

    This woman needs t be prosecuted for this heinous crime. This evidently was someone’s beloved pet. She needs to lose her license and go to jail !

  131. Marianne caron says:

    If they didn’t have enough evidence is a lie !!!! Several cases used as evidence Facebook pictures with no body including humans … Somebody paid someone off … Wrong that in 26 years he’s never taken a animal abuse case to court/charged the abuser as I’ve heard ….the precious tiger is still gone it was verified in picture it was tiger by owners … She took a oath as a vet and doesn’t follow it … Never once a comment about rabies now 2 months they came up and had time to make a excuse …. Please charge her and her parents to the max !!! Her moms Facebook posts also alot of people posted a lot of witness… I think the vet clinic where she worked is hiding a lot as the employees she worked with posted re the event … Read her blog. She is a murderer. Wonder how many pets died because of her as she said she liked killing animals … Please see she looses her license. Thank you.

  132. You can call it what you want. She has a picture Caption saying what she did from her own phone. It was not a wild cat it was a pet of an elderly woman. It had a name Tiger. This was not cruelty it was out and out murder. And I hope that she looses her butt over this.

  133. Holly Brookman says:

    No light sentences for animal cruelty. .and no easy dismissals …we want justice for Tiger

  134. Celina Oka says:

    Mr. Scott Heiser and ALDF
    Thank you, in the name of the thousands of persons who felt deeply the loss of Tiger in such a cruel maner and want justice to be done.
    Thank you for your interest in the cause. You have the heartfelt support of all Tiger’s friends. And we are legion.

  135. corrinne says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach this lady needs to burn in hell! Why would anyone want to bring there animal to her ?! She needs to not have a license why would she even be a vet if she doesn’t love animals…? Doesn’t make sense to me. She deserves to be shot with a damn arrow .

  136. Julia kamitsis says:


  137. Isabelle says:

    I am really glad that ALDF is taking on this case. I find it completely absurd that a conviction wasn’t achieved. I think the photo & comment speak for themselves. I don’t think she should ever work as a veterinarian again. She should also educate herself on feral cat colonies…i realize that might be asking too much…

  138. How about the fact that her mom said it was in their yard & that she was practicing & that mom took the picture? Can’t you use any of this stuff they posted against her? Once it’s out there it’s pretty much puplic record, and I’m sure she talked or texted friends about it, can you pull her phone records? Somthing has to be out there that can convict this pos!!

  139. Brett Cushing says:

    Thank you for stepping up and taking the time required to ensure this miscarriage of justice doesn’t just disappear between the cracks. I hope that this cruel woman gets the book thrown at her, literally thrown, then maybe she will glimpse the horror she has brought into the world.

  140. Judy says:

    There is plenty of evidence to prosecute Lindsey on her Facebook account. All one has to do is use the data recovery program. The D.A. is so damn lazy and couldn’t care less. All the evidence is there. Many people have the screen shots, but it didn’t matter. He pisses me off more than any other polictical figure right now and I guarantee you he will NOT be re-elected. PLEASE get Lindsey’s FB information off of FB’s hard drive. I beg of you. Just because someone quickly deletes an acct. means nothing. Easy to get. The D.A. did not think it was worth it to spend the money and just gave the green light to anyone wanting to kill cats whenever they want.

  141. Bonnie says:

    Sad day for Texas…this is why people have such a low opinion of the state. Ignorance and cruelty abound.

    1. Susan L. Cowan says:

      Texas is a great state!! The horrific actions of Kristen Lindsey will never reflect on Texas as a whole and the wonderful people who live there. One bad apple doesn’t spoil the entire bunch! We love you Texas….from a friend in Michigan!!

  142. Jan Boyles says:

    thank you! The animal loving public is so upset about this!

  143. linda says:

    There is a special place in hell for her n one can only pray her hell comes sooner than later

  144. Tarie Williams says:

    With the public staying on top of this and keeping tabs on wherever Lindsey gets a job, we as a concerned public can continue to make sure she never works again, at least in Texas. I am a FIRM believer in Karma, what you put out in the world will come back to you trifold. She will never know life as she knew it, sadly very little compensation for the death of an animal beloved or not. I hope they find gross negligence to the point that someone in the District Attorney’s office loses their job. This country is changing, those in power seem to be in denial of this. The public is tired of public officials not doing their jobs……wonder what the outcome of the investigation would have been if it was a cat owned by someone in their office. We need to apply pressure wherever we can. Animal abuse just has to stop. Our society is becoming more depraved every day. Read all of the animal abuse stories. Professionals constantly tell us that most of our killers in prison started by torturing animals. Animals serve next to our military personnel and yet they have no rights. Corporations, unborn fetuses and prisoners have more rights that our domesticated animals. I was saddened and sick over the decision when it was announced. They had a chance to set a great example….the Lindesey’s must have money is all I can figure… At this point, I am ashamed to tell people I live in Texas!!

  145. Mark Serour says:

    This person needs to be prosecuted to the utmost rigor of animal abuse laws.

  146. nancy johnson says:

    Justice for this animal. Period.

  147. Patricia Moore says:

    In my opinion this person has a very dark side that wants to hurt animals. You said your first kill with a bow, what else have you use to kill a animal with? I do not think this is the first time you killed an animal. Maybe your backyard should be dug up, how many animals would be found? Justice for Tiger!

  148. Christine Carevich says:

    This women did in fact herself admit what she did. She told on herself. There is no way that they don’t have enough evidence to convict her. She gave a confession, free and openly. No one held a gun to her head. She was wanting to brag about her “First Kill” How many more did she plan. And her reasons were just as bad as her explanation. If the cat was rabid why did she not have him tested. Even after death your suppose to test the animal. None of what she says makes any sense

    1. Judy says:

      She never says anything about him being rabid on Facebook either. Also? If Tiger had been rabid like she said, then WHY did she get fired? You don’t fire a vet just because they kill a rabid animal. Lol Sorry Kristen. That’s the best you could could come up with? Pathetic.

      1. Jen says:

        Was Dr Buenger even interviewed under oath by DA Koehn? What she told him would be tantamount to the case!

  149. Linda Walsh says:

    I cannot imagine this woman walking away from doing such a horrific act of a pet cat that, indeed had a home and caregiver! Gosh, I cannot imagine a stray cat having this happen to, I love all animals……and I thought at one time, until this happened, that all Veterinarians did as well….she sure proved this wrong!! Please don’t let her walk away from this without some kind of punishment, I beg of you! It is just not right! Thank you in advance, to doing the right thing. Linda, a true animal lover.

  150. D. Proctor says:

    Insufficient proof? What do you need Mr. Travis J. Koehn … besides what was so glaringly apparent that Ms. Lindsey killed this cat with an arrow? She announced just how proud she was of herself on her FB page – photo and comments that she did in fact kill the cat with an arrow and deserved the vet of the year award for her heinous actions.

    Her mom was proud of her … she said she took the photos of her daughter killing the cat.

    What more is needed? Or, did you just go through the motions of a Grand Jury hearing to say you did it, knowing all along the end result? The “verdict” is completely ludicrous and unacceptable.

    I really hope the ADLF gets the “proof” they need to prove that the District Attorney committed a farce.

  151. Sunshine Swanson says:

    i believe kristen supported this post, bragged about it and her mother, becky, bragged about taking the picture. i don’t believe she thought it had rabies. i support the revocation of her license and was sent info on continuing the process along with a copy of the letter to the vet board from her lawyer, who apparently has no spell check or a dictionary. (feral is misspelled in the letter)
    i have seen no evidence that kristen lindsey has tried to defend her act, personally. have you?

  152. Holly McKenzie says:

    I don’t understand what is so inadequate about online comments and photos. The crime was right there in living color, in clear words, by both Lindsey and her politician mother, who has not refuted her words. With our wizard-like technology these days, the facts can be authenticated if you MAKE THE EFFORT. Oops, the phone is gone. Oops, the facebook account is deleted. We can’t find the body, and she doesn’t want to show us where it is. Whatever do we do now? Seriously, what’s wrong with THIS picture?

  153. Ivette Fromer says:

    It appears that the case of the cat killed by Kristen Linsey,aka Tiger was not taken seriously by those whose job it was to do so. Therefore,the public needs an impartial,objective and dedicated professional to take a closer look at at what transpired in that courtroom on June 24,2015. The public at large needs to know that the protocol during the grand jury meeting was conducted in a nonbiased manner. Thank you.

  154. Tammy Fredrickson says:

    I would just like to thank you for looking into this. Tiger has really moved me deeply and the fact that a vet killed him and posted on Facebook how proud she was makes me deeply sad for the possible other pets she may have or would hurt. I don’t believe the stuff of her”protecting” her pets.If she had been why didn’t she say that from the start. Why even post that line about “vet of the year”? Again thank you.

  155. Suzy Davis says:

    Please look into the case regarding the veterinarian that killed Tiger. This is unacceptable behavior. Tiger should have been her patient not her victim. Her license should be revoked. Thank you for your efforts for all animals.

  156. H1226 says:

    Maybe someone should shoot an arrow up her ass

  157. Leslie Honey says:

    Thankyou for stepping in. There are tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of people watching this. I cannot begin to express the distress kristen lindsey has caused by her calous, obscene, illegal, unprofessional act.
    we want to help you find facts, but we come to legal blocks that maybe you can overcome. Please, I am begging for your help in this and will support your efforts in the name of Tiger.

  158. Patricia Anne McQuerry says:

    I truly believe that if our laws were based on the bible, horrible things like this would not happen. “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” no where in that statement does it say do unto people as you would have people do unto you! So, if a person is cruel to a animal that cruelty should be done unto them.

  159. robert says:

    cruelty to animals is a felony district attorney travis j.koehn and Kristen lindsy both need to be put in jail!!!!! she is a low life piece shit

  160. Jean Salyer says:

    I am so very thankful that ALDF is looking into the way the Kristen Lindsey case was mishandled by the Austin County DA. There are many misleading and inaccurate statements in his press release, and a proper investigation is most certainly in order. Thank you ALDF for getting involved.

  161. Thank you so much for looking into this miscarriage of justice. I wish you good luck in getting the DA’s records.

  162. Lori Broen says:

    It appears Kristen Lindsey shit Tiger in the face, from the direction of the arrow. She has a license and is sworn to not cause suffering to animals. Professional opinions are that Tiger was still alive in the picture, which proves cruelty – he is in her hands, dying and suffering as she poses for a picture. I have read her mother told the Sheriff she lost her cell phone the picture was taken on.and the body has not been recovered. She is lying and covering her tracks and has been rewarded for ibstructing justice. She seemed pretty proud of her actions, but now says she thought the cat had rabies – something a trained vet should be able to identify, and Tiger did NOT have rabies. Not enough evidence for a search warrant of her property? Not sure if this happened in Texas? Her parents were visiting her at the time! Very poor job, sorry. Please investigate and apply pressure! All animal abusers in Texas will now say “I thought it had rabies”. Please help! Why are Kristen Lindsey’s rights more important than the rights and feelings and suffering of Tiger’s family?

    1. Lori Broen says:

      *shot. Sorry for the typo

    2. Jen says:

      DA said it couldn’t be proven where the photo was taken because mother “lost” her cell phone. The FB conversation where mother admitted she took the photo and saw the whole thing go down was April 15, 2015. Wasn’t it possible for the DA to determine if mother’s phone was pinging off a cell phone tower near her daughter’s Brenham home at that time?

  163. Jacki says:

    i am so thankful that you all are looking into the case of tiger!! I was absolutely appalled when I first heard of what Kristen Lindsey did! I have three cats of my own now but have had many others that have passed peacefully and the right way! Everytime I look at them I shed tears for that poor innocent cat and am thankful that mine are safe in my home from peoe like her!! PLEASE HELP BRING JUSTICE FOR TIGER AND ALL OTHER INNOCENT ABUSED ANIMALS THAT HAVE NO VOICE! Thanks for what you stand for! May God bless all involved!

  164. susanne says:

    Don’t let her get away with it, and I hope she never works as a Vet again !

  165. Lindsay McCormick says:

    As a vet she should be following the moto do no harm. Why is she not HELPING animals? So her action show she only cares when she is getting paid. All the proof needed to prosecute her was on FB.

  166. Vicki Dickinson says:

    This “woman” does NOT deserve to EVER be around ANY animal !! Hw can someone who is a VET, trained to treat and save animals , maliciously KILL an innocent animal ?? This is truly a crime. And then to BOOST about it and post a horrible picture of her dastardly deed on a social media site, as if BRAGGING about this Murder !! She Deserves JAIL and to have any and ALL licenses removed and NEVER be allowed to be around ANY animal for the rest of her heartless life. This “court” was totally and Blatantly disregarding the LAW and They also deserve censure…and perhaps replacement by people who will uphold the Law . Shame on them.

  167. Julie says:

    Tiger deserves justice! This woman did not only take a life, she then boasted about it!

  168. Nancy P says:

    The DA clearly had no interest in pursuing this and only went to the grand jury after immense pressure from social media. The Texas Governor, Attorney General, the DA & his assistant DAs were bombarded with tweets, emails, letters, etc. There were Facebook pages with 60,000+ likes devoted to getting justice for Tiger. Petitions galore to revoke her license, prosecute the case, include her mother as an accessory – all of these actions were all over the internet and in his face on a regular basis. He then swayed that grand jury in favor of the no bill with his poor presentation and obvious bias against bringing an indictment. This was the first time ‘rabies’ was even brought up. And oh how so incredibly convenient since this is a defense for killing an animal under Texas Law. Kristen Lindsey’s own attorney, Brian Bishop, never mentioned one word of rabies in his letter to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners dated 5/13/15 in response to the TBVME initial case review. Not one word about rabies. And who in their right mind would ever hold up an animal and pose for a photo op if they believed it was potentially rabid? And since this was a so called veterinarian, she of all people would know that if she actually did think it was rabid, the brain must be protected in order to be analyzed in a lab to determine if, in fact, the animal did have rabies. An arrow right through the skull is no way of protecting the brain for lab study. Plus the body ‘disappeared’. How can that be? She’s a vet. If she believed the animal was rabid she had a duty to get the body to the lab for testing. And then to read the lame gobbledeegook about the facebook photo and posts not available because they were deleted? Oh my god, does he think we are idiots? He is the idiot. NOTHING MAKES SENSE. Something smells. Either the DA had zero interest in pursuing this case because he doesn’t believe in punishing animal abuse and cruelty even if there is a Texas Statute, or doesn’t believe cats constitute animals protected under that statute, and/or the Lindsey family has established special relationships in Texas even if by way of Wyoming and Kristen Lindsey is being protected. Something is terribly wrong here and anything the ALDF can do to expose this travesty is appreciated. If they can aide the TBVME as well, even better. The woman should never be allowed to practice veterinary medicine again, anywhere.

    1. Lesia Bennett says:

      VERY good points, Nancy! If she truly believed he had rabies, IT IS A REPORTABLE DISEASE! She should lose her license for disregard of public health and be charged for endangering public health. Rabies is considered to be a fatal, communicable disease to humans, and the brain most DEFINITELY been tested, if that is truly her ‘defense’!

  169. Linda Greene says:

    If this cat had rabies why wasn’t it reported? She killed Tiger for the thrill and then bragged about it! That cat had no rabies that was just an excuse for her to get off! This case in my opinion was a travestity of Justice! She was fired from her job, her own school denounced her! What more proof do you need!

  170. marcy isherwood says:

    as an animal lover I think it is time we as a society show people such as this stupid young lady that we believe all animal are sentient being. As such they deserve to be shown the respect for their life and wellbeing. What was done to poor innocent cat is inexcusable and criminal. This young lady who was practicing as a veterinarian needs to be shown that we do not tolerate such behavior in anyone. let alone someone who has spent years being educated in animal health and illness and taken had an oath to help all animals, even cats. here is the Oath as taken by Veterinarian.
    Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.

    I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.

    I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

    I think her license should be revokes since obviously did not fulfill her duties and needs to find another line of work where she has no contact with animals.

  171. FancyCat says:

    How can they not have proof??? She should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of law. That would wipe that smug, silly ass grin off her nasty face!

  172. Jacquelyn Cunningham says:

    Thank you so very much for looking into this. A hundred thousand (plus) animal lovers around the world were appalled when no charges were even attempted against this woman. It is shady and slimy and I am thankful you will put the pressure on the DA’s office to explain their actions. Or lack thereof.

  173. Cari says:

    Please don’t let KL get away with murder. In my opinion she is an evil sociopath.

  174. Mary Robbins says:

    Thank you for looking into this particularly disturbing case of animal cruelty. The idea that a DVM would have such disregard for any animal, and someone’s beloved pet as it turned out, is unbelievable and, I hope you will be able to show, criminal.

  175. Judith A Schulz says:

    I so appreciate any and all interest ALDF has in the case of Kristen Lindsey regarding animal cruelty! Please let us know if you see other avenues we can take to keep interest alive in #Justice for Tiger! Thank you so very much.

  176. Dorinna says:

    Please please please do not let this evil woman get away with killing beautiful Tiger. She’s a disgrace to the vet profession. Tiger suffered a horrible death at the hands of this psycho. Make the DA do his job that he’s paid to do. Thank you.

  177. melenda ruben says:


  178. Sunnita Tardy says:

    Please help bring Kristen Lindsay to some sort of justice.

  179. Carrie Armstrong says:

    thank you for looking into this case . I am shocked and outraged by the lack of investigation and charges against Ms. Lindsey . This case is not setting a example . The wrong one ! Animal abuse must not be tolerated.
    Send a message to Texas .

  180. Wendy says:

    Texas lawmakers, you are an embarrassment to our country! JUSTICE FOR TIGER!

  181. Bette Gae Dart says:

    I don’t understand how she was not convicted of animal abuse. I would NEVER take my pet to her.

  182. Corie says:


  183. Sheli Hunt says:

    I feel Kristen Lindsey should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. At the least she dhould never be able to get another veterinary license. She admitted what she did and was proud of it, with a wonderful comment that explained exactly what she did. Her mother took the pictures, there is evidence of the posts and what was ssid. What else do these people need?

  184. Patty says:

    This makes me so sad..what is wrong with humanity that one who should be taking care of these animals see’s fit to ends its life because she says so..kristen lindsey you are a heartless person..please please bring her to justice.

  185. barbara mason says:

    I would like to hunt her and shoot her like she did the poor little cat that was going nothing she needs thrown out of her job as a vet

  186. She need to be sentence and spend time in prison

  187. K says:

    First, feral cats can be caught, sterilized and vaccinated. It’s not that hard. As a child I caught many wild, feral cats and had them tamed in 20 minutes. They keep rodents down and they really don’t hurt anything.
    She is just using that excuse because she is a cat hater. I’ve witnessed too much cruelty toward cats from cat haters.
    Second, she should die. I hope she dies because she is the menace, not a cat. A person who,would do this, would hurt humans too.
    She is a psychopath. I bet if you knew her background she has tortured and killed animals before. She will work up to humans or maybe not, but she LOVES KILLING.
    That is NOT NORMAL.
    I’m not sure who,she blew to keep out of trouble,but I something stinks.

  188. Rosanna Mutzabaugh, R.N. (Retired), B.S. says:

    #1) As a retired R.N. now, I originally pledged (among other things) this………… “I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession.”

    As an R.N. ………… (ON-duty or OFF-duty)………… I DID NO HARM to human beings. Being retired, ‘still don’t.

    As an R.N. ………… (ON-duty or OFF-duty)………… I NEVER DISGRACED MY PROFESSION. Being retired, ‘still don’t.

    As an R.N. ………… (ON-duty or OFF-duty)………… I NEVER WAS A BAD ROLE MODEL, OR A BAD EXAMPLE to younger Nursing Students/ aspiring Nursing Students. Being retired, ‘still am not.

    #2) As a DVM, an off-duty Kristen Lindsey………… intentionally HARMED a non-aggressive animal, i.e., someone’s cherished pet.

    As a DVM, an off-duty Kristen Lindsey………………. intentionally DISGRACED her honorable profession.

    As a DVM, an off-duty Kristen Lindsey………………. was a TERRIBLE ROLE MODEL to younger Veterinary Students, or to any young person aspiring to become a Veterinarian or a Veterinary Technician.

    #3) Thank you, ALDF, for all of your work for *J.U.S.T.I.C.E.*………… (which has been so-disappointingly elusive!!)………… in this very important case.

  189. Sharon says:

    We are all heartbroken. Justice for Tiger! Thank you animal League for not giving up.
    Texas police should have served a search warrant and checked KL’s home after this horrible act! I don’t get it. I don’t get it at all. Vet board. PLEASE take her lisense AWAY!

  190. Kathryn Terhune Cotton says:

    What kind of a person kills a cat, feral, rabid, or whatever, them posts it on Facebook with a big smile on her face?? Of course, there is no evidence that the cat was in fact, feral, let alone rabid! The fact that she is a veterinarian just makes this beyond comprehension. It’s no better than a surgeon, posing with the alleged ‘armed’ intruder he shot and killed.

  191. Klara says:

    Good luck! I really hope we get justice for the poor creature and all the others we don’t know about!! Thank you for all the work you do.

  192. Trevina Fairegate says:

    What kind of inbreed morons claim there was not enough proof? Helen Keller could see enough proof! This evil Bitch! I meet my cat Kit who was wild! He came by my house in Long Island, being a cat lover as well as other animals I thought I should feed him…it took months till one day he sat on my lap. True love, had I thought like this bloody cow I would not have gotten to know and keep not only Kit but his son’s Em-a-Luke and Elliott. Kit turned out to be a loving family member. Kit and Em have crossed the rainbow bridge Elliott is almost 16 and he is still with me. This bloody snot nosed git needs to go to jail We must band together and make sure she cannot be around animals EVER! THE ONLY GOOD MURDER IS TO SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS THIS POOR BABY! I HAVE A QUESTION THAT JOHN LENNON SANG ‘HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT YOU CUNT?

  193. Trevina Fairegate says:

    so sorry for the harsh words but both she and her moron mother need to be charged! Just give me a room and a chair with her in it. My Celtic blood is at a boil. Lock her up and throw away the key. What a twisted thing she is! NO WONDER PEOPLE HAVE A BAD TASTE FOR THE LONE STAR STATE! “A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES” THE MURDER AND THE DA!

  194. Sandy Roane says:

    Thank you for all that you do!
    please help us get Justice for Tiger Kristen Lindsey has no business being a veterinarian she is a murderer a defenceless cat she went against her Oath to heal and care for animals no matter what condition they are in.

  195. vicki says:


  196. lyn says:

    this person sick to hate cats and kill animals..
    they start if killing people it best she didn’t be allow around children or other

    people has she is hateful person has no re guard to other living things she be lock up

  197. This judgement just opened the door for more abuse to Gods Creatures! Something is truely missing in this person’s heart in order to do this! Also in the hearts of our Officials.

  198. Michele Shinkarick says:

    This incident of cruelty perpetrated by “veterinarian” Kristen Lindsey has angered thousands of people around the world. The local sheriff and Texas DA did a spectacular job of ignoring what was blatant evidence that she did, indeed, murder a neighbor’s cat in cold blood, for no reason but her own amusement. They paved the way for abusers everywhere to torture, maim and kill, believing no punishment will be forthcoming. I beg you to look into this travesty of justice, for the benefit of animals everywhere, and those of us who love and want to protect them!

  199. Julie H says:

    How do we help to get her license taken and have her criminally prosecuted? Has anyone started a petition that I could share and sign? This behavior must be stopped and she must be held accountable for her sick behavior or she will just get more cocky and even stronger in her wicked ways. She must be stopped!

  200. Cathleen De Foor says:

    As a pet owner I’m disgusted by the lack of Justice in this case- as a human being, I had hoped the state of Texas would make an example out of this woman. Kristen Lindsey is no only an educated woman and should know better, but as a vet, she should be the first to stand up against this type of cruelty. I was sick when I saw her post, them to hear her lack of remorse once the outcry began was just too much to bear. I hope the state of Texas Veteranary Board tKes a long look at this woman and her despicable actions. Ms. Lindsey should never be allowed to administer any type of care to any animal. I have always thought, this was not her first heinous act and I’m sure from her response, that it won’t be the last. Hopefully, Tiger will be the “kill” that puts this horrible woman in jail before she commits more horrific acts!

  201. Jacqueline says:

    I have never seen a more cut and dry case of animal cruelty, it is insulting the intelligence of animal lovers every where that it was claimed that tiger had rabies. She posted the photo, write the words, her mom took credit for taking the photo, she even replied numerous times in regard to the photo . Her profile also indicated her love of killing.

  202. Maria Garcia says:

    Thank you so much for looking into this! There is so much inconsistency on what the DA could and couldn’t prove yet her comments and picture and video were everywhere. Justice can NOT be reached without the complete evidence and when the system steps in to ignore certain evidence….. a sad day indeed. Thank you for being HEROES!

  203. D. Weiler says:

    Justice for Tiger, Now.

  204. Casandra says:

    Thank you ALDF for taking the next steps in this fight for justice. Never give in. The DA may squirm away, but you must be relentless! Justice for the voiceless!

  205. Cindy says:

    Obviously, in Austin Texas there is an unconscionable lack of respect for living creatures. I suspected this and now it is plainly clear. I will continue to boycott products from Texas owned companies until justice, in the form of prosecution and cancelling the veterinary license of Kristen Lindsey, is served for tiger. Many Texans are Neandrathals and the the DA just proved himself to be one!

  206. Diane says:

    If the prosecutor refuses to provide the materials as requested, he has something to hide. Justice for Tiger!

  207. Betsy Anderson says:

    Thank you so much for pursiung this avenue. You’ve renewed my hope.

  208. Susan L. Cowan says:

    I sincerely hope that justice prevails for Tiger and also for Kristen Lindsey in that she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What haunts and sickens me is the look on Lindsey’s face in the photo posted on Facebook of her holding up Tiger with her arrow in his head. When she took her professional oath as a Vetenarian to care for animals, was there some wording to the effect that “feral” animals were excluded?? Tiger was a family pet which in my eyes makes her actions all the more heinous and abhorrent.

  209. Shannan says:

    Whether or not the poor cat was feral has nothing to do with the fact that SHE SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD WITH AN ARROW!!!!!! There are humane ways to deal with euthanizing an animal( not that he needs to be euthanized). Furthermore, my husband and I have rescued ferals and have even adopted & domesticated older ferals! This act was made even more heinous, more cruel and more sadistic by the fact that she is Veterinarian, which by the way, does the institute that she graduated from know what kind of evil entity they’ve given a license to harm our precious and helpless babies to??? She CANNOT be allowed to continue to be anywhere near a rock let alone an innocent animal!!!

  210. jasmine says:

    Please put that sadistic female dog (sorry doggies it’s our cruel slang), Where she belongs! Somewhere away from civilization with an arrow through her head. She’s more feral than any tom cat. I love my Tom and people like her greatly diminish our quality of life. What did we ever do to deserve this kind of threat all around us!!!!?

  211. Sally Cutts says:

    Thank you so much for investigating this case. No one should be allowed to kill a cat just because they love killing animals.
    A veterinarian who loves to kill animals is an abomination. She should never be allowed easy access to the animals she loves to kill. If she is allowed to retain her license , the Veterinary Board would be condoning her actions.
    The Facebook posting showed pride in killing a cat as a veterinarian. If the Board feels her actions were commendable, it puts into question the credibility of the practice of veterinary medicine in America.
    Her license must be revoked to show that the veterinary profession does not let those who refuse to honor their oath retain their ability to practice veterinary medicine.

  212. Rhonda Ranson says:

    Her pic and her comment about it is proof enough that she is guilty.

  213. Dina Canzoneri says:

    Thank you for looking into the gross injustice. By her own admission, she killed the cat and proudly proclaimed so online! The omother said she took the photo and witnessed the attack. How is there lack of evidence? Please know there are msny out there cheering for you. Good luck!

  214. Salinda Magdalene says:

    The American Veterinary Medical Association released this today in rebuttal to Austin County Texas District Attorney Travis Koehn:

  215. Heidi Vizelberg says:

    I sure as hell hope that this evil woman has lost her license to practice veterinary medicine. I would only hope that her clients shut her practice down. I would NEVER use her as my vet. The attorney was obviously not a smart or compassionate person either.

  216. Karin Coleman says:

    this is inhumane and unacceptable behavior…for the whole world watching, get this bitch

  217. Kathy Williams says:

    Thank you, ALDF! Everyone who has a conscience wants to see justice done. Even if her FB account is down, nothing is ever irretrievably lost these days. Like her mother admitting to taking the photo. Also, do you have an expert that can verify by the photograph that:

    1. In all probability, this cat was first caught in a leg hold trap,

    2. It is likely to still be alive in the pic, despite the severity of apparent injuries?

    Thank you again!

  218. Andrea says:

    I will risk life imprisonment to go to Texas to pound her in the head with a nail gun until dead!!!!!

  219. Susan Funnell says:

    I am from England and have recently read of a case, where two men killed a dolphin and got away with it they were from Texas too, what on earth does this say about Texas? Can you not see this idiot, so called vet., holding up her prize kill? She must be prosecuted.

  220. Petra van der Beck says:

    This case ia an international matter because it left people shocked all over the world, not only in the United States and I am thankfull that you come up with this! The judgment is a joke and people here in Germany are shocked and disgusted! Never ever anybody would get away with this in Germany! People are so annoyed here, it has also been on the media and everybody knows about it. Bad image for the US! Here are many cat lovers longing for justice. Please try all you can to show the truth. Don’t let her get away with this, don’t let Tigers death be legal! It is NOT! There is proof he had been a friendly and open minded cat! There is proof she was proud of what she did, joking about it! If she just killed him because she thought he was sick, why was she bragging about it? She was killing him FOR FUN! As a vetenarian! Please do all you can to serve justice! Thank you!

    Regards from Germany,
    Petra van der Beck

  221. Thelma Linneer says:

    Thank you, ALDF!!! And, I’ve got news for Kristen Lindsey. This case isn’t going away, and all those clamoring for justice for Tiger aren’t going away, either. Now animal lovers the world over are watching you, Austin County DA Travis J. Koehn. Quit trying to sweep the murder of Tiger under the rug!

  222. Bobbie says:

    She should never be allowed to take care of animals. Apparently she has no heart!!!

  223. Brian Heilmann says:

    Maybe there is a God! I hope that Sheriff and DA get recalled and subjected to judicial investigation by the State of Texas and the FDI. I hope the ALDF finds the truth and we the millions of animal lovers will find faith in the justice system!

    1. Jen says:

      Unsure if the sheriff (can ALDF at least obtain a copy of his report if the DA is going to resist turning over his records to obviously hide wrongdoing–obstruction of justice) didn’t do his job. He did turn over his report with the recommendation that she be charged with animal abuse.Is DA Koehn now going to dismiss his sheriff for an incomplete investigation? Incorrect recommendation? Doesn’t appear so. What a Mayberry!

  224. I own the Tiger page https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForTigersHumans

    and I’m am pleased that ye are going to investigate why the DA laxed in his duties to bring animal cruelty charges against Kristen Lindsey,him never doing a animal cruelty case before is no excuse,claiming not enough evidence and saying her facebook was disabled and showed no proof,really,we have plenty of screenshots,IMO I think money changed hands and being politically close to Dick Cheney and his family was a plus for her,this DA I hope will not be re-elected!

  225. Stacey Perkins says:

    Thank you Animal League for your fight against animal cruelty. Tiger’s death cannot be in vain.

  226. Judy says:

    It seems like Kristen Lindseys lies are accepted as fact by the D.A. Her Facebook account told the entire truth of the story. He could have gotten that easily. It’s called data recovery. Both her and her mother admit the entire thing. All the posts give details on how he was trapped in a cruel snare, his back leg being mangled. Kristen and her mother were exhibiting such joy at killing Tiger. She can’t get away with this. She just can’t. Thank you so much for doing this.

  227. Jan wright says:

    she’s a liar and a murderer and an embarrassment to her profession. Put her in jail or monitor her the rest of her life so she will never touch another beautiful animal again.

  228. Ramona Walker says:

    This was SO Obviously animal cruelty. The picture, the FB posts, her mom in the background egging her on. She needs Jail time, and the lifetime FBI watch list for persons capable of killing people!

  229. barb says:

    I say she gets microchipped and if she EVER tries to work in any capacity involving animals the red flag comes up and she is out the door.

  230. Karina says:

    “Vet of the year”… perhaps “animal abusing psycho of the year”… If you are cruel enough to do this, you should never be allowed to practice medicine on any animals- who’s to say she’s not doing the same in a different way to all the clients that come to her practice? Sick- she deserves to be punished for this gross act!!

  231. Lynn Kilfoil says:

    Her licence should be revoked and she must do jail time. She broke her oath to help and protect.

  232. Diana says:

    Thank you for writing your open letter, it is very well written. You have justifiably argued every point. Thank you for standing up for all abused animals, especially tiger.

  233. Jen says:

    Please help this case. The Grand Jury got a very limited view of what happened and what they did receive was tainted with bias and falsities by the District Attorney. Why was law in Wyoming cited? Why did he misrepresent what the professional veterinary organization said about captive bolt? He twisted the facts to his liking and then presented them to the GJ. Is this not a crime in itself? Also, phone records and Facebook records are obtainable for at least 90 days. Why did he not obtain them? The sheriff’s news video which is now on youtube and police records pretty much document that the crime occurred in Austin County. Why did he tell the GV it could have happened in anywhere, even out of state? This “no bill” needs to be thrown out. The DA had no interest nor intention of prosecuting this case. Too bad it can’t be moved out of the county.

  234. Jen says:

    Can ALDF please contact the State Health Labs in Austin TX to see if there was a cat’s body sent in for rabies testing from April 15-22 from Brenham TX? DA stated that Lindsey killed the cat because she suspected he had rabies. Any competent vet would have had the body sent to the State Health Labs for testing! If she did not, I would think that she seriously (as a vet) did not believe the cat was possibly rabid.

  235. I BECK says:

    Kristen Lindsey, needs her License revoked. she doesn’t have the heart to treat any kind of animal as you can see by the smile on her face after she kill the cat. How would she like being killed the same way she killed the helpless cat.

  236. marla fleetham says:

    She says she is a vet suppose to help little animals I don’t believe te cats had rabbies some one needs to test the cat she was bragging about some thing needs to be done

  237. Kathy Williams says:

    No big deal…just wondering why my comments are still “awaiting moderation” when those posted later are not -?

  238. Johnnie Ackroyd says:

    Thank you for continueing to look into this case. It clearly is animal abuse and should be treated as such. How can someone who was schooled to save animals kill one in this manner. This lady is sick. She’s no better than a serial killer. If she cpilf do this to a poor inocent kitten. What might she do with a child or person. Pleade take her license away and watch het vlosely. She is not to be trusted and you should not protect her or anyone like her !!!

  239. Brooke Witham says:

    She committed a heinous crime of cruelty.
    Please revoke her license and give her a lengthy sentence as punishment. The smile on her face makes her crime even more heinous.

  240. Raven says:

    Even if Tiger had been feral, a spayed or neutered feral cat is a good way to keep neighborhood rodent populations in check. This animal did not deserve to die, and probably suffered horribly in the process. Tiger needs justice!

  241. Jeanette Micca says:

    It’s always been my belief that “it’s not what you know…but who you know” and obviously Kristen Lindsey and her family know plenty. This act committed by her is not only a disgrace to her “profession” but what’s even more disgraceful is the manner in which the DA presented the case to the Grand Jury. He was elected to uphold the law..and not cave to pressure from his buddies “in the good ole boys club”. People from all over the world relied on him for justice for Tiger. Tiger has no voice thanks to Ms Lindsey and her family. It’s no wonder Americn values have shifted into the gutter and our so called “justice system” with it. It ain’t over yet.

  242. Terry Ward says:

    considering the number of humane animal lovers who are threatening her parents, posting their addresses phone numbers and email calling their employers suggesting someone shoot her dog in retribution and telling Lindsey she should shoot her dying grandfather so he sees how it feels. I would release squat if I were Texas, regardless of this woman’s obvious sociopathy.

    1. Jennifer says:

      That woman who was poisoning and killing feral cats here in DC a few years ago up and moved to Alaska. Maybe she needs a roomate….

    2. JjJ Lanz says:

      I personally have no sympathy for Lindsey or her parents because they are simply reaping what they have sown. They deserve everything they are getting, as they are evil people. They raised this monster and support and encourage her killing ways. Hopefully this will be the end of Becky Lindsey’s political career. The grandfather is probably a disgusting person too as fruit never falls far from the tree. People need to leave her dog alone, though. He is innocent. Why would animal lovers threaten another animal. It is not his fault that b@tvh is his owner!

  243. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much for looking into this case. The Austin DA presented so many lies and half truths. Please help Tiger get justice. This person needs to be shown that animals are not placed on earth for her to fulfill some sick need to kill. She needs to be stopped. And she needs to be punished for her actions. Animals have rights, have feelings, and the only voice they have is from people, like ALDF, who refuse to allow them to remain unheard.

  244. Diane says:

    Thank you for looking into this. What this person did was deplorable. To refer to her as a veterinarian is an insult to the many fine veterinarians who work diligently on behalf of animals. Hopefully, she will lose her license to practice at the very least. She should have received jail time as well and would have, had the DA done the job with which he was entrusted. Perhaps, there will be a civil suit against her as well. RIP poor Tiger, you were betrayed by someone who should have been your protecter.

  245. sharon chang says:

    karma is a bitch so maybe someone will shoot that cat killer thru the head with a bow and arrow!here’s hoping!

  246. Elliott says:

    …..a Texas grand jury found there was “insufficient proof” to charge Ms. Lindsey with animal cruelty…. What more proof do they need than her statement and picture that SHE posted on her facebook page?

  247. Kaimya Fenton says:

    This Girl I hate so much. pet killers. how will she feel she was on a world with pets ruled and the cat does the same thing.. Open your ears people. (Pets has feelings)I hope this girl burn for what she did.. and with her keeping her stuff and they going to let this girl kill another animal again. i see that the world dont care for pets at all… pets need a voice. they need to be heard.. even tho they cant…

  248. Diana A. Hernandez says:

    She’s a poor excuse of human waste!!!!!! She should be shot instead!!!! You’re supposed to take care of them not kill or harm them in any way. We demand justice for Tiger!!!!

  249. Lesia Bennett says:

    Is Travis Koehn an elected or appointed official? Can impeachment or firing for failure to serve the community be considered? I would gladly donate money to any opponent that runs against him in the next election cycle. Koehn’s term is up 12/31/18. He started this position 1/1/89. Sounds like a “good ol’ boy” to me… time to clean house!

  250. Jennifer says:


  251. Jean Salyer says:

    The rabid cat “defense” is a lie. How could a DA fall for such a story, unless…?

    The killing was first reported to Brenham PD. They posted this comment:

    “Brenham PD has determined this incident occurred in Austin County, which places it outside our jurisdiction. However, the City’s Animal Control Supervisor is in contact with the Austin County SO to ensure a thorough investigation is conducted.”

    The Brenham Police Department did not mention rabies.
    the Sheriff’s Department did not mention rabies.

    Animal Control did not mention rabies.

    Kristen Lindsey makes a phony rabies defense much later, and suddenly it becomes fact?

    1. Nika says:

      I just read a comment on the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners’ Facebook page that either she or someone representing/supporting her is now saying that the picture was taken in 2007 at her parents’ place in Wyoming, and only posted on her FB page in April 2015. I don’t know where the person making the comment got this information, but the story is getting crazier by the minute. How many more lies and backpedaling is this (hopefully soon to be relieved of her licence to practice) cat-killing veterinarian going to spin, in trying to get herself off the hook?

      I want to know what she did with the cat’s body. I assume that would be the first thing the DA would want to know too, but in all the information I have read on this matter, I have not seen the cat’s whereabouts mentioned. If she suspected the cat of being rabid, she would have had to report it and deliver the cat to a testing facility. If she claims she handled the suspected rabid cat as any professional in animal care services would, if rabies was suspected, then there would be a record of it. If there is no record, then she is either lying, or she failed in her professional duties to properly handle and report a suspected rabid animal. Either way, I would assume that it would be cause for her licence to at the very least be suspended, pending a thorough investigation.

      I’m not sure if it can be absolutely confirmed that the cat in question is Tiger, but it is too coincidental that the poor little guy disappeared only a short time before she posted her kill brag picture, with a cat looking remarkably like him.

      Whether the cat is or isn’t Tiger, and whether the cat was or wasn’t feral, her actions, in my opinion, were not only heinous, but criminal, and I do hope that the ultimate outcome will be justice for the poor innocent cat she shot down, with equipment that is typically used to hunt large wild game.

      1. Jen says:

        Having been to Wyoming many times (including the northern Wyoming area east of Yellowstone where her parents live) the foliage in the background of this photo does NOT look like any foliage found in northern Wyoming!!

        1. Jen says:

          If that would be brought to their attention, it would probably be said that the family was vacationing in TX in 2007! Crazier and crazier by the minute is right. Please help ALDF! You will be the only voice of reason! Thank you so much!

  252. Chris Hammer says:

    Mr. Koehn’s failure to prosecute Ms. Lindsey is tantamount to condoning animal abuse. The picture – even without the bragging statement – speaks for itself. It does not matter if the car was domestic or feral or rabid, or if the picture was from years ago, it was a cruel and deliberate act for which swift and serious action needs to be taken against Ms. Lindsey.

  253. Julie Rogers says:

    I’m so DISGUSTED BY THIS ENTIRE STORY ,I thought Tiger’s loss of life the most the tactic part but JUSTICE FOR HIM now seems the most.

  254. Shirley says:

    ALDF, thank you for looking into this case. The lack of jurisdictional right to procesute is troubling. Her mother’s own words state “she was practicing in the yard. Jack and I were watching and saw it all go down”. It’s been shown over and over again that the Lindsey’s were visiting thier daughter in Texas when it happened. I’ve looked at the photos of TIger and the posted cat with the arrow through its head. I can find at least 6 proofs of swirl patterns, etc. Tiger lived near Kristen. Please ALDF help us and help Tiger. PS – how can an elected official (her mother) skirt the law like she is doing.

  255. El duncan says:

    It was said that She had “deleted her FB account” …apparently one of the reasons they couldnt access the picture etc. BUT according to the screen shot I took today…it has NEVER Been deleted. It shows activity from all the way back past 2010! so the DA lied. I have the screenshot to prove it! Never mind the Vet board itself has said they werent spoken to about euthanasia NOR would they have condoned it! surely, if we can prove the DA purposefully mislead the jury we can get another shot?

    1. KL never deleted her account on facebook,she only disabled it,now she is going by the name (Kristen Erin) and her profile pic is a selfie!

      1. Jen says:

        And now she changed it to Erin E Lindsey.

  256. Krystal Shen says:

    Thank you for all you do ALDF. I hope you find some kind of justice for Tiger

  257. Cindy says:

    Thank you for looking into this. Would you consider assisting the elderly owner of the cat with pressing charges and sueing?

  258. chris carevich says:

    This has highly effected me. I have never been so upset about anything like this has. My heart is still feeling the effects of this. Ms. Lindsey got great pride in this act, and there is no doubt that she would do it again. Just the smile on her face makes me drove. What else can we do to have the county, state or anyone else take notice? It seem to me that no one has done anything to respond to what she has done. The D.A. has left a very bad taste in mouth, and the attorney general is in his own drama, what do you do when none of these bodies of government take action?

  259. Lindsy Oram says:

    Please get this case reopened! Tiger needs a voice and this murderer shouldn’t be allowed to practice anywhere every again and she deserves to face jail time! Thank you for doing this for Tiger. Animals need a voice and we must be that voice.

  260. Ann says:

    Thank you for looking into this. So many people are devastated at the lack of investigation and consequences for her actions. Protecting her pets from a possibly rabid animal is apparently her defense? No proof that the picture was taken in Texas despite a local police report? It’s reprehensible. An actor from Law and Order could have brought a stronger case.

    Also, I think she was using this picture as a way to cyber-bully her cat-owning neighbors, or the person who took care of the cat. Clearly sent a message that a medical “doctor” would gladly shoot even a known neighborhood cat if she had the inkling. I would be afraid to live anywhere near her with pets or children, who might accidentally get in the way of her crude, illegal and unendorsed methods of “feral cat control”.

    Thank you again – I am donating money right now to help with this legal effort.

    1. JjJ Lanz says:

      She knew Tiger was a pet and was no doubt planning to kill him. She baited and trapped him from the looks of his bloodied leg. Sick sadistic scum she is. I think her elderly neighbors (Tiger’s family) have not come forward due to intimidation and threats from Lindsey’s camp. I also believe she was taunting and cyber bullying his family. That is exactly what sociopathic serial killer types do.

  261. KL has disabled her page….again,please click link
    She has been for killing animals for awhile,even before she was hired at the animal hospital,this woman is a danger to ALL animals!


    1. JjJ Lanz says:

      Hopefully when the TVME see her sick comments on that page it will be a further nail in the coffin of her veterinary career. The FBI needs to put her as well as her sick friends under surveillance.

  262. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much for looking into this case. Please continue investigating so this horrible, horrible women can be charged for her criminal action.

  263. Melanie Bregman says:

    I am hoping and praying for Justice for Tiger.
    This story has broken my heart…all the way in Montreal.
    I love cats and they deserve our love and respect.
    Tiger was a beautiful cat full of life and lots of joy to bring to others.
    Please help him get justice.
    #Justice for Tiger.

  264. Mary Stanley says:

    Thank you so much for all you do for the innocent.Please see that Tiger receives justice. Kristen Lindsey planned, stalked and murdered a tame domestic cat. She had taken the veterinary oath. (you probably know it by heart.) She then posted on FB smiling and celebrating her”conquest” for the whole world to see. Her mother and father watched this crime being committed and instead of stopping it they boasted along with her and took the photo and assured people making inquiries about the authenticity that they had “seen it all go down” and had taken the pic themselves. She then destroyed the corpse and claimed the phone used to take the photo was “lost”. It was bad enough that a seemingly normal person could behave this way but more heinous she is a vet. She should be prosecuted to the fullest, make restitution to Tiger’s caregivers (if possible) and lose her license forever. Social media is being used in courtrooms around the world to prosecute crimes. If something isn’t done about this vile act and she is allowed to keep her license she will kill intentionally again. She has made statements in past blogs and on FB comments professing her love of killing. Please don’t let her go unpunished to help herself to an unlimited number of innocent, voiceless victims. Thank you and God bless.

  265. Chris Vendettuoli says:

    Has ALDG yet received any response from Koehn’s office? Anything at all? Yes, they will cooperate? No they will not cooperate?

  266. Rebekah Palmer says:

    The fact that this vet is willing to use a bow and arrow to kill a domesticated cat says that she should not keep her veterinarian license. All domesticated animals lives are in danger! I believe that she should 1. have her license revoked, 2. pay restitution to Tiger’s owners, and 3. be penalized to the fullest extent of the law for cruelty to animals!
    Keep putting on the pressure. I wish that there was a possibility that I could donate, but finances won’t allow that. You have my prayers though, and God is the highest authority.

    1. Kim Dyer says:

      Lindsey shot Tiger (clearly identifiable as Tiger) with a TARGET arrow, while he was looking at her, at close range. There are several documented cases of a cat being shot in the head with a target arrow and surviving.

      The Austin County DA’s office mishandled this so badly it may well be considered criminally negligent.

  267. Lisa Marie Petrone says:

    Thank you ALDF for stepping up!! May all of us seek and end to animal cruelty.

    TEAM TIGER!!!! We are “Tigers Voice”

  268. Kim Dyer says:

    The Austin County DA claimed in their statement to the Grand Jury that killing a cat in the manner Ms. Lindsey did was in accordance with American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines. The AVMA has issued a statement that they were NOT contacted and killing a cat by shooting it in the head with a target arrow is NOT an acceptable method.

    I have found several documented cases of cats surviving being shot with an arrow. The animal in the picture posted by Kristen Lindsey is CLEARLY not dead when she was photographed.


  269. It is 7/19/15 and I have yet to see any new updates regarding the investigation into the DA Travis Koehn!

  270. Tiffany says:

    Looks like Sparky won’t get any justice in Austin County either.


  271. Christine Vendettuoli says:

    It’s been a month or so since ALDF’s request. I think maybe a petition to Koehn to disclose information is in order.

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