Animal Legal Defense Fund Responds to SeaWorld

Posted on October 15, 2015

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orca-cc-selby-wynn-article-image-230It comes as no surprise that SeaWorld Entertainment is planning to challenge the California Coastal Commission’s (Commission) broad authority to regulate marine resources by banning captive breeding or the addition of any orcas to SeaWorld San Diego’s inventory. SeaWorld’s objection to the de facto phase-out of the use of orcas for entertainment acts in San Diego punctuates the entertainment company’s priority on dollars over the well-being of the orcas off of whom it profits. Indeed, while SeaWorld engages in what may be a protracted legal skirmish to challenge the Commission’s broad authority to place conditions on coastal zoning permits, the orcas it uses as money-makers will continue to languish in barren, concrete, tanks that deprive them of everything that is natural and important to them. While SeaWorld doubles down on yet another bad decision for its public image and for the animals in its care, the Animal Legal Defense Fund will consider all of its available legal options to ensure that the breeding ban condition remains in effect.


12 thoughts on “Animal Legal Defense Fund Responds to SeaWorld

  1. Patty Kelley smith says:

    Good job!

  2. DEBORAH Fox says:

    This place is horrible for our sea life. Breeding should be done in the natural habitats THE OCEAN..THEIR HOME

  3. SeaWorld is a bunch of greedy bastards. It’s all about the money.

  4. Astevia Willett says:

    Please, continue fighting for the Orcas. You are amazing individuals. SeaWorld is losing battles. It is just a matter of time before they have close their Orca prisons. I have never been to SeaWorld. I never took my children to SeaWorld, and I discourage family and friends from going there.

  5. Lisa K. Crosato says:

    These animals NEED to be in the ocean and not in a money making exploitive cage which is the equivalent to a human spending the rest of their lives in a bathtub. NOT RIGHT AND IMMORAL. NO MORE BREEDING AND NO MORE CAPTIVITY FOR SHALLOW HUMAN ENTERTAINMENT. I will never bring my children to see such exploitation ever. They will see orcas in the ocean where they belong.

  6. Rosh.Chukoury says:

    Seaworld really?Perhaps you meant cageworld!These poor orcas belong to the nature,we have no right on them any animals.They have to be release as soon as possible.You’re going down seaworld and you know it,atleast you could do something good this time.

  7. elaine Garrod says:

    I think your legal team do one of the most valuable jobs in the war against animal exploitation. I will look at my budget to see what I can commit to you each month. The prison cells whales and dolphins are kept in, for “entertainment” is just one of myriad jobs that needs tackling. However, you have to prioritise and I appreciate that you do, because its the singleness of purpose that keeps the pressure on seaworld and its ilk. Ancient Chinese proverb says: “man who chases 2 rabbits catches none!”. So…go catch seaworld! Bless you.

  8. amber Christenbury says:

    No orcas should be in captivity because they lose their family their pods. There put in captivity at SeaWorld to be raped, and tortured until they go crazy. It is disgusting what SeaWorld does two beautiful intelligent animals please do not go to SeaWorld boycott SeaWorld orcas belong in the ocean with the rest of their pod

  9. Ellen Prior says:

    It is time in our country to be an example to the rest of the world on what taking care of and appreciating animals we have left on our earth really consists of. Animals for entertainment is wrong. Our children need to be taught to look at our creatures in the way God meant for them to live-happy and free!

    1. Jim Light says:

      Unfortunately, we cannot be the example. Many countries have beat us to the punch by either outlawing orca captivity outright or by establishing rules so onerous that no company has chosen to meet them.

      Good work by the ALDF! We can’t be first, but we can be the next country to ban the cruelty of orca captivity.

  10. Patrice says:

    SeaWorld MIGHT have received an ounce of respect by agreeing to this new mandate for their expansion project, however, by challenging the decision, it just shows the people that their main intention was to breed more. In turn, this act represents further greed and disrespect for the animals in their care.

  11. Teresa M. Steele says:

    Sea World claims to love Orcas, and I’m sure that they do. When you love something you want the very best for what you love. Orcas need to swim the ocean the way they were meant to, not in a small captive space. I’m sure its very difficult to let it go but it has to happen. There are a lot of things happening in our wildlife that need to change and change in a way that ensures their survivall. All animals deserve that.

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