Animal Legal Defense Fund Offers $5,000 Reward to Case of Pit Bull Found Hooded, Taped, and Dead in Yolo County

Posted on January 22, 2016

For immediate release:

Natalia Lima,, 201 679 7088

pittie-reward-1-22-2015-article-image-230pxYolo County, California — The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), the nation’s preeminent legal advocacy organization for animals, is contributing $5,000 to a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for the death of a pit bull found taped up, wrapped in a carpet, and left on the side of the road in Woodland. The Yolo County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Unit arrived at the scene on the afternoon January 8, after a motorist driving near County Road 22 and the northbound Interstate 5 onramp stopped his vehicle and discovered the dog rolled up in carpet.

Animal Services Officers found that a plastic bag covered the deceased dog’s head and was taped around his neck, and that his front and back legs were also taped. The Sheriff’s Office describes the dog as an older male with cropped ears, and a mostly gray body, with some white on the underbody, chest, and face. The dog had died recently, according to a forensic pathologist.

Under California law, any person convicted of maliciously and intentionally maiming or killing an animal can be imprisoned for up to three years in county jail and/or fined $20,000 for felony animal cruelty. In California, it is at the district attorney’s discretion whether animal cruelty is charged as a felony.

“This innocent dog was senselessly tortured and killed and deserves justice. Anyone who would kill a defenseless dog in such a sick manner is also a danger to the community and needs to be taken off the streets,” says Stephen Wells, ALDF executive director. “We urge anyone who has any information about this case to come forward and help get justice for this dog.”

If you have information related to this incident, please contact Yolo County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 530-668-5248 or; Yolo County Sheriff’s Animal Services at 530-668-5237; or complete the Anonymous Crime Tip Form.


23 thoughts on “Animal Legal Defense Fund Offers $5,000 Reward to Case of Pit Bull Found Hooded, Taped, and Dead in Yolo County

  1. Juan M Saus says:


  2. Christina Herrera says:

    OMG…what a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE thing. Only a evil monster could do such evil to a defenseless, trusting animal. This needs to be shown on the news, flyers put up..someone somewhere knows something and if they have any any consicene and love for life and animals then they will come forward

  3. Shirley says:

    People are just evil anymore it worsens even more as the years go buy ther really needs to be harsher sentencing to protect the furbabys

    1. Gretchen says:

      Animal abuse punishments must fit the crime. Animal
      Abuse is a felony.
      The male animal abuser will abuse a child and a woman and anything vulnerable.


  4. Gretchen says:

    Animal abuse punishments must fit the crime. Animal
    Abuse is a felony.
    The male animal abuser will abuse a child and a woman and anything vulnerable.


  5. Tamelia Hovis says:

    The punishment should fit the crime!

  6. Robin says:


  7. Nadia Bernardi says:

    The punishment should fit the atrocity of the crime!

  8. Marilyn Graziano says:

    I agree with Tamelia despicable monster!!!

  9. Anne hemmings says:

    Senseless vile behavior

  10. Susan paris says:

    They should hang the bastard that did this when they find him

  11. Ronnie Alam says:

    A murder is a murder and the punishment should fit the crime end of story… because if u can torture an animal, you would do the same to a human… stop putting people in prison for smoking a joint and save the room for the trash

    1. Leimamo Oshiro says:

      Nicely said!!! 👍🏽😊

  12. Nona says:

    An eye for an eye will do…..

  13. Janice Meyer says:

    I think this dog may have been used as a bait dog. His feet were taped up and his head too. They could have done that so he can’t fight the other dog(s). If we could get cooperation from the pertinent organizations, we could close down puppy mills and shut down dog fighting operations (which are known to have connections to organized crime), and put them away for years, I believe a serious dent could be made in the abuse and cruelty perpetrated on animals.

  14. Leimamo Oshiro says:

    What a EVIL PERSON!! BURN IN HELL🐾😈😡👿👍🏽He is waiting for you 👿😈..

  15. Andrea Ferguson says:

    Law enforcement and the D.A.’s office need to take this case seriously and aggressively investigate. Whoever did this is an evil sociopath. These are the kind of people who becomes murders and rapists because they have no empathy and take pleasure in hurting other living creatures. Until law enforcement and prosecutors start caring about punishing animal cruelty cases, this type of evil will keep happening.

  16. Burma William says:

    I agree strongly with the above about the necessity of taking such animal abuse seriously. Yes, it isn’t a long step from hurting animals to hurting people. I am glad that a reward is being offered by the ALDF, one of the best animal groups I know of. And yes, I belong to this group.

  17. Aside from our personal views on this crime, I think time is best served tweeting, emailing, and Facebook messaging everybody we know in the vicinity of the incident. It is a given that this is a horrific crime but what we need is an arrest, punishment and for these monsters to be made an example of.

    I urged you to help find these criminals !!

  18. Julya says:

    Why bastards, may your faith be 1000 x worse.

  19. betty ruth says:

    shouldnt they be able to lift finger prints from the tape or plastic bag?

  20. Jo says:

    I absolutely HATE PEOPLE…and the feeling isn’t lessening as I get older. It appears to be gaining strength. Bastard people need to be euthanized. That simple. Just.that.simple.

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