Animal Legal Defense Fund Offers $5,000 Reward in Shocking Central Valley Chicken Massacre

Posted on October 1, 2014

For immediate release:

Lisa Franzetta, ALDF
Megan Backus, ALDF

chicken-and-baby-cc-aldf-230pxCaruthers, Calif. — The national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator(s) who used a golf club to massacre 920 chickens at a Foster Farms facility. The massacre occurred the morning of September 20 approximately 20 miles south of Fresno. Media reports indicate that the killers broke into the property through a hole in the fence at 3691 West Swanson Ave. and used a golf club, and possibly another instrument, to beat nearly 1,000 chickens to death.

While the chickens were slated for eventual slaughter at the factory farming facility, animal cruelty in the state of California is a serious criminal offense. Under California Penal Code § 597(a) any person convicted of maliciously and intentionally maiming or killing an animal can be imprisoned for up to three years in county jail and/or fined $20,000 for felony animal cruelty. In California, it is at the DA’s discretion whether animal cruelty is charged as a felony. A misdemeanor charge would bring up to one year imprisonment and/or a $20,000 fine. Additional charges, including illegally breaking and entering a private property, may apply.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund frequently makes reward offers in criminal animal cruelty cases. Such a reward helped convict a Brooklyn man accused of setting a cat on fire earlier this spring.

“The suffering of farmed animals is so often overlooked but these chickens deserve justice. This heinous act of animal cruelty must be met with the full force of the law,” says ALDF Executive Director Stephen Wells. “ALDF calls on anyone with information to come forward right away.”

If you have information relating to the identity of the person or persons responsible for the massacre of chickens near Fresno, CA, please contact Deputy Chris Curtice at the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office at 559-600-3111.

22 thoughts on “Animal Legal Defense Fund Offers $5,000 Reward in Shocking Central Valley Chicken Massacre

  1. kimberly krohn says:

    This kind of behavior needs to stop! -.-

  2. Jacqueline Kolb says:


  3. ector lopez says:

    I hope they catch the people that did this they need mental help!

  4. Susan says:


  5. Debra Pinegar says:

    Animals deserve to be treated with respect, even in death! – Debra Scott Pinegar.

  6. Peggy Rapier says:

    Agreed. No excuses for cruelty!

  7. Debora Hardy says:

    I am sickened by all the violence and abuse towards our most precious little souls. There must be severe punishment in which an eye for an eye would be fine with me.

  8. Lori says:

    Its always the ones that are so helpless that get it!! I’m sick of it………STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!

  9. karin linder-andersen says:

    gotta go to jail!

  10. jana says:

    What is wrong with people???? I hope they’re caught and prosecuted to the max!

  11. Margo Anthony says:

    Please stop the needless suffering!

  12. Carol says:

    It is scary that there is such a sick individual out there. Stop the criminal now before more acts of cruelty are done.

  13. Matthew Theis says:

    I think it’s disgusting how people do these things to animals who can’t defend themselves! What goes on in people’s mind to make or want to do such harmful evil things for I’ll never know.

  14. Will you Stopp this Cruelty!!!!!!!

  15. Frank Savino says:

    ALDF- Please pack the court when these individuals are heard so that they get the maximum 3yrs. in jail from the DA.

  16. Plz punish this evil human.

  17. Please find him and punish.

  18. Audrey Hill says:

    We will add a $1000 to the $5000 in the hope that someone will talk. That is dependent on a conviction of the perpetrators. This is very serious. What will these POS do next? There needs to be a better security system at these places. Oh, but that would cost money & eat into their profits.

  19. diane thompson says:

    Sickening who would do such a thing.Cruel violence needs to stopay !!

  20. jackie whitlock says:

    disgusting. Animals have every right, probably even more then we do, or should. They don’t kill for pleasure or destroy the planet. Man is the worst animal God created! He must be so ashamed.

  21. s liddle says:

    Justice for the voiceless innocent beings

  22. Janice Buckley says:

    Please find and punish!!!! Thankyou

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