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ALDF v. Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin
ALDF filed a lawsuit to compel the disclosure of public records concerning taxpayer-funded maternal deprivation experiments conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The suit, filed in the Circuit Court of Dane County, Wisconsin, contends that the university illegally ignored its obligations under Wisconsin’s open records law to release full records of federally-mandated animal welfare committee meetings in which the controversial research was approved.

ALDF v. Cal Expo
ALDF filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court against the California State Exposition and Fairs (Cal Expo) and the University of California Board of Regents for illegally confining pregnant and nursing pigs in the Livestock Nursery Exhibit at the California State Fair. The case was appealed to the California Court of Appeals.

ALDF v. Chicago ACC
ALDF took the City of Chicago Animal Care and Control to court for failure to produce public documents on treatment of cats and dogs at their facility.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit this week asking a federal court to compel the Food and Drug Administration to produce inspection reports of factory egg farms without censoring important information about the hen population and living conditions. The case is being appealed to the 9th Circuit. The case is on appeal before the 9th Circuit.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and Center for Food Safety filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for withholding records related to the federal agency’s approval of the controversial animal feed additive ractopamine.

ALDF v. Herbert
The Animal Legal Defense Fund, along with PETA, has filed the nation’s first lawsuit against ag gag legislation, taking Utah to court for infringing on the free speech rights of activists, investigators, and journalists by criminalizing undercover investigations at factory farms. Utah’s ag gag law aims to prevent animal advocates and law enforcement from collecting evidence of egregious and illegal abuse of animals on factory farms.

ALDF v. The Great Bull Run, LLC
ALDF and PETA filed a lawsuit against the Great Bull Run and the Lone Star Rodeo in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. This case is the first lawsuit filed to stop the Great Bull Run, which has received widespread outcry across the United States. According to the lawsuit, these events violate California’s anti-cruelty law and Unfair Competition Law.

ALDF v. Lt Napa Partners
ALDF filed a lawsuit against Napa-based La Toque restaurant for violating the state ban on selling and distributing force-fed foie gras products. ALDF’s undercover investigations reveal that despite the state ban, La Toque routinely sells foie gras products derived from force-feeding birds to enlarge the birds’ liver (“foie gras”). The case is currently before the California Court of Appeals.

ALDF v. Mendocino County
A coalition of animal protection and conservation groups and a local Mendocino resident filed a lawsuit against Mendocino County in the Superior Court of California, County of Mendocino, for violating the California Environmental Quality Act. The lawsuit challenges the county’s failure to conduct the legally-required environmental review of its $142,356 taxpayer-funded contract with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Wildlife Services. The contract authorizes Wildlife Services, a highly-controversial federal program, to kill hundreds of animals in the county every year, including coyotes, bears, and foxes, without assessing the ecological impact or considering alternatives.

Senator Tony Avella joined the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund at a press conference announcing that ALDF has filed a petition with the New York Supreme Court asking the court to force the New York Police Department to turn over enforcement records regarding the city’s horse-drawn carriage industry.

ALDF v. Otter
ALDF and a coalition of organizations dedicated to civil liberties, animal protection, food safety, labor rights, and the environment, along with journalists, filed a federal lawsuit to overturn Idaho’s attempt to silence factory farm whistle-blowers.

ALDF, PETA, the Orca Network, and private citizens filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that challenges its decision to renew the Seaquarium’s federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license, which allows Lolita the orca to remain captive. The case is currently on appeal before the 11th Circuit.

ALDF v. Vilsack
ALDF, three other animal rights groups, and several individual plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles against the U.S. Department of Agriculture for violating the federal Poultry Products Inspection Act by allowing adulterated poultry-in the form of foie gras-to be sold to consumers.

Compassion Over Killing v. FDA
ALDF and Compassion Over Killing filed a complaint in a federal district court in Oakland against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and Agriculture Marketing Service, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for failing to regulate animal welfare labeling on egg cartons.

Griggs v. Furry Babies
A group of consumers filed a lawsuit in LaSalle County Circuit Court against the Chicago pet store chain Furry Babies, Inc., claiming that the store sold sick puppies from puppy mills to unsuspecting consumers in violation of state consumer protection laws.

Association des Eleveurs de Canards et d’Oies du Quebec v. Harris
In 2012 foie gras industry plaintiffs filed a motion for a preliminary injunction, which would have suspended the foie gras ban for the duration of the litigation. The trial court preserved the ban by denying the injunction, and was affirmed by the Ninth Circuit. The issue is back for before the trial court for final resolution. ALDF and other animal protection organizations have filed numerous amici curiae (friend of the court) briefs in that lawsuit.

ALDF joined NRDC in suing the Federal Government for putting whales and dolphins in danger of being killed by sonar and active explosions throughout southern California and Hawaiian waters.

Palin v. Cuesta
ALDF represents Hillsborough County Florida residents suing to stop backyard slaughter, using landmark Florida “public nuisance” lawsuit.

Showing Animals Respect and Kindness v. California Rodeo Salinas
ALDF filed a lawsuit against the California Rodeo Salinas and its head veterinarian Tim Eastman for failing to report animal injuries to the state veterinary medical board, as required under California law. The defendants are accused of significantly underreporting the number of animals injured at the California Rodeo Salinas, the largest rodeo in the state and one of the largest in the country. In the last two years, the nonprofit SHARK has documented injuries to 41 animals—yet the rodeo has reported only four of those injuries. The lawsuit was filed in the Monterey County Superior Court on behalf of SHARK, who has had to spend its limited resources monitoring the rodeo and documenting unreported injuries to animals.

Stephens v. Hendry County
ALDF filed a lawsuit on behalf of local Hendry County residents after the county approved a primate breeding facility that could hold as many as 3,200 long-tailed macaques—a species linked with prior outbreaks of infectious disease. Hendry County approved the controversial project (“SoFlo Ag”) behind closed doors with only the facility’s supporters present and failed to hold the public hearing required by the state’s “Sunshine Law.”

Stop Animal Exploitation Now v. UC Regents
ALDF joined Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) in a lawsuit against the Regents of the University of California for failing to produce public records in violation of California state law.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now v. Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.
ALDF filed a complaint on behalf of Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) against Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc., in the first-ever lawsuit against an animal research lab under California’s state cruelty law and Unfair Competition Law. The lawsuit is before the California Court of Appeals.

Thompson v. Freilino
Animal Legal Defense Fund, Project Coyote take to courts to stop illegal gambling, shut down coyote hunt.

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