Protect Exotic Animals in Las Vegas!

Posted by Carney Anne Nasser, ALDF Legislative Counsel on February 27, 2015

Clark County Commissioners are meeting on Wednesday, March 4 to consider revoking the zoning permits for Keith Evans to house exotic animals. ALDF needs your help to make sure the interests of these and other animals are protected!


The Lion Habitat Ranch, aka “Lion Photo Studios,” is a roadside zoo in Clark County that breeds and exhibits over 40 lions who are kept in substandard cages and used for photos and other dangerous opportunities for unsafe public interactions. Because lions and other big cats may only lawfully be used for direct public contact until they are about 12 weeks old, exhibitors like Keith Evans of the Lion Habitat Ranch have to keep breeding lions in order to maintain a steady supply of cubs. Exotic cats who become too big for public handling frequently end up warehoused in cages, sent to other roadside zoos and other exploitative operators with histories of Animal Welfare Act violations, shuffled around through the lucrative exotics market, or even dumped at facilities that slaughter lions for their meat and parts. Evans has exceeded the number of lions he may lawfully house, but apparently keeps breeding them.

Keith Evans was recently cited by the USDA for unsafe handling practices involving interactions between lions and the public. Because the USDA only inspects about once a year, and Clark County has no ordinance regulating exotic animal ownership, Evans operates with virtually no oversight 364 days of the year. Unless Clark County stops the madness by revoking Evans’ zoning permit to keep dangerous wild animals, Evans will continue to breed lions, expand his operation, and contribute to the exploitation of other exotic animals. This situation also underscores the need for Clark County to finally pass an ordinance that provides meaningful oversight over exotic animal ownership.

Please speak up for lions and other exotic animals condemned to lives of abuse and deprivation by urging Clark County Commissioners to: 1) revoke Keith Evans’ conditional use permits, and 2) pass an ordinance that empowers the county to exercise greater oversight over owners of dangerous wild animals!

Action for Nevada Residents

If you are a Nevada resident, please call Clark County Commissioner Chair Steve Sisolak today at (702) 455-3500. All you have to do is politely say, “As a Nevada resident who cares about animal welfare and public safety, I wanted to voice support for your effort to revoke the conditional use permits for Lion Habitat Ranch, and ask you to pass an exotic animal ordinance that will prevent situations like this from happening in the future.”

After you call, please be sure to send a follow-up email to the Clark County Commissioners. If you are a resident of Clark County, be sure to note that in your email.

38 thoughts on “Protect Exotic Animals in Las Vegas!

  1. jennifer atack says:

    Please put these babies in a sanctuary where they can be happy and treated properly and be safe!

  2. Brandi Vallesteros says:

    Let’s put a stop to this!

  3. Rose Penningron says:

    Please remove these beautiful lion’s from this man. He has proven to be incapable of properly and responsibly caring for them. Enough is enough. Lion meat and killing is against the law and this guy is allowed to do this ?
    Despicable, end the lion’s torture now.
    Thank you

  4. Cheryl Lafferty says:

    This just needs to be stopped.

  5. Donna Gasbarro says:

    Protect Exotic animals in Vegas!

  6. Lela says:

    These animals need to be released back to their natural habitat!

  7. Sue Owen says:

    Please release these wild animals into a safe and registered sanctuary. They are not some cheap roadside attraction to be paraded for a few weeks of their lives, and then kept in a substandard environonment as a breeder to provide a steady supply of cute cubs! This guy needs to get a real job, and be forever banned from keeping WILD animals!

  8. wendy says:

    Please put these lions in sanctuary where they will be treated properly. Everyone will be safe, and very importantly, these animals will have a semblance of happy existence in this human world. Las Vegas is NO place for exotic animals!

  9. David says:

    I find it Hard to believe that in todays time that a City as Large as Las Vegas has ZERO Ordinances to Protect Exotic Cats and other animals from people who Could Care less about their welfare, and ONLY Care about making that Almighty Dollar as Mr. Keith Evans Does at his LION HABITAT RANCH… His License needs to be Revoked Immediately and you people in city Govt. there need to do Something and do it now to see that his many, many Lions and other Exotic animals are taken away from him safely and put somewhere that is adequate and safe so that they will be well cared for the REST OF THEIR LIVES AND CARED FOR PROPERLY…If NOT, then you TOO May stand before GOD one day and have to answer for your actions of doing Nothing to Protect Gods Magnificent Creatures against the likes of MEN GONE BAD AND COMPLETELY IMMORAL AS KEITH EVANS…Do Something now, before it is too Late for these Wonderful Creatures of Gods (These many Lions) !!! Sign, David L. Craddock Jr.

  10. Candi Kendrick says:

    Please protect these animals!

  11. Alecia Babich says:

    The humane thing to do is shut down this operation.

  12. M M McCracjen says:

    It’s time to legislate against captive wild animals. Period.

  13. Leigh Brownsmith says:

    All permits for wild animals should be revoked. No one
    should have any right to keep wild animals. The clue is
    in the name – WILD. They have the right to remain as such.

  14. sharon chang says:

    don’t even get me started on how abusive man is!

  15. Darlene Logue says:

    Big cats belong in the wild, not concrete cages.

  16. Ricardo Rios says:


  17. Eduardo Selinger says:

    Please please please this has to stop

  18. Lynn Hancock says:

    Please let these beautiful creatures go to a peaceful santuary

  19. Madeline Guérin says:

    Please put these babies in a sanctuary where they can be happy and treated properly and be safe!

  20. Heidi Scott says:

    Wild animals should not be used and abused for entertainment purposes. They are wild for a reason.

  21. Haley Crawford says:

    They have a right to remain Wild!

  22. Miriem says:

    what’s WRONG with you people?

  23. cynthia mann says:

    Speak for those who have no voice.

  24. Johno Abro says:

    it’s just cruel!

  25. Charles Hu says:

    Human ah! What do you to return to nature a peaceful and clean! Only for your personal interests and allows so many animals suffering? Don’t forget that the earth is common to all living creatures “person in the eyes of god! Also just made a creature! There is no privilege! Have no right to decide any kind of creature’s right to exist. Or only the comprehensive destruction! back to the normal operation of the laws of nature!

  26. Elaine O'Sullivan says:

    Wild animals belong in the wild!!! Its not rocket science!!!

  27. Ramona Ivanovic says:

    this shouldn’t be allowed remove the animals to a sanctuary.

  28. Danusia bourdon says:

    This is the 21 st century where wild animals should only live in the wild and not housed as pets, hello, is there anyone out there with just an iota of common sense!

  29. Amanda says:

    please leave these snimals slime and allow them to be free

  30. Amanda says:

    Please allow these animals to be free and leave them alone.

  31. Amanda says:

    Lions are meant to be in the wild. Let them live

  32. Seema Vaid says:

    Lions and tigers should be placed in sanctuaries, not in roadside zoos … Please release the animals to sanctuaries

  33. Laura Adams says:

    I feel that Vegas needs to set up Safari Wildlife out of the city which any animals can roam around along with safari animals. Just build fence along, use jeep to drive the safari for people to take pictures. No people can have any close contact to any animals, include babies. Provide Veterinary building at all times. Animals will be much happier this way rather than being a small cage isolate while people are too close. Please. I’ve been there, they are bored.

  34. Please close down Lion Habitat Ranch and Lion Photo Studios. They irresponsibly breed these lions and exotic cats, causing them to end up warehoused in cages, sent to other roadside zoos and other exploitative operators with histories of Animal Welfare Act violations, shuffled around through the lucrative exotics market, or even dumped at facilities that slaughter lions for their meat and parts. This is heinous and egregious irresponsibility toward animals, and is immoral. Please end this cruelty to lions.

  35. Rhonda Hughes says:

    And what do they do with the grown lions and tigers? Perhaps sell them to those who provide CANNED hunting for an enormous fee? It is shameful any of this activity is permitted in our country.

  36. Louisa says:

    Thanks for sharing, I’m a resident of Clark County and I just called and e-mailed.

  37. Marie Madden says:

    Put these poor animals in a nice sanctuary where they will not be exploited and abused.

  38. Roy S. says:

    Are you folks sure about your findings? I’ve read a couple of articles from the Las Vegas Review Journal and the reporters of these two articles spoke mostly positively about this facility, with the only violation of: housing more animals than it was originally permitted.

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