Indiana “Pig Wrestling” Violates Local Anti-cruelty Laws

Posted by Sarah Hanneken, ALDF Guest Blogger on April 28, 2015

Sports involving the exploitation of animals are grotesque—and “pig wrestling” is no different. In this loathsome activity, teams of four humans chase a terrified pig around a muddy pit, attempting to catch her and carry her to the center of the rink before time runs out. The contestants dive on top of her as she runs away, grab her legs, pin her against the fence, slam her to the ground, and attempt to carry her as she struggles desperately to escape. The pig may urinate or defecate out of sheer terror while being pursued by the human contestants, generating public-health concerns as well. Under no condition would we allow a dog or cat to be terrorized or injured this way for “sport,” so why allow it for pigs? Unfortunately, this cruel pastime is scheduled to take place this summer at the 2015 Harrison County Fair (July 12-18).


Yet sections 8(d) and 19 of the Harrison County Animal Control Ordinance make it unlawful for anyone to mistreat, torment, disable, or otherwise abuse an animal. The ordinance defines “animal” broadly, as “any live, vertebrate creature, domestic or wild…” There is no exemption for pigs, meaning the law protects them as well.

Section 8(d) expressly prohibits any person from instigating or permitting combat between animals and humans. Pig wrestling is an onslaught upon a trapped and terrified animal who cannot escape the direct physical assault coming from her human assailants.

Moreover, in light of the significant amount of fear inflicted upon the animal as part of any pig-wrestling event, such activity clearly involves “torment” and, as such, is illegal under Sections 8(d) and 19.

Put simply, if the Harrison County fair board permits this event to take place, it will be breaking the law. That’s why the Animal Legal Defense Fund sent a formal letter of complaint to the Fair Board, notifying them that this event is illegal.

238 thoughts on “Indiana “Pig Wrestling” Violates Local Anti-cruelty Laws

  1. Patricia Atkins says:

    Please stop this cruel pastime! We are better than this.

  2. Dave Bodley says:

    They’ve got to be loopy to do stuff like that.

  3. sharon petit says:

    Absolute animal cruelty — you find the abuse of an animal entertaining?

  4. J Evans says:

    fdisgusting and vile!!!!

  5. Theresa says:

    Please stop this horrific event!

  6. Leslie St Ann says:

    Please stop this cruel, redneck activity.

  7. Julia Thomas says:

    This cruelty is no longer acceptable. We human beings are wiser to know this and accept this. Please stop this mean and hurtful practice, thank you.

  8. Trent Balzer says:

    You sick, cruel bastards! How would you like it if we did this to you?! END THE CRUELTY

  9. John Palin says:

    This type of animal cruelty must stop!

  10. Jackie Casano says:

    This is nothing more than illegal, sadistic animal cruelty. Please prove that you folks are above this and cancel this disgusting “contest”.

  11. Ryan Greye says:

    Since when is it fun to terrify an animal? Since when is it o.k. to treat them with such barbaric behavior. Is this really what we want to teach children? This is a disgusting act of cruelty and it should be ended! Why not use the fair to teach compassion rather than this?

  12. Stephanie Anne-Marie Griffith says:

    “Sport”????? SMFH

  13. Willy Villa-Shonner says:


  14. Justine Smith says:

    Senseless innocent animals being subjected to this?!?! End this now prison time!!

  15. Ellyn Taylor says:

    Stop this mean spirited stupidity. Play baseball…or football. Wrangle each other and leave the helpless animals who don’t have a say alone.

  16. The world will be watching, hopefully this cruel torture will NOT take place!!

  17. Beth Martin says:

    Horrible, such a poor lack of compassion

  18. Liz R. says:

    Where can we sign a petition against this? Do these people have nothing better to do for entertainment?!? Why don’t they wrestle each other for enjoyment. Absolute savages.

    1. Mara Koorse says:

      Petition? Once again, I have to put myself out there to cry PROTEST!!! So many years ago, a million man march was called for in DC. Why can’t we call for ten thousand animal loving people to PROTEST …. you want to do it in INDIANA? They will do everything to hurt us in that place… I say BEFORE July 12 … maybe July 4th, we bring this disgusting sin against innocence to light and show [film] what true bottom feeders animal abusers truly are! ACTION gets results. INACTION gets millions more abused.

  19. Victoria Shade says:

    If i lived in Indiana, I would boycott (and encourage everyone else to join me) this fair that allows this criminal behavior.

    These people are ignorant and disgusting.

  20. Lisa Povedano says:

    It is not humane to do this. Another thing to be changed in our societies. Apart from cruelty in pig slaughter farms and on how they are raised, which is 10 times worse than this. I believe in the food chain, but as the most evolved animal in the food chain, humans most also be compassionate.

    1. Fiona says:

      I’m not sure I would call us the “most evolved” by either a scientific or colloquial understanding of that term.

  21. Sara Gambier says:

    This is disgusting. Are you blind or something? This has to stop, those poor Pig’s! Haven’t you something better to do, you A hole! I feel sick.

  22. Marilyn Stalsworth says:

    I remember signing this last year because some church thought it was grand entertainment to torture animals. And here we are again. Same state.

  23. susan blatenszky says:

    you are sick people

  24. Annmari Skoglund says:

    How terrible! It is criminal to treat animals this way! They should be ashamed!

  25. Asha Gangasarran says:

    Cruel just cruel and in humane-stop this barbaric act immediately. Wrestle with each other if you must.

  26. Colby Cox says:

    First, it’s illegal. And, what about the pure fear that the pigs feel? As a society we need to move beyond things like this.

  27. Stacey says:

    Where is the petition to stop this cruel act?!

  28. Do they have nothing better to do than torture animals? This needs to stop. There are so many other ways for these people to entertain themselves. Stop this.

  29. Lisa Denning says:

    This was just stopped coming out of Wisconsin. What on earth is wrong with these people. This is abuse!

  30. Senseless innocent animals being subjected to this?!?! End this now prison time!!

  31. Dianne Christian says:

    I’m thoroughly disgusted by this. Where are their consciences, where is their compassion?? We now know these animals FEEL fear. They FEEL pain. Could someone please start a petition, please?

  32. Rebecca Hansen says:

    Terrorizing innocent animals is fun? Good going Indiana. You have proven to have less intelligence than the animals you torture.

  33. Lauren smith says:

    Cruel & wrong…can’t you people think of something else to entertain yourselves with instead of torturing innocent animals!!! Ban this stupid idea!!!

  34. Elena says:

    Disgusting backwards hillbillies! So friggin’ cruel…

  35. Alicia Posell says:

    This is cruelty plain and simple.

  36. linda says:

    this is beyond pathetic and disgusting. This must stop…………those “people” are vile scum!!!

  37. Mamie Holst says:

    What a bunch of sick, sub-humans. Please teach your children well. Not animal cruelty! This needs to be banned.

  38. Anne vd pol says:

    Stop this please!!!

  39. Sandy Patrick says:

    This is ridiculous. Calling this animal cruelty doesn’t even begin to cover it. I don’t know what’s worse, the people actually participating in the abuse or the fools watching for entertainment. This ILLEGAL practice must be stopped.

  40. Stacey Gregg says:

    I’m disgusted in this day and age this practice is acceptable. You have not been taught the need for
    Humanity and doing what is right. Stop this illegal practice! Be kind to the pigs!

  41. Corrina Faulkner says:

    Disgusting abuse of animals!

  42. Sharon cocciolone says:

    When will humans stop the cruelty to animals?

  43. Bas Waijers says:


  44. Virginia Paccione says:

    Please cancel the cruel pig wrestling event. Instead, ask for a group of humans to volunteer to chase another human, who is jumped on and wrestled to the ground. Let’s teach each other and our children to be kind to animals!

  45. Mary Lozada says:

    What a disgrace! Heartbreaking, this just goes to show the compassion and intelligence some people have. Makes you wonder who the real pigs are :-)

  46. Nancy Pennington says:

    What’s wrong with you people? STOP this cruel insanity. You are teaching your children that cruelty is o.k.

  47. Dawn Shaw says:

    This is not a sport it’s animal cruelty, if they did the same thing with say….a grizzly bear, that might be a sport!

  48. Joke Sleurs says:

    Would you like it if tou were innocent and they do studf like that to you? The pig does not want this!!!!

  49. mary ward says:

    is there a petition we can sign

  50. M Kardos says:

    This is disgraceful, and absolutely inexcusable! End this abuse NOW!

  51. sharon sakberg says:

    spinless soulless act

  52. sharon salberg says:

    spineless soulless act

  53. Anne Steele says:

    A disgusting act of “inhumanity” Revolting!

  54. kim sears says:

    end this now!!

  55. Susan Stockton says:


  56. Eileen Lorraine says:

    This is so sad and upsetting to me! How many people have NO REGARD/ NO RESPECT/ for these animals! These are disgusting, and a bunch of heartless and cruel humans. if one should call them “human?”.

  57. Yvonne Halls says:

    Don`t see the point of pig wrestling, its just an excuse to abuse an animal

  58. Georgia Fuoto says:

    I thought that humans were supposed to be the “smart” ones!

  59. Chris says:


  60. Alberta Mayne says:

    barbaric bullshit

  61. Helen says:

    This is F…DISGUSTING.. !

  62. Eva Kilander says:

    idiots! I hate when people take advantage , hurt or demean animals! WHY

  63. Laurence Vanmeerbeeck says:

    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way they treat animals!
    You are less human than animals!

  64. Marilyn Stonebraker says:

    Please stop this horrific pig cruelty. You can see the faces of the children are sad, they know that pig is suffering. It just promotes more pig cruelty in factory farming. Why can’t people get the word “illegal”. No respect for laws.

  65. Marie Rickarf says:

    A disgusting primitive excuse for entertainment. Do they even go to school in this area? Why is this allowed?

  66. Mary Bakea says:

    For whoever is organising this : would u like to take the place of the pig..!!??

  67. Tomas Kilander says:

    How can you at all think of anything so idiotic. Intel Again level can not be high on the type of human. STOP bedevil ANIMALS. Otherwise , I hope that someone up there punishes them hard.

  68. Kristy says:

    This is absolutely sickening!!!! This is cruel and needs to STOP!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh people what is wrong with you?? Would you want that done to you? Sickening

  69. Marsha Hoone says:

    Just wrestle each other. Leave the animals alone!

  70. Shalome Clark says:

    Thus is a barbaric practice that should have been stopped long ago!!! Put an end to it!!

  71. pat says:

    This just disgusts me to no end. Stop this NOW. They suffer excruciating pain and this is inhumane to do this to these animals.

  72. David Fisher says:

    Disgusting cruelty.

  73. Zoco says:

    Is there a petition to stop this?

  74. Isabelle Delogu says:

    What a shame !! Is that people civilized ?
    Une honte !! Ces gens sont ils civilisés ?

  75. Maria Bonnici says:

    Disgusting people, evil event

  76. Kristin says:

    So heart renching. Breaks my heart. I bet that pig is so frightened and upset. stop this!

  77. Lisa didion says:

    Please stop this.

  78. Sophie Debbane says:


  79. Ellen McCutcheon says:

    This is cruelty … We need to stop this from happening.

  80. Kerry Proctor says:

    Disgusting!! Animal Cruelty!!! Needs to STOP!!!

  81. Laly says:

    Please,Stop this fricking “sport”.

  82. Rita Cauchi says:

    Stop this inhumane practice.

  83. Sandy dibble says:


  84. People who do this are obviously of low intelligence – a law should be passed to protect these pigs.

  85. Sandy dibble says:

    Disgusting this needs to stop

  86. The people who do this are obviously of very low intelligence. The animals should be protected by law.

  87. Mary J Armbrust says:

    Can’t you file an injunction against this bizarre act of cruelty? Do you need a citizen of Indiana? This sort of lowlife behavior is against the law and should not be tolerated. All it takes is the outcry of concerned citizens. Surely there’s one good citizen in Indiana who know right from wrong???

  88. Please stop this inhuman act there is many
    Sports y chose one that will hurt :( another for what? This is not only cruel but it also show how many sick people is out in the world
    And apparently doesn’t care who knows it

  89. Vanessa D says:

    This is CRUEL and should be banned! This is not a game or sport -it is ABUSE.

  90. Kaitlin Corona says:

    Very creepy that people get enjoyment from this….Creepy and sad.

  91. Kalyn says:

    Please stop animal cruelty for the sake of entertainment it is barbaric and unessecary

  92. Colette Erickson says:

    Every time I see IN in the news for something like this, I am glad I had the good sense to leave over 30-yrs. ago. So horrified for the people and animals of IN. Disgusting ………………..

  93. nanette says:

    Forbid human to do this


    forbid human to kill animals
    Forbid human to eat animals
    Forbid human to hunt animals
    Forbid to test or abuse animals
    Forbid human use animals to sick games

    enough with humans cruelty against animals

    vegan world now

    punish humans if they harm animals in any way

  94. Robin Montgomery says:

    Don’t know what to say. Am so saddened to learn about this. We continue to be barbarians when it comes to animals. It’s just inhumane and not funny at all. I know that Pigs are actually smarter than many humans…probably why certain humans do this to this gentle creature to show control and dominance. When they can’t fight back it is only cruelty!!!
    Please end this insane sport ASAP!!

  95. matt Meadath says:

    Please end this backwards and ridiculous and stupid event.

  96. Margaret Lewis says:

    This is senseless animal cruelty. Pigs are extremely intelligent beings and they must be terrified exposed to this horrible abuse. Shame on the adults who feel this is an appropriate form of entertainment for their children. What is wrong with these people! Have they no empathy?

  97. How can this be happening? I thought we were civilized country. Terrible examples to give young children. No kind and decent human being would attend an event as such as this. Stopping animal abusers will prevent harm to humans as well. It always follows this path, first they hurt the animals then the people.

  98. effie schembri says:

    Disgusting! !!

  99. Ann Boyce says:

    America can this really be true you are not a nation to be looked up to sex with animals still legal in lots of states shooting animals and people shame on you

  100. kathryn Gleeson says:

    What are these people thinking !? Abuse is abuse!!! This is barbaric! Forcing any creature to have to fight for its life in the name of entertainment is a disgraceful act! Those involved should be ashamed of themselves this is just not acceptable in a civilised society.

  101. michelle says:

    end this torment this is cruel how would you like it if I sent 4 big men chasing you around and then drag you threw the mud and slam you to a fence and then slam you to the ground and just for the hell of it I cram you into a barrel

  102. Carrie Purcell says:

    To terrify, torment, and violently abuse these animals is not any way to entertain. Anyone with intelligence and any ounce of compassion knows this. This is horribel and needs to stop – NOW!

  103. Christina Stoner says:

    We challenge the killing of dogs- stolen family pets in China, et al, and fight to end the torture. Looks like similar animal cruelty occurs in the US– Barbara Cappelli is so right “first they hurt the animals then the people.” Pigs are highly evolved
    intelligent– and FEELING– beings. This event is one step away from GENOCIDE!! And a state ALLOWS this?? May as well start using toddlers next!!

  104. Carina Casas says:

    Is barbaric >:(

  105. Denise King says:

    Sick people in mind and spirit….
    ‘The greatness of a nation is judged on the way it treats its animals’ Mahatma Gandhi
    Shame on you America!

  106. Noni Gotti says:


  107. linda says:

    stop this cruelty

  108. Ina Webb says:

    My heart cries for these beautiful beings.
    I sincerely pray and send positive thoughts and love to those sweet pigs. God Bless

  109. Julie Ryman says:

    This is cruelty plain and simple!

  110. Kathy Davis says:

    Stop this barbaric “entertainment” at the expense of these defenseless animals. What sort of person condones this abuse??

  111. Jane McCulloch says:

    This heinous cruelty to a defenseless and intelligent pig shocks me and it must be stopped immediately!!

  112. Joni Stokes says:

    When will people grow up and act like humans?? This animal cruelty has got to stop!!1 We need to make and/or enforce laws to protect ALL living creatures, big and small!!! Barbara is right!! Animal crielty is the start of ALL cruelty and abuse!!!

  113. Lisa MacAllister says:

    Disgusting and completely thoughtless! It’s got to be possible for people like that to find other ways to amuse themselves.

  114. Joke Wilderom says:

    Good heavens, grow up! Better use your energy on each other instead of violating innocent animals!

  115. Maureen Sladdin says:

    Men women and children sitting watching and laughing at the plight of one scared little pig. Sadly these humans lack empathy

  116. Katie Ruth says:

    I’m disgusted by people.

  117. Melanie says:

    This is just barbaric! How can any sane person do this to another sentient being??!!
    Shame on you!

  118. Danielle C. says:

    More ignorant, shameful humans acting inhumane to innocent animals. Wish everyone knew pigs are as intelligent as dogs. These people disgust me. What losers. Find some better entertainment. How about using people instead since they have a choice. They should be punished.

  119. isha says:

    This is not a sport- this is barbarism. If we call ourselves a civilized world, such outdated, ridiculous and cruel practises need to STOP.


  121. Monika Shead says:

    This is an disgusting and barbaric activity. Please grab a brain and grow a heart and stop this awful practice. Thank you.

  122. Fahima Sahabdeen says:

    Please find other forms of entertainment. Animals are a sacred trust to us from God. You have to account for your deeds one day and this is most evil. We behave worse than animals on this planet. They would never do this to each other for entertainment or for sport.

  123. Don Jay says:

    This action towards pigs is disgusting!

  124. fran barrett says:

    please stop making me ashamed to be human. Please stop terrifying other species — or our own, as I am terrified to think I belong to the same race as animals who would behave this way to other animals. They make Indiana a place one wants to slink away from in shame.

  125. Ruste says:

    This is disgusting and inhumane activity. This needs to stop. We just stop this same kind of activity at St. Patrick’s parish. Why don’t one of you so called humans volunteer and take the place of the poor creature and see how you like it. They are loving, intelligent babies and do NOT deserve to be treated like this for your entertainment.

  126. Eileen Jeffrey says:

    Cruelty and stupid grrr

  127. Debbie Conway says:

    When will we as human beings and supposedly the higher being, this senseless cruel treatment of animals. This just makes makes me sick.

  128. Lorraine St Clair says:

    Animals are not to be treated cruelly for any reason!

  129. della lurusso says:

    Stop this now

  130. Mary Sharkey says:

    My faith in humanity is at an all-time low. Let’s just stop this inhumane practice.

  131. Laura Hicks says:

    As a veterinary technician, it is my responsibility to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  132. Stefanie Golden says:

    God entrusted man with the care of all His animals… One day we will all have to answer for our treatment of them too!!STOP ABUSING GOD’S ANIMALS

  133. Dawn Bonaparte says:


  134. sandra frost says:

    Stop this cruel crazy race…it,s 2015 now so be get with it and stop acting like you havent learnt anything in the last 50 years….

  135. lisa nunes says:


  136. Really get a wii system and play games.

  137. Rita Akalski says:

    Disgusting people. I’d love to do that to them. So sad.

  138. Frey says:

    this needs to stop once and forever

  139. Brianna Stegall says:

    It is only a sport when both teams are playing.

  140. Dora says:

    Horrible. Stop. Let’s turn the tables and it to you,!

  141. April Koodray says:

    What is wrong with these people!!! they think this is fun ! Please dont allow this to happen.

  142. Kathleen mullon says:

    Cruel. Would you do this to a dog? Don’t discriminate.

  143. Lisa says:

    How can we stop it?

  144. Dawn Medina says:

    This is sickening and heartbreaking!

  145. Jeanette says:

    Anyone participating in this should go to jail.

  146. Mikey B says:

    Seriously? You idiots can’t think of a better way to entertain yourselves? We’re onto you…

  147. Courtney says:

    those poor pigs are probably so scared and miserable. how can we stop this

  148. sherri says:

    Stupid ass Hoosiers! This is their level of intelligence. Stop tormenting little pigs! Take your fat kids for a run!

  149. Candy Shine says:

    Damn!! This got to STOP!!!!

  150. Molly Fernald says:

    End this!

  151. Veronica Gallucci says:

    This is disgusting and shameful on every level !!! This must stop

  152. Sue Landman says:

    This awful “game” is illegal and cruel. it teaches children that this type of behavior to others is ok. do not have this event at the fair!

  153. Lisa says:

    Beyond disgusting !!! Abusing innocent animals is criminal!! This MUST stop.

  154. vera lie says:

    it’s just not the RIGHT thing to do!!

  155. DES says:


  156. Assal says:

    This is absolutely despicable. Complete insanity. As an attorney, it is quite clear that this is unacceptable.

  157. Stephane says:

    Please advise how we can help stop this barbaric behaviour.

  158. Lyndsey jones says:

    “Pig wrestling” ? What’s wrong with people… This needs to stop ASAP!!!
    Friggin’ hillbillies

  159. Stevie Smith says:

    Very cruel and extremely unnecessary. Play a different sport where cruelty is not involved

  160. Jill McCabe says:


  161. Michelle Schwartz says:

    I guess I won’t be taking any trips that support Indiana’s economy. The laws of life apply to you too Indiana. Really shameful!

  162. Bec says:

    Every life counts and should be treated with dignity and respect

  163. Julia Russell says:

    Pigs are one of most intelligent animals. They can be pets as dogs/cats. My ex boyfriend grew up petting a pig. He loved him/her.

  164. Sarah Russell says:

    This is disgusting!

  165. Is there no peace left in our life?If people aren’t abusing and killing ,they are teaching their kids to be evil and enjoy watching. Are they so ignorant they can’t think of something constructive to do with their lives to make things better?

  166. Niki says:

    All events that wrestle, throw to the ground, or physically harm or terrorise, or ultimately kill animals should be banned. Please don’t support horse racing, bull fighting, greyhound racing, Sea World, dog or cock fighting. All totally unnecessary harmful sports that cause untold suffering.

  167. Rhonda Flansburg says:

    Enough already! Please end this

  168. Debbie Panter says:

    This is incomprehensible!

  169. Liz Hunt says:

    shame on you and all your out dated traditions.

  170. Amber schiffer says:

    Please keep us informed as this progresses.

  171. Dorothy says:

    Stop this!

  172. Susan Nunez says:

    Please please stop this cruelty to animals! Their lives matter just as much as yours & mine. They feel hurt, pain & sadness as you do, and depend on us to take care of them, not abuse & mistreat them. Animals deserve so much more ! They deserve love and respect!

  173. D says:

    Stop the Abuse.

  174. kelli says:

    No more of this please.

  175. Mirna says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    1. Christina Stoner says:

      This says it all@! Brilliant, empathetic, 100% true… no improvement or enhancement of this quotation is necessary… PUBLISH THIS ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA SITE>> Great job and thx for posting this.

  176. Megha says:

    Fight a human, not innocent animals bitches!!! They don’t even have a clue why are they being tortured.. Have the balls to fight someone who can fight you back..

  177. Donna Evans says:

    This is evil and cruel. What is wrong with these idiots!!!!!!!!

  178. Kim Regan says:

    This is 2015 not the Dark Ages . Historically im a farm girl i have worked with pigs exstensively . I would never treat a pig or any other animal this way . The world is watching . Im from the UK

  179. Malinda Nel says:

    I really hate most so-called ‘humans’.

  180. Julija Merljak says:

    I thought the USA had some animal rights and laws in place? I guess not!! Unacceptable behaviour from a civilised country, this belongs in the medieval ages, not modern times!!

  181. Analeza Ali says:

    Please stand up for the innocent, defenceless. They’re not for our amusement.

  182. Kaley Howland says:


  183. Berit Klit Madsen says:


  184. M. Mayfield says:

    This is horrifying.

  185. Wendy Douglas says:

    This is vile, cruel animal abuse !!!!!!

  186. Brittany Cassidy says:

    Please stop this next of animal cruelty.

  187. Isolde Tastel says:


  188. If you all have that much time on your hands to chase around a defenseless animal and terrorise it… Then maybe you all might want to go to a local hospital and volunteer there or Big Brothers and Big Sisters or hey now there is a thought… Your Local Animal Shelter and visit the dogs and cats that need to be walked… No you can not terrorise them… They have suffered enough at the hands of EVIL VILE DISGUSTING SCUM OF THE EARTH LOW LIFE HUMANS…

  189. The world is watching you all abuse pigs. You must be proud. This needs to stop now. Since they are breaking the law, they should be arrested and pay fines and go to jail. Make them clean out the pigs area where they live.

    You all make yourselves look like a bunch of idiots. Dump stupid ass idiots for the world to see and laugh at. Pathetic.

  190. Denise Younie says:

    When will we stop being the animals and show compassion.?

  191. Nat Rice says:

    What in the HELL is Wrong with People…People like this need fixing!!!

  192. Shane Jonah says:

    What in humane cruel people. I believe in Karma and I hope its gets them right where it hurts.
    How could any civilized government allow this.
    Why aren’t these idiots in jail.

  193. Traci Christine Hosler says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people? Really? You cant think of ANYTHING else to do… Grow the hell up and find your Souls. “There are no monsters, but there are humans.”

  194. Angela Palmeri says:

    With all the things, toys & events to do, u have Nothing better to do with your time than this?… Geeeezzzz pigs r torture soooo much, t there lives r important & they matter, quit treating them so horribly. …

  195. cc king says:

    Ban it. Teach children and adults to be KIND. This is 2015!!

  196. Christina Erskine says:

    Unfortunately, farm animals are not considered anything more than a commodity. This is where the laws are grossly inhumane. Terrorizing any animal, regardless of the species is so wrong. The human species could learn a thing or two from the animals we share this planet.

  197. Cindy Blackwell says:

    Why are all involved in this disgusting abusive behavior not in prison. This is animal cruelty. This needs to NEVER happen again EVER!

  198. Lisa says:


  199. Tina Sørensen says:

    Stop this abuse

  200. Wendy Stephens says:

    Humans are the real animals! How is torturing a living creature considered a ‘sport’

  201. Rayanne Eckenrode says:

    This makes me ashamed to be from Indiana. It makes me not want tho tell people where i grew uup or visit again.

  202. Deb Gehr says:

    Cruel and abusive… All for human entertainment.. Prosecute these people who do this .. Its animal cruelty.. We should not be enteryained by animal abuse!!!

  203. Christine McDermott says:

    Barbaric. Has society not evolved at all? This makes me think that sadly may be true. Ignorant and disgusting. Grow up.

  204. Fi Beer says:

    Why cant they just pick on each other instead of involving dumb animals

  205. N says:

    I live in Harrison County and I DON’T support this at all. It is disgusting!

  206. Barry Warren says:

    Simply stop it! It is as simply as that.

  207. Cuvillier karin says:

    human trash….

  208. Tracy Light says:

    Mindless – the only word that comes to mind..!

  209. Ellen says:

    Indiana is a disgrace.This pig is an intelligent animal as all pigs. This NEEDS to be outlawed & ENFORCED! Shame on these people. Perhaps they are not even human.

  210. Hima Venkata says:

    This is really disturbing. I don’t understand how those people can sit, watch, and enjoy when an innocent, defenseless animal suffers just for the sake of entertaining some cruel and vile people.

  211. Kay Jackson says:

    Let’s chase them down and shove them in a barrel. Idiots.

  212. Yip Ko yuen says:

    stop it !!!!!!!!! evil evil evil cold blood!!!!!

  213. Former congressman Andrew Jacobs is a vegetarian… perhaps he can help the cause

  214. Former congressman Andrew Jacobs, a vegetarian representing Indianapolis, may be able to help you

  215. marjan blom says:

    Terrible how stupid people act. Please stop this cruelty

  216. Marijana says:

    Just Sick!

  217. Arin Tanner says:

    I find it difficult to attach the title “human being” the beasts who treat such intelligent and sentient beings like this. Karma! PLEASE HURRY UP AND FIND THESE GITS! Thank you.

  218. Emma Green says:

    vile, sick and disgusting people

  219. Bobette King says:

    Plz respect all life on earth!

  220. Mia says:

    What has happened to you?
    I’m hoping for a lot of change over there

  221. Jamie Green says:

    Animal cruelty is not cute.

  222. Cmariefrench says:

    Is there any end to human cruelty? Animals are not food, clothing or entertainment. Time to EVOLVE.

  223. Karin Campbell says:

    Please stop this! This is so wrong!,

  224. Melissa Cowen says:

    Every person who has participated in these events and are seen in these photographs should be identified and publicly shamed. I want them to feel little and would pay money to see these assholes being chased and dropped on their heads in the mud and stuffed into a barrel. Is anyone seriously doing anything about this or are we all just bitching about it on a blog? WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!

  225. Jeannine Sielinski says:

    This is not the values you want to teach your children. Respect for animals is primary as human beings.

  226. shannon mchenry says:

    This is disgusting and makes me ashamed to be from Indiana!!

  227. Wendy Simposn says:

    Please do something and stop this senseless cruelty.

  228. Niina Asikainen says:

    Stop! That’s awful! Respect all kind of life on the earth!

  229. Inger Lise Walaker says:

    This has to stop now

  230. Mark Pruitt says:

    Will you let us know their response?

  231. Kim says:

    Its time people open their eyes! Abuse towards animals has got to stop! Take a look at whats being done to the animals. A lot of people are unaware of the torture going on. Humanity has gone to hell in a hand basket. Its time for a change. Its time we care ! About all living creatures!

  232. Denise Hurlburt says:

    Is there a petition we can sign to protect the rights of these innocent pigs?

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