Breeding Facility Forces Illegal, Gruesome Surgeries on Pregnant Monkeys at Florida Compound

Posted by Kelsey Eberly, ALDF Litigation Fellow on April 2, 2015


In experiments that sound straight out of the dark ages, Hendry County, Florida’s Primate Products, a monkey-breeding facility supposed to be restricted to breeding monkeys, has instead been performing crude surgeries on pregnant animals for profit. The whistle on these horrifying and illegal mutilations has been blown by former Primate Products vet tech David Roebuck. In a local news station exposé, Roebuck alleged that workers at the facility—not licensed veterinarians trained to perform surgeries—were cutting fetuses out of pregnant monkeys so that the company could sell the dead fetuses and the lactating mothers’ milk to pharmaceutical companies.

Roebuck, who quit in disgust after just two days, saw deep freezers filled with the dead fetuses’ freeze-dried organs. He reported that Primate Products had contracts with several biopharmaceutical companies to sell the organs and milk.

Hendry County is ground zero in ALDF’s legal battle on behalf of local residents demanding public input before yet another primate compound goes up in their backyards. In 2014, the county improperly shut landowners and citizens out of the decision-making process, in violation of Florida’s Sunshine Law, when it approved the construction of a new primate facility behind closed doors. The county argues that, like Primate Products, the facility known only as “SoFlo Ag” qualifies as “agriculture” and thus, requires no public notice or meeting under County zoning rules.

Hendry County is poised to address Primate Products’ disturbing departure from the zoning code this week. But it begs the question, does primate organ harvesting at a compound servicing the biopharmaceutical industry sound anything like “agriculture” to you? ALDF and concerned residents emphatically say, “NO!”

Despite growing public outrage and objections from local leaders, Hendry County has never addressed residents’ concerns regarding SoFlo Ag’s threats to their safety, public health, property values, and the character of their neighborhoods—threats worsened by the recent news of a biohazard breach involving the spread of deadly bacteria at another high-security federal primate compound in nearby Louisiana.

Hendry County’s flimsy promise to citizens that no research will be conducted at the SoFlo Ag facility rings hollow in light of the Primate Products revelations. If the County doesn’t even know what is going on at its oldest and most established primate “breeding” facility, what assurance can residents have that it is equipped to police the activities of a shadowy shell company whose owners’ true identity is apparently unknown even to county officials, let alone to the neighbors who would be forced to live next door to SoFlo Ag’s new monkey compound?

And organ-selling or not, these facilities are not agriculture and do not belong in the backyards of quiet rural communities. ALDF will be further investigating Primate Products’ horrific and cruel activities, and will continue to fight on behalf of local residents for transparency about what’s really going on with innocent animals in their own backyards.

35 thoughts on “Breeding Facility Forces Illegal, Gruesome Surgeries on Pregnant Monkeys at Florida Compound

  1. Nancy says:

    STOP you heartless money hungry BASTERDS

  2. E says:

    “He reported that Primate Products had contracts with several biopharmaceutical companies to sell the organs and milk.”
    To Which companies? For What purposes/products?!

  3. lisa purdy says:

    This is an cruel inhumane act upon God’s crwations. Stop this now. How can any decent living being harm another living being in such ways? All living beings feel. Please become human and humane and halt this.

  4. Marta Ardizzone says:

    Please stop this horror on animals, let’s work for peace and respect for everyone in the world, animals deserve peace and respect too.

  5. Nancy says:

    You need to go find a soul.

  6. Tracy says:

    Stop this torment! We are all Gods creatures. What gives us the right to display this type of power of a helpless animal. They are ours to nurture and take care of.

  7. klara lipton says:

    So sad. No respect for life. We should be more civilized now. It is after all 2015.

  8. Kimberly says:

    Go after them with all you’ve got ALDF! That is why I send you donations… Because you fight the good fight and you win!

  9. joanne boyd says:

    Shut these monsters down, please!!!!!!! Thank God for ALDF.

  10. Tammy Buonvicino says:

    This is just utterly horrifying. It needs to stop. Today.

  11. Madeleine says:

    NO MORE TORTURING OF THESE ANIMALS EVER! It is savage and immoral to continue breeding these monkeys for the Mengele experiments that are loosely in the name of science and human health. That is BS. There is only greed in your business with little concern for human health. This must stop!

  12. PJ says:

    Shame on what humans w/ no respect for other life forms get away with. Unacceptable. What happens to animals, will happen to people. Staying silent and not doing anything will determine your own fate. Get busy and get active to help the lives of animals. May God have mercy on the souls of those that harm animals because we all die.

  13. Linda Triche says:

    It’s time to “turn the other cheek” and let the public do to these “people” what they have been doing to these monkeys

  14. Pamela Cornish says:

    This is evil and must stop!!

  15. Katie Ruth says:

    You are monsters! Shut this place down. My heart is broken :(

  16. Thomas says:

    Lets do experimental surgery on your pregnant daughters . Same results why not .


  17. debbie langdon says:

    This is evil beyond words…..

  18. john quigley says:

    These people have no souls they should be treated as they treat these animals heartless scum of the earth is all they are

  19. Judy Singer says:

    This torture and murder must stop!

  20. This is criminal.

  21. Michelle Storace says:

    sickening barbaric horrific stop

  22. Linda Goddard says:

    This world just gets worse and worse. I am really not happy about a part if it. Feeling g ashamed

  23. Fernanda Carrera says:

    This is beyond cruel. It’s sadistic. There was a post on FB by the Animal Defenders International yesterday with the whole story and the email addresses of the county commissioners asking to email them as they were going to meet last night to discuss the situation. I email each one of them as soon as I saw the post last night (too late obviously) but I hope it will still count for something. Just writing your comments on this board does not help these poor creatures. DO SOMETHING!

  24. Tracy Light says:

    Why why why..What are they trying to prove..For goddness sake – when will this torture stop..!

  25. Barry Warren says:

    Assholes with hearts…experiment on them!

  26. serene tong says:

    Pls end this cruelty now!!

  27. lynne bishop says:

    Please dear God. Stop this abuse. This is pure evil.

  28. jade chen says:

    I don’t know what words can we call a humans without conscience for the helpless and innocent animals. Maybe EVIL, well then.. you belong to hell.

  29. Marie says:

    this has to stop its not fair no animal should be caged up 24-7 of there miserable life and TORCHERED leave them alone

  30. mo butler says:

    why experiment with animals when there are killers and pedos out there

  31. pat hermans says:

    please stop this cruelty

  32. mirielle chafer says:

    Roast in hell you evil cruel barbaric bastards die slow painful agonising deaths scumbags! Ugly fat fucks! Nuke the fucking country and others like them!

  33. caroline simpson says:

    EVIL BASTARDS. Close this place down, prosecute these evil fuckers. This is straight out of Nazi concentration camp!

  34. Jacqueline Greene says:

    What on earth are they breeding monkeys for in the first place? This entire thing smacks of shady practices and questionable science, not to mention horrific animal abuse! And then, to find out that it is happening in Louisiana, as well as Florida? What is the USA becoming? We used to be the champions of freedom and right over wrong! Now it seems that our nation’s lost its moral compass, and is being sold out from within, namely Washington!

  35. Ava says:

    This is not what I call humane. This is really sad.

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