Arrest Made in Puppy-Burning Case!

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF Staff Writer on February 24, 2015

arrested-burned-dog-250pxOn January 22, ALDF offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction after a Sacramento puppy was found burned to death on a North Sacramento street. The 8-9 month-old puppy had been locked in a dog crate and burned alive. Although this grim case sickens us, we are announcing some great forward movement: thanks to the dedicated work of the Sacramento SPCA, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department, and the Sacramento Metro Fire department, an arrest has been made.

According to media reports, the suspect, a 20-year old Oakland man named Willie Turner, has been arrested on suspicion of animal torture. Collaboration between the fire department and the sheriff’s department led to the warrant and arrest for the suspected perpetrator of this heinous crime.

On January 21, neighbors reported a trash fire outside the Oak Plains Masonic Lodge on 3010 Becerra Way—the fire turned out to be the burning dog, who may have been heard whimpering or howling before firefighters arrived on the scene and realized the fire was a burning dog.

Under California Penal Code 597(a), a person convicted of maliciously and intentionally maiming or killing an animal can be sentenced for up to three years and/or fined $20,000 for felony animal cruelty. In California, it is at the district attorney’s discretion whether animal cruelty is charged as a felony. We can only imagine the agonizing pain this puppy must have suffered. And studies show that persons who harm animals tend to be repeat offenders and are five times more likely to harm humans too.

And this terribly sad, outrageous act of animal cruelty reminds us why this week, National Justice for Animals Week 2015, is so important. Want to speak up for animals who can’t speak for themselves?

Urge your local and state lawmakers to enforce stricter sentences for the most violent abusers.

34 thoughts on “Arrest Made in Puppy-Burning Case!

  1. AE Tamayo says:

    Animal abuse = Human abuse. Sooner or later that scumbag would have escalated to human torture.

  2. barbara says:

    Three years? For burning a living being alive? I can only hope that his fellow prisoners find out what he did. Even the most hardened prisoner will not find this tolerable.

  3. Carol Batten says:

    Three years? Are you kidding me?If it were up to me he’d be set on fire.Since it’s up to the justice system he’s probably not even worried about getting caught.How anyone can take this animals painful death so lightly makes me wonder just how sick our law makers are.

    1. Diana Winget says:

      3 years is like a slap on the hand, HARSHER PUNISHMENT to these MONSTERS!!!!!!

  4. Lissette Brito-Williams says:

    devils and demons only burn living creatures

  5. Suzanne Potvin says:

    He deserves everything he’s got coming, which is hopefully a very long and unpleasant stay in prison. The scary part is what he will do when they let him out.

  6. Holly says:

    Eye for an Eye. Put this pos in a cage and set on fire. This would even be too good for this scum!

    1. Rena says:

      I agree with you but the justice system has not yet realised that all these violent animal abusers are need to be punished with the same criminal laws as murder to humans.

  7. Linda Karp says:

    This is a heinous crime perpetrated by a disturbed person. To harm any living being in this torturous manner is horrific. We cannot justify his arrest and hopefully extended incarceration by saying he might’ve at some point harmed a human being. We have to look at any crime against any animal in its own heinosity, its own horror, and prosecute all perpetrators to the fullest extent of laws that must speak loudly and clearly to ZERO TOLERANCE AND FELONY CHARGES FOR ANY AND ALL ANIMAL ABUSE.

  8. Tara Calderaro says:

    THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!! This MUST be tried as a FELONY case!!! This NEEDS to be prosecuted to the fullest extent!!!!!!! The suffering inflicted upon that poor puppy sickens me.

  9. Ellyn Mattison says:

    This man should receive the maximum sentence!
    Burning a dog alive is horrific and he should get the same treatment in his jail cell!

  10. Ellyn Mattison says:

    Sentence this monster to the max penalties which isn’t enough for this heinous crime!

  11. Cynthia Smith says:

    Accountability and punishment for each person.

  12. Ellyn Mattison says:

    This man should receive the maximum sentence as this is a heinous act of violence!

  13. Cheryl gated says:


  14. I would find it very disturbing if the judge didn’t give this sick asshole the max. Look at the results from isis burning that soldier alive. This is the most cruel thing you can do to a living creature. I have had serious burns and you can not NUMB a burn or take away the pain. What in gods name could a puppy ever do to deserve this? I pray to god he is reprimanded in the fashion he deserves.

  15. mary says:

    he should be punished to the full extant of the law. never be able to have a pet again and they should have a list to register as a animal abuser. he has taken a life he will do it again, punish him now so he gets the idea pushed in his head that the world wont stand for this abuse

  16. jeanne semple says:

    please, we must put a stop to these horrific crimes against animals which turn to humans as well. for someone to set a dog on fire and hear him crying in pain and ignoring it, actually liking it,tells you something is very, very wrong with that individual…very wrong….if he isn’t stop GOD only knows what will come next.

  17. Marcy says:

    We need longer and stricter penalties and sentences. I cannot even imagine the pain this poor puppy suffered.

  18. Timna Pilch says:

    Animal care, respect and justice should be taught in every primary, secondary and university level school systems everywhere. We should start at the daycare level and continue through College. It should be our primary nature to love and care for all living beings especially animals. Animal Morality issues should be a funding priority so that rescue and charitable organizations shouldn’t have to put a band aid on a gushing wound. Fix it at the source. Yes of course all perpetrators should be penalized with rewritten legislature: either life behind bars or lethal injection. Just like for human cases.

  19. Joan McKeown says:

    What is happening with the campaign to end Wildlife Services, the “killing” arm of USDA?? I have proteste4d my tax dollars going to fund this agency for years! Million of wildlife have been poisoned, trapped and shot by this agency – many of them on public lands.

  20. Tish Jones says:

    Three years is nothing for the pain and suffering this puppy endured! Can you imagine how bad it felt when his little paws, legs, tummy, ears, mouth and head were burning?? Three years is NOTHING!!! We need much longer sentences and much higher fines! Maybe some time in an animal shelter to be exposed to the life these poor animals live…it’s just disgusting how humans treat animals…like they are garbage, meaningless!

  21. Katy says:

    Linda Karp makes an important point. We should not justify our prosecution of crimes against animals by asserting the likelihood that the perpetrator will commit similar crimes against human beings. That line of reasoning suggests that hurting or torturing a living, sentient being is not that terrible if it doesn’t escalate to include us. Cruelty to animals is horrific in and of itself, particularly since most of the victims are powerless to defend themselves. All animals, like all humans, deserve our protection. Those who harm them for their own sadistic pleasure deserve a lengthy prison sentence–no exceptions.

  22. Kate says:

    This guy needs to be tracked the rest of his life. That is if he lives

  23. paula says:

    i hope they give this scum the maximum pentalty they got. i would like to lock him in a cage and burn him alive. please do not just give him a slap on the wrist. dogs have souls and feeling too, and this was a horrible thing to do and he probably didnt even think about that dog after he walked away

  24. Susan horton says:

    this man and people like him are so dangerous and should not be allowed to roam free. They are a danger to others as well as innocent animals. This crime must not go unpunished and a substantial one at that. There is no excuse for wickedness.

  25. With the deep respect for everything the SPCA was able to accomplish, may I say to the courts;
    Your attention to the horror perpetrated on this puppy is gratefully received. Yet considering the suffering enduring by this animal, what are the steps that can be taken to change the laws so that the punishment will fit the crime that has been committed. This person most likely does not have the funds to pay the fine & three years in jail/prison will only harden him more as he prepares to end his incarceration.
    Can you help us continue to change laws that will provide protection for all of our animals as they seek out those who’s apparent only role in life, is to abuse and injure.
    Thank you for your caring and attention to this very important matter.

    Ann Stevenson

  26. Elizabeth Wilson says:

    crulety must stop!!!

  27. julissa Fernandez says:

    This is not enough punishment for all the excruciating pain that poor innocent puppy felt before he passed died… is beyond heartbreaking….!

  28. Laurie says:

    I’m a bleeding-heart, dyed-in-the-wool public defender. However, this makes me want to prosecute. Now I know the feeling of being utterly unmoved by whatever abuse and tragic circumstances made this perp the way he is.

    1. Sasha says:

      I am happy to read your reaction to this act of depraved evil.

  29. Kim Regan says:

    Three years is the minimum this hideous excuse of a human being ,statistic shows those warped individuals who torture animals tend to go on to murdering people. This was a calculated act which would and did cause immense pain and suffering . Lets hope the justice system acts wisely and puts him behind bars where he belongs and keeps him there till he is not a risk to animals and god forbid small children . We must protect those who don’t have a voice . Inc all animals !

  30. tatyana iftene says:

    stop this

  31. tatyana iftene says:

    arrest him

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