ALDF Urges APHIS to Strengthen Regulations Protecting Research Animals

Posted by Neil Abramson, Kelly Anne Targett & Daniel Saperstein, Proskauer Rose LLP, ALDF Guest Bloggers on July 15, 2015

About forty-five years ago, Congress passed the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to ensure that animals receive humane care and treatment. Sadly, since that time, too many laboratories in the United States have continued to subject research animals to painful—and unnecessary—experimental procedures.

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Refusing to stand idly by, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) recently petitioned the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to clarify and strengthen the regulations implementing the AWA to ensure that research facilities more fully explore and exhaust alternatives to animal research. APHIS responded to the petition by soliciting public comments, and ALDF, with the assistance of pro bono legal counsel Proskauer Rose, embraced the opportunity to speak out in favor of the petition.

In our comments to APHIS, we chronicled the well-established intent of Congress to significantly restrict the use of animals by research facilities. The stated purpose of the AWA is, after all, to “expand the perimeters of its protection to more animals” used “in the pursuit of medical and scientific knowledge.” And, by amending the AWA in 1985 through the Improved Standards for Laboratory Animals Act (ISLAA), Congress clearly enunciated its commitment to the humane and ethical treatment of research animals.

Yet, while ISLAA urged the development of non-animal models to replace painful procedures performed on animal subjects, the loopholes and vague wording in the regulations implementing the AWA have failed to prevent widespread animal abuse in the research context. Sadly, laboratory animals are still subject to duplicative, unnecessary and painful experimental procedures. We continue to urge APHIS to take the PCRM petition and our comments under serious consideration, and take affirmative action against the inhumane treatment of research animals.

32 thoughts on “ALDF Urges APHIS to Strengthen Regulations Protecting Research Animals

  1. Will Bennett says:

    Please stop testing on all animals

  2. Danielle Beauchamp says:

    Stop testing on animals!

  3. Neena Giallombardo says:

    Do you not get it! We cannot save ourselves at the expense of life because WE ARE LIFE.

    1. Sabrina says:

      We live and are part of life but we are not life itself. We are simply one species in the animal kingdom. But because we have larger brains than many other species,and therefore greater cognitive abilities, we have the ability to make choices. We have a responsibility to make intelligent, respectful, and compassionate choices about the protection of our fellow species.

  4. Judy Futral says:

    This is not only beyond cruelty but in this modern time completely unnecessary

  5. Kathy Johnson says:

    Please stop testing on animals.It is cruel and inhumane.

  6. Catherine lang says:

    Please have mercy on the over 100 million rats & mice born in labs each year. There are so many unnecessary tests & so much waste as well as poorly designed experiments. It’s difficult for the lab members to deal with the traumatic experience of playing God & causing so much death. New more ethical methods such a bio microchips need to be explored.

  7. rachel Van Dinter says:

    Please stop testing on all animals

  8. Linda Sperring says:

    The level of cruelty is unacceptable in today’s society

  9. Sherris Molloy says:

    Research should not be done on animals it is inconclusive and inhumane.

  10. Kim McKinley says:

    No animal should ever be used for testing!!!!

  11. Tatiana Chernenko says:

    Stop testing on animals. This abuse must stop at once.

  12. Sandy Taylor says:

    Most of the misery is avoidable, duplication of previous research. All animal testing should be done in full view of the public if public funding is used.

  13. Kristi von Karowsky-Nelson says:

    Please explore alternatives to animal testing and stop testing and experimenting on animals, sentient beings.

  14. Kristi von Karowsky-Nelson says:

    Please explore alternatives to animal testing and stop testing on and experimenting on animals/sentient beings.

  15. Tracey Sys says:

    This is unacceptable in today’s world and I truly do not understand how anyone or any company can possibly think that it is, very sad…

  16. maria vourdami says:

    This must stop replace painful procedures performed on animals!!!!!

  17. Mala & Joe Burton says:

    If the average citizen did what these labs do, they would be arrested. Stop animal testing.

  18. Myra Brodett says:

    Strengthen regulations Protecting Research Animals

  19. Stop testing on animals!

  20. David Andrews says:


  21. Isabella Thomson says:

    There are other alternatives!!!

  22. Patricia Stock says:

    testing on animals is barbaric and unnecessary

  23. Liberty Redshoes says:

    “The progress of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals.” (Mahatma Ghandi)

    What does this out-dated, cruel, and useless practice do except waste money? What does it say about our progress as a nation?

  24. Marianne Faron says:

    Stop all these horrible cruelty!!!!!

  25. Debra Spring says:

    Animal abuse needs to stop

  26. Jhanel Kies says:

    Please stop the cruelty and abusive testing on animals

  27. linda says:


  28. Mary says:

    Stop all animal testing now! It’s an out dated procedure that’s beyond cruel! Stop hiding behind the word SCIENCE when the correct term is TORTURE!!!

  29. Holly Brookman says:

    I don’t understand how a person can go to such a job without any concern about the victims welfare…seems sick to me

  30. Christina says:

    You know, I wonder what would happen if we just stopped ALL animal testing right now and were FORCED to find alternative methods. Would the human race shrivel up and die, would there be a mass toxic poisoning, would millions of deadly drugs flood the market? I think not! We take our well being too seriously and ironically don’t do much to really achieve health. Furthermore, scientists would rally to find accurate alternative tests that in the end would prove FAR more useful than animal tests ever wore. It’s just laziness really. You could eliminate animal testing if you weren’t so lazy and apathetic! Or do you have such immense doubt in your abilities? Then you shouldn’t be doing the research!

  31. Christina says:

    Also kudos to PCRM and ALDF for fighting for these helpless victims of torture. A silly thing i deed to entrust the welfare of the victims to their tormentors.

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