What to do in cases where anti-cruelty laws have been broken


ALDF Suggests: What to
do in cases where anti-cruelty laws have been broken

When Criminal Charges
Have Not Yet Been Filed

If you witness the abuse or neglect of an animal, please immediately file a complaint with your local law enforcement agency and insist that an investigation be completed. ALDF does not have an investigative unit, so it is imperative that local authorities fully investigate the case. Give the authorities as much detail as possible, including any notes you may have on the incident you witnessed. Tell the authorities that you want to assist them and specifically mention that you are willing to testify in court as needed, including at trial. It always helps get a case moving when the investigators know they have a credible and cooperative witness. Please contact ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program at action1@aldf.org
if your efforts at getting a case investigated and charges filed are unsuccessful.

If you have information about animal abuse or neglect that you have not personally observed and you do not believe charges have been filed, please report the case to your local law enforcement agency and to your local humane society, animal control department or SPCA. Provide as much detail as you can about the incident including the source(s) of your information, including all contact information for the people who actually witnessed the incident.

When Criminal Charges Have Been Filed

If you have information about an animal abuse or neglect case and criminal charges have already been filed, please send an email to action1@aldf.org with as much of the following information as possible: the defendant’s name, a brief description of the crime, when and where the crime occurred (city, county, state), the name and phone number of the prosecutor assigned to the case, and any other important information. Once ALDF receives this information, we will work to ensure that the applicable animal protection laws are fully enforced.

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