Salinas Rodeo Hides Animal Injuries in Violation of California Law

Posted on July 6, 2015

Animal Group Documents Animal Suffering, Legal Violations at Salinas Rodeo

For immediate release:

Megan Backus, ALDF

Salinas, Calif. — The California Rodeo Salinas is scheduled to start on July 16, 2015 yet the rodeo refuses to change its illegal practice of hiding injuries to animals. In December 2014, the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) filed a lawsuit on behalf of the animal rights group Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) against the rodeo for failing to report animal injuries to the state veterinary medical board, as required under California law. ALDF and SHARK accuse the defendants of significantly underreporting the number of animals injured at the California Rodeo Salinas, the largest rodeo in the state and one of the largest in the country.

For the last two years, SHARK has attended the California Rodeo Salinas and videotaped more than forty injuries to animals, including calves limping in pain after being dragged to the ground and a horse with a tennis ball-sized wound on his neck. Expert veterinary assessment of this footage confirms that these injuries required immediate veterinary care and should have been reported. But to mask the inherent dangerousness of rodeo events, California Rodeo Salinas has drastically and chronically underreported animal injuries. The rodeo reported only four out of the forty-one injuries to animals documented by SHARK.

“California law recognizes that rodeos endanger the animals who are forced to participate, which is why the law requires veterinarians to report animal injuries,” said Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “We hope Californians will consider the pain and suffering of these animals and boycott the Rodeo.”

Interview Opportunities:

  • Stephen Wells, Executive Director, Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Matthew Liebman, Senior Attorney, Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Steve Hindi, Founder, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
  • Janet Enoch, Member, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness

Copies of the complaint and video footage are available by request.


116 thoughts on “Salinas Rodeo Hides Animal Injuries in Violation of California Law

  1. Connie Kirkham says:

    Animals used in rodeos are sentient beings and as such should not be held in captivity nor roped or ridden. Please stop this cruel practice and step into the 21st Century!

    1. Cmariefrench says:

      Amen and amen. Leave these animals alone. They are beautiful, those who exploit and hurt them are not.

  2. Jacqueline Diaz says:

    Please help the defenseless :(
    Mankind can be so cruel.
    Stop this.

  3. Dianne Christian says:

    I don’t need to watch the video. Cannot stand to see animal cruelty. What is wrong with people?? This is not entertainment, it’s cruelty towards an innocent animal. Disgusting that this is still going on in this day and age.

    1. julia sewill says:

      I grew up owning horses. The cruel ways that other people treated their horses and cattle sickens me to this day. The typical drunken fool who attends rodeo’s are so sadistic and actually enjoy seeing animals hurt. I saw sights when I was younger that people probably wouldn’t believe. I will never attend a rodeo, zoo or horse racing all cruel to animals.

      1. I am with you on this. I have stopped eating meat, and am working on giving up fish, eggs, and dairy. I cant’t bear to see these videos, pictures of the abuse that goes on. I wish I could save all the animals. Jon Stewart & his wife are starting to rescue farm animal–they have purchased land to use as sanctuary. I’d do the same if I had money.

    2. Nancy Klein says:

      I could not have said it better Dianne!

  4. m jones says:

    Abuse in any form to any creature is barbaric this is not fun this is cruel !

  5. Birgitte Hahn says:

    Rights for animals. Now.

  6. Kathy Hall says:

    This must be stopped

  7. Karen kah says:

    Stop this barbaric now!,

  8. Michelle Chalke says:

    “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”-Gandhi

    1. Janet Madison says:

      absoluely….thanks for reminding me it was Gandhi who said that…one of my favorite sayings here in Thailand, where we see abominable treatment of animals in this supposedly “kind Buddhist country”…

  9. Will Bennett says:

    This is cruel and inhumane. It must stop now!!!

  10. Juan Alonso says:

    Stop animal abuse, if you want to hurt someone do it yourself, mental sick people

  11. Tamara Single says:

    I wish we could tie one of these idiots that want to control animals. I swear they wouldn’t like it that much. Shit Salinas is not that far from where I live and shit happens when you piss people off. People go postal on one. I dont mind taking care of few fucking country boys.

  12. linda says:

    stop this cruelty you might think it fun the animal and I don’t think Ban now hate it

  13. Pamela Steele says:

    This sort of inhumane activity for sport has got to stop ! What makes anyone think these animals don’t feel pain and bleed just like we do ? This barbaric practice must end NOW !!!!!

  14. Paula Schneider says:

    Savages catering to other savages for profit and entertainment at the expense of innocent, consciously aware LIFE. ANIMALS ARE NOT PRODUCTS – BAN THE USE OF THEM FOR DEMENTED, BARBARIC ENTERTAINMENT.

  15. jane d says:

    it takes a sick deranged heart and mind to find entertainment in abusing animals and not caring if you cause them pain and injury. stop the abuse!!!!!

  16. Astevia Willett says:

    When are some people going to understand that animals are not here to entertain us? Stop these practices.

  17. Anne mix says:

    Stop hurting animals

  18. Veronica Fernandez says:

    I don’t need to watch this video either. Animal cruelty is awful. Professionals say that when children are cruel to animals they often grow up to be sociopaths/psychopaths so what do they call everyone involved in sports like the rodeo? Handlers and audience alike?
    Sickening and depraved. Stop this abuse.

  19. Melinda Bedrossian says:

    Sick sick sick and extremely cruel. What’s the matter they don’t know how to handle animals without cruelty

  20. Terra Detle-Jamieson says:

    get the hell out the dark ages already hey lets rope the men and yank their balls all over the new rodeo!!!!

  21. Birgit Daadouche says:

    I wonder who finds cruelty entertaining, surely not a good heart, surely not a good person … surely not a respectful person, surely not a caring parent … as far as I know Mass Murders do find cruetly entertaining, serial Killers and the like … very sad to see that there are so many out there …

  22. Donna says:


  23. Jan says:

    Need to start a petition to stop this cruel inhumane practice they call ‘rodeos’

  24. linda willett says:

    Be kind to animals…..because one day, YOU WILL BE JUDGED.

  25. Margie Brown says:

    This must end!

  26. sspencer says:

    Cruelty does not need to be a part of this tradition.

  27. Rachel Fives says:

    This is repulsive. WHY would someone do these horrific things to an animal? Cruel, disgusting and sick.

  28. Sybil Audiard says:

    Is there a petition?

    Can’t understand civilized Americans are able to that. Horrible !!!

  29. Sybil Audiard says:

    Is there a petition?

    Can’t understand civilized Americans are able to that. Horrible !!!

    1. Sybil Audiard says:

      Can’t understand civilized Americans are able to do such cruelty!

  30. Patty says:


  31. Jennifer says:

    Since when is cruelty part of culture? Since when is ok to torture and harm an innocent animal? Please end this stupid and shameless show!

  32. Vickie Rico says:

    Stop this now

  33. Vickie Rico says:

    Shame shame shame on you Salinas stop this

  34. This is a despicable inhumane act

  35. Eugenia S. says:

    Be creative, quit enjoying any type or cruelty, as in undeveloped brained people.

  36. Sheryl Lopez-Farragher says:

    Why must these barbaric rituals of the past resume? Just cut out the abuse now. There is much entertainment to be had without abusing and animal. Yeah, there really is. It has to start with each and ever person to stop the indifference to animal and human suffering. Come on!

  37. Lea Coreau says:

    Some sports and tradition today should not exist. How as the “superior” species let such cruelty stand! Stop showing us you evil side and start living on the side of love for all. Shame on you all!

  38. Jeannie Lachney says:

    Would you do this to animal you love? I guess it’s ok to do it to an animal you don’t know….NOT!

  39. Louise says:

    All you have to do is watch that video and see for your self that each and every one those animals cannot put any weight on their left hind leg!!! this needs to be stopped!! How would they like to be put in the ring and have two people come out on horses and rope them down like that?? Enough is enough, find other entertainment that does NOT INCLUDE ANIMALS!!!

  40. Michelle Lineback says:

    This is disgusting and in America should NOT be happening! We are not barbarians in a third world country who enjoy abuse and slaughter! This must be stopped! I could not even look at those poor babies being injured on purpose!

  41. Katerina Aggelopoulou says:

    Shame on you. Stop this NOW.

  42. Dusty Stepanski says:

    Rodeos are not fun for animals. It is a form of animal abuse that people want to ignore and pretend there is no harm done to the animals! WRONG!

  43. Berit Klit Madsen says:

    ignorente people – harming animals

  44. Christina Löfgren says:

    Grown men should have something better to do than be cruel to animals for their own joy. Coward men.

  45. Michelle Storace says:

    Sick abuse

  46. Wilma Schaller says:

    Rodeo, Circus & Carnival like events that include animals is just another avenue to animal abuse. One should be boycott, not attended nor support any and all!

  47. Deborah Gehr says:

    This must be stopped. Viplators shpuld be prosecuted!!!
    I will boycott this todeo and spreAd the word!!!
    As much as possible.. Maybe if a ffew humans go to jaiL and have a record as animal abusers.., then mayb they
    Wont be so willing to participate in animal abuse snd the oroceed to cover it up!!!

  48. Debbie says:

    I’m so sick of this happening!!! ABUSE IS ALL IT IS PLAN & SIMPLE!!!

  49. della lurusso says:

    This is cruelty

  50. Kelly Sabdstrom says:

    I support euthanasia for animal abusers, but let’s make it painful!

  51. Rhonda says:

    Heartless people! This must be stopped. These poor animals have suffered enough!

  52. Eileen Lorraine says:

    Barbaric and cruel! All animal abuse and exploitation needs to end NOW!!!!!

  53. lina nicolia says:

    The obvious torture of these animals has to stop. It is inhumane and makes our society look very BAD. If we cannot stop animal torture….we are a worthless group of beings.

  54. Cinthia says:

    just stupidity at 100% why to hurt inocents lives???

  55. Terry Spirer says:

    This is just so very wrong

  56. Linda Ricker says:

    This is animal cruelty any way you look at it! Stop the cruelty!

  57. Mitzi krasnoff says:

    This is cruel and inhumane for pleasure..pleaseee stop this

  58. Melanie cooper says:

    I would go to rodeos if animals didn’t get hurt and was treated good

  59. Sonya perrin says:

    Stop this now!!

  60. Debra Spring says:

    The time has come to stop abusing our animals – this is abuse not entertainment!

  61. ilonka goode says:

    this makes me sich what people do to helpless anilams why they dont try this torture on them self and see if the like it

  62. Edith Castle says:

    what’s wrong with those men can’t they see? or are they blind as well? what they are doing to the calf, everyone that is roped from behind was hurt and the same leg as well it must stop if they don’t have a vet look it those calves and bulls as well

  63. Shawna Blaker says:

    This is animal abuse plain and simple. Shut it down! Animals are sentient beings and they feel and think! Such cruelty to these animals should not go unpunished!

  64. Time to STOP this cruelty and exploitation of animals! Step to this century….time to learn to walk upright and integrate yourselves to a modern and truly civilized society…….SHAME!!!

  65. Time to STOP THIS CRUELTY AND EXPLOITATION OF ANIMALS!Step into this century…..time to learn to walk upright and integrate yourselves to a truly modern and civilized society….SHAME!!!

  66. Janie says:


  67. mary green says:


  68. Lisa K. Crosato says:


  69. Pam Abraham says:

    Put these people in jail

  70. Deana O'Campo says:

    This documentation clearly depicts animal abuse and is appalling.

  71. Bebe Lockard says:

    I think this is on of many cruel things in a rodeo. They don’t report them because their stock would go down considerably. Vet bills would rise. Use this as wake up call that rodeos need to be outlawed. How many other rodeo events hurt animals. God only knows. What a damn shame

  72. Brandi Terry says:

    Rodeos need to be banned!!!

  73. Mindee says:

    this is horrific and needs to be put to an end!

  74. Joan Cozza says:

    Stop the cruelty to animals.

  75. Joyce Martinez says:

    It is an embarrassment to know I belong to the same species that thinks nothing of abusing and torturing innocent animals for sheer entertainment. It is 2015, animal cruelty cannot be condoned or legalized in any shape, form, or manner. There are millions of other ways to make a buck without inflicting pain on unsuspecting animals. This has to stop.

  76. caroline says:


  77. nura mohd says:

    All animals ought to be given respect and dignity. They are living on the same earth..

  78. freececile says:

    Please stop that shame !

  79. susan munroe says:

    I do think putting a STOP to this is over due in the world.Find something better to do with your time. Be kind to animals!

  80. s dickson says:


  81. Justine C says:

    Who’s allowing this medieval, barbaric behavior? How did it go unchecked in first place? Tie up the idiots who have done it to this poor animal and see how they like it.

  82. Rosemary Schoppe says:

    Working animals in any amount of pain is terrible avid cruel! Stop now!

  83. Leah Hackenson-Allers says:

    This is unacceptable!!

  84. How dare you treat animals in this way.You need to be jailed for atrocitious cruelty and hopefully you will

  85. Cynthia says:


  86. Jessica says:

    This has to stop. Animals feel pain just like us !! They don’t deserve to live or die like that!

  87. sabine says:

    this is 100% abuse. this is 100% cruelty. no way to entertain oneself- this is as bad as bullfights or dogfights, if not worse! these animals have bad tendons and ligaments injuries and even worse, if you had such an injury you know how much it hurts!

  88. sophie says:

    Please please please stop this tourtue

  89. Gem Darling says:

    Animal cruelty has to stop, if they want a sport like this have a human replace the animal,,, see how long that lasts.

  90. Maria says:

    So sad, so pain, so cruel… Real men don’t do this sort of things :-(

  91. Kimberly Carignan says:

    Just horrifying. Cold. Heartless. Shameful. Karma cannot come around fast enough for humans that somehow actually think it’s acceptable. That’s just scary. :(

  92. Ellen McC says:

    Rodeos are barbaric. People who sponsor them & spectators are all barbarians.
    All abuse & cruelty has to stop. It is all over the world ,but America knows better, don’t we?
    We are not so civilized in this country.
    It it shameful & many have blood on their hands.

  93. Rochelle Willis says:

    If idiots keep finding this entertaining I guess it will continue. I wish there was something that could be done to stop the attacks on animals that goes on every minute in this nutball world.

  94. Joan says:

    Ninety-nine percent of the replies on this despicable behavior is commented on by women. Where is the compassion of Man?

  95. Nuria says:

    How the hell is this entertaining? This is why I have no sympathy when I see a video of some jerk getting throttled by an animal.

  96. delia says:

    stop this right now!!

  97. Carrie Deanne says:

    Please enforce the laws and rules. Encourage those

  98. Ute D. Ergül says:

    Stop at once these cruelties

  99. Gina Angeli says:

    Terrible…violence to animal is no entertainment

  100. Marie Rickard says:

    This is the kind of practice that doesn’t belong in the 21st century.

  101. Charlene Moody says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. Put a stop to it NOW!

  102. Monica says:

    petition to sign? I will

  103. Carol Hansen-Dix says:

    When we are children (most of) our parents teach us right from wrong and to love animals. Parents who are involved in things like rodeos, at some point in a child’s life, will force them away from those teachings and have them believe that it is ok to harm and kill animals and that what they earlier learned add wrong is now right. How confusing is that to a child? What does that ultimately teach them? When and where did we all go away from the concept of right and wrong? The people at the Salinas Rodeo KNEW that what they are doing is very wrong or else they would not have hidden what happened. Common rodeo practices, like using electric proud on the animals are also hidden from the public. They know that the way they treat the animals is all wrong. When did man take this path of cruelty? How can they sleep at night?

  104. james mann says:

    thank you ADLF. People who enjoy brutalizing defenseless animals without shame or remorse need to be stopped. Those who enjoy the gratuitous suffering of other creatures must be reminded of their inhumane and criminal behavior. thank you

  105. Kirk Heitauer says:

    This is entertainment for people with small minds. It is clearly cruel to animals and should be banned. Is there a petition?

  106. Giuliana Rinaldo says:

    I blame the federal & local governments for allowing rodeos, circuses, and any othet business to use animals in the most unnatural eand in obviouly painful, abusive ways in exploiting animals to make money – these are the grossest forms of bullying and discrimination because these cruel people & businesses know they can currently get away with barbarically and cruelly taking advantage of these innocent, voiceless animals whose welfare are not legally protected like people and that’s most of the problem. The other issue is we should require in schools from kindetgarden up to & throughout highschool classes that teach young people to have an open mind,understanding, knowledge of other species need of their own natural behaviors, & compassion. Also, that animals & mammals can have & do want what we all want and that is love, respect, peace, & to be treated with dignity – animals & mammals are very intelligent and more intuitive than humans because they don’t let over analytical intellect get in the way.

  107. T. Young says:

    make it stop!

  108. Sas22 says:

    Stop your hurting them. This is no where near ok and the commercial I just seen is worse. I burst we out in tears… Those poor animals should never have to be part of your stupid pointless rodeos.. Stop the abuse STOP IT NOW you cruel heartless beings

  109. Sas22 says:

    Monica* and the rest of you I will gladly sign a petition to get this stopped. animals have rights too.. these cruel rodeo people could care less. It’s not ok let’s stop it guys

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