California Court of Appeal Rejects Napa Restaurant’s Attempts to Flout Foie Gras Ban

Posted on March 5, 2015

Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Challenge to La Toque’s Violations Moves Forward

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Megan Backus, ALDF
Lisa Franzetta, ALDF

foie-gras-cc-jerome-s-article-image-240pxSAN FRANCISCO – Today, the California Court of Appeal for the First Appellate District rejected the Napa restaurant La Toque’s attempt to circumvent the state’s ban on selling foie gras. La Toque had argued that a lawsuit filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund should be dismissed because the restaurant was merely “giving away” the so-called delicacy. In its opinion issued today, the Court of Appeal roundly rejected that claim, holding that ALDF is likely to succeed in its claims that La Toque is illegally selling foie gras.

Foie gras is made by force-feeding young ducks until their livers balloon eight or more times their natural size, then slaughtering them for these diseased livers. Evidence of force-fed ducks in Sonoma who were fattened so inhumanely they could not escape being eaten alive by rats in dark, filthy pens spurred the 2004 ban, which went into effect in 2012.

Last month, California Attorney General Kamala Harris appealed the January 2015 District Court ruling that found the state ban on foie gras unconstitutional. “When California’s ban is reinstated, as we expect it to be, other restaurants attempting to get away with shady foie gras ‘give-aways’ should take heed of today’s ruling,” says Stephen Wells, ALDF’s executive director.

Copies of the lawsuit and today’s ruling are available by request.


29 thoughts on “California Court of Appeal Rejects Napa Restaurant’s Attempts to Flout Foie Gras Ban

  1. Mary Roberts says:

    This practice is abhorrent and should be stopped!

  2. jean shack says:

    This is Sick !! What is Wrong with people who do this to other living beings ! An those that Eat it ?!

  3. Maura McDermott says:

    Please stop this from happening. Isn’t there enough cruelty in this world? Please, please for the sake of these innocent creatures, make this practice stop, all for greed.

    Thank you,
    Maura McDermott

  4. Kathy green says:

    Anyone with any conscience, would not be involved in the eating of or selling of Foie Gras. Even worse is the force feeding of these sentient beings. This is cruelty in the highest regard!

  5. Jacki Deamer says:

    so disgusted with all this animal cruelty and this is the worst all this pain and suffering must end

  6. P. Hines says:

    the chef/restaurant community should be ashamed to promote such inhumane treatment of animals!! I will boycott any restaurant that offers foie gras and will reccomend others to join!!!!!

  7. klara lipton says:

    Why would anyone eat a sick animals liver? That alone is crazy.

  8. Rhonda dern says:

    I want to know what Napa restaurants wanted to cause this agony on animals and I will boycott them forever.

  9. Natalie Davies says:

    That is horrible tourture and should be ban for ever. Omg so awfull painful disgusting just SHOULD not be allowed stop this please we torture so many living things on earth. We are destroying it for the future generations all this fur killing traping factory farming there has got to be a better way. We can fly to the moon and CAN’T figure this out..torture deserves time and punishment

  10. Annie says:

    This is deliberate animal abuse to acquire an end product. Definitely should be illegal.

    1. lory says:

      foie-gras one of my pet peeves..absolutely no need to torture these poor animals for the sake of a few stupid ppl who like to endulge in an animal sick liver.. isn’t there enough misery and cruelty in food industry!!! shame on the restaurants who promote this, shame on the chefs who should know better and shame on the ppl who eat this stuff…!! pls do not patronize any of these establishments..

  11. Conrad says:

    So wrong

  12. Stevie says:

    This is unfair, unjust & unnecessary cruelty. Please stop this

  13. Eugenia S. says:

    The civilized and rich got so exotic in their dishes they forgot to take their humanity with them. Are we going to feel differently about our law makers ?.

  14. cary collins says:

    We are never going to make a higher consciousness being cruel and accepting cruelty. This is one of the most egregious acts. Who eats it? Hollywood? Kardashian trash? Get Amal Clooney involved. This has got to stop now.

  15. cheryl says:

    wow that is a bad deed done to the animal kingdom ,those sorry people

  16. j lowe says:

    This is abuse this is a terrifying act and what great suffering this is horrific abuse kindly stop this! this is wicked and so so wrong, words fail really, these are living and breathing animals stop please! dispicable act!

  17. Marta Esposito says:

    This has got to stop – so cruel and inhumane for the birds – no one needs to eat Foie Gras

  18. WHAT?!!!! Who in heck eats this stuff anyway?! It doesn’t not surprise me that the state attorney would find it unconstitutional. If she is not for animals rights how will she be in the senate for animal rights?!! This is so wrong!!

  19. D. Weiler says:

    Keep the ban on foie gras!!!! It’s a use&shouldn’t be happening.

  20. caroline dodsworth says:

    Please stop this cruelty

  21. Caroline Pavlinik says:

    Excellent work ALDF! We can all do our parts by not patronizing restaurants that serve foie gras – and writing a letter to Ownership letting them know why they will not be get our business.

  22. Kathleen Twist says:

    I am appalled and horrified by this barbaric and inhumane treatment of animals. The perpetrators should be fined, incarcerated and prohibited from returning to their culinary jobs. I pray that the citizens who live near La Toque will be rightly outraged by this inhumanity and refuse to patronize this despicable restaurant. And anyone who eats foie gras–may Karma rain on your life for now and ever after…

  23. Severine Mellinger says:

    Not one animal should be treated like this! so horrible! Ban foie Gras!
    That’s not food just a torturing!

  24. Julia Mendez says:

    please stop this abuse toward the animals, is cruel, inhumane. ️Animals have rights!!! What kind the people we are????? It’s disgusting!!

  25. pam mcwilliams says:

    canada is a huge purveyor of it

  26. Roger Arseneau says:

    This is not normal for humans to act that way , KARMA don’t care for $$$$$$

  27. Kathy Z. says:

    I thought we would have evolved beyond this type of cruelty for food by now. I am perpetually disappointed.

  28. Lisa Lammon says:

    Cant we get passed this… Fix this so we can spend time with other things.. Stop this we dont want this.. its wrong everyone has to spend time over and over and over BEing for animal PRoTECtion from this.. again.. please help these animals Thank you again and again lisa lammon and everyONE ELSE>>>

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