ALDF Petitions to Revoke Dental License of Cecil the Lion’s Killer

Posted on August 5, 2015

Animal Legal Defense Fund Files Complaint Seeking Minnesota Board of Dentistry Investigation of Walter James Palmer

For immediate release:


Megan Backus, Animal Legal Defense Fund,, 707-795-2533 x 1015

actually-cecil-copyright-Cecilia-Engelbrecht-article-image-230pxMinneapolis, MN. — Today, the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a complaint with the Minnesota Board of Dentistry seeking investigation of Walter James Palmer, the dentist who admitted to torturing and killing Cecil the lion. By killing Cecil Palmer may have violated Minnesota’s standards of professional conduct, which prohibits “gross immorality” and other unprofessional conduct.

This is not the first time that Palmer has engaged in immoral behavior. Palmer previously pled guilty to felony charges in 2008 over the illegal killing of a bear in Wisconsin. Specifically, Palmer pled guilty to one count of “making material false statements regarding a matter within the jurisdiction of the executive branch of the government of the United States” – a serious crime that carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Palmer allegedly paid $55,000 to hunt Cecil, an internationally beloved 13-year-old lion, the alpha male of his pride, and fitted with a GPS collar by Oxford University researchers. According to news stories about the incident, Palmer and his guides lured Cecil from his refuge at the Hwange National Park, shot him with a crossbow, tracked the wounded lion for 40 hours, and fatally shot him. After killing Cecil, Palmer allegedly posed for photographs over the dead body, decapitated Cecil, skinned him, and left the remains.

Cecil’s killing has been widely condemned as support for hunting in general has declined, and as more people have become aware of the capacity for animals to suffer.

“There is no question that what is alleged is grossly immoral.” said Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “Our supporters in Minnesota want to see their Board of Dentistry uphold the high standards of the profession and revoke Mr. Palmer’s license.”

ALDF’s complaint is available by request.

209 thoughts on “ALDF Petitions to Revoke Dental License of Cecil the Lion’s Killer

  1. Mel Culligan says:

    This ‘person’ has proved to be an evil character and does not deserve to practice dentistry, or any other profession. Please do the right thing! Thank you!

  2. Gina Powell says:

    So proud of the ALDF and the amazing work they do on behalf of animals. I say “way 2 go ALDF on this recent complaint.” You will win. Congrats on striking down the Ag-Gag Law in Idaho. Many more states to follow. Palmer needs his License revoked. I think he’s involved with the illegal ivory trade in some capacity. There’s much more to his smile.

  3. Beth Pierce says:

    There must be justice for the crimes against wildlife.

  4. Melinda Shannon Freels says:

    Revoke it.

  5. Jesse Taylor says:

    This violence is unacceptable! Walter Palmer should be held responsible for what he has done, lose his license to practice, and be extradited to Zimbabwe so he can be held accountable for his crimes!

  6. Sachiko Maeda says:

    No animal should have to suffer like Cecil did. Justice for Cecil!

  7. lynn curtis says:

    walter palmer but be sacked and never allowed to be a dentist again…he is a animal killer

  8. Laura Valdez says:

    Let justice be done before we lose them all.

  9. stephanie says:

    People who kill for the sake of killing are heartless human beings and need to find something better to do with their money and time like feed the hungry in the world and helping the needy

  10. Clint Lenard says:

    Why should anyone who commits such heinous crimes be allowed to continue with such an important job?

  11. Ronnie Lidén says:

    His not a man his a lowlife

  12. Keaven Van Lom says:

    Please revoke his dental license and he can get a new career in the military to go kill things that shoot back instead.

  13. arlene domenico says:

    Good move..wont sit in his chair..thrives on pain and suffering

  14. Leann tanner says:

    Ethical and moral standards were absent.

  15. d. thomason says:

    This dentist should lose his license, he and others just like hi, need a lesson.

  16. Rachel Coslov says:

    I hope the Dentist gets thrown in Jail. This was MURDER and TORTURE of an Endangered and Protected Being!! We love you Cecil!!!

  17. Juliane Harms says:

    I will keep fighting animal/children’s rights til my last dying day!!! One day you will meet your most unwanted nightmare in the form of the worst kind of KARMA!!!

  18. Holly Martinell says:

    Yea! Go after him and the cancer doctor. This needs to stop. Keep up the great work!

  19. Gina Storey says:

    Walter Palmers Dental License must be revoked. There is a much more dark side to this. He is repulsive as a human and should have no privileges at all. Let’s not let Cecil die in vain. He has given a face to the issue of animal cruelty and big game hunting. There is an element of Mental Illness that plays into one who gets a thrill from slaughtering any living being. Revoke Revoke Revoke!!!

  20. Mauricio says:

    Tem que ser feita a justiça.

  21. Kaveh Gharib says:

    Revoke his license and send him back to face justice.

  22. cynthia gumke says:

    trophy hunting should b banned

  23. Lori Chaffin says:

    He is probably invoked in all kinds of animal abuse. He has a lot of money and those people always want more!!

  24. Lara Shelton says:

    Killing animals for fun needs to be illegal globally.

  25. Nuria says:

    Que la justicia haga su labor. Un asesino no esta capacitado para ejercer en un trabajo medico. Justicia para Cecil.

  26. Kellyaverell says:

    Please revoke his license. He doesn’t deserve to practice

  27. charliene says:

    justice for Cecil! Take that man’s dental license, and put him behind bars.

  28. Will Bennett says:


  29. Jennifer Giordano says:

    Justice for Cecil, and all animals!

  30. Teresa Trask says:

    My heart aches for this sad situation. This man is certainly not the first and I am not a witch hunter but an example needs to be made and the death of this lion should stand for something positive for all animals. That is why I am signing.

  31. Michael Gartner says:

    I believe he should spend time in jail as well as lose his license. Hit him where it hurts….his pockets.

  32. Romina Gutierrez says:

    Please stop any type of hunting and you need justice for Cecil! The dentist need to be punished and loose his license

  33. Berenice Gracia says:

    Anybody that hurts an innocent animal should get punished.

  34. Catherine Castille says:

    Trophy hunting should be banned!

  35. Kelly Frame says:

    This man needs to be extradited

  36. Susie Robertson says:

    bankrupt him so he can ever afford to hunt again

  37. Patricia Harper says:

    Gross immorality

  38. Crystal Girard says:

    He shld lose his license for his behavior and lose everything at that.

  39. Vikramaditya says:

    doctors, dentist any one in the medical business must not kill or take a life if they have to preserve a life, can’t kill animals and post the pictures on Facebook,what ever happened to their medical ethics?…..makes no sense, I would definitely not be visiting this dentist and his dentist Lience must be taken away from him so all others doctors can see for themselves by this very example.

  40. Melissa Alzate says:

    Due to his immoral behavior, I petition for his license to be revoke. If an human being is capable of doing such harm to an animal, he is capable of doing it to another human being as well.

    The actions clearly show he is unethical.

  41. Sally Beckham says:

    If truly harsh punishments affecting the professional status and income of these so-called “trophy hunters” (and they are legion), then we will never stop them! They demonstrably have no shame, so hit ’em in the wallet and make governments accountable, too.

  42. Nancy Wokich says:

    Eradicate “canned hunting” from the face of the earth!

  43. Sharon Campbell says:

    This man (so called man) should spend the rest of his life in prison in a cage with no day light and let him rot their

  44. Rebecca says:

    Justice for Cecil Now!

  45. Glenda says:

    Walter Palmer can’t be trusted , he enjoys torturing animals, he is ill as a person unable to feel compassion for any alive being.

  46. Elizabeth Herrera says:

    It would be wonderful if this happens.

  47. Jo Austin says:

    Justice for Cecil, please and thank you.

  48. Jennifer says:

    I’m so happy to see this. How can I support the ALDF in this petition?

  49. Nancy says:

    I hope and pray to God this happens!!!! #justiceforcecil #justiceforallthelivesheended

  50. Carmen says:

    This pathetic excuse of a human needs not only his license revoked but also needs to serve the rest of his life in a Zimbabwe prison! #justiceforcecil

  51. Lois Burkett says:

    I would like to add to my above comment that I think trophy hunting and particularly Dr. Palmers killing of the
    lion Cecil is an abhorrent action! I favor prosecution for Dr. Palmer, however more good can be derived by having his skills in dentistry used to benefit animals.

    1. Kristine says:

      He should NEVER be allowed to touch another animal under any circumstances!

  52. Rosie Falconi says:

    Please revoke his license. Justice must be done.

  53. Cindy Brown says:

    The man has proven over and over again his lack of morals. Go ALDF!

  54. Marianne vesey says:

    Take away his license, he has no remorse forhis horrid and cruel actions against such beautiful animals! He has no conscience!

  55. Fabiola Caceres says:

    Walter Palmer pleading guilty to felony charges for illegally killing a bear and making false statements regarding a matter within the jurisdiction of the executive branch of the United States of America, are eenough reasons to take his license to practice as a doctor away. I fully support this petition.

  56. Melanie Mendez says:

    He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent!

  57. Barbara Russo says:

    He is ruining the name of the medical profession

  58. Stéphane gagnon says:

    Killing and innocent animal is wrong regardless of the species. Let’s make an example of this case and hopefully others will think twice before committing horrendous acts.

  59. Annette Dillon says:

    Of course jail time, with the criminally insane psychos.

  60. Raegan pipkey says:

    At this point only like minded people would dare to be a patient of Walter James Palmer..that being said I believe WJP has lost the privilege of practicing dentistry. He has proven to be an unstable and untrustworthy human being more than once.
    He “took” the ultimate “prize” therefore he should pay the ultimate price.
    He should also be extradited back to Zimbabwae to face his demise there as well.

  61. Jacqueline Fernandez says:

    For what we have seen and heard Mr. Palmer enjoys killing and blood excites him. Who will be his next victim if he cannot get his hand on an animal?
    His license needs to be revoked.

  62. susan laverty says:

    He is untrustworthy.

  63. Lori Zeiter says:

    This man should not be getting away with doing all of these horrible AND illegal things. He should lose his license, I would never want someone like him to touch me as my dentist. He is a terrible man.

  64. Melinda Smith says:

    Revoke his license and his right to live!

  65. Tara Nolan says:

    Absolutely, no criminal activity for a medical professional, where people are putting their lives and trust in. He needs to lose his license, several times he intentionally participated in immoral behaviour. Unacceptable!

  66. Bonita Gonzales says:

    Trophy hunting must be stopped. Dr. Palmer could have used his money for humanitarian purposes, instead he chose to use his money to kill innocent animals to boost his ego. He should receive jail time and have his license revoked.

  67. Rose says:

    This man has to be stopped, he has no remorse.
    Hit him where it hurts. Take his license please.

  68. Barbara C. Walsh says:

    And take away the licenses of the gynocologist in PA, the vet in Texas, hit the owner of Jimmy Johns in the pocketbook too and anyone else that is a blood thirsty trophy hunter!

  69. Nikoletta Ribarszki says:

    We can make it! … And make him miserable!

  70. Donna Umberger says:

    What I would like to see is a felony attached to him so he can no longer hunt or own any weapons for the rest of his life. He does not get that people are upset over the suffering he caused to Cecil and his off spring. In his comments he only states he did not know Cecil was a favorite and tagged lion. We need to stop ALL of these sick trophy hunters.

  71. Joy Lyons says:

    He needs to be put in jail ,his license to be a dentist removed and not allowed any sort of a license to be around or work on people in a public place again. Remove and not allow any sort of hunting license ever again ! Do as much as you can to this poor excuse of a man to make him pay for what he has done to these poor animal’s I also agree all trophy hunting should be banned everywhere !!

  72. Bárbara Rangel says:

    Deben quitarle su licencia ya! Es un peligro este asesino!

  73. Guadalupe says:

    We can make this happen, REVOKE THE LICENCE TO THIS MOTHERFUCKER!!!

  74. klara lipton says:

    People who are so detached from living beings, have some serious disorders, like mental illness.He need forced therapy, and should lose his license. Working in a animal shelter would also help with compassion.

  75. Lily Rocco says:

    Mr. Palmer has not shown any ethics in his treatment of helpless and defenseless sentient beings. Why is he allowed to profit from the health insurance system and to waste thousands of dollars in destroying life? He should be fined greatly and the money donated to provide free dental services for so many Americans that cannot afford dental care.

  76. Barbara stokes says:

    we need to take a stand against this type of cruel behaviour. He should have his license revoked.

  77. Judy Scroggin says:

    Help save him from people like me, who want to bite his fingers off!

  78. lina nicolia says:

    This murderer needs to lose his ability to make money he will spend on destroying our endangered wildlife. He should not be involved in a position where he is in control of any being, humans or otherwise. Kick him out of dentistry……

  79. Margaret Clohessy says:


  80. Sylvie Rodney says:

    Je ne peux croire que cet homme n’a jamais été arrêté ou mis en prison pour tous ses gestes de massacres et cela sans compter qu’il est accusé de viol sur patiente.

  81. Denise Morris says:

    This man needs jailing as well as losing his license to practice. Very strong deterents are needed to prevent very rich people from doing this, as fines won’t because if they can afford to spend obscene amounts of money to kill on obscene acts of animal cruelty.

  82. Rochelle Willis says:

    A man who knowingly goes to another country and pays an astronomical amount of money to kill endangered wildlife, and then lies that he did not know the lion was a beloved lion of a national park, has no ethics, should not be practicing dentistry and should lose his license to do so.

  83. James A. Dawson says:

    You people are all leftwing nutjobs.

  84. Absolutely this needs to happen!

  85. Tania hood says:

    A man with this type of behavior and poaching background should not be practicing medicine in any capacity.

  86. debbie garris says:

    This act of total disregard of the laws that protected Cecil and many others. Please do something about this matter.

  87. Christine Lute says:

    Blessed are we that someone like the Animal Legal Defense Fund exists. They give the innocents a voice. They give us hope that animal abusers will be held accountable for the atrocities they commit towards defenseless animals. May justice be served in Cecil’s name.

  88. Claudia Fortune says:

    He needs to loose his license and be extradited. He made sure he was out of country fast enough, so he couldn’t be prosecuted. I hope our gov officials do the right thing and send him to Africa to stand trial. He knew what he was doing, at the time, and that it was wrong. Now he needs to “man up.”

  89. jenny doncaster says:

    yes we dont wont this low life to ever practise again dont wont this killer near mouths

  90. Joann. Dworkin says:

    Make a big example of this coward and make him suffer worse thsn Cecil!

  91. Nancy Mellitt says:

    a monster

  92. Lisa says:

    Its with out a doubt that the dentist Mr Palmer should/ need to have his licence of denistry revoked due tothe fact that Mr Palmer admitted to the torture & killing Cicil,The Lion Plus he violated Minosota’s code of professional conduct which prohibits “”gross mortallity”” and other Un – professional conduct and wasnt the first time he has done this Mr Palmer paid $50,000 to hunt Cicil,The lion. There is No doubt that is alleged is Un called for and his lecence need to be revoked.

  93. Melissa jacobs says:

    He is unethical among many other things. Take it away and lock this scumbag up

  94. Lisa says:

    Killers of animals especially in this barbaric senseless disgraceful way is a sure sign of someone heartless and without a soul.
    They are a disgrace to the human race!

  95. Victoria Gavrilenko says:

    This men and many others think it’s allowed to take lives of other creatures animals just like us only they walk on four and we walk upright. Killing senselessly like a coward should be damned by people . It is not hunting for food but for ego and fun. These kind of beings should not be even living. That is one step closer to killing a fellow human being. Take away his. Dentist licenses

  96. Joy Rios says:

    Walter James Palmer clearly cannot not be trusted!

  97. Ivanna says:

    Take this horrid dr Palmer down he deserves to be unemployed and homeless

  98. patti kelly says:

    This dentist is a psychopath, mean to the core….. Should not be allowed to perform medical or dental procedures on men, women or children.
    He lacks insight and has NO EMPATHY for anyone or anything….. A total disregard for life!

  99. San Collison says:

    Punish the murderer.
    Justice for Cecil.

  100. Michelle says:

    No animal,is a trophy, the deserve life and to be happy, shame on anyone who does this.
    Please remove his liscence, and let him suffer

  101. Paula Martin says:

    I question the sanity of any human who kills for pleasure, and just because it might be legal doesn’t mean it should be.

  102. chiyoko ono says:

    Not ethically qualified to practice any medically-related business.

  103. margaret runfors says:

    Its should be against the law in all countries to shoot wild animals just for sick pleasure

  104. Kristi Duncan says:

    Please pull his license!!!!!!!!!!!
    Justice for Cecil!!!!!

  105. Phyllis Griffith says:

    This goes above and beyond to me! He needs to face justice head on and lose everything he “worked” for and one day he will meet Cecil and then just punishment will be given. He is a disgrace for doing what he has done!!

  106. blair lynn says:

    I am so sick over this baby……beautiful creature killed for no reason…

  107. Marta Szelagowska says:

    Absolutely dosgusting behaviour! Doctors should be helping both humans and animals and not making them suffer and kill them!

  108. Rosalie Dotter-Rupert says:

    Someone with so little regard for life should not practice medicine.

  109. Jessika Gauci says:

    You all do an amazing job and it’s great to see people passionate about standing up for animals they way you do. Thank you

  110. Helen Pearce says:

    How long will it take the human race to realise we have to act now. It’s already nearly too late!

  111. Reba McClain says:

    No professional licensed to help and heal,should ever be allowed to pay to kill.No compassion: No license.

  112. heidi babb says:

    Medicine is about resect and trust. If someone is psychotic enough to enjoy the suffering and pain of a living being..they cannot be trusted in a position where the other is vulnerable. If he can hurt a lion, he can hurt a child, a woman, a man. He is clearly hungry for power and even his job places him in a position of power. He cannot be trusted and is a cold heart, savage murderer. He is a murderer and cannt be trusted…Anyone WHO kills havs a warped psychology…..

  113. Montserrat Casanovas says:

    take his license please hi is a cold killer

  114. Elizabeth M. says:

    Whoever kills an innocent animal just for the sake of thinking in a stupid mind it is somehow fun should recieve an exemplary and public punishment.

  115. traceyq says:

    revoke his licence ans send him back.

  116. Elise Bray says:

    This man broke international laws knowingly. He lured a gorgeous “protected” animal out of his safety zone to his death ! He was a sexual predator when he sexually assaulted his receptionist and paid 127,500.00 to her to shut up and disappear. Please do the right thing…if he got away with that then … and you didnt pull his license … what has he gotten away with since then, when his female clients are in his chair and under. This man is a true animal. Please do the right thing….whats next a young girl….a teenager….thankyou !

  117. Pamela Caldwell says:

    I wonder if he feels like a bigger man now!

  118. Sandra Bell says:

    Walter Palmer should spend the rest of life atoning for Cecil’s death & all the other innocent WILD lives his blood money has taken.

  119. Avelina Zur says:

    This dentist lacks moral judgment and lacks ethics! Please revoke his professional license as a dentist based on the forementioned. He is of poor character and judgment!

  120. No compassion, no licence!!! Being a dentist should be healing not passionate to kill someone or an animal!!

  121. Julie Mixon says:

    How can someone who murders and tortures a living being walk free

  122. sheryl says:

    Please protect our animals

  123. Sara says:

    Palmer must be banned from hunting for life. He must be condemned for illegal hunting and consequently lose his medical licence. He already has a criminal record for the illegal kill of a bear. I don’t understand how this didn’t stop him from doing more damage. Plus he must return Cecil’s head and skin and he should pay at least an equal amount to the reserve where Cecil lived, or better yet an equal amount for every cub that is now orphan and in higher danger. This is the minimum of fair justice.
    And let this set an example for the future. Everyone is enraged about Palmer. What about the other hunters that choose anonymous animals? What about the hunters that kill in organised crime for traffic? Species are becoming extinct because of this. But because none had a Cecil, they’re not wordy of massive attention.

  124. Melissa Andreacchi says:

    Anyone that can murder a innocence living being for pleasure is a monster! Would you want to monster working on your teeth? I wouldn’t.

    1. Melissa Andreacchi says:

      An Innocent*

  125. Diana N icolas says:

    He is immoral and should loose his license ! I would love to see this happen in Cecil’s name, and all the other poor creatures he has slaughtered over these many years ! Maybe he will think twice before he takes more lives !

  126. Morgan Kanae says:

    We know through many studies conducted by military and researchers at Universities that those who abuse animals often abuse children, women, elderly and commit violent crimes. He can not be trusted.

  127. Kathrena vega says:

    Just like any dentist who gets a DUI or any crime can loose their License to practice, to kill a lion and violate the law and possibly being extradited for a crime, HE SHOULD ALSO LOSE HIS RIGHT TO BE A DENTIST HERE!!! PLUS WHO WOULD WANT THEIR TEETH FIXED BY A PSYCHOPATH LOL

  128. Natalia says:

    Please take away his licence. He doesn’t deserve it..

  129. Rosa Ramos says:

    This man is a very cruel person and does not deserve to work with the public.

  130. Martin says:

    Justice for Cecil!

  131. Count me in as well.

  132. Vladimir Moreno says:

    He broke ethics and morals of a professional dentist. He should never work again.

  133. Persio Bencosme says:

    What Walter J Palmer did with the killing of Cecil was unite us animal lovers and millions of other people worldwide against trophy hunting and poaching. He decided to hunt, lure and kill a protected and loved animal by many around the world. Cecil was a major tourist attraction in Zimbabwe so how could he or the hunting guide that the doctor hired could not have known that. Luring Cecil out of his protected area with bait was unethical, morally unjustifiable and illegal. No animal should be killed for fun or trophy. Just as bad is posing with the dying animal and posting it on public places online, to me that’s very sadistic, evil and cruel. He should not be practicing any kind of medicine or dealing with the public. Revoke his license please. #justiceforcecil

  134. Bonnie Beck says:

    It should have been revoked when he convicted of the federal crime of killing the bear. But doing it now would be great too!

  135. Melody Konze says:

    Don’t trust this man to Do No Harm

  136. I support your decision and thank you ADLF for all the work you do for animals! Go get em’

  137. Carole Jackson says:

    I hope the uproar about this man’s outrageous behavior shakes him to his core and he learns a deep lesson from this about awareness, consciousness, ethical behavior, what it means to be a “hunter” of wild game, lessons of violence and taking the life of another being.

  138. Sue Harriss says:

    Yes, revoke his license – he doesn’t deserve to pretend to be part of a caring profession!

  139. Joanna W says:

    This mans license needs to be revoked. He is not safe and should not be practicing on anyone.

  140. joann ross says:

    He should be made an example for killing such a beautiful creature

  141. Elena says:

    His license should be revoked because he’s been involved in very harmul, dangerous and potentially criminal activities.

  142. Lorna Good says:

    This man obviously believes he has the authority to do as he pleases with no regard to the endangered species of this world. I’m appalled by his actions and thank the ALDF for taking initiative and saving the animals that remain. Cecil deserves justice.

  143. Tatiana Marie Rodriguez Lopez says:

    Kill him & every one that hurt in any way any animal at all!
    Because of the humans the world is fucked up & the animals are where they are.
    Ban the whole shit!

  144. Darla Hill says:

    Get this killers license revoked!! How or what was he thinking?? Get him out of working as a dentist!! He’s a murder!er!!

  145. Petra Bohmig says:

    Animals must have the same wrights as humans. We must all follow the principle “what I don’t want that is done to me I don’t do it to nobody/one else”

  146. Suchitra says:

    A doctor needs to be sensitive to life. If he’s killing for fun how can he be sincere of saving some human’s life?

  147. Charlene Maruffi says:

    Yes his license should be taking away,but I hope something more happens he should not get away with this and just losing his dental license will not be enough….

  148. Kim graveson says:

    This should be a petition to have killers of animals to go to jail ; killers who premeditated and orchestrate killings and do so for pleasure. Plus removal of any licence they hold in a professional capacity. How would he feel if someone shot his father, brother or son. A bully, a coward and a cold bloody heartless killer who should be ashamed ……

  149. MONICA FRYER says:

    like to stuff and have Palmer and his wifes head on a platter and then later stuffed on a board for my wall murdering bastards

  150. Diana Manrique says:

    Please revoke his dentist license! He doesn’t deserve a job and a Comun life! He’s a murder!!

  151. The LEAST that should be done is to revoke this terrible man’s dentist license. He is a completely unempathetic, cruel and self-centered, and probably suffers from the desperate need to demonstrate how ‘manly’ he is. Thus he hunts down, tortures and kills the beloved, sacred members of our animal kingdom. He must pay for this unspeakable crime and the one before — and perhaps countless others as yet undiscovered. He should live the remainder of his life in shame and deep, genuine regret, however we can make that happen. Thank you, ALDF, for all that you do to bring the perpetrators of unthinkable animal cruelty to justice.

  152. P.S. In C.S. Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles (books), God is represented by a magnificent lion named Aslan. In the story Aslan, too, is crucified by an evil witch, but Aslan later comes back to life. The similarities are startling. The pathetic, ignorant, ego-driven man who killed Cecil — and those who collaborated with him in the Hellish plot — personifies evil exercised against goodness and beauty.

  153. Carol says:

    This man can not be trusted to be around humans REVOKE!!!Hope he rots in jail…He is a disgrace to the Dental Profession…REVOKE

  154. Amanda Young says:

    If he can afford to hunt like this he should be able to manage the rest of his life unemployed.

  155. Ana says:

    Where can I sign for justice for Cecil?
    As for the dentist serial killer, karma buddy is all I can say. It will bite him in the a**

  156. Karine Der-Karapetyan says:

    I join the petition and hope the bastard and his bloodthirsty wife will be severely punished

  157. Let’s revoke Walter James Palmer’s dentist license so other animal slayers know we mean business.

  158. This man is a disgrace to any profession where healing is the purpose of that profession.

  159. John Bradford says:

    Your request for licensing revocation is without merit legally and ridiculous. You serve your cause poorly by attacking the person’s career. His sport behavior may be repulsive but you are not empowered to harm him. You are fools and angry silly people who lash out with hate instead of good ideas. Smarten up – you will not advance your ideas with such childish acts.

  160. Fernanda says:

    I must say with tears in my eyes that sharing the world with this person suck, I cannot believe how much lying and money is involved in this person killing life, and Palmer is walking the streets like nothing happened. Cecil was a iconic animal in this country and the entire world knew it and Palmer entered Zimbabwe like he was the boss, hurting, killing, lying, hunting, making fun of these people and braking the laws, and now nothing is going to happen?? and now Palmer the killer is saying that he did not know about all this?? really??? stop lying idiot!!!, while Cecil was suffering and hurt for 40 hours this killer was sleeping, taking a shower, having dinner, watching tv, having breakfast and preparing himself to cut Cecil’s head the next morning, Palmer is an evil human being, without feelings, careless person that deserves to suffer the same way he made suffer Cecil and he must pay for all the suffering he cause to Zimbabwe. I hope justices comes for Cecil and the other animals that only god knows how many are they and how much they suffer in the hands of this killer that does not care about wildlife, this killer took their lives away without any feelings at all. I hope he dies soon in the most horrible way possible.

  161. Antoinette P says:

    Palmer should loose his dental license and be placed in jail for what he did to the beautiful Cecil. It turns my stomache to hear Cecil was lured out if a sanctuary by this man. He needs to be punished. Big game hunting needs to be banned. These are evil people with some hind of mental issues if they need to kill these animals for sport. It needs yo stop now.

  162. Paula Fishon says:

    This man has absolutely no sence
    Of right and wrong . He has no values
    He is self absurbed and egotistical .
    This is who he is ! And all humans and animals
    Would be treated the same . With a zero value
    I really hope he loses his license to practice
    I can’t imagine the damage he has done and
    The damage he will do !

  163. Mike says:

    Many states have a provision in the licensure for professionals. It’s a violation of moral turpitude. He had been convicted of felony poaching before. It was listed he had settled a civil case. He has violated moral turpitude and should loose his license on those grounds. Just like the Vet that killed a Tiger with a bow and arrow as well. She got off because of questionable prosecutor.
    But ALDF wanted to look at the prosecution case. Then comes buttons killer Dr Coward Smiles.

  164. Denise S says:

    Thank you for petitioning to revoke his license. Please stay on the job – have Palmer extradited to face justice in Zimbabwe. He has hired protection for himself, Cecil had no protection. His property is guarded, Cecil was lured out of his protected property. We must never give up until he is brought to justice. Cecil cannot have died in vain.

  165. Cindy Torosian says:

    As a doctor he should live by a code of ethics. But he obviously has none. If a life means so little to him, and the suffering of an innocent animal means nothing to him, he should not be treating people.

  166. Dr. Kathleen Olsson Nelson says:

    Please take this horrific person’s dental license away forever. He needs to pay again and again and again for his murder of an innocent creature. No mercy for Palmer EVER.

  167. Renee Mantkowski says:

    Anyone who enjoys taking life is a psychopath, and cannot be trusted to not enjoy doing unethical things to humans while under anesthesia. I certainly would never trust this man without my wits totally about me.

  168. Shell McKedy says:

    The dentist’s actions were calculated, cruel and criminal which means he has no business being in the health care field whatsoever. Jus license needs to be revoked permanently.

  169. donna heaton says:

    What them POS did to Cecil was very wrong

  170. Lori Larson says:


  171. Anna Malinowski says:

    Do not let this psychopath near people in need of professional help. His standards are far too low to be a dentist!

  172. myname says:

    Seriously, let’s take his dental license away? Like it has anything to do with him hunting. That makes sense! It was a lion for Christ sakes. 99% of you didnt even know he existed til he was dead! So yeah, let ruin his reputation as a dentist. He may be a damn good dentist but take away his licence. Let’s threaten his life. So he has to go into hiding. Let’s threaten HIS FAMILY, while we’re at it. THEY KILLED THE LION TOO. There are more pressing issues and if any of you put half your concern into something that matters like child starvation or the soldier fighting. MAYBE something would go right for once. No wonder the US in on the brink of another Civil War.

  173. Maria says:

    We should all be signing a petitoon for ecery gobernment to vanishbthe permission of hunting animals!
    We shoul de signing a petition for mental health institutions to label Hunting as a mental parhologic desease and alm these people shoul stay in treatment.
    We should all be signing a petition to ask USA gobernment track the lions killers and send them vack to Zimbawe.
    We shoul ve signing a petition to african gobernors to help pobertybso that people has no need to win money from hunters, chinesse or whoever wants the animals.
    Lets sign a petition where we ask public education to teach about nature respect!
    This is what ee should be united for! Instead of trying to take his licence.

  174. Catherine Willis says:

    If nothing is done, he’ll do this again!

  175. Varun Chandrashekaran says:

    A person who lacks compassion towards animals cannot be trusted with oral health of humans, especially children. He has already been associated with sexually harassing his patients. I believe such acts are against the core ethics of the American Dental association. Hence I would request the concerning body to revoke this man’s license.

  176. Karen Wolf says:

    murderous people should not work in medical or veterinary fields.

  177. Melissa Youngberg says:

    We become the voice for CecilTheLion and for all who have been senselessly murdered in the name of sport so his children can live without threat of like violence. Are we finally finally becoming an earth that understands we are here together to live in peace with all animals? Unlikely but one can always hope. Animals already have a hard time trying to survive…they surely don’t need some moron from Wisconsin or anywhere else harassing them where they live… This “dentist” needs to receive a punishment commensurate with the heinous crime he has committed…I’m thinking a trip to ISIS territory where he can experience the same fate he visited upon poor CecilTheLion.

  178. paul fedot says:

    We need to understand that all animals want to live…

  179. Priya Patel says:

    This man is a disgrace to humanity as are all those that hunt and torture animals. He has an inability to feel empathy. It is a disgrace to the health field and no one with a license should be permitted to engage in these barbaric practices in the leisure time. I pray his license gets revoked.

  180. Lincoln Raad says:

    He can not be trusted. Keep him away.

  181. Lori-Ann Werline says:

    No one with the capacity to heartlesly take a life and get there kicks of the torture of an innocent defenceless being has no place around others. You should question the sincerety and ethical practices of this man who so nicely speaks to you behind that fake mask while tending to your teeth?? Anyone who has no empathy should not practice in public services esp a Dr. Take away his license. He does not deserve the privalege to practice.

  182. sweetbabynrs says:

    so where do I sign this petition

  183. grayce erickson says:

    Anyone this devoid of compassion for a living being should not have a license to care for others

  184. David Malinda says:

    And when he looses his licence, he should be send back to Africa to face justice.

  185. Rita Richardson says:

    Revoke it. An imprison him for 1st degree murder, as there was much malice and aforethought involved in this horrific killing.

  186. Pat Van Skyke says:

    This dentist should have his license revoked. He not only committed the murder, he hunted down an animal in a safe reserve, wounded it, watched it suffer for 40 hours and then the kill was made. He has proven he is an unethical human with no regard for anything but himself. Can not imagine why anyone would even what to be his patient. This is not his first offense.

  187. Cindy Stanfield says:

    A murderer has no business in the medical field! A beautiful majestic animal is gone to what avail? For the evil, vile greed of a “human”.
    Cecil lost his life, his head and his beautiful coat – the thought of any human being who will do such a thing makes me physically ill.

  188. patricia soler says:

    he cannot deal with his agressive instincts, this is dangerous .

  189. Wendy Horowitz says:

    Thank you so much for doing this, ALDF!

  190. Sharon Hightower says:

    As a person of African descent and a lover of everything feline, I take this tragedy very seriously. I urge everyone around the world to follow this matter, sign the petition to have this murderous cowardly dentist and all those involved in this hunt, and post mortem mutilation of this highly revered animal, brought to justice ASAP. I think they could get up to 10 yrs. prison time, but if it were left up to me, the punishment would be to send them out naked, with nothing to protect themselves, into the jungles of Africa to be hunted by lions. Trophy hunting should also be outlawed forever around the entire globe.

  191. Nancy Schloss says:

    Killing animals must be made illegal in all countries, so
    people like this dentist will understand that when they
    do, they run the risk of large fines, and possible jail time.
    This cannot continue to be considered a sport.

  192. Diana Dorer says:

    Walter Palmer lied to his patients regarding his exotic trips to Africa. He told them he went there to capture wildlife on camera. He knew they would be horrified if they knew the truth. Thank you ADLF for filing this complaint. We must protest this egregious sport. No impunity for Walter Palmer. He’s an American obscenity.

    1. Sheryl says:

      Yes! Lying to his patients. His actions are disgusting and vile. He has been in hiding since he returned from Zimbabwe and that should speak to his true nature as well. He’s a liar and a coward.

  193. We need to stop animal trophy hunting of endangered animal. The U.S need to stop spending money on animal conservation, when they allow people to go to other countries, and destroy the life in that land. I mean the mighty dollar speaks loader than the law. We spend Billions of dollars to save fish!!!

  194. Nancy O'Neal says:

    This man’s immoral behavior is certainly not one any profession would consider an upstanding example to represent them. His conduct has proved to be unethical to say the least. I’m pretty sure your code of ethics does not include trickery, breaking laws and making uninvited, unwanted sexual overtures to a woman employee.

  195. Sheryl says:

    No animal should ever have to suffer like Cecil did. This broke the heart of the whole world. The outrage that has ensued must speak to the immorality, brutality and base cruelty of his actions. This man does not deserve to practice dentistry ever again. Please do the right thing. The whole world is watching!

  196. Lisa Marie Petrone says:

    Walter Palmer should not only have his license revoked, his firearms and other weapons need to be confiscated. This world has had enough. Thank you ALDF for stepping up to the plate again. From all of us at: Team Tiger “Tigers Voice!” Justice For All Animals!

  197. this man should have all his licenses revoked and all his weapons confiscated never to hunt or practice dentistry again . He killed a gorge living being.

  198. Ivette Fromer says:

    He commited a crime( actually more than once). Don’t professionals have to answer to the law and ethics boards like the rest of us?

  199. Lynn says:

    Even if he thought this was a legal hunt and that the burden of responsibility fell upon his guides, someone with a brain would’ve known (upon witnessing the luring of this protected lion) that something was wrong with this situation. This gross intellectual deficit is reason enough not to allow him to be licensed to practice in dentistry or medicine in general.

  200. Dorinna says:

    Use his skill: Send him to a poor inner city community to work for free providing dental care to those who have no money.

  201. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you ALDF. Walter Palmer’s serial killing of animals, at times illegally, has brought to light his history of lying to government agencies and sexually harassing a past employee. His history of criminal activity clearly violates the ethical mandates of his professional licensure.

  202. John says:

    Thank you ALDF for filing this petition. Let’s hope your request is granted, as it is backed by millions of people throughout the world who will no longer tolerate individuals acting as if they are entitled to steal (and brutally torture) wildlife from the rest of the world just because they have the money to do so. Money no longer speaks the loudest: the will of the people does.

  203. Colleen Degenhardt says:

    Please bring this monster to justice and cut off his head too!

  204. Ms. Amber Murphy says:

    Walter James Palmer must go to life
    Sentence for the murder of Cecil the Lion.
    Cecil was a gentle and gorgeous animal who
    Did nothing wrong to this man.
    Cecil was innocent.
    Strip Walter of his licence of dentistry
    And strip his license to kill animals
    And take him to live sentence of jail.

  205. Tania says:

    I feel what people do to animals should be done to them…what comes around goes around! Maybe that will make them think twice next time they try and harm an innocent animal.

  206. Justa says:

    Thank you ALDF for taking action. This man is a serial animal killer with more than 43 kills. He has no morals or ethics. He should be banned for life practising in any medical field and extradited to Zimbabwe. Let him rot in jail. Letting an animal suffer for 40 hours, while he is sleeping and enjoying breakfast as he has no care in the world. Cecil you will always be in my hart.

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