ALDF Offers $5,000 Reward for Information after Sacramento Dog is Trapped and Burned in a Crate

Posted on January 22, 2015

For immediate release:

Megan Backus, ALDF
Lisa Franzetta, ALDF


Remains after the fire was extinguished.

SACRAMENTO — The national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) responsible for locking a small dog in a crate and setting him on fire. At 12:30am January 21, neighbors reported a trash fire outside the Oak Plains Masonic Lodge on 3010 Becerra Way, near Watt and Marconi avenues. The fire turned out to be a burned dog, who may have been heard whimpering or howling before Sacramento Metro Fire District firefighters arrived on the scene and realized the fire was actually a burning dog in a dog crate.

According to media reports, the dog’s wounds were catastrophic. “It was a small dog, in a small crate that was burned beyond belief,” said Metro Fire Captain Michele Eidam. The fire department is working with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department to investigate this heinous crime.

Under California Penal Code § 597(a) any person convicted of maliciously and intentionally maiming or killing an animal can be imprisoned for up to three years in county jail and/or fined $20,000 for felony animal cruelty. In California, it is at the district attorney’s discretion whether animal cruelty is charged as a felony. Intentionally killing a dog is against the law in all 50 states.

“Our hearts break for this poor dog, who must have suffered agonizing pain from this sadistic act,” said Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “Animal abusers are usually repeat offenders—against animals and humans—and this perpetrator poses a grave threat to the community.”

Anyone with information that might lead to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the killing of this dog should call the arson tip line at 916-859-3775.

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90 thoughts on “ALDF Offers $5,000 Reward for Information after Sacramento Dog is Trapped and Burned in a Crate

  1. David Waldman says:

    God Bless you at ALDF in your efforts on behalf of these helpless innocent animals that suffer at the hands of the worst animals, human beings. I wish I could afford to supplement your reward for this horrific crime. I hope the animal(s) responsible are caught soon and prosecuted and punished to the maximum extent the law allows. Keep up your good work.
    David Waldman
    Easthampton Mass.

  2. Lorraine Brown says:

    I am horrified and crying my eye’s out. People have no concious, no soul. ;(

  3. Tina hall says:

    Let’s get these people!

  4. Jodi says:

    I believe “An Eye For An Eye” may the sick SOB’s get the same treatment for their punishment. My heart breaks for that dog.

    1. Sharon says:


  5. Sarah Wells says:

    3 years in jail and a $20,000 fine is not nearly severe enough. Whoever did this should be facing the same consequence that they would if they had done this to a human being. It is long past time for harsher animal abuse laws.

  6. Renata says:

    Thank you for caring enough to reward people for caring too… I hope the cruel ones are caught and I would love to see them punished. set on fire just the same.

  7. Sara bird says:

    This is a horrific act beyond words. May what has happened to this animal be multiplied a hundred fold to the person who commited this. I hope they are found soon and justice is served.

  8. Carl Johnson says:

    This is why Animal Legal Defense Fund is so important…putting bastards like this behind bars. Join today for a couple of bucks per month and help in the fight.

  9. Joanne M says:

    Please keep us updated on the status of this case. I hope some animal lovers catch this bast..rd person first (torture and burn them) before handing them over to the police.

  10. Monique H says:

    I am sickened by this and I pray for the sick soul who had to resort to do such torture to an innocent animal. Rest in peace Little one… We all need to say Something if we see something!!!!!! My oh my… Why such evil in this world??? May god pray for us!!!!

    1. Dez Crawford says:

      To Monique H. (comment #10) Why are you praying FOR the sick monster who did this — unless you’re praying that they are caught, either by the police, or a person with a conscience and a baseball bat? Set the sick monster on fire and see how HE likes it, I say.

    2. Teresa says:

      In God’s name. Why could anyone burn God’s creature to painful death? Where is Proverb 10-12? This person should go to life prison for that and this person can harm to any animal and people. It makes me sick! My heart goes to this poor soul.

  11. Maylene Madick says:

    Find this bastard and throw him in jail…if that’s the LEAST you can do!!!

  12. Debbie Hughson says:

    Find the sob and throw away the key!!! Thank you ALDF for stepping up!

  13. Sam says:

    I am shocked to see the horrible thing that these sick, sick, sick, bastards did to this poor animal. I think that it should be a life for a life weather it’s human or animal. this world is getting worse and worse I truly hope that you catch these horrible people that did this to this wee soul. Blessed be for all that you do to try to keep the world at peace.. blessings.

  14. Brenda haley says:

    it is very important to find the person or persons who did this. Before they do more or worse. This poor baby, to die so cruelly when we as humans are supposed to take care of them. I hope to hear if the person or persons have been found and stopped.

  15. Heather Johnson says:

    I wish I could add to your reward money or that I knew this person and could turn them in. I feel so sick to my stomach thinking of the pain this dog suffered. I just cannot comprehend this level of savage cruelty. I am heartbroken that human beings like this exist.

  16. Suzy Hancock says:

    Thank you ALDF and I only wish I could help with the reward. Seeing this was like someone kicked me in the chest. I’m just so disgusted and angry.

  17. Deborah. Mercer says:

    Thank you so much for offering this reward. It’s a sick mind that could do such a horrible act. Please don’t stop until you catch the animals who did this. Make them pay with significant jail time.

  18. Gail Clark says:

    There is a very dangerous person on the loose. hope he is found.

  19. Donna blagg says:

    I can’t take it can people be so is beyond belief…I am so sad that animals have to suffer needlessly at the hands of people in so many ways…from farming to furs to ivory to roadside zoos to dogs left out in the cold chained to dog fights cock fights sea world..I can’t think about it or I will go crazy

    1. Alice says:

      I feel the same way, Donna. I almost didn’t click on the story, but I thought I owed it to that poor little soul. I really would like to throw out my computer, though, and just concentrate on loving my own companion animals. I cannot stop this; neither can ALDF, because too many people suck.

    2. Tracy says:

      Donna, I feel your pain. Just when you think the things that evil people do can’t get any worse, it does. My heart is so heavy when I see and know of these things. I know, however, that if I turn a blind eye and sweep these matters under the rug like so many people do, then things will never change. God be with those little ones who suffer!

    3. Colleen says:


      1. Phyllis White says:

        Thank you Animal Legal Defense for contributing $5,000 towards the reward for capture of this sick individual killing a puppy so savagely! It’s nice to see that our money we donate to you is being used to help these furry friends of ours. Keep up the good work!

    4. Rob Smith says:

      Take heart! According to BP and other oil companies, there is only 53 years of global oil reserves. That’s not taking into account any human population growth. So very soon our modern petroleum based civilization will end. There, feel better?

      1. Crystal says:

        Seriously Rob?? It’s my belief that, by your comment, you lack compassion and carry so much bitterness and anger from your own life experiences, that you could only discount or deflect such a cowardly and inhumane act yet, I sense there’s a part deep inside you that must be true to your soul…and screaming to get out. A likely scenario is that no one listened to you in your younger years…The result is an insecurity that craves to be nurtured. Acting out, lashing out & Looking for attention so much as to try to shock or rattle others to get noticed or stick out. Why bother commenting with such detachment.. Freedom of speech right?… Thank God for that.. The 4 legged’s are innocent… They feel pain & emotion too….Just like you.. I hope your life gets better..REALLY…Maybe you’ll come back in the next life as a dog… Hopefully someone will give you a bone and care for you better than you’ve had, as a human animal…Namaste

    5. karen tipping says:

      Yes I agree Donna it makes any decent human weep. I hate this world

  20. Amy says:

    I am so sad that this can happen. The person who did this should suffer the same fate.

  21. margaret bosiacki says:

    Oh my GOD! This poor puppy did not have a chance. How horrible this is and what that poor angel went thru. Get him/her who did this. You are a piece of shit and GOD will get you for this you sicko.
    Do yourself a favor and turn yourself in…
    GOD… please forgive me but I hope the same thing happens to who ever did this….GOD bless you you sicko because you are going to need it (my blessings). Sick fuck..

  22. Roseanna says:

    People that can do this to an animal will have no problem harming humans. When caught they need at least 10 years because that amount of time will prevent human deaths.

  23. Nino Merabishvili says:

    Get this person!!!! He deserves life in prison.!!!!!

  24. julia richardson says:

    I just want to know why, if the neighbors said they heard what sounded like “howling” they didn’t get up out of bed and go out and try to save this poor sweet little dog! There is NO excuse for what the did NOT do to try to help.
    What is wrong that people are so insensitive to things that they know are going on that are wrong, yet too lazy?? to go and try to help?

  25. sheila parris says:


  26. Melinda Belair says:

    Please stop

  27. Jessy Kadmaer says:

    Good grief … this is vile …

  28. Alex Christian says:

    People capable of an act so evil are beyond rehabilitation and should be destroyed like so many undeserving animals are.

  29. lynette mcgrail says:

    scum,karmas a bitch and we will find you ahole

  30. Eva Passerini says:

    Find and prosecute him: animal abusers are dangerous for humans too

  31. Miss J. Stone says:


  32. samS says:


  33. valerie shawhan says:

    I hate hearing stories like this. I really hope that the person or persons responsible are caught and punished. Animal abuse is a red flag for a very unstable, sick and twisted person. If this person or persons can do this to a defenseless animal there’s no telling what unspeakable things they could do to another human being.


  35. Teresa Rix says:

    I broke out in tears I hope this monster burnside hell
    Shared to Nanny Bow Wow rescue PAGE.
    Poor ,poor baby

  36. Teresa Rix says:

    I broke out in tears for this baby.
    I hope this monster burns in hell.
    Posted to
    ” Nanny Bow Wow Rescue Page

  37. karen tipping says:


  38. Susan says:

    Another beautiful example of subhuman behavior. Someone with little or no self esteem. With no balls and the only way they can feel better about their weaknesses is to cause this type of suffering on defenseless small animals. COME ON SACRAMENTO, SOMEONE HAS TO HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS LOW LIFE.

  39. pat says:

    There must surveillance tape you need to get this criminal anyone this cruel is capable of anything

  40. jeffrey says:

    From my studies, environmental stress/collapse => social stress/collapse =>political collapse. So this Global War OF Terror is government’s attempt to repress social unrest. US Government’s accusation about China’s growing military aggression is another attempt to turn USA into a Global Police Stare. Meanwhile, it is censoring, distorting, and manipulating information so YOU are unaware of any unrest. Any social unrest that is disclosed is blamed on a fabricated Muslim organization or dictatorship in China or Russia. First major attempt to overthrow the corporate oligarchy (the TRUE power) behind the US Government was Occupy Wall Street, but the corporate oligarchs got the Feds and the Stare governments to destroy them. Now any so-called “Occupy” movements are actually US government led operations to overthrow foreign governments (Occupy Hong Kong) so it can be the undisputed Global Police. What is consequence? Subtle hints of social and political collapse is actually these animal abuse/torture/murder cases, school and workplace rampages, etc. IN SUM, environmental collapse, social collapse, and political collapse are accelerating at an exponential rate right before your eyes. All the news you read, hear, or see – even about the economy, is censored. Trust me – you will NOT hear this from any other source ~ (an environmental scientist)

  41. Nicholas Kenney says:

    God entrusted the animal kingdom to our care. The Bible clearly states this fact. Therefore, to intentionally harm them is the equivalent of spitting in God’s face! Each of us will stand before God on judgment day and be held accountable for our actions here on earth!
    Whoever did this just committed his soul to Hell, so he’ll experience the same torture that he inflicted on this poor dog.

    1. Barbara says:

      I could not agree more!

  42. Lynne Koenigsberg says:

    I see no reason for the human(s) who committed this crime to continue their existence…

    1. JJ says:

      I totally agree!!

    2. Marie Wilson says:

      I SOOOO AGREE!!!!

  43. marsha says:

    i want justice animal cruelty must stop,how can someone do this

  44. Victoria says:

    I saw this quote: “The cruelest animal is the human animal” Animal abuse will only stop if the people who cause it are eliminated. Forget the rehab crap – enough is enough.

  45. Tammy says:

    He should be put in a box then get set on fire! Bastard evil devil!

  46. ann says:

    I’m sorry, this is one of those times where I feel I cannot send love to the person that did this…or people..burn them as they did this helpless animal..

  47. JJ says:

    I am glad I am not alone feeling the way I do about animal abusers. It hurts my heart and my soul that some people do not care about animals. They feel pain and bleed. They are the best part of us. All animals should be protected.

  48. sheila nies says:

    This is so offensive how can someone do that to a dog . Poor thing i really how they catch the person . The person should get a long time because if they can do it to a dog I would not be shocked to think the person did it to another animal or person . The person is definatelly sick.

  49. Buffy says:

    I turned the channel when they were reporting the story of the arson. then I felt as I needed to watch the story. Turn yourself in you sick f*****.

  50. Linda Carpin says:

    The same thing needs done to whomever did this to the poor little dog. Heck I’d even do it if they’d bring the ones responsible here. Why would anyone want to harm a defenseless animal???

  51. Rosemarie Lauro says:

    these people cannot be getting away with all this animal abuse never heard of so so much animal abuse case like this before, that because these judges r letting these people getting away with it max sentence , just maybe they would stop all this abuse….

  52. dm wolf palmer says:

    Only one thing to do to such vile evil pos.

  53. Ileene Marcuse says:

    tears… my god the cruelty of some people is unimaginable

  54. Cindy Rock says:

    Hopefully, the police will refer to any and all street/parking lot and building cameras in this area to get a photo of the individual/or individuals who did this. Hopefully their friends turn them in for the money. This little dog suffered for no reason but some sick criminal entertainment. If they catch them, I hope they die in jail (let the other criminals in on their “fun” and it’s guaranteed. Pathetic little bastards do not deserve to breath the same air as that dog or the rest of us.

  55. Linda Macarther says:

    Find him & let him suffer like what he did to that poor dog ! Scumbag of the earth

  56. Alva says:

    Only comment is simple: This sociopath need not be allowed out in society. No way should he/she be able to walk the streets/roads. This is a heinous being and all studies show that this behavior is practice for larger prey.

  57. Ulla Rothe says:

    This cruel torture has to STOP !!!

  58. Ulla Rothe says:

    This cruel torture has to STOP !!!

  59. Cheryl Murray says:

    terrible, I just don’t understand such a thing

  60. Lynda McMillan says:

    There is just too much evil in this world. This broke my heart. I hope you can get whoever is responsible and send him to jail for a very long time.

  61. sylvee sulway campbell says:


  62. Vicki Bowen says:

    I am praying that the Monster(s) who did this is/are found quickly.
    Whoever did this deserves the Death Penalty.There will be swift justice meted out by fellow prisoners. My Heart cries out for this little Dog, for the agony he or she endured!

  63. Denise says:

    So disturbing it hurts! Nicholas Kenney, Amen!!

  64. Jessica Sparks says:

    I think there should be a much stiffer sentence for doing something like this!! Because think about it a child could be next my animals are just like children to me!!!! Oh this makes me sick thank goodness that there people out there willing to keep this in the news till the horrible pond scum are caught and lentched for what they did!!!!

  65. iwona says:

    Please found killer of small dogy.

  66. Ellen Bloom-Lopez says:

    This breaks my heart. The person that did this needs to be caught as this will escalate to human tradegy as if this poor animals suffering were not horrific enough.

  67. Stacy Duarte says:

    My heart is broken! How could someone do such a horrific act!! I am going to do all I can to help get the word out about this sick person or persons!! Please everyone, post this on Facebook and wherever else you can. Let’s find the people responsible. Where can I contibute to the reward fund?

  68. Angry Freya says:

    This was an act of pure evil. Not even Darth Vader or Lord Voldemort would be this cruel! I’d like to lock the scumbags that killed the poor pooch in a crate and set it alight just so they could suffer the same way as that poor dog. If there is a doggie heaven, I hope that bowser went there.

  69. These acts of cruelty continue to escalate and we must all team up to end this horrific cruelty! It’s like a virus that is affecting many and growing! Next targets will be humans!

  70. Marcia Mueller says:

    People who would do that kind of thing serve no purpose on this earth. They should be locked up for good. Too bad prisoners don’t hate animal abusers as much as that hate child molesters. Maybe then they would get part of what they deserve.

  71. There is no place on this earth for these monsters, Iam praying that they will be caught and is behind bars for the rest of their miserable lives. Animal abuse has to stop!!!

  72. M.W.Star says:

    There should be a much stiffer sentence for doing something like this. Because a child could be next.

  73. Yolanda says:

    Someone should also get the word out to the homeless community about this act. There are many homeless with dogs. who knows they might have heard who did this. Also inform the school community. This act could have been done by just about anyone from any sort of community. We should not only reach out to the news community(those who read the news) but reach out to other communities. My heart breaks and I have also shed tears for this little dog.

  74. How do i get my reward ? For the chicken killers in caruthers ca ? The kids that did that just shot my house !

  75. Jenny Muniamal Naidu says:

    This puppy is in Heaven. This is the only words of consolation that I can give to all of us who are heart-broken deeply by this evil act. But for the person who committed this murder, he will surely meet his partner in hell in due time …where he will be tortured to no end.

  76. Kathy Adams says:

    Stop all animal abuse and torture. Speak up. Volunteer. Foster adopt. And if you can donate.

  77. Anyone that can hurt, kill or inflict pain on a precious defenseless animal has no heart, a Monster in my eyes! I believe in an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth punishment! Always give the criminals the same punishment as they gave its victim! When I read crimes like this it sickens me! The punishment needs to be stiffer to these monsters! Don’t let them get away with 3 years in prison and a fine! Make it 5 to 7 years in prison and registers them as any other criminal and a very hefty fine and heavy bail for his or her criminal actions…

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