$2,000 Reward Offered for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction in Case of Kitten Thrown From Car

Posted on September 6, 2013

For immediate release:

Lisa Franzetta, Animal Legal Defense Fund
Megan Backus, Animal Legal Defense Fund

kitten-thrown-from-car-article-imageCHARLOTTE, N.C. — The national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is offering a $2,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) who threw a kitten from a car toward a group of animal rights demonstrators on Sunday, September 1. The demonstrators were gathered to raise awareness about dolphin slaughter in Japan. The kitten was severely injured upon impact with the ground and died about ten minutes later as the event organizers attempted to comfort him, according to news reports.

Such severe animal abuse could be charged as a class H felony under North Carolina Code Section 14-360(b). If convicted, the perpetrator could face six months in custody on a first offense. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have released a surveillance photo of the car allegedly involved in the incident.

“Horrific abuse like this indicates that an extremely dangerous personality is at large,” said Stephen Wells, ALDF’s executive director. “For the safety of animals, and of our communities, we call on anyone with knowledge of this abuse to come forward. Abusers almost always repeat violence against helpless animals and victimize humans as well.”

If you have information relating to the identity of the person or persons who killed this kitten, please contact the Animal Legal Defense Fund at 707-795-2533, x1010.

More Information

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have released a surveillance photo of the car allegedly involved in the incident.23353223_BG1

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64 thoughts on “$2,000 Reward Offered for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction in Case of Kitten Thrown From Car

  1. PAMELA says:


    1. Alexandra says:

      P.S. Karma is wonderful. Be happy at the rainbow bridge little one

  2. denise says:

    Rot in hell person who did this

  3. Venice Towry says:

    I pray polieman find that car and kitten got kill sorry Kitten sad I hate people throw from car any pets terrible. I pray hope someone see that car. Human go to jail amen cute kitten

  4. brenda mcnulty says:

    i just hope they catch them…..there is a special place n hell for these abusers.

  5. Susan says:

    Poor, sweet baby! Hope the abusers are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  6. Donna says:

    I hope police were able to enhance the license plate number to catch this evil person.

  7. Sibyl Walski says:

    Enlarge the photo until you can read the license plate number. Track them down through DMV.

  8. Fred says:

    True cowards. Hope they get taken down… RIP kitty.

  9. Rose Hodges says:

    I hope the person who did the is caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. I wish the same thing could be done to them but unfortunately not.. I believe there will surely be a very special corner reserved in Hell for this sorry excuse of a human!

  10. There’s a special place in the afterlife for people who are cruel to animals. Meanwhile, I’d contribute to the fund to reward anyone who turns in the bastards who did this. I hope they’re found.

  11. Jane Kostopoulos says:

    As I am hysterically crying here I am praying this MONSTER gets caught and thrown over a bridge into a raging river crashing his F–n head against boulders and then eaten alive by piranha!!!!! What a coward. I would love to come face to face with that piece of shit! RIP baby kitten.

    1. Heather Bertine says:

      Right with you here, Jane. I’d like to be with you face to face with this guy for five minutes. I think between the two of us we could bring some “understanding” to that waste of skin.

    2. Christine Grabar says:

      I strongly agree with Jane and Heather. Cowards who can throw a precious kitten or any other animal out of a car deserve to have the same done to them! I like throwing the coward in the river against boulders better — this way he can feel the same pain this poor little baby probably felt hitting the ground! Yes, people who mistreat animals definitely deserve to rot in the place opposite of Heaven! I am a pet parent of two awesome adult cats and hate people who are so sick and cruel!

  12. lorraine says:


  13. JoAnn says:

    A life is a life, and those who have no regard for a living animal certainly are capable of not caring about a human life either. They need to be caught and taught the sanctity of life.

  14. Celeste King says:

    Start a fund to increase the reward! I bet a ton of Charlotteans would contribute to such a fund! We want this person caught,and punished, so they can learn that they cannot get away with murder! Get that fund up and running,and then increase that reward to the amount that you raise…someone is bound to speak up for 5,000!

  15. Judy Darst says:

    Such a beautiful little baby! Get the License number! Get them!! Wretches!

  16. Irish Cornaire says:

    Anyway to enlarge the license plate number????

  17. Jennifer says:

    this is the kind of person who when reincarnated, is given the option of being slime or a pebble on the floor of a cave full of bats to spend eternity covered in shit

  18. Mark Zellmer says:

    So very sad.

  19. Darryl Sheaffer says:


  20. michele says:

    Someone needs to get this license plate number and hunt this/these scumbag(s)down!! The law will do NOTHING to whoever did this, so someone needs to show the perpetrator what it feels like to have the SAME thing happen to them! I personally would drag them behind a car going down the interstate!

  21. cascadian12 says:

    Get the detectives to read the license plate and nail the bastard.

  22. Mel says:

    stop this guy, hone in on the license plate and catch him and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

  23. Angel says:

    That sweet little kitten is where it will get all the love it deserves and a lot more.As for the sorry piece of crap that did this horrible thing well there is a place for them too,in hell and they will be treated the same way they treated that kitten.They will get their pay back here also.

  24. B. Smith says:

    this IS horrible.. but even more sad that we have all this empathy for this one little kitten and none for the 400+ children gassed to death in Syria.. never mind the unborn babies killed by doctors who take an oath to protect life. I’m sad for our world. We’ve raised unfeeling, selfish, shallow, soul-less kids who grow up to throw kittens out of cars and look away when babies are killed.

    1. Brittany says:

      Seriously fcuk off with that!!! I hate people like you that always have to bring up people in other countries, this page was made for this kitten not your liberal bs

      1. JP says:

        I don’t think B. Smith’s ‘pro-life’ stance can be characterized as liberal, typically that is associated with conservativism. But either way, it’s out of place on this page (now days, everyone has to find a way to interject their politics into internet comments, it seems)!

      2. Sandra Britton says:

        In the vernacular of yesteryear, “Right On, Girl!” Very well put. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    2. maravill says:

      You are assuming much. Does your comment mean that I should not be horribly upset about animal abuse because that means I don’t care about humans? Use a bit of logic B. Smith it goes far.

    3. Kim Frohlinger says:

      B. Smith, do you go trolling the internet looking to push your irrelevant ideas on people who were looking to voice their opinion about the subject at hand? You have the right to your opinion but it is so irrelevant in this context. This is about someone who killed a helpless kitten– a real concrete sentient creature and a POS of a human with a tangible vehicle, not some BS propaganda about unknown unborn children or people in foreign lands. This happened here. Go peddle your crap on Fox News, no one is interested about that, here. It is about the kitten, period.

    4. Evelyn Ball says:

      This is about a kitten that had no voice to speak out against the useless human beings who killed it. I am so sick and tired of humans who bring up abortion….that is a person’s choice…we are overpopulated as it is. Why do humans think they are more damn special than any other species ? No wonder I care more for four legged animals than most two legged assholes!

  25. Iron Pluma says:

    IMPOUND THE CAR! It was crucial part of the execution of this crime.

  26. Donna Larosche says:

    I adopted a kitten that was thrown from a car. She had to have her leg removed. She is the sweetest thing. People that do this should be caught and brought to justice.

    1. Lindy Hinds says:

      North Carolina needs to look into laws like they have in New York and give felons like this 2 years in jail!

  27. I pray they are caught & soon!! How senseless & cruel to kill an innocent animal . Hope they rot in Hell.

  28. Lisa Austin says:

    Poor baby RIP sweet kitten. I hope they find this sick person and give him or her some karma a hundred times around!

  29. Susan says:

    …they threw a helpless kitten from their BMW??? I wonder who hired this nut job? Best check local shelters, kitten probably just adopted…sick bastards. This was obviously part of some other group’s activity! Most likely a rented BMW?

  30. Linda says:

    Surely someone got the registration plate?

  31. Dawn Coy says:

    Hope the police get justice for the kitty

  32. Griselle House says:

    I hope the catch the POS who threw the kitten. Maybe he or she can make friends in jail!!

  33. Sallyann Davis says:

    is it possible to enlarge and publish this number plate , then he will defo be caught this parasite bastard should be banned from driving for the rest of his life as well because that would really hurt him cos the courts cant do him any serious damage anyway it is the laws and sentences that need changing. this is just a defective human being that needs taking out of society and fast .pure evil.

  34. hmmm says:

    Just let people know when he makes bail and is going to be released … preferably after dark.

  35. S. L. Trout says:

    There are no answers to the question, “Why?” This is not a human being, this is a sick monster who will likely escalate his hideous, brutal acts. I’m with all the others who say, BURN IN HELL! May that sweet innocent kitten frolick forever at the Rainbow Bridge.

  36. Alexandra says:

    If the police are so sure that this is the car why don’t they check the address of the owner against car registration/ownership

  37. Susan says:

    May karma be swift and generous to anyone who harms, kills, tortures or abuses an animal. We demand justice and will not allow this to continue…we will find you and we will report you! Hide scumbag…social media is making a difference and we have your picture. Hope you shake all night long every night…that knock on the door is coming..believe that.

  38. corey says:

    What good is surveillance camera if it can’t even show a license plate, and someone can be recorded straight up in broad day light yet still have authority lost for leads???? Hope this sick scumbag gets caught one way or another!!!

  39. It is sad that this little kitten had to be harmed and die. This person should be punished to the extent of the law. I do not know what the animal curelty laws are in North Carolina are but in New York killing a kitten is considered a felony under buster’s Law of Article 26 Section 353a of the Agricultural and Markets laws and is punishable of 2 years in jail and a stiff fine as well as not being allowed to own any dog, cat for a long time. I hope the person is caught.

  40. Wendy says:

    Evil, evil thing. No punishment would be severe enough for that monster!

  41. KMiller says:

    What a POS excuse for a human being. I hope this person can be identified, because they need to be watched closely by the community….abuse of animals for fun is a red flag predictor for those who are likely to deliberately injure, torture and/or kill human prey as well. PS: Sure hope these sociopaths haven’t reproduced.

  42. Susan D. Martin says:

    I’d like to know why the car’s license plate is “blurred out” in that surveillance photo. Isn’t being able to identify the vehicle the whole point of taking these photos?

  43. reader says:

    LICENSE PLATE? DESCRIPTION OF PERPS? A 60 mph ride along a gravel road and push them out the door.

    Vigilante justice is on the rise.

  44. Mariella says:

    I can’t believe how humans are like this. Poore little baby. But the person who did it will pay for it. I hope some day it happens, because he is a killer.

  45. charlotte bignotti says:


  46. Carol Kenyon says:

    I am so sorry , sweet kitten, about what the scumbags did to you. I love you. You did not deserve this. There is no such thing as justice. I wish there were. There is revenge. I hope those slimeballs get it. Payback is an itch.

  47. ryan says:

    Any update on this? Hopefully they caught the people.

  48. Cecily Colloby. says:

    God pays debts without money and He will surely punish this lowlife.”Whatsoever ye do unto the least of mine ye do unto me”-bear that in mind,whoever you are.Whatever punishment you get on this earth will be woefully inadequate but you will pay in the next life,and how!!!RIP darling kitty.

  49. paula nichols says:

    i find it hard to believe, judging from the photo, that a tag number couldn’t be seen. i find it hard to believe that they couldn’t pull up all those cars in the picture from the ncdmv and investigate all the ones on the road. it can’t be that damned hard. oh, it’s about using manpower and money isn’t it.

  50. Despina M. Andrelus says:

    “A righteous man regards the life of animals” – PROVERBS 12:10; “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion & pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men” – FRANCIS OF ASSISI; “I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs…(They) are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no rights to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty….” – JAMES HARRIOT; “The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – MAHATMA GANDHI

  51. john says:

    If I could find this POS, I would make him or her suffer much worse and longer that the poor kitten did. I have more respect for animal life than for human life. Kittens are sweet and innocent, humans are tainted and act of their own free will. Which is where I find disdain for this sort of human.

  52. Lisa Marie Petrone says:

    As usual the laws are not strict enough. I would rather pay higher taxes to see them rot jail for a long time.

  53. D says:

    Completely appaulled. Someone should catch this person and throw them head first out if a moving vehicle.

  54. nicki says:

    I hope that the idiot that did this senseless act of cruelty is convicted and punished the maximum amount of fine and jail time the law will allow. I will never understand why humans ,who are suppose to be the smartest of the animal kingdom,continues to do such stupid and meaningless acts of cruelty on the helpless creatures we are suppose to be taking care of.

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