Dogs in Hot Cars

“Hot car” dog fatalities are needless and all-too-common. While humans cool themselves by relying on an extensive system of sweat glands and evaporation, dogs and other animals have a harder time staying cool, leaving them extremely vulnerable to heatstroke. Parked cars quickly trap the sun’s heat, and interior temperatures can rise to dangerous levels in a matter of minutes. “Cracking the windows” does not remove the danger of heatstroke. Learn about what you can do to protect dogs from hot cars with the following resources.

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By popular demand, ALDF has created this Dogs in Hot Cars Sunshade so that you can make a strong statement about protecting animals from the dangers of hot cars where they need it most—in parking lots across America.


Order your Dogs in Hot Cars Sunshade to protect animals wherever you park. All proceeds benefit the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Help us spread the word by using the social media links below.

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Download and print our flyer, and hang in grocery stores, cafes, laundromats, and other locations where people may leave dogs in hot cars. Many businesses will be happy to hang a flyer in their front window if you ask politely.


Download our flyer and print it out.

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