Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week!

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF Staff Writer on March 30, 2015

Today marks the beginning of Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week, ALDF’s national week of action aimed at drawing attention to the plight of farmed animals who are raised and slaughtered for their flesh. Across the country, advocates are joining in the campaign. What will you do to help?


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Animal lovers advocate for all animals. We protect the dogs and cats and bunnies and horses we share our daily lives with and respect the wild animals whose mysterious, autonomous lives ask us to leave them alone. We also speak up for the billions of cows, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, and turkeys we call farmed animals.

Where the law fails them, the Animal Legal Defense Fund works hard to close loopholes, enforce protection laws, and create better, more effective laws. But you might be shocked to learn just how much the law fails farmed animals and how much we’ve got our work cut out for us.

  • No federal laws govern the condition in which farmed animals are raised.
  • And most state anti-cruelty laws exempt farmed animals from criminal statutes of protection.

Animals suffer unspeakable cruelty in industrial agriculture (“factory farms”) and on smaller farms, too. When it comes to the law, farmed animals are vulnerable, unprotected, and exploited as the meat, dairy, and egg industries trade horrific cruelty for high profits. This is also true at facilities that take advantage of well-meaning consumers by calling themselves “humane.”

Investigations and industry whistle-blowers have revealed abuse so horrific most people can’t stomach even hearing about it. The horrors revealed by undercover investigations are the number one reason people give for not consuming animal products. After seeing what these animals go through, many people choose not to contribute to the problem.

Farmed animals can’t speak up for themselves. Their suffering is hidden behind closed doors to shield industry from public outrage. These animals are closely quartered, kept in filth, tortured, sliced, diced, and served up like objects, and they deserve all of us to speak up for them and demand better laws.

  • 10 billion farmed animals are raised and slaughtered in the U.S. alone, every year.
  • 55 billion land animals are killed globally by animal agriculture.
  • As the Earth’s population explodes, these numbers could double by the end of the century.

Now more than ever, it is time for us to speak out for farmed animals. What will you do to help? Tell us on social media and #SpeakOut for farmed animals today—and spread the word through ALDF’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Ideas for today:

22 thoughts on “Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week!

  1. I don’t eat meat and never will. I have never missed giving it up. I don’t want to contribute to animal suffering.

  2. Codruta Onaga says:

    There is no “humane” treatment for the animals in meat/dairy/egg industry. We need better laws to protect them and educate people

  3. Tammy Buonvicino says:

    There needs to be laws protecting farm animals from cruelty. Now.

  4. Codruta Onaga says:

    I also am also vegan and try every day to convince people around me to do the same, but more action in the media and especially in the TV (where is none) would be helpful.

  5. Carole Dockswell says:

    All animals need to be treated wil kindness not rotten cruelry ….it’s disgraceful and sad …I’m a vegetarian for over 30 yrs

  6. barbara says:

    they deserve to be treated with love like anyother living being they deserve to be treated humanly and not cooped up and slaughtered

  7. Patricia McCallum says:

    I am not against having meat in a diet. I am against the barbaric way animals are kept and treated while alive. And the insensitive comments after this post are ridiculous

  8. Randy Samberg says:

    I stopped eating meat years ago due to the cruelty involved. Since then I have not had many colds or flu.

  9. Sarah says:

    What can people do besides becoming vegetarians? Your website doesn’t seem to offer a lot of other options…

  10. isha says:

    This dichotomy that exists in the world that considers eating animals as a norm and the world that is so advanced, educated and aware in other fields,
    is beyond my understanding.

  11. Donna Pieroni says:

    Please stop this BARBARIC behavior of killing animals!

  12. Kathy Nicolini says:

    All animals should be protected, loved and cared for properly. They are not things they are family. Everyone should look out for the well being of all animals. They need to be loved and cared for.

  13. Hommani Yasmine says:

    More information and éducation are necessary to change behaviours.

  14. amanda caulkett says:

    It is horrifically sick no words can say how sad this is heartbreaking loss of life.

  15. Ellie Petersen says:

    I have not eaten animal meat for years and never will. There is more and more of us becoming aware of how healthly we are for it. It’s the insensitive and cruelty ways you treat the animals that has everyone upset.

  16. Stacy Brant says:

    No living creature should be treated like this. This has to stop!!!

  17. Esther Garcia says:

    Go Vegan for a better world .

  18. Kate Gualtieri says:

    I gave up beef 36 years ago at 19…I actually
    Look about 36 and I swear that’s why!!
    I have since given up dairy…I found out, the dairy
    Industry along with the egg industry, are probably
    The most cruel.
    This year, I have given up chicken. I was
    Buying “cruelty free” chicken, and then I realized..
    There is no such thing!!
    I cannot believe, how many products, that you would
    Never suspect, contain animal by products!!
    I long for a day, when I can walk into a store,
    And not have to read every label!

  19. Caroline Levenda says:

    Thank you ALDF for all that you do!!

  20. Coralie Benton says:

    This needs to stop!

  21. carole pixton says:

    I appal cruelty to all animals and in the 21st century it should not be happening. People need to open their eyes and see what is happening in the farming industry. Wake up and speak up!!

  22. Pamela Hryskiw says:

    I love animals; all animals–that’s why I don’t kill them.

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