Protect Dogs From Hot Cars This Summer

Posted by Ian Elwood, Online Communications Manager on June 7, 2016


A dog in Ohio was rescued by police recently after being left in a hot car for over two hours. Police had to smash the window to save his life, but this was far from the first such incident. Each year, police departments issue warnings at the beginning of summer about how dangerous hot cars can be for dogs—and all living beings. In another sad case this year, felony charges are being considered for the owner of a dog in Salt Lake City, after the dog was found dead by animal control officers. The interior temperature of the car on a 91 degree day was in excess of 120 degrees.

Because such stories are usually only reported on by local news outlets, the issue rarely reaches a national audience, and dogs—the most traveled with pet—continue to suffer or die from being left in hot cars. The Animal Legal Defense Fund has been campaigning proactively on this issue for the past few years, before the summer reaches its hottest months, to get the word out and educate dog owners—as well as passersby—about the dangers of hot cars, and the laws in place to protect Good Samaritans.

How You Can Help

You can help protect dogs from being left in hot cars, by learning your local laws about how to report dogs in hot cars. You can also help by purchasing an Animal Legal Defense Fund Sunshade. It sends a clear message about the dangers of hot cars where it’s needed most—in the parking lots where these incidents commonly occur.


Get your sunshade today, and help us save dogs’ lives this summer!

15 thoughts on “Protect Dogs From Hot Cars This Summer

  1. Missy says:


  2. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    Finally there is justice for innocent animals left in hot cars because their owners are either too stupid or lazy to do the right thing!

  3. Justice for the innocent animals left in hot cars. Someone should lock the owners in a hot car and maybe they in turn will understand the harm they are causing their pets.

    1. Shauna collier says: order to create sympathy or emphasize when need to show owners how it feel to be in a hot car…

  4. KK says:

    I wonder if ALDF can be an instrumental force in helping to institute a FEDERAL LAW/felony crime against leaving dogs in cars above a certain temperature.
    It really needs to be addressed on that level, seems like. Too many ‘backward’ cities, towns, states, that do little or nothing about these crimes- and dogs continue to suffer horribly, and die-

  5. I bought 10 of them and have given them out as presents! Except my two!

  6. m.kincer says:

    pls leave your Pet’s home in the summer time..heat is magnified in the summer and pet’s can die quickly !!! thank you

  7. Lorri Crockettt says:

    Why is it that I can’t find what my legal rights are in the State of Hawaii if I find a pet in a hot car? If it’s taking the police department to long to arrive it could be a matter of life or death for the animal in just minutes.

  8. Katie. Swierenga says:

    I think that before a person thinks about leaving a pet in the car they should place themselves in the vehicle on a 91 degree day with windows and doors shut to see just how intolerable it is.

  9. Shauna collier says:

    You save a dog from a hot car but kill a gorilla from attepmting to save a boy.. This world is crazy…life of any sort matter…

  10. Marcia Harmon says:

    People are either too stupid or lazy to do the right thing with their dogs. Don’t bring them!

  11. marcia sliwinski says:


  12. Angela Augustine says:

    Our companions are “sentient beings” to lock them in a car to bake is reckless, irresponsible, heartless and criminal! Legislators in all states must move to make such actions unlawful and prosecuted as a felony, anything short of that is criminal on their part and an embarrassment to this country!!


  14. Heather Brophy says:


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