Laws & Cases

A comprehensive collection of animal law pleadings, cases, ALDF reports and other resources addressing animal law issues.

Investigating and Prosecuting Animal Abuse is a guidebook on safer communities, safer families, and being an effective voice for animal victims. Peer reviewed by Scott Heiser, ALDF director of criminal …

Concerned citizens and legislators across the nation have ensured that the deaths of abused animals have not been in vain.

The case against the U.S. Navy’s controversial use of deadly sonar testing activities, which causes substantial harm to marine mammals, continues in the courtroom today, with ALDF’s joint lawsuit against …

The Animal Legal and Historical Center is a great resource for legal information relating to animals. Run by Michigan State University College of Law Professor and animal law pioneer David …

The Animal Law Resource Center, presented by the National Anti-Vivisection Society, offers access to legislation and legal matters pertaining to animals and the law.

Veterinarians play an integral role in the fight against animal cruelty. Download ALDF's quick reference guide for state by state information regarding veterinarians' duty to report suspected animal cruelty.

Pre-conviction forfeiture is important so that the animal victims do not waste away in cages indefinitely but are instead allowed to be placed into loving homes.

This comprehensive resource discusses the most common types of animal fighting, issues common to animal fighting cases, state and federal laws and prosecuting animal fighting crimes.

Animal fighting has been brought to the forefront of the nation's attention by the highly publicized conviction of NFL star quarterback Michael Vick and three of his associates on federal and state charges related to illegal dogfighting.

Animal neglect is the failure to provide basic care required for an animal to thrive. This document contains information about federal and state law, county/city ordinances, resources and case studies.

The case of dogfighter Craig Boyd illustrates how failing to prosecute operators aggressively, issuing lenient sentences for the convicted, and completely ignoring accessories to the crime impede efforts to stop animal fighting and all its cruelty.

Vikki Rene Kittles, also known as Susan Dietrich, Rene Depenbrock, and Lynn Zellan, has a history of animal hoarding that goes back decades and spans the United States from the Southeast to the Northwest.

In 1995, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and animal advocates in Oregon made tremendous improvements in the state's criminal anti-cruelty laws when they seized an opportunity presented by the confluence of two events.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has issued an all-new report reviewing the status of the laws of each state in the country by chronicling both their statutes and caselaw as they relate to animal neglect.

Taboo as a subject to be sure, sexual crimes against animals are not exceptional, isolated incidents. Find out which states have no direct prohibitions against the sexual assault of an animal and examples of past cases.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, joined by the United States Equine Rescue League and a county animal cruelty investigator are suing three North Carolina residents for severely neglecting eight horses whom they starved – in one case, literally to death – and deprived of all veterinary care. ALDF will be fighting for permanent custody of the horses as well as the costs of caring for them.

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