Elizabeth Putsche

Communications Director

Elizabeth has been dedicated to animal issues for most of her life. Throughout her time at Virginia Tech she was active in animal rights groups, and upon graduation she started her career at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as a Media Spokesperson and Animals in Entertainment Campaign Coordinator. She went on to run the communications department for a national nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting cats, before working for a full service marketing firm, managing state and federal government campaigns. In 2011, Elizabeth returned to the animal protection field as a strategy consultant, and in 2016 joined the staff of the Animal Legal Defense Fund—a previous client. Having followed the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s work for many years, Elizabeth is proud to work for an organization that creates real change for animals.
Outside of the office, Elizabeth is the founder of For All Animals, a nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire positive change on behalf of animals, especially those who would be otherwise overlooked and marginalized. She also loves to craft and explore nature with her photographer husband Jason. They live in Baltimore with Joey, a Pomeranian who survived a decade at a puppy mill, Wally and Pippa, their rescue poodles, and their feline Lulu.