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The Animal Legal Defense Fund provides these resources to help you learn how animal protection laws function within the legal system.

Animals and the Law

The field of animal law is complex. Use these articles as a guide to understand the fundamentals.

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What You Can Do

Do you need help with a specific legal situation involving an animal? Our guides below are provided with that end in mind.

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Other Resources

Veterinarians' Role in Reporting Animal Cruelty

Veterinarians’ Role in Reporting Animal Cruelty

Veterinarians and other veterinary professionals play an integral and critical role in the fight against animal cruelty.

The Crime of Bestiality/Zoophilia: Sexual Assault of an Animal

Taboo as a subject to be sure, sexual crimes against animals are not exceptional, isolated incidents. The case facts run a wide range.
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Charging Considerations in Criminal Animal Abuse Cases

Prosecutors understand that their communities have a compelling interest in preventing animal cruelty, and they take seriously their role in bringing animal abusers to justice.

Attending a Criminal Court Proceeding

Attending court proceedings for criminal animal abuse cases is a great way to demonstrate that your community cares about animal protection and expects zero tolerance for animal cruelty.

Possession Bans: A Model Law

Today, most states have no mandatory requirements for keeping those convicted of animal abuse crimes away from animals, following their convictions. The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Possession Ban model law provides a tool to help combat animal cruelty.

Ways to Give

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