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The Animal Legal Defense Fund provides these resources to help you learn how animal protection laws function within the legal system.

Animals and the Law

The field of animal law is complex. Use these articles as a guide to understand the fundamentals.

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What You Can Do

Do you need help with a specific legal situation involving an animal? Our guides below are provided with that end in mind.

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Other Resources

Animal Protection Laws of the United States of America

Animal Protection Laws of the United States of America are the top resources for lawyers, law professors, law students, legislators, other legal professionals, and anyone who wants the most comprehensive animal protection laws collection of its kind.

Rodeo Facts

Rodeos may be popular, but more and more Americans are becoming aware of just how cruel these events are for the animals forced to participate.

Companion Animal Theft

Animal theft is a crime, but unfortunately a common one. By some estimates, nearly 2 million companion animals are stolen every year in the United States.

Animal Fighting Facts

Animal fighting is a staged fight between two or more animals, or between a human and an animal, for the purpose of human entertainment, wagering, or sport.

What To Do if You Witness Animal Cruelty Online

Report what you have found to the local law enforcement agency where the poster’s account originates or to your local law enforcement agency if the account does not disclose a location.
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Why Prosecutors Don’t Prosecute

Why don’t public prosecutors always do the right thing and prosecute animal abusers?

What To Do When Animal Cruelty Laws Have Been Broken

If you witness the abuse or neglect of an animal, please immediately file a formal written complaint with the local law enforcement agency.

Glossary of Legal Terms

Download this list of common legal terms, organized in order from A to Z.

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