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  • Fighting to Bring Kristen Lindsey to Justice

    Kristen Lindsey is a Texas veterinarian, who in 2015 shot and killed her neighbor’s cat Tiger with a bow and arrow. Her action came to light when she posted a photo of herself on Facebook, grinning…

  • Lucky the Lonely Elephant

    Lucky is an Asian elephant who was at San Antonio Zoo since 1962, after being captured from the wild in Thailand in 1960. She was less than a year old at the time she was taken…

  • Defending Our Rights Under the Texas Anti-SLAPP Statute

    The Animal Legal Defense Fund was sued by Laundry’s after making public comments that discussed the Aquarium’s mistreatment of four captive white tigers and asserted that such treatment violated the Endangered Species Act.
  • Complaints Filed After Tyson Foods Undercover Investigation

    In September 2015, the Animal Legal Defense Fund released undercover video footage from inside a Tyson Foods, Inc. slaughter plant in Carthage, Texas, documenting a system that exploits both workers and animals. This video followed the…