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Texas: Urge House Agriculture & Livestock Committee Members to Reject Ag-Gag bill


If your state representative sits on the Texas House Agriculture & Livestock Committee, we need your voice! Please call (preferred) or email your representative and ask them to oppose SB 1884 – a dangerous bill aimed at stopping whistleblowers from exposing animal cruelty. This bill has already passed the Texas Senate – your voice is urgently needed to prevent it from becoming law.

SB 1884 criminalizes undercover investigations at animal agriculture facilities like puppy mills, factory farms, and slaughterhouses. Ag-Gag bills like SB 1884 are designed to prevent the public from learning about animal cruelty. Undercover investigations have revealed severe animal abuse on factory farms—animals beaten, maimed, and mutilated. Our ability to investigate, document, and publicize corporate agriculture’s abuses is critical to well-being of animals and our own health and safety.

SB 1884 is an assault on our First Amendment rights. The bill’s sponsor claims that this bill is about biosecurity – it’s not. Several effective state and federal laws already protect agriculture companies from biosecurity threats. SB 1884’s result would be to suppress free speech.

If you live in Texas, here’s how you can help:

  1. Find your state representative.
  2. If your representative sits on the committee (list of committee members and their contact information below), call your representative with this brief message: “Hi my name is ____, and I am a constituent of (representative’s name). I’m calling to ask the representative to oppose SB 1884. Multiple state and federal laws already protect agriculture companies from biosecurity threats. SB 1884 would suppress free speech.”
  3. Not up for calling? Send your representative an email with a similar message.

Members of the Texas House Agriculture & Livestock Committee

Rep. Drew Springer, Chair
Email: | Phone: (512) 463-0526
District: 68 – Childress, Collingsworth, Cooke, Cottle, Crosby, Dickens, Fisher, Floyd, Garza, Hall, Hardeman, Haskell, Jack, Kent, King, Montague, Motley, Stonewall, Throckmorton, Wheeler, Wilbarger, Young

Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson, Vice Chair
Email: | Phone: (512) 463-0135
District: 56 – McLennan

Rep. Michelle Beckley
Email: | Phone: (512) 463-0478
District: 65 – Denton

Rep. Brad Buckley
Email: | Phone: (512) 463-0684
District: 54 – Bell, Lampasas

Rep. DeWayne Burns
Email: | Phone: (512) 463-0538
District: 58 – Bosque, Johnson

Rep. Art Fierro
Email: | Phone: (512) 463-0596
District: 79 – El Paso

Rep. Thresa “Terry” Meza
Email: | Phone: (512) 463-0641
District: 105 – Dallas

Rep. Richard Pena Raymond
Email: | Phone: (512) 463-0558
District: 42 – Webb

Rep. Erin Zwiener
Email: | Phone: (512) 463-0647
District: 45 – Blanco, Hays

Thank you for speaking up for the millions of animals who suffer behind closed doors on factory farms, puppy mills, and slaughterhouses!


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