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Add your voice to the Animal Legal Defense Fund's initiatives to improve the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund works at the federal, state and local levels to advance important legislation. We advocate for laws that promote or protect the lives and interests of animals, and we oppose legislation that would be detrimental to animals’ well-being.

National Actions

Report Craigslist Animal Stories and Scams

Report Craigslist Animal Stories and Scams

Though Craigslist has formally banned the sale of animals through its platform, sales continue. Claiming the animals — ranging from farmed animals like pigs to dogs and cats — are being “re-homed” instead of sold, unscrupulous breeders and mill operators are still advertising and selling animals through the website to unsuspecting families.
Adult Canada Goose

Demand Transparency from Wildlife Services, the Federal Killing Agency

For years, concerned residents have voiced their outrage over the killing of Canada geese rounded up in parks across Denver. As a taxpayer, you have the right to know how Wildlife Services uses your dollars and whether its methods are humane and science-based. If you agree that Wildlife Services should operate with transparency, sign our petition.

Tell Craigslist to Shut Down Animal Sales

Though Craigslist has officially banned the sale of animals, animals are routinely sold on its platform. Farmed animals including pigs to dogs and cats to lizards and snakes continue to be advertised and purchased on Craigslist under the guise of “re-homing.”
Tell Target: Animal Cruelty is Not OK!

Tell Target: Animal Cruelty is Not OK!

Please take a few minutes to tell Target to remove all Dairy Farmers of America products from its shelves, including DairyPure and TruMoo.

Donate to Protect Animals

Help animals win the legal protections they so desperately need and deserve, and ensure they have an advocate in courtrooms and legislatures across the country.

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State Actions

Check for state-level actions you can take:

white-tailed deer

Massachusetts: Help Stop Illegal Hunting

Help stop illegal hunting and fishing in Massachusetts by urging your state legislators to co-sponsor H.904/S.587, An Act Further Regulating the Enforcement of Illegal Hunting Practices. The bills have been filed by State Senator Mike Moore and, jointly, by State Representatives Lori Ehrlich and Ann-Margaret Ferrante.

Florida: Urge Gov. DeSantis to Sign Animal-Friendly Bills into Law!

Florida animal advocates have the opportunity to help three important bills become law.

New York: Urge Your State Senator to Ban Cruel Wildlife Killing Contests

The New York Legislature is now considering a bill, A.5746/S.6643, that would prohibit harassing or killing certain wild animals at competitive events. Seven states have already enacted bans on wildlife killing contests, and with your help, New York could be next!

New York: Urge Your Assemblymember to Support the Puppy Mill Pipeline Act

The Puppy Mill Pipeline Act (S.1130/A.4283) would shut down the puppy mill to pet store pipeline by prohibiting the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in retail stores.

Illinois: Urge State Lawmakers to Protect Victims of Animal Cruelty!

Tell legislators that you support a bill that would create a Courtroom Animal Advocate Program (CAAP) in Illinois
Massachusetts: Ask Your State Legislators to Ban Fur Sales

Massachusetts: Ask Your State Legislators to Ban Fur Sales

An Act Prohibiting the Sale of Fur Products (H.965/S.623), sponsored by Representative Jack Patrick Lewis and Senator John Velis, would ban the sale of new fur products, including clothing, fashion accessories, and home décor, in the Commonwealth.

Massachusetts: Help Wild Animals Exploited by Circuses

Ask your state legislators to co-sponsor An Act Relative to the Use of Elephants, Big Cats, Primates, Giraffes, and Bears in Traveling Exhibits (H.3776/S.2251). This bill would prohibit the use of certain animals in circuses and traveling shows in Massachusetts.

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Stop Ag-Gag Laws

Undercover investigations and whistleblowers have exposed some of the worst aspects of factory farming, but Ag-Gag laws punish people who speak out about cruelty in animal agriculture. Voice your opposition.

No More Puppy Mills

Puppy mill operators maximize their profits by producing large numbers of puppies as quickly as possible. As a result, unsanitary conditions, disease, and neglect are rampant. Sign our pledge to boycott puppy mills. Together we can end cruel puppy mills.