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Rhode Island: Ban Foie Gras Sales!

This action is for Rhode Island residents only.

Rhode Island could be the next state to ban foie gras, a cruelly produced product considered a delicacy that comes from force-feeding young ducks and geese until their livers swell to eight times their natural size. Pending legislation would prohibit restaurants and retailers from selling any force-fed poultry product or food containing a force-fed poultry product. 

Birds raised for foie gras endure several force-feedings, where a thick pipe is rammed down their throats and huge amounts of grain are pumped into their stomachs, every day for several weeks prior to slaughter. Infection and painful wounds in the beak and throat are common. Many ducks cannot move normally and become too heavy for their legs to hold them. 

Help end this cruelty by urging your state Senators to support the Force-Fed Poultry Products Act (HB 6663). 

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