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New Jersey: Urge Your Legislators to Support the Cosmetic Testing Sales Ban

This action is for New Jersey residents only.

California, Illinois, and Nevada recently became the first states to ban the sale of most cosmetic products and ingredients that have been tested on animals. Now the New Jersey legislature is considering a bill that will prohibit the sale of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals.

Countless animals, including rabbits and mice, are suffering needlessly in experiments to test cosmetics like shampoo and eye shadow. Not only can safe cosmetics already be made from existing ingredients, but there are new technologies that are more effective and more reliable for testing product safety. These methods are often less expensive and faster than tests that use animals.

To date, nearly 40 countries have either outright banned or significantly limited the sale of cosmetics that contain ingredients that were tested on animals. Some of these countries also ban the importation and sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals.

New Jersey has always been a leader on this issue, previously enacting a law to limit product-testing on animals where alternative non-animal tests are available. The state now has an opportunity to remain at the forefront by passing the New Jersey Humane Cosmetics Act, A.795/S.1726, to ban the sale of cosmetics that were developed using animal tests on or after January 1, 2020.

Your legislators need to hear from you.

 Please call your state Senator and two state Assembly Members and then send follow-up emails urging them to support this bill. 

  1. Call your state Senator and Assembly Members. If you’re able to make a phone call, please do so as phone calls have a greater impact than emails.
  1. After calling, please send a follow-up email to your legislators using the form below. Personalizing your message will help it stand out.

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